“Reoccurring Issues” Doom Packers Again, McCarthy vows Action

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Will someone in the Packers organization get the pink slip on Monday?

Yes, the Packers are all beat up. Yes, the injury situation keeps going from bad to worse to seriously, WTF? Yes, the Packers are down to their third-string quarterback.

But not all of the issues dragging the Packers down during this ugly two-game home losing streak can be blamed on the quarterback or injuries.

Packers coach Mike McCarthy seemed to acknowledge this after Sunday’s loss to the Eagles and vowed to take action to address “reoccurring issues” plaguing the Packers on Monday.

That phrase — “reoccurring issues” — caused Twitter to light up on Sunday night. What could McCarthy possibly mean by “reoccurring issues,” and how will they be addressed on Monday?

Firings? Benchings? More angry press conferences? All of the above? None of the above?

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I have a few theories:

Dom Capers gets fired
Capers’ defense helped the Packers win a Super Bowl in 2010 and…that’s about it. The defense has been the weak link on this team for much of Capers five-plus years calling the shots. The problems seem to be the same every season: Bad tackling, lack of toughness and confusion in the secondary. Has McCarthy had enough?

I don’t see the Packers making a drastic move like this during the season, but you never know. I wouldn’t be opposed to it — firing a coordinator during the season worked for the Ravens last season — but would an internal replacement like Darren Perry or Winston Moss really be an upgrade? Maybe…

M.D. Jennings cut
He was benched on Sunday and hasn’t improved much during his time in Green Bay. Jeremy Ross got the boot after several major screw ups. It wouldn’t surprise me if Jennings is next.

Marshall Newhouse cut
What’s the point of keeping Newhouse around at this point? It’s like he’s afraid of contact. The Packers could get equal or better production from a street free agent.

Tramon Williams cut
Nah, not happening. Especially if Casey Hayward is hurt again.

Tramon Williams benched
This I could see happening. But what does getting benched mean in this secondary? They’re in dime and nickel a lot. I doubt a benching would result in Tramon never seeing the field again.

Absolutely nothing
McCarthy was just sick of talking about missed tackles, missed blocks, poor secondary play and all the injuries and decided to use the phrase “reoccurring issues” because that’s what popped in his head. He has no idea that his words caused Twitter to explode in Green Bay because McCarthy doesn’t use “the Tweeter.”

Who pays for the Packers “reoccurring issues?”

Dom Capers gets fired0%
M.D. Jennings gets cut0%
Marshall Newhouse gets cut0%
Tramon Williams gets cut0%
Tramon Williams gets benched0%
Nothing happens0%



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78 thoughts on ““Reoccurring Issues” Doom Packers Again, McCarthy vows Action

  1. I’ll get blasted for saying this, but it’s the truth.

    There are two kinds of people: People who enjoy the game of football, and fans.

    Fans suck. And this is because fans have very little perspective or understanding of the game.

    Let’s see… your all-pro QB is out, as is your backup QB. Your starter at QB just came off the practice squad. Your all-pro pass rusher just returned after a month layoff with a huge club on his hand. His bookend pass rusher on the other side is also out. Your starting left tackle is out, having not taken a snap all year. Your most dynamic pass receiver is out with a busted leg. Your very dangerous tight end is out, and he’s lucky he wasn’t paralyzed. Last year’s best safety missed more than the first month or so, as did last year’s best corner. Add to this a whole pile of miscellaneous injuries that don’t make the ‘top ten’.

    And some people, astoundingly, are appalled that the team is only one game over .500, and are wondering who needs to lose their job.

    Yep, those would be fans.

  2. Giving up more yards than any team in NFL history and coming back the next year nearly as bad. I have said it for over two years now, Capers is a has been and needs to go. So does Slocum. But we are still in and the playoffs are attainable, so ride the ship out for now. In the off season, we need a defensive change. I do like the knowledge of our assistants but Capers system sucks.

  3. Having no game plan in place or a competent backup QB – that would be present Green Bay Packer management. In the business world it would be called grounds for termination.

    1. You must have missed the last few years. Failed business leaders get multi-million dollar bonuses nowadays.

  4. I think the “recurring problem” is on defense. Not sure why Newhouse is in the survey. You take away two sloppy touch down passes the Eagles had, the Packer’s offense had enough to keep pace with them.
    The recurring problem (as I see it in every game) is constantly the D-Backs. Specifically the safety position.

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