“Reoccurring Issues” Doom Packers Again, McCarthy vows Action

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Will someone in the Packers organization get the pink slip on Monday?

Yes, the Packers are all beat up. Yes, the injury situation keeps going from bad to worse to seriously, WTF? Yes, the Packers are down to their third-string quarterback.

But not all of the issues dragging the Packers down during this ugly two-game home losing streak can be blamed on the quarterback or injuries.

Packers coach Mike McCarthy seemed to acknowledge this after Sunday’s loss to the Eagles and vowed to take action to address “reoccurring issues” plaguing the Packers on Monday.

That phrase — “reoccurring issues” — caused Twitter to light up on Sunday night. What could McCarthy possibly mean by “reoccurring issues,” and how will they be addressed on Monday?

Firings? Benchings? More angry press conferences? All of the above? None of the above?

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I have a few theories:

Dom Capers gets fired
Capers’ defense helped the Packers win a Super Bowl in 2010 and…that’s about it. The defense has been the weak link on this team for much of Capers five-plus years calling the shots. The problems seem to be the same every season: Bad tackling, lack of toughness and confusion in the secondary. Has McCarthy had enough?

I don’t see the Packers making a drastic move like this during the season, but you never know. I wouldn’t be opposed to it — firing a coordinator during the season worked for the Ravens last season — but would an internal replacement like Darren Perry or Winston Moss really be an upgrade? Maybe…

M.D. Jennings cut
He was benched on Sunday and hasn’t improved much during his time in Green Bay. Jeremy Ross got the boot after several major screw ups. It wouldn’t surprise me if Jennings is next.

Marshall Newhouse cut
What’s the point of keeping Newhouse around at this point? It’s like he’s afraid of contact. The Packers could get equal or better production from a street free agent.

Tramon Williams cut
Nah, not happening. Especially if Casey Hayward is hurt again.

Tramon Williams benched
This I could see happening. But what does getting benched mean in this secondary? They’re in dime and nickel a lot. I doubt a benching would result in Tramon never seeing the field again.

Absolutely nothing
McCarthy was just sick of talking about missed tackles, missed blocks, poor secondary play and all the injuries and decided to use the phrase “reoccurring issues” because that’s what popped in his head. He has no idea that his words caused Twitter to explode in Green Bay because McCarthy doesn’t use “the Tweeter.”

Who pays for the Packers “reoccurring issues?”

Dom Capers gets fired0%
M.D. Jennings gets cut0%
Marshall Newhouse gets cut0%
Tramon Williams gets cut0%
Tramon Williams gets benched0%
Nothing happens0%



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78 thoughts on ““Reoccurring Issues” Doom Packers Again, McCarthy vows Action

  1. I went with the ‘Nothing Happens’ option. Sure McCarthy will give the players and coaches a major bollocking but I don’t think we will see any major changes until the end of the season.

    I believe that Capers’ contract expires at the end of the season, it wouldn’t surprise me if he doesn’t get a new deal. If this happens then the Packers will have to decide to either go external or promote from within. I personally would go for an external 3-4 (have to stick with the 3-4 due to Clay’s contract) candidate, we need fresh new ideas.

    Newhouse has been poor for years but stayed. I think we will have to see what happens with Bulaga and Sherrod, if both are fit and raring to go we might see the end of Newhouse in Green Bay.

    Williams has got to go at the end of the season for me. Shadow of the player he once was in 2010 and pre injury and he has been a major liability. We have some talent in the secondary that can fill his place.

    So overall I think nothing will happen, not until the season ends anyway.

    1. They can’t cut Newhouse until they have someone in place who can play swing tackle. Sherrod is practicing again, but how effective would he be if thrust into a game situation? If they feel like Sherrod can play, then Newhouse could go. Until that point, Newhouse will hang around.

  2. Again, nothing happens seems to fit the MO we’ve come to expect in terms of in-season moves, and that’s the right call as opposed to some knee-jerk reaction.

