Packers Stock Report: Let’s Pretend That Never Happened Edition All Green Bay Packers All the Time
Randall Cobb
Not even Randall Cobb could rescue the Packers against the Giants.

I’ve been doing the Packers Stock Report weekly for over two years now. Most of you know how it works.

But just in case, it’s important to know this while you’re reading and agreeing/disagreeing with my selections:

I don’t base the rising/falling/steady selections solely on the most recent game. The most recent game receives the most weight, but I typically factor in the last three games, sometimes more.

For example, if Donald Driver would have caught six passes for 100 yards and a touchdown on Sunday (we can dream, right?), I still probably wouldn’t have put him in the rising category. One good game out of 11 does not necessarily mean you’re rising. It means you had one good game.

I’m trying to identify more long-term patterns or trends that might play out over the next couple of weeks. While it seems like the rising category should be empty this week, remember that I’m factoring in more than the debacle against the Giants.

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Anyway, now that that’s out of the way, let’s move on to this weeks report:



Dezman Moses
He’s done enough to enter the rising category. By no means have we forgotten about Clay Matthews, but it’s nice to see Moses making a few plays with the opportunities he’s had the last few weeks. I’m looking forward to seeing Moses and Matthews on the field together. Fewer snaps for Walden will probably keep him fresher, too.

Clay Matthews
He hasn’t played the last 10 quarters and he’s rising. If the Packers want to beat physical offenses with good quarterbacks, they need Matthews. Eli Manning stood in the pocket and had his way with the Packers secondary on Sunday. I don’t think that happens if Matthews is out there. Matthews also brings toughness and a sense of urgency to the run defense, something that was lacking against the Giants. Yeah, I know the Packers managed five sacks without Matthews against the Lions, but the Giants offense is much more complete than Detroit’s. The Packers defense needs Matthews. Period.

Randall Cobb
There are not many options for another rising player if you just factor in the Giants’ game, but Cobb was decent again (4 catches for 39 yards, 1 carry for 12 yards). He at least did enough to stay in the rising category based on his last month of strong play.


B.J. Raji
Raji still gets wiped out on run plays way too often, but he’s at least bringing a little bit of a pass rush. He had five hurries on Sunday and has 10 in the last two games. Hopefully he keeps it up when Matthews returns.

Casey Hayward
Hayward’s dropped interception in the first quarter made me want to put him in the falling category. If he hangs onto that, who knows how it would have altered the game. But I calmed down enough to realize that Hayward should stay in the steady category, even though he only played 21 snaps. What was up with that? Hayward seems talented enough to deserve more snaps than that. Remember when Cobb didn’t get much playing time against the Seahawks? Get the young and talented players on the field. Hayward was only thrown at twice when he was on the field.
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T.J. Lang
Moving Lang to right tackle has been a disaster. He gave up another sack and a hit to go along with three pressures on Sunday. That’s three sacks and four hurries since moving to tackle. Is it time to move Lang back inside and see what Don Barclay can do at right tackle? It’s worth considering, at least.

Evan Dietrich-Smith
Aaron Rodgers has spoke highly of Dietrich-Smith’s work ethic and talent. It’s time for that work ethic to start paying dividends and his talent to show up in a game. It’s been rough going ever since Dietrich-Smith took over at left guard and T.J. Lang replaced Bulaga at right tackle. If the line doesn’t figure out its issues shortly, this season could take a massive turn for the worst. An elite quarterback like Rodgers can mask a struggling tackle. He can’t mask an entire offensive line that’s struggling.

Jeff Saturday
Pro Football Focus has given Saturday a negative run-blocking rating five of the last six weeks.  Saturday wasn’t signed to be a run-blocker, but he also wasn’t signed to torpedo the running game, either. I suppose you could also put Marshall Newhouse in the falling category if you think I’m being too harsh on Saturday. Take your pick. Either way, it’s not good.



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10 thoughts on “Packers Stock Report: Let’s Pretend That Never Happened Edition

  1. probably unfair to put Lang in the falling category. not too many LGs will hold up real well at RT against the most talented defensive line in football. That is ted thompson’s fault not TJ Langs. but otherwise i agree. especially saturday. he has just been awful. Center is a major need going into next years draft. possibly the biggest need on the team. I have no confidence in EDS anymore. i really don’t.

    1. Perhaps, but defenses aren’t going to give the offensive line any passes simply because a guy is out of his primary position.

      As for the center, the problem with drafting one is that it’s going to take a couple years before he can take the starting job. Unless you get some prodigy linemen, they take time to develop, especially when it’s the one who’s in charge of communicating the protections and reading the defense. A lot of that has to come from experience.

  2. In todays salary cap NFL you cannot expect TT to supply great talent across the board. No team has that talent level. Ask SF how they would replace a lot of their first level players if they had to? You have to make do with what you have and make it work.

  3. All valid points. No doubt that Saturday isn’t getting the job done. Move EDS there for next year and Draft a premium LG to push lang. There will be many tackles in camp next year. Maybe one of them will move to LG but drafting a blue chip LG in the 1st round will go along way to making the OL better. A center in lower round for development is also needed. Hire Saturday to be OL Asst Coach and help make OL calls from sideline.

    Arod has 5 -7 year run if we are lucky. 10 years if we win the lottery. We need a LG now or will piss the opportunity away. Time for TT to use draft pick for need as much as value in the first round.

    There are a ton of safeties in this years draft and a very good FS will be available in the 2nd round. Then a RB in the 3rd round who doesn’t have an acl or knee issue please.

    1. Well, TT did take Bulaga and Sherrod in the first round in consecutive seasons. Both of them are on the sidelines…..

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