Packers vs. Eagles – Game Day First Impressions, Unfiltered: PHI 27 GB 13 All Green Bay Packers All the Time
Burnett and Williams fight each other for the ball - TD Jackson.
Burnett and Williams fight each other for the ball – TD Jackson.

Green Bay Packers vs. Philadelphia Eagles:  2013 Game 9

Unfiltered game day blog post of comments, observations and first impressions.


There’s really only one thing that matters in this game – can the Packers find a way to win games with Seneca Wallace in place of Aaron Rodgers?

Clay Matthews hurries back to try to give the defense and the Packers an emotional boost. His OLB bookend, Nick Perry also makes it back this week.

Nick Foles threw seven touchdown passes last week. He did a great job of going through his progressions because he had time to. Packers can’t allow that to happen this week.


Tonight’s captains for the Packers: – David Bakhtiari, Brad Jones, Chris Banjo


Inactives for today:

Green Bay PackersGreen Bay Packers
10 WR Chris Harper
12 QB Aaron Rodgers
25 CB James Nixon
55 LB Andy Mulumba
78 T Derek Sherrod
93 DE Josh Boyd
98 DE C.J. Wilson

Philadelphia Eagles
7 QB Michael Vick
24 CB Bradley Fletcher
39 RB Matthew Tucker
54 LB Jake Knott
64 T Matt Tobin
67 T Dennis Kelly
89 WR B.J. Cunningham


Mike McCarthy Pregame Show on 620 WTMJ:

Panic when Rodgers went down?:  You really don’t have time for that. He told me on the sidelines they just want to take a picture. It happened at end of series, so the transition was as smooth as it can possibly be. You have a chance to warm your backup QB up and get him in there to start the next series.

Adjustments when Rodgers went down: Last week was particularly tough because of where we are as an offense with Aaron Rodgers and the responsibility we put on to our quarterback. Ad dto that our injuries on the perimeter – it was a big adjustment. With a week of preparation, we’ll be much more ready today.

Eagles uptempo offense:  –  It’s a challenge. I thought our opponents team did am great job replicating it this week in practice. Just have to make sure you have the right defensive sets and not get caught by surprise.

Nick Foles: H can really throw – has always been impressive. Our defense has a big challenge – More importantly we have to go attack them.

Lesean McCoy: Dynamic, elusive. visiion is exceptional. he;s not worried about theb first guy, he;s already ebaten him

Eagles receivers: – A very talented group – a full compliment of deep threats, intermediate threats…

Eagles defense: young, talented, we think they’re going to load up against us for the run. We’ve been able to run with a dynamic quarterback, now Seneca’s in there… They’re going to play us differently

Field position: It will be very important – you’re talking about an explosive offense, so there will be up and down moments. We expect that, but we have a talented team and expect to win today.




Packers vs. Eagles – First Impressions – First Half:

Datone Jones coming on… Gets a big sack on the first series, which Buck and Aikman credit to Mike Neal…

Run blocking looking good early on with Lang back in and Barclay back at tackle for Newhouse.

On occasion, Lacy’s patience works to his detriment. Fine when you’re behind a wall of blockers, but when you’re one-on-one with a defender, he who hesitates is lost.

The Crosby “doink” is back!

Clay Matthews obviously held on the TD where the Packers screwed up a sure interception by Burnett fighting Tramon for the ball.

So Seneca Wallace gets hurt on the last play of the Packers first possession? I have this incredible feeling of Deja Vu.

Burnett having one of those days. Already…

Datone with another sack – and a rather comical sack dance…


Score at end of 1st quarter:   PHI 7 GB 0 

Without any logic behind it, I feel better with Tolzein in there over Wallace. #Packers

More than ever, Packers offense has to play mistake and penalty free. What drives they can muster have to result in points…

Packers offense is going to need a bunch of plays like that sideline catch by Boykin (even though he was really out of bounds and Eagles didn’t challenge).

