Marshall Newhouse 2013 Green Bay Packers Evaluation and Report Card

  1) Introduction: Marshall Newhouse started 31 games for the Packers from 2011-2012, 28 at left tackle. Based on the number of sacks/hits/hurries he allowed, that’s less a compliment to Newhouse and more an indictment of the sorry state of the Packers tackle position, with a big help from the Packers’ recurring injury issues. 2) Profile: […]

Marshall Newhouse: Q & A With Adam Czech

Obviously it was disappointing to see the Green Bay Packers drop a home game in December and one that could have helped their confidence heading into next week’s showdown with the Chicago Bears.  The frustrations were high during the game (see my Twitter timeline) among many fans and were directed at coaches, the Packers front […]

Cory’s Corner: Who’s to blame for Packers’ mess?

The main theme that trickled out of the Packers’ locker room on Thanksgiving was embarrassment. The Packers didn’t just take a loss, they endured the worst loss in the Mike McCarthy era. And with four games left, Green Bay must win out or stay home for the playoffs for the first time since the Packers […]

Game Balls and Lame Calls: Packers 26, Vikings 26

Despite playing to a 26-26 tie, the Green Bay Packers gained ground on the division-leading Detroit Lions and Chicago Bears. And as far as the NFC North title is concerned, that’s a win for the Pack. Without quarterback Matt Flynn’s late-game heroics, it’s hard to imagine the Packers pushing the game to overtime. But Flynn, […]

“Reoccurring Issues” Doom Packers Again, McCarthy vows Action

Yes, the Packers are all beat up. Yes, the injury situation keeps going from bad to worse to seriously, WTF? Yes, the Packers are down to their third-string quarterback. But not all of the issues dragging the Packers down during this ugly two-game home losing streak can be blamed on the quarterback or injuries. Packers […]