    Now, if MM decides he really needs to shake things up and goes postal on Capers, I would love to see Kevin Greene get the nod as DC. I think a defense needs a ‘fire-breather’ as their coach, given the very nature of the unit. For whatever Greene might lack in terms of resume, he more that makes up for in playing experience and intuition as bona-fides.

    He’d be a perfect compliment to MM’s disciplined and measured approach.

    1. I like Darren Perry as a replacement. I’d rather see a more cerebral guy who had to make calls from his safety slot calling the defensive plays.

      1. Honest question… If the safeties are sucking this year, and Darren Perry is the safeties coach, does it make sense to elevate him to DC? I can see a positive and a negative from this move.

          1. Correct me if I’m wrong but isn’t Greene the OLB coach, Moss the ILB coach, and Perry the safeties coach? If that’s correct I wouldn’t touch Perry with a 25 foot pole. Green and Moss have at least produced some results with Matthews and Hawk respectively. The safeties on the other hand couldn’t see me if I was wide open, or catch and tackle me if I was, and I run a 9.5 40 !
            Firing Capers is the best idea, but McPuffy isn’t likely to do that so what’s the use of suggesting it, and then taking someone who’s a part of that already disgusting defense to replace Capers doe no one any good. therefore my vote went for “Nothing Happens”!

    2. My concern is that Greene hasn’t been able to get his OLBs to hold contain on the edge. They run themselves out of position too often. Don’t think MM will elevate Greene.

    3. Anything on this scale will happen prior to the close of business today. There’s no way they’d short game prep for Sunday due to indecision or other niceties.

  3. I think whoever MM thinks is worse between Jennings and McMillian gets cut and replaced with someone like Rhodes. I would start Richardson practising straight away and after a couple of weeks put him in the 53 and cut the remaining safety out of the two mentioned above then draft a safety no later than the second round

    1. Who had week 10 in the pool for when Kerry Rhodes, a guy who nobody else wants either, would re-enter the Packer safety discussion?

  4. Nothing of course will happen. Because there is no accountability in GB at present. These guys won a Super Bowl in 2010 so they get a free pass until … 2020?0

    Capers will continue to call a soft D gameplan and against decent or good teams and the D will get torched unless ARod returns to save their bacon.

    The lack of competent safety play will continue to be blamed on Collins’ getting injured 40+ games ago. Newhouse (our starting LT last season) will continue to hold his roster spot. TT will continue to get praised by the slavish GB press for overpaying his players (Brad Jones, Burnett, Kuhn, Tramon, Crosby, Hawk) while “wisely” ignoring trades and veteran free agency.

    And of course injuries will be the explanation for our demise just like last year when we lost in the playoffs and no D could have been expected to contain Colin K (he of the 46 yards passing yesterday against Carolina).

    There will be no analysis about how this team lacks elite talent outside of QB (Woodson told the truth about this after he departed).

    Above all, no criticism will be leveled against TT/MM. None.

      1. Everyone has such short memories. It was only last week Friday when a blogger (who I won’t mention by name) warned us about those “axe-grinding fans” who will start “crawling back out of the woodwork” to blame TT for the Packers’ miseries. Hey, he’s just the GM. He’s not responsible for the depth of talent, or the lack thereof, on this team.

        Oh, wait . . .

    1. Exactly, one SB win makes him a god until Rodgers is to old to cover all the true weaknesses of this team. The Packers have beat absolutely no one this year except the Lions. MINUS CALVIN JOHNSON. Thanks for pointing out not replacing Collins 40 some games later. This past draft was loaded at safety yet we stuck with McMillan and M.D. Jennings.

      1. I remember being a bit frustrated with TT’s draft. I was looking for DL, RB, Safety, interior O-line (preferably a center prospect), receiver (i.e. TE or WR), more or less in that order, although I trust TT to determine the value of the prospects available, and there might be someone who is too good to pass on despite not needing help at that position too much (like the Jordy Nelson pick). If I recall correctly, reasonably well regarded Safeties were available thru the 4th round, maybe into the 5th. So in fairness to TT, I have to identify which of his picks should not have been made. Jones? Lacy? Bakhtiari? Franklin? Tretter? Hyde? Nope, I can’t pick out which of those players should not have been picked so GB could draft a safety.