Eureka moment  – having a real running back threat even makes the Kuhn dive successful!

Killer of an interception in the end zone – a real killer. Packers will need every point today and they’ve blown 10 already. Lucky to be only down 7.

Evan Dietrich Smith is now out – Lang moves to center, Barclay to guard, Newhouse in at tackle.

Packers move the ball well again, Crosby misses again.

That’s 13 potential points the Packers have squandered.

Hayward down and holding his hamstring – unbelievable!

CM# called for roughing the passer (head & neck area).  There was absolutely nothing wrong with the nature of Matthews’ hit on Foles, but it was definitely late. He needs to be smarter than that.

I always rail against taking downfield shots in the wrong situations. This game, I don’t care. Take as many as you want..


Score at end of 1st half:  PHI 10 GB 3


Packers vs. Eagles – First Impressions – Second Half:

Packers have squandered 13 points in the first half. Yet only down 7.This game is FAR from lost. It would sure help if the D could cause a turnover, however…

Since suffering through an awful first game this season, Jarrett Boykin has turned into Mr. Reliable for the #Packers.

Both Hayward and Dietrich-Smith will not return today…

Illegal touching… of course… nullifies potential Special Teams TD…

So twice, the Packers have two defenders on a single receiver and give up a long TD. This should not happen at the NFL level… Terrible job tracking the ball…

These referees are pretty awful – missing some pretty obvious things – for both teams. I suppose that evens out…

Oh Tramon…. where have you gone?

Packers drive again and this time manage to punch in the TD. Bostick with his first TD.

Packers defense continue to give up large chunks of yardage. They’re right back in field goal range.

And a blown coverage. Nobody on Riley Cooper. Burnett’s deep safety help non-existent – burnt toast.

Packers offense has done more than enough. I defended the D last week, but hugely disappointed in the defensive performance today. They let everyone down…


Score at end of 3rd quarter:   PHI 27 GB 10

Packers get a huge break as McCarthy challenges the Foles sack/fumble and Packers get the ball at the 13 yard line. Huge!

Now on 4th and four, McCarthy challenges an incomplete call on a potential Nelson TD on 4th down with 9 minutes left.  They don’t win this one.  Also huge – in the wrong direction…

Packers get zero points out of the fumble recovery, but I fully agree with the Packers going for it on 4th down.

Philly now running McCoy every play. get 2 first downs. Packers D needs to step up and make a stop.

Third and seven, Packers blitz but Eagles have the perfect play called – a screen. As it is, Brad Jones could have stopped it for a loss but missed the tackle.

After keeping a close eye on Brad Jones today, I can comfortably say I want to see more of Jamari Lattimore.

Philly eating up the clock like Chicago did last week – now in Packers territory. Eventually they take the victory formation.

Tolzein and the Packers offense fought like hell. Defense, especially the secondary played like fools…

Final Score:   PHI 27 GB 13



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39 thoughts on “Packers vs. Eagles – Game Day First Impressions, Unfiltered: PHI 27 GB 13

  1. Bulaga
    B. Jones
    J. Jones
    D. Jones

    who else am I missing?

    even with all of these injuries – the team could have won the last 2 game if they had even a borderline competent/competitive defense. what a pathetic group. they aren’t good at anything…

    Def the pas – nope.
    Def the run – nope.
    Clutch stops – nope.
    Force turnovers – nope.
    Red zone stops – nope.

    teams get to do whatever they want… when ever they want.

    just horrible.

  2. I hoped the pass rush didn’t get our cover guys gassed and burnt….did it themselves as the T.O.P. had the defense well rested and no excuse for that level of play.
    Offense did as much and more than can be expected having Tolzien come in colder than Seneca ever was due to lack of reps.
    I expect Tolzien to be starting next week with Flynn becoming the backup and Wallace IR’ed ….unless the Packers can get the next two wins… I’d expect Rodgers to be done for the year as playoff hopes will be shattered and erased and let the collar bone heal to 100% status for next season.

