Packers Vs. Eagles: First Impressions – 2014 Game 10

Green Bay Packers vs. Philadelphia Eagles:  2014 Game 10 (Packers 53, Eagles 20) As always, this post it what it says it is, unfiltered initial reactions as the game progresses. I always find it entertaining to compare initial impressions from the heat of the moment with more measured thoughts with time to think about it.  Everything is up […]

5 Reasons why the Packers will beat the Eagles (and 1 reason why they might not)

I went to a Garth Brooks concert on Thursday night. I’m not a huge fan of Brooks, but my wife loves him and he’s one of the biggest artists of my generation. I figured seeing Brooks live would be a good time, and I was right. He was great. My main worry about seeing Brooks […]

Packers vs. Eagles 2014 Week 11 Predictions from

GAME PREDICTIONS Week 11 Green Bay Packers vs. Philadelphia Eagles Name Record To-Date This Week’s Pick Score Prediction Kris Burke 7-2 Philadelphia Eagles 31-28 This one is going to be a shootout. After beating up on significantly inferior opponents, the Packers get another chance to beat an elite NFC team. They failed against New Orleans, Detroit […]

“Reoccurring Issues” Doom Packers Again, McCarthy vows Action

Yes, the Packers are all beat up. Yes, the injury situation keeps going from bad to worse to seriously, WTF? Yes, the Packers are down to their third-string quarterback. But not all of the issues dragging the Packers down during this ugly two-game home losing streak can be blamed on the quarterback or injuries. Packers […]

Packers vs. Eagles – Game Day First Impressions, Unfiltered: PHI 27 GB 13

Green Bay Packers vs. Philadelphia Eagles:  2013 Game 9 Unfiltered game day blog post of comments, observations and first impressions. GAME NOTES: There’s really only one thing that matters in this game – can the Packers find a way to win games with Seneca Wallace in place of Aaron Rodgers? Clay Matthews hurries back to […]