Packers Stock Report: End of Season, Full Roster Edition All Green Bay Packers All the Time
CB Tramon Williams and S Morgan Burnett fight for an interception against the Saints
Packers CB Tramon Williams found himself in the falling category. Safety Morgan Burnett was steady.

The Packers end of season, full roster stock report is upon us. Below are over 2,300 words of insight, analysis, opinions and nonsense about every player currently on the Packers roster.

Read closely and enjoy, because many of these players likely won’t be around in 2013.

I incorporated each player’s performance from this season, and their future outlook while categorizing. Please agree or disagree in the comments.

As always, thanks for reading the weekly stock reports. Onto the last one:


Aaron Rodgers
It wasn’t as great as his MVP campaign, but it was still damn good. With chaos and injuries swirling all around, Rodgers kept the Packers offense moving forward and limited mistakes. A fine all-around performance and no reason to think it won’t continue in 2013.

Randall Cobb
With Greg Jennings and Jordy Nelson hobbled most of the season, Cobb broke out and turned into the Packers most dangerous weapon. I worry a little about his durability, but his production when healthy was great. Oh, and he needs to drop fewer passes.

DuJuan Harris
Is this too much praise for the 5-foot-7, 210-pound rolling ball of butcher knives? Maybe. But if I’m buying Harris stock, I want in right now. I think he’s going to stick with the Packers and get a chance to make some noise.

Casey Hayward
Lost in the disastrous playoff loss and grumbling about the Packers lack of physicality was Hayward’s dynamic rookie season. I don’t care if the read-option sticks or not, stopping the pass will still be a defense’s top priority and Hayward can do it.

Sam Shields
He’s on the rise now. Will he remain on the rise if the Packers pay him? Or will he morph back into the timid and non-aggressive cornerback of 2011? There’s no denying his raw talent, and I’d like to see him develop that talent as a member of the Packers.

Clay Matthews
Microsoft. Apple. TRowe Price. Fidelity. With the contract that Matthews will get from the Packers, he’ll be able to buy all the stock he wants.

Nick Perry
How can a guy who was hurt most of the season land in this category? The same way Matthews landed in the rising category when he was injured. The Packers can’t afford another season with Erik Walden as the primary outside linebacker opposite Matthews. Perry is rising by default.

Brett Goode
When was the last time the Packers had a bad snap on a punt or field goal? I honestly can’t remember…

Evan Dietrich-Smith
I’ll make the same case I made for Harris for Dietrich-Smith: If you want in on Dietrich-Smith stock, buy now. I think he’s going to get a shot to claim the starting center slot in training camp and his stock will go up if he wins it.

Don Barclay
I thought Marshall Newhouse improved late in the season, but his overall numbers were about the same as the season before. If the Packers really want to get more physical, they might move Bulaga to left tackle and keep Barclay at right tackle. I could also see Barclay working in at guard if Ted Thompson can get a decent draft pick out of trading T.J. Lang. Either way, I like Barclay’s future. It’s maybe a stretch to call him rising, but this is another one of those buy low situations.

Josh Sitton
No questions about this one. Sitton was healthy this season and was the Packers best offensive lineman.

James Jones
Powered by his sleeveless turtleneck, Jones took his game to another level. I always thought Jones was too passive for how big he is. Not this season. He was aggressive and made a few leaping catches in traffic.

Donald Driver
I’m allowed one sentimental pick, ok? I’m going to miss Driver on this team. Many great memories.


Tim Masthay
He’s no Andy Lee, but he’s not bad for a ginger. I don’t like it when he trots on the field, but since Mike McCarthy insists on punting most fourth downs, Masthay isn’t a bad guy to do it.

Jarrett Boykin
The quarterback praises him and he made a nice catch in week 17. From what little we saw of Boykin, that’s enough to put him in the steady category.

Jerron McMillian
If the Packers want to get more physical, McMillian’s development will help. The rookie from Maine didn’t make any major gaffes (that I can remember, anyway) and only finished with a negative run defense grade three times according to Pro Football Focus.