    2. “Above all, no criticism will be leveled against TT/MM. None.”

      Clearly, then, you aren’t reading the posts on these pages or in the mainstream media in recent weeks.

      1. MM says there are REOCCURRING issues and not one member of the press follows up with a question about what the issue might be.

        No one addressing the elephant in the room – the Pack is not good without Aaron Rodgers.

        Yes, the press covering the Pack is very soft in my opinion.

    3. Wisely ignoring trades… Damn straight. It is wise to ignore trades since they rarely can be pulled off due to salary cap issues.

      1. Yes, please continue to ignore trading for players completely TT. That is for losing teams like the Seahawks who gave up draft picks for Percy Harvin and Marshawn Lynch or the Niners who traded for Boldin.

        That never works.

        1. Didn’t some team trade a first round pick to Atlanta for a young QB out of S. Miss back in ’92.

          1. That was AGES ago… Another era in football to be honest! Gotta have a better answer than that. Since about the 2003 or 2004 season the rules changed which severely limited trade possibilities. Wolf retired primarily due to those rules changes which made trades very difficult.

          2. Isn’t the key here “young”, not an old retread?

            How long does Denver have to be in the spotlight before the bill comes due? 1 year, maybe 2? How many years before they recover from this crap shoot at a SB title?

            While other teams are up and down, the Pack has mostly stayed up for the past twenty-something years. Wouldn’t there be an outcry if we had to live through the ’70s again!

    4. That just about sums up the situation when there is no accountability and record earnings last year. Why would anything change when the team and management can exist on their reputation, Arod and a Super Bowl win once a generation.

    5. Not having an owner in the traditional sense means everything moves at a snails pace in PackerLand. After Lombardi left and until Ron Wolf hired Holmgren, us Packer fans who were old enough had to live through over twenty years of suck ass football!I don’t think any coach’s will be “Das Booted” until the end of season.McCarthy is just ranting and hoping he can shake things up!

  5. In the salary cap area, you simply cannot afford “veteran free agents”nor can you afford to keep all of your developed talent. When you draft position is in the high 20’s, a lot of the elite defensive talent has already been drafted. You are forced to draft and develop and hope that you have made wise choices in those that you do keep. I now favor a change at DC to someone who can lite a fire in the players that we have. Our defense must get after the passer.

    1. What Developed Talent? If you mean guys that look good in TV commercials you may be correct. If you mean on the field this team has more holes than the Titanic without Arod !

  6. Not a thing will happen until the end of the season and then I’m sure they’ll give Capers one more year, blame it on injuries. Thompson will draft more DL players better suited for a 4-3 like Worthy, Daniels, and Perry to play 3-4. Thompson will continue to ignore the safety position, just like he has the last 2 drafts. Unless you really have the nerve to call McMillan a option.

  7. Funny, I saw Denver with a high-priced QB get great play out of Free Agent (and cheap) OLB Shaun Phillips last night. The I saw New Orleans and high-priced QB Drew Brees get exceptional play out of free agent CB Keenan Lewis.

    Can’t sign veteran free agents you say? Well maybe not in GB when you are overpaying your own players but the rest of the NFL finds a way.

    1. I’ve grown weary of the sign FAs/draft and develop arguments. If things go well, people don’t seem to have a problem. The FA thing is a crutch argument when things go poorly, and it’s done primarily in retrospect which means nothing.

      Maybe in the off-season when those discussions become relevant it makes sense to throw this out there, but right now this is the team the Packers have to play with. There aren’t FA out there to sign that are likely to make an immediate impact. The Packers have to try to find a way to make this work.

      1. Were you weary of the discussion when TT was being praised for having 50 of 53 homegrown players just 2 weeks ago?

        With the talent level being exposed in Aaron’s absence, it is the perfect time to analyze how this team has been constructed and whether TT’s refusal to acquire veteran talent is in the team’s best interets.

        1. In the offseason when there are players to be had or draft analysis to be done, these discussions are great. They don’t mean a lick of $#!& now…this includes the 50 of 53 comments.

