Packers Stock Report: Time for a win Edition

My two jobs, a newborn baby and extended visits to family hours away from where we live has made it very difficult to write about the Packers this season. The way the Packers are playing also makes it difficult to write about the Packers. I don’t have time to do the in-depth and comprehensive posts […]

Packers Stock Report: Greg Jennings Texts Aaron Rodgers Edition

The staff here at managed to intercept a series of text messages between former Packers and current Vikings WR Greg Jennings and Packers QB Aaron Rodgers. The following is an exclusive transcript of how their chat went down: Greg Jennings: sup aaron Aaron Rodgers: Who is this? GJ: c’mon man. it’s greg. ur old […]

Packers Stock Report: Beating the Super Bowl Champions Edition

Every year the NFL schedule comes out and we try to boldly declare which teams have tough schedules and which teams appear to have a bunch of patsies and a clear path to the postseason. Every year our analysis is wrong and what once looked like a tough or easy schedule in July is completely […]

Packers Stock Report: Back on Track Edition

The Packers took a big step in the right direction this week with a boring, but thorough beating of the Lions. The Packers won the game where they haven’t won many lately – in the trenches. The offensive line, especially the interior three, showed what they are capable of, going up against some of the […]

Packers Stock Report: Flashback to 2011 Edition

Anyone else have flashbacks to 2011 as the Packers cruised to an easy win over the Redskins on Sunday? The lasers from Aaron Rodgers. Jordy, Randall, James and Jermichael making tacklers look like fools after the catch. The defense forcing a couple of turnovers. Sloppy tackling from the Packers defense. Not quite delivering the knockout […]