Jarrett Bush
If only Bush could cover receivers…or tight ends…or running backs…or fullbacks. Seriously, I love Bush’s attitude on special teams, and I wish we could transfer that attitude to others in the defensive backfield. As long as he’s not asked to cover anything besides punts and kicks, Bush is steady.

John Kuhn
The fullback dives and draws got old, but Kuhn is solid in pass protection. As long as he holds up in that area, he’ll be a steady contributor.

Morgan Burnett
Here’s a guy who needs to make the leap to rising. He showed signs of becoming a riser, but never quite established himself as an up-and-comer. A dynamic safety could transform this defense. Is Burnett the guy? I don’t know…

M.D. Jennings
He’s small, but I like Jennings as an extra pass defender. The jury is still out on him, but I don’t see where else I can put him besides steady.

Robert Francois
A solid special teams contributor, probably the second best special teamer behind Bush.

D.J. Smith
Did Smith do enough when he was healthy to whet our appetite for his return in 2013? You’d have to think he would have fared better chasing after Colin Kapernick and Adrian Peterson than Brad Jones and A.J. Hawk.

Dezman Moses
I don’t think Moses did quite enough to become a riser in the same way Barclay and Harris did. He had a good rookie season, especially for an undrafted free agent, but I’d buy low on the aforementioned Barclay and Harris before Moses.

Terrell Manning
Came back after an illness in training camp to become a decent special teams player.

Jamari Lattimore
Another good special teams player. Can he contribute at linebacker? He needs to get stronger inside.

Brad Jones
I must say, Jones played better at inside linebacker than I thought he would. If he’s your starter, though, you’re in trouble. Like, having-a-quarterback-set-records-for-rushing-yards-in-a-single-game trouble. I see Jones more as a versatile backup at all linebacker spots instead of a starter on the inside.

T.J. Lang
He’s not a road grater, but he’s tries to act like one. Despite a few nagging injuries, Lang contributed and held his own opposite of Sitton. A tough player with an attitude.

Marshall Newhouse
I think we kind of know what Newhouse is at this point: A decent pass blocker who is weak run blocking. It’d be nice to have a stronger run blocker at left tackle, which makes me think moving Bulaga to the left side could be on the table. Of course, Derek Sherrod is the wild card.

Mike Daniels
There’s a noticeable dropoff between Daniels and guys like Ryan Pickett (and even C.J. Wilson), but Daniels has youth on his side. The rookie was a little better than I thought he’d be and we’ll see if can further develop.

Ryan Pickett
The epitome of steadiness. Pickett takes up space on every single snap, no questions asked.

Ryan Taylor
A decent enough guy to have around.

Tom Crabtree
A long TD catch? A fake field goal TD? In addition to his good enough blocking, Crabtree busted out these plays earlier in the season.

Jordy Nelson
Too many injuries for Nelson, but I’m still confident that he’s a go-to receiver in this league. Hopefully he gets back to rising in 2013.

Jermichael Finley
Most fans probably view Finley as falling, but he’s solidly in the steady category if you ask me. We should know what Finley is at this point: an athletically gifted player who is prone to inconsistency. Once you readjust how high you set the bar for Finley, you realize he had a steady season, especially down the stretch. I think he’s back next season unless Thompson can get a haul for him.

B.J. Raji
Here’s another guy who needs to make the leap to the rising category. Just when you think Raji is ready to take the next step, he goes into hibernation. More consistent effort from snap to snap should make Raji better. Basically, Raji needs to spend the offseason studying how Pickett plays each and every down like it’s his last. Yes, Raji has more responsibility than Pickett, but there’s no reason Raji should disappear as often as he does.

Mike Neal
A lot of you probably wrote Neal off after getting suspended, but he ended up contributing. The Packers need anything they can get in the pass-rushing department from their defensive line. Look for Neal to get another shot.

C.J. Wilson
I refer to Wilson as Ryan Pickett-lite. Wilson has some athleticism, but doesn’t seem capable of generating a pass rush. He’s a perfectly serviceable player, though, and should occupy blockers into the future.


Mason Crosby
The sound of Crosby’s field goals doinking off the uprights will haunt me until September.

