Packers Stock Report: Wide Receivers can also be Tough Guys Edition

When you think of tough football players — whether they play for the Packers or not — you probably think of Mike Singletary and his stare, Ray Nitschske and his scowl or Ronnie Lott lopping off part of his finger so he could keep playing. You probably don’t think of too many wide receivers, especially modern-day receivers […]

Packers Stock Report: Now the Games Finally Count Edition

As a fan, this was one of the most difficult Packers preseasons to endure in quite some time. The Packers got hit hard with injuries (again). The team looked awful in exhibition games (especially on offense). And the quality of play was mostly abysmal (it’ll be a long time before the images of Graham Harrell, […]

Packers Stock Report: It’s Still too Early to Know Much of Anything Edition

Before I get started on this week’s Packers stock report, let’s review exactly what the stock report is and why I do it: The stock report is based on more than a single game or day of practice. Generally, it takes more than one good performance to become a riser and more than just one […]

Packers Stock Report: End of Season, Full Roster Edition

The Packers end of season, full roster stock report is upon us. Below are over 2,300 words of insight, analysis, opinions and nonsense about every player currently on the Packers roster. Read closely and enjoy, because many of these players likely won’t be around in 2013. I incorporated each player’s performance from this season, and […]

Packers Stock Report: NFC North Champions Edition

Watching the Packers this season can be very frustrating. You have shoddy pass blocking, dropped passes, a horrible kicker, failure to put teams away, shaky run defense, all kinds of injuries, odd playcalling and Fail Mary. Yet here the Packers are, NFC North champs for the second season in a row. It really is amazing […]