          Maybe I’m wrong. Maybe this is the ideal place to talk wistfully of offseason FA acquisitions now that we know exactly where we wish we had them. I guarantee you that nobody in any NFL organization’s office is playing FFL redraft right now. What good would it do?

          1. You might take the current conversation as a sign that a lot of folks consider the season to be over.

      2. I think if you try to build through FA like the Eagles did and others have tried it doesn’t work. Adding a piece here or there could work very effectively as the Packers themselves proved with the signing of Pickett and Charles Woodson. It’s a option if used right that can really put a team right there such as the Packers over the top. Rodgers is so good we don’t notice the 31 points and 450 yards given up by our defense because we scored 44. It’s been proven without doubt in the Playoffs 3 of the last 4 years, that the Packers can’t get it done with either Capers defense or the players they have. *It’s either on Capers or Thompson or a mixture of both.
        Example…I love Mike Daniels, for a 4th round pick he’s more than met expectations but is still better suited as a 4-3 player. Same could be said for Worthy at 6’1 1/2″ tall. Better 4-3 than 3-4. We took Perry even when he said he didn’t want to play LB. He’s make a great DE I think.

        1. IIRC, the primary players everyone wanted Thompson to get were Steven Jackson and Micheal Huff. Lets review those transactions…

          S. Jax has proven himself to be completely washed up. We get S Jax and we don’t get Lacy. Which do you prefer? Yeah thought so…

          Huff? well he’s sitting on the bench in Balt behind a rookie. Yeah great signing wasn’t it?! If Huff can’t beat out a rookie, even a highly drafted one, there is no guarantee he can even beat out the motley crew we have at safety.

          Sure wish we had taken those plunges into FA or trades!

  8. MM/TT are pretty much immune to change and accountability. No way will they fire or demote a coach mid-season, regardless of performance. Heck, they don’t even go there at the end of the season. They are circle the wagons types.

    Player changes – yes, they may cut or demote a player. Williams should play dime DB at this point. Hyde should be nickel with Hayward injured and probably out for the rest of season and let House start at CB opposite Shields. Real problem with GB secondary is they lack an enforcer at S (nick collins type) and they have midgets at CB. I’d try Richardson at S ASAP, nothing to lose.

    Pack defense can’t stop the pass or run. They looked like clowns yesterday. CMIII is not very effective with cast. Perry may be lost again to injury. Hippo base defense can’t stop backs like McCoy who can cut on a dime. Not easy to do but we are much worse at it than most.

  9. I see no cuts too many injuries. I think MM will take one of the folling actions: Shake finger and talk sternly to coaches and team. Hold another angry presser. MM will go on IR to return when AR returns healthy.

    1. It’s frustrating and agonizing to lose to teams we should beat, but it is really hard to criticize coaches and 2nd tier level players when there are so many injuries to 1st string players. Good players cover/makeup for the weaknesses of the others; and in our case, we have too many of our best players out.

  10. I believe that MM’s “recurring issues” are on the defensive side of the ball. For the last 2 games the defense could not make a stop during the 4th quarter. The final Bear’s and Eagle’s drives are unacceptable. If you split the TOP on the last Eagle drive the Eagles would have the ball for about 20 minutes in the game, so the defense cannot be gassed. Also, the defense was as healthy as it’s been all season for yesterday’s game. The number one issue IMHO, is tackling. Number 2 is pass coverage. Number 3 issue is pass rush. I realize that we have some talented DB’s but to me Tramon is gone, Hayward (prior to rein jury) was sliding downhill and Morgan Burnett has been badly exposed by the Eagles. We will need to draft a cover corner and a safety during the next draft. At the rate this defense is playing we may have some fairly high picks next April.
    Thanks, Since ’61

    1. It’s easy to heap blame on Burnett when corners are blowing assignments and leaving him out to dry. There’s plenty of film on the Eagles out there, and there were looks that the Packers had no idea what to do with in the secondary. Preparation? Please?

      What’s the over/under next week for number of times two Packer corners run each other off a pick or out of a play and give an unhindered receiver a big gain or easy TD?

