Packers News: Benson out for remainder of season

Packers RB Cedric Benson
Packers RB Cedric Benson
Packers RB Cedric Benson

The Packers announced Thursday that running back Cedric Benson will remain on injured reserve for the rest of the 2012 season.

Just two days ago, there was speculation that Benson may be out for the rest of the season, and that suspicion became a reality today. Benson suffered a Lisfranc injury Oct. 7 in the first half against the Indianapolis Colts.

Benson underwent foot surgery on Wednesday.

Since he’s been out of the lineup, the Packers have relied on a combination of Alex Green and James Starks at running back. Green Bay currently ranks 23rd in the NFL running the football, averaging 100.7 yards per game.

The Packers currently have three running backs on the active roster–Green, Starks and second-year player Johnny White. Starting fullback John Kuhn is also capable of shouldering some of the load in short-yardage situations.


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7 thoughts on “Packers News: Benson out for remainder of season

  1. I knew when it was diagnosed as a Lisfranc injury that he would be done for the year. It will be interesting to see how the Pack view him for next year.

    Next up Shields.

    1. Benson is good, but he’ll be 30 years old next year. I’m sure they’ll try him out and what not, but I seriously doubt that he’ll make it next year. Even if he does make it, he’s too injury prone to rely on.

  2. We only get one player designated to return from injured reserve, and we wasted it on him. Total shame.

    I’m not sure who would have been a better player to place on that list, but I had a bad feeling from the start that putting Benson on there was wasteful.

    Anyway, where’s Chad Clifton?

  3. This is really disappointing news.

    Benson added legitimacy to the Packers backfield and would have been a huge weapon down the stretch. The reality is that Starks can’t catch (or really block) and Green can’t run. Benson showed flashes of doing both quite well.

    Gone too soon.

    Goodnight sweet prince, we hardly knew ye.

    1. “Goodnight sweet prince, we hardly knew ye.”

      Ha, ha, that’s pretty funny. You are right on with your comments about Benson. He was probably the first real running back that we had in 5 years. Not a good sign.

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