    1. Exactly Taryn.

      My only consolation is that whoever wins the NFCN (Probably Lions) will KNOW that they only reason they won it was GB’s injuries.

  3. So how are we supposed to make the playoffs now? I for one am sick of Dom’s defense. Outside of one 8 game stretch in 2010, they’ve been awful for 5 years.

    Who starts at QB next week? Tolzien will only get better, and he’s got more passing skill than Wallace.

    IMO barring a miracle, we are done.
    1. We’ve got to beat NYG in NY, and the Vikes at home.

    2. Have to get ARod back by Thanksgiving. And beat the Lions.

    3. Have to run the table in December.

    MM’s teams are cursed. I will no longer be getting upset about injuries, because THEY ARE THE NORM under TT. 2005, 2008, 2010, 2012, 2013. That’s 5 out of the last 9 years our favorite football team has been destroyed by injury.

    1. I agree with all you said except the timing of Rodgers’ return. I don’t want him on the field until December. I think he’ll need the 10 days following the Thanksgiving Day game against Detroit. I’d hate seeing him injuring the same bone knowing he’d have an additional 10 days available following Detroit.

      1. Yeah – but without Rodgers (and pretty much everyone else other than Finley/Cobb who won’t be availble for sure), we’re not beating DET on Turkey day in their place. We’re just not. Not with this defense.

        As long as ARod’s injury doesn’t leak into next year, it’s worth the risk. Correct me if I’m wrong, but even completely broken collarbones don’t take 7 months to heal?

        1. Seven months? Did you mean seven weeks?

          I read at the JSOnline website that sufficient time for a collarbone break, like the one Rodgers has, is 6-8 weeks minimum. The article interviewed a surgeon for that information. Assuming the 6-8 weeks is accurate,I would rather see Rodgers have five weeks instead of 3 1/2 weeks.

          The surgeon also said there is no useful method of adding additional padding to protect the area where the break is. I am a little surprised the arm isn’t in a sling.

          All the other injuries have me concerned about the Packers having enough bodies for the Giants next week. I am actually concerned more about the o-line than the defense.

          1. My point is that even if ARod reinjures the shoulder playing against DET, we’ll be no worse off than we are now unless the worsened injury affects ARod in the future.

          1. Well, that answers my question then. If ARod is more likely to reinsure the same area in future years, then just shelve him and try to find a way in to the playoffs.

            Not bloody likely.

  4. Jersey Al: You’re heading for your post reads, “Packers vs. Eagles – Game Day First Impressions, Unfiltered: GB 27 PHI 13.” Unfiltered is right; also, unedited.

    I know. You’re just trying to keep us on our toes.

  5. Once again, a winnable game given away by poor defensive play. There is no excuse for any of the Eagles 3 TD plays. Morgan Burnett was out of position on all 3 plays. The only play I am aware of made by Matthews was a roughing the passer penalty. I never saw or heard Perry if he was back and Jones missed tackles that he had the chance to make. Throw in incompetent officials and the game was unwatchable. The last 2 weeks prove that this is a QB league. Without one the team can’t play. We can’t expect the defense to carry us, especially with rules made for the passing offense and the current level of play by a pretty healthy defense at this point. Next week at NYG may be our last stand for this season. Go with Tolzien over Wallace. At least Tolzien can keep the passing threat alive. However, I don’t know what we can do about our pass defense and horrible tackling. Thanks, Since ’61

  6. Thought the offense didn’t play that badly. Tolzien did as well as expected for a third string QB with no reps.

    Biggest concern for me is the secondary and in particular the shockingly bad safety play. We have never replaced an all-pro Nick Collins. I also hope this is Williams’ last year in Green Bay, the guy is nowhere near the player he was in 2010 before injury. He’s a liability that causes problems for others.

