The Burning Debate: Was the Green Bay Packers Season a Success or Failure?

The loud dull thud you heard was the sound of the Green Bay Packers promising season coming to an abrupt and disappointing end. When the Green Bay Packers Players left the locker room this week many of them were still in shock that their season was over and they were headed home. To a man […]

Packers Stock Report: NFC North Champions Edition

Watching the Packers this season can be very frustrating. You have shoddy pass blocking, dropped passes, a horrible kicker, failure to put teams away, shaky run defense, all kinds of injuries, odd playcalling and Fail Mary. Yet here the Packers are, NFC North champs for the second season in a row. It really is amazing […]

While We Scratch our Heads, the Packers Win Games

What was your favorite head-scratching moment from Sunday’s Packers win over the Bears? Here are your options: Dropped passes from Randall Cobb and Jermichael Finley on the first drive. Tough catches, yes, but catchable. Aaron Rodgers getting sacked three times in the first half. Cobb dropping a touchdown pass in the second quarter. The pass […]