  11. Unless it involves big name/money guys, cutting or benching players doesn’t really count as drastic action, IMO, because it happens every day. The only player that fits that would be Tramon, and as was already stated, the Packers need him with Heyward back down.

    I’m rarely in favor of firing coaches midseason. Sometimes it lights a fire, but mostly it reeks of desperation and it can send a bad message to the team. In this case, however, the defense has sagged badly since putting up better performances against struggling offenses. I wouldn’t be surprised if Dom is reassigned or let go under the current circumstances.

  12. Nothing will happen.
    As is the case most of the time.

    This team is in a death spiral.

    This is the only pro sports team I follow.

    Now what the hell am I supposed to do with myself?

    Go Bucks?

    Time to start prepping for the draft, I guess. How long until April?

    1. Hey, “Cow,” I’m getting “pumped” for the draft. This year we were picking 25th and 26th for each round (not considering the trades). Next year, we should be at least 18th and maybe, if AR sits out longer than currently projected, we’ll be in the top ten!

      What do you think of Eric Ebron, TE, North Carolina as a 1st round pick to replace Jermichael Finley? I also like Christian Jones, LB, Fla. St. to replace A.J. Hawk and how about a real center, Travis Swanson out of Arkansas. At Drafttek, Jersey Al currently has us taking WR Odell Beckham, Jr. from LSU in the 1st and SS Dion Bailey of USC in the 2nd. There’s just so many holes to fill!

  13. the best draft pick in the front 7 in the past couple of years is a low rounder mike daniels. perry? disappointing. worthy? more than disappointing. datone jones? showed up for the first time yesterday. raji? playing a whole lot better this year than last, but he is playing in a contract year. and even though 40 games have passed without collins, we see just how important that guy was with just how awful the secondary has been since then.

  14. A professional leather worker without a usable/working awl will look just as inept.

    The fire Dom Capers is always the first chant when the defense fails and it usually comes after the ‘defense plays soft’ shout.

    Does anyone believe that the defense plays or goes into soft mode because these guys simply can’t get it done.

    Sometimes we need to accept its the tools and not the design and if the tools are deemed workable them perhaps the level of their use has been severely lowered in expectation.

  15. I agree with many HS strength coaches, fire the Packers strength and conditioning coach.
    How many groin, hamstring injuries does it take before you realize they are not conditioned?
    How many times do we have to watch Packer players gasping for air before we realize other teams are in better shape than the Packers?

  16. TT and MM whatever you do, please don’t try to fix anything. You created this poor excuse of a team, so stick with it. You won a superbowl at one time so don’t ever change anything again, got it. Never go for quality free agents to fill your voids, complete no no. Never ever ever make anyone on the team or staff accountable, that is just mean. And that is just awesome that you have the worst O-line in the league, which in turn got the best qb in the league injured. Love you guys. The best option you have is to give everyone a raise and just keep on keeping on. Change is to SCARY, so don’t do it.

  17. A lot of chirping now I didn’t hear/read when the Packers were 5-2 on a 4 game win streak heading into last Monday night’s game. Great to see all the armchair GM’s and HC’s expert analysis.

    Hey why not jump on the Jaguar’s bandwagon…they won yesterday?

    1. Jaguars have played with heart all year… even though they suck.

      Packers have no heart.

      When was the last time the D sealed a win?
      When was the last time the Packers beat a team with equal or better talent?

      They beat bad teams… they lose (embarrassingly) to good ones.

    2. A lot of people have been shouting this for years just too many Kool Aid drinkers in denial. Sure we win the Division who else is in it? The Lions and Bears – really. We get to play 3 mediocre teams twice a year, 2 of which never have a QB. That’s 6 wins we should have from the get go. Without Arod we are fitting right in with the division. One player from mediocrity or worse. This is Team Building?

  18. Archie made this comment on yesterday’s thread, and this is a good place to bring it back up: the defense plays with a wholly different energy when Jamari Lattimore is on the field. When Brad Jones came back, we got the performances we saw vs. Chicago and Philly.

    I’m not trying to pin this on Brad Jones. I’m just saying that maybe Lattimore makes a difference.

  19. Enough doom and gloom. The team isn’t perfect but u don’t have to be to win a Super Bowl, u have to be the team that gets hot at the end. It sucks that we only have 1 capable safety and tramon Williams hasn’t been the same since injury. It would also suck to lose perry after he was heating up, but remember, frank zombo had a key sack and Patrick lee played big minutes in the Super Bowl! Yes, the last two losses matter because we have to keep pace for the playoffs, but if the secondary picks it up, mike Neal plays well, the offensive line and wr’s get healthy, we will have as good a chance as anyone. Oh ya, we need Rodgers back too

  20. No way jones losses his spot at lb. he is the only one that can cover. Say what u want about hawk having one game where he miraculously picked up 3 sacks….. Hawk can’t cover anyone. If lattimore replaces anyone it’s hawk. Line backers that can stop the run are plentiful in this league, cover guys with speed and agility are coveted types. Why do u think there was so much interest in jones around the league?

    1. Jones is over-rated in coverage. Lattimore is every bit as good. Lattimore plays aggressively and makes impact plays. Jones mostly takes up space. Lattimore need to be starting and use Jones in sub-packages only.

    2. Jones has 5 passes defensed in 5 yrs. 0, goose egg this year. Lattimore has one so far this year in limited playing time.

  21. Also, anyone questioning heart or effort doesn’t understand football. These guys have overcome huge odds to make it in the league.almost all are highly competitive and playing for contracts and wins. The problem is we don’t have defensive playmakers. Mathews is the only guy that teams worry about…. Maybe Daniels now. Shields isn’t a takeaway machine and Hayward is injured. Each passing year it looks like Burnett is nothing more the competent and williams is washed up. U think offenses worry about aj hawk beating them? Yes nick Collins was good but Charles Woodson was great. A Woodson caliber player is what we lack right now. Maybe mike Neal and Datone jones step up and Hayward comes back and plays well. That might make up for it. It’s playmakers not heart that’s the problem

  22. i think the Tramon bashing is uncalled for. sure he’s missed a few INT chances but that just means hes at least in position to make a play. can u say the same about the other CB’s.

    also, i thought he had a good game yesterday. he tackled well at the line of scrimmage and was one of the better guys in coverage. i think he was the best CB out there yesterday!!!

    1. It was likely his best game since 2010, I just hope we don’t have to wait another 3 years for his next “decent” game, but I wouldn’t bet against it!

  23. GB should have released DC after 2011. To DC’s credit, the defense did play better in 2012. Yet many, including myself, called for DC’s head on a silver platter. Instead, management circled the wagons. Now, with AROD down, the defense looks like 2011 all over again. That despite two years of heavy defense oriented drafts. Obviously, what we are doing isn’t working. We can’t tackle. We can’t rush the passer. We can’t stop the run. We can’t cover routes. What can we do?

    MM has three choices today:

    (1) Do nothing;

    (2) Do very little i.e., promote/demote a marginal player or two.

    (3) Blow the thing up i.e., fire DC.

    Knowing the style of MM/TT, it will be (1) or (2). I would be shocked if he fires DC. The coaching fraternity would view MM harshly for daring to hold one of its past Gods accountable.

    So, instead, this season is lost. We finish maybe 7-9 and pick just outside the top 10 of the draft. We use our top three draft picks to pick up some much needed defensive help. With a half season to learn our personnel, the new defensive coordinator can tell TT exactly what he needs and hopefully TT supplies it to him. And maybe next year will be our year. Or the year after that. After that, the window on the AROD era begins to close. Under MM/TT we are the Colts under Peyton Manning. A one player team, incapable of winning a football game or looking now-clownish, w/o our stud QB on the field. AROD hid all of MM/TT’s shortcomings as a HC and GM.

    Odds of MM firing DC today: less than 10%.

  24. I see no one disputes the fact Dom Capers runs a soft ineffective defense anymore. We can thank the Bears for destroying any remaining support that man had among Packer fans.

    Dom Capers must be let go by the end of this season or sooner.

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