    1. Finally, someone else mentioned it. 42 games and counting, Collins still hasn’t been replaced. Capers should have been gone after the 2011 season but was retained. Collins was hurt and Williams shoulder were the excuses I heard the most for the disaster defensively in 2011. Last year the defense isn’t dead last, but for the 3rd time in 4 years Capers defense is throttled in the playoffs. I’m not talking beat, but the holy crap whipped out of them. Again, we keep Capers.
      I don’t get why Packers fans are surprised by this. His entire coaching career has been like this.

      Since 2010 we’ve had 25 draft picks. Other than Cobb who who’s even above average? Seriously, be honest with yourself and tell me one player other than Cobb who you’d call above average. I get it, with all these injuries it’s impossible to know what this team might have done. I just know the ones we’ve kept can’t rush the passer, cover a receiver, or tackle.

          1. I agree, I love Nelson and Sitton. But I was referring to the draft classes from 2010, 11, and 2012. What we have is a version of the 2011 Colts when Manning was out. Rodgers means so much to this team, the points they put up with him, that he covers up the fact the defense normally gives up 350 or 400 yards and 24 points just about every time.

      1. You are asking for production from 2 drafts (only the past 2 years)in which both 1st round picks have been hurt for the majority of their careers.

        TT has found a lot of solid players in the middle rounds and in UDFA in that time. Give me a break.

        1. No I wasn’t Bearmeat… It’s clear as day what I wrote. From the last 3 drafts, 2010, 11, and 2012 the Packers have had 25 draft picks. Tell me which solid players you’re referring to other than Cobb.

          1. If you’re looking for superstars, you’re only going to find a couple on ANY team from any 3 year window. The Draft is a crap shoot, and TT’s odds are better than most.

            But since you insist, I will start at the most productive and go down the list to through solid starters to those who have a lot of potential but haven’t been able to shake the injury bug.

            B. Jones
            Perry YTBD
            Burnett YTBD
            House YTBD
            D. Jones YTBD
            Franklin YTBD
            Sherrod YTBD

            That’s not an exhaustive list, and injuries have KILLED the top of TT’s drafts.

            That’s also not including FA gems such as Shields, and DuJuan Harris among others.

            1. I think TT in the end only gets a good to very good evaluation as a GM.

              He’s had some big misses at #1 in terms of those picks contributing to the success of the team. No crystal ball, but if your #1’s miss a lot of games, they didn’t contribute and that accrues back to him. He’s offset that by catching some round 2 and UDFA gems (Nelson, Cobb, Lacy).

              Where he blows up is the absolute refusal to use FA or trades at all. A GM has three bullets – draft, FA and trades. Refusing to use only one bullet leaves you with an empty gun sometimes, and I think we might be seeing some of that now.

            2. Now you have players from 2013 draft, never mentioned that. WTF dude. Did you just call Neal a guy with potential???? I’m not even going to answer, your “Homer Hat” is on way to tight.

              1. No I didn’t. Neal is a decent player. 4 years in and not washed out of the league and he can do some positive things.

                You do realize that most NFL careers don’t last 4 years right?

                I agree with Savage. TT has done a good to very good job in the draft and MM has (for the most part) developed those players well.

                But his absolute refusal to use free agency in any substantial manner is really frustrating at times.

      2. Lacy, Bulaga, overall Burnett has been above average, Heyward, Daniels has stepped up this season as a nickel DE, Bakhriari. Others who have either impressed considering their draft standing or have played well in limited time include Starks, Newhouse, House, Franklin, Hyde. We need more time to judge Datone Jones, Perry, Worthy, Sherrod.

      3. Bulaga,Hayward,Daniels,& Burnett have all played well. It’s not like all the other teams are loading up with tons of above-average players from the get-go either. there’s tons of players in the league that are above average, but were invisible their 1st couple years in the league. and the few that are ready coming out of the gate are usually high picks that the packers have no shot of getting.

      4. It’s important to remember that teams with a ton of Pro-Bowlers (SF, SEA, KC, DEN), until recently, were terrible for a long time and had the luxury of picking early in each draft for many years, to accumulate that talent. TT hasn’t had that luxury. Last time he did, the epic Raji-Matthews picks happened.

