Cory’s Corner: B.J. Raji has regrets right now

I am sure that B.J. Raji is probably kicking himself about now. The Packers’ fifth-year defensive lineman was offered an $8 million contract in the middle of last season but defiantly turned it down. And now, Green Bay is low-balling their one-time Pro Bowler with a one-year $4 million offer. Ted Thompson knows that a […]

Ryan Pickett Green Bay Packers 2013 Evaluation and Report Card

1) Introduction:  Now Ted Thompson’s lone “big name” free agent signing, Pickett perhaps hasn’t had the impact of Charles Woodson but certainly has justified his signing with very consistent play in one of the NFL’s most physically taxing positions.  However 2013 was a turning point for Pickett; not only was it a contract year but […]

Packers Free Agents: Top 10 to Re-Sign

A couple weeks ago, our own Adam Czech took a look at the Green Bay Packers players hitting free agency this offseason.  Of the 19 offensive and defensive players, 16 are unrestricted and 3 are restricted. What I’ve done below is made a list of the top ten unrestricted players Ted Thompson should consider re-signing. […]

Is the Packers defensive line too fat?

Remember when the Packers actually had a good run defense? It seems like forever ago, but as recently as October, the Packers turned into a brick wall against the likes of Frank Gore, Reggie Bush and others. Those days are long gone now, and there are many reasons why the Packers run defense has gone […]