  7. I am so sick of rotten defense and especially of one injury after another. Capers may not be the problem but something has to change on the D so I say give him a chance to coach somewhere else. As far as the injuries, it just seems ridiculous. This should have been a great team, but we never got to see them.

  8. McCarthy’s Interesting Post-Game Comments:

    Beside naming Tolzien as the starter next week, McCarthy also said the defense didn’t play well. He alluded to a consistent problem that he’ll address on Monday. He didn’t say specifically what that problem was.

    Watching his post-game press conference, you could clearly see he was really unhappy with what transpired today and I’ll be very interested to see what happens this week as they prepare for the Giants. My hope is that he will light a fire under the defense to step up their play. I think McCarthy realizes that the only chance this team has to salvage this season with AR out is for the defense to play much, much better. I think this week and the game against the Giants will show us what kind of team and coaches we have.

    1. Will be interesting: Giants have now won 3 in a row, but not against anyone noteworthy (which includes the Eagles). Manning is still throwing pick=sixes on a weekly basis, but he has enough weapons at WR and now a RB who was not born in the Flock of Seagulls era to give this Packers D a hard time.

  9. This is a QB league as someone mentioned. I don’t want to beat a dead horse, but IMO they should have kept Young as a back up. I understand that the guy has challenges with comprehending the playbook. But Vince Young has the ability to move the offense and score. Both Wallace and Tolzien may have a higher aptitude for grasping the playbook. But if you can’t execute the plays, then understanding the playbook doesn’t do you any good. Both of these back ups can’t stretch the field. The Eagles knew this as well, it allowed them to stack up against the Packers running game. Vince young can stretch the field and is also a threat to run the ball as well.

    Philly is not as good as the Packers made them appear. But if you don’t have a QB that can move the offense and that turns the ball over in the red zone, you are asking your defense to win games for you. I think it’s fair to say that this years defense isn’t playing at that type of level.

    It’s not to late to bring in Young.

    1. What I understood, beyond having trouble with the playbook, was that VY’s attitude was poor. They didn’t want him around a team that’s generally young and learning how to play.

      Agreed: Philly is not that good, and they only had spurts of effectiveness…that corresponded with spurts of lousy coverage and poor tackling from the Packers.

      Where I disagree is that Tolzien took everything the Eagles gave him and moved the offense very effectively between the 20s. Where he struggled was inside the 20…that might just be how green he was with the personnel, but I liked how he handled the offense on such limited reps.

  10. Where to begin????


    (1) Game was not as lopsided as the score.
    (2) We found our back-up QB – his name is Scott Tolzein.
    (3) Boykin continues to shine.
    (4) Bostick (TE) looked fantastic.
    (5) Datone Jones may be starting to come on.


    (1) Defense played like clowns.
    (2) Offensive play calling in red zone continues to be horrible.
    (3) Secondary continues awful play. Changes need to be made. Promote Richardson for god’s sake.
    (4) 3 EXPLOSIVE passing TDs.
    (5) Shady McCoy made our defense look like high school tackling. We can’t handle quickness.
    (6) Dom Capers continues to suck. The question is, what will MM/TT do about it? End of last season they circled the wagons around old Dom. How is that working out???

    What I expected yesterday:

    (1) defensive collapse;
    (2) run game to slow down because of defense p[laying the run #1; and,
    (3) INTs by Packer QB.

    We got all of the above. Vegas call game a pick-em and Archie picked up a bundle of EZ cash. This game had Philly & Under written all over it.

    Had Wallace not been injured early, it could have been worse, much worse.

    Tolzein is our back-up QB going forward, period. Nice mobility. Nice fastball. Could throw both from teh pocket and on the run. Adjusted arm angle so that ball could get through to intended targets. A really nice first outing. Him & Bostick hooking on their first TDs together was really nice. Why Bostick doesn’t have a much bigger role in this offense with Finley/Cobb is beyond me. He is big, fast, fluid and has nice hands.

    Lacy/Starks will not run like they did with AROD. This means the Pack must find ways to attack the defense with pass. Tolzein looks capable of doing that.

    re: Defense – Lattimore on the bench is a complete joke. The 3 Hippo base front does not work when the RB is quick/fast. McCoy went around them all day. We need quick twitch type DL vs the Shady McCoys of the world.

    Promote Richardson and House to starter role. Williams demoted to dime. Don’t bring him back next year. Hyde replaces Hayward at nickel. Shut down Hayward till next year – let his hammy heal.

    We need Lattimore, Datone Jones, and Mike Daniels on the field as much as possible. Promote J Worthy from PUP and see what he has to give. 2nd year player was a trade up R2 draft selection last year for cripes sake. He’s fast twitch.

    I’m tired of watching Dom Capers coached defenses. Secondary continues to be unsure and tackling of entire team borders on clownish. With more red zone runs yesterday and a solid defensive effort, this would have been a tight game that was winnable, behind Tolzein. Instead, it got away from us big time.

    Vegas has installed NYG as 4 point favorites. NYG is stopping the run these days and T Thomas has re-energized their secondary. NYG as good as Philly or better, but they lack a Shady McCoy type. However, Pack will be on road following back-to-back, AROD-less, home defeats. I think Vegas has the spread about right. Until this defense starts playing well, we should not expect the Packers to win a game with AROD out. Circumstances challenged the Packer defense on MNF and they failed to rise to the occasion. This week MM challenged them and once again they failed to arise to the occasion. Conclusion: current starting personnel and coaching staff is incapable of getting the job done. And Foles is not that good of a QB. He launches his deep passes too high, giving the secondary all day to get there. No excuse. Our defense sucks and it has sucked for a long time now despite many top draft picks invested there in recent years.

    1. I agree with you on many points…especially on Tolzien and Lattimore. The defensive energy goes up a couple notches when Lattimore is on the field.

      Tolzien is ideal for that backup QB role, cerebral, accurate. He’s not a great athlete nor does he have a rocket arm, but he’s not going to hurt you when he has to play. What’s more, he’s the kind of guy who will likely not be courted for a starting QB job elsewhere, so he’s long-term.

      I disagree on Richardson. Guy hasn’t played a down in ages. He’s going to need time to get up to snuff. He’ll be little more than ST this season.

      I also disagree on Wallace. We have no idea how that game pans out if he doesn’t get hurt, and I think he might have had more success in the red zone than Tolzien. It’s all speculation, of course, but Tolzien had to play Wallace’s game plan. I think Wallace would have done at least as much.

      1. Tolzeins not going to hurt you? Apparently you missed the INT he threw in the end zone that created a 10 pt swing. Or the Terrible decision he made on the other INT, which IIRC the Iggles scored off too.

        I would say those were major mistakes that cost the Packers the game, just like Franklins fumble cost the bengals game.

        Tolzein was in a difficult situation, but its way to early to say that he won’t hurt you if he’s on the field.

        Its clear even from the little we saw that Wallace can’t cut it, but its too early to say that Tolzien is the answer at backup QB.

        Sign Flynn if his elbow checks out and go w/ Rodgers, Flynn and Tolzien as the developmental 3rd string QB next year.

    2. I don’t think the front 7 were that bad til the final drive. Lattimore should definitely get Hawk’s snaps tho. The major disappointment this year has been the secondary. After seeing so many glimpses of promise with all the young “talent” everyone seems pretty mediocre at best. Shields has had a couple decent games but that’s about it. Hayward has struggled since coming back. TWill can’t make a play and both safeties are struggling. I’m hoping that things improve after all the recently injured guys get comfortable, but it hasn’t looked promising

  11. MM needs to hire someone to call the offensive plays. He can coach but he can’t call plays. TT needs to check his damn ego and go out and get some players that want to play and can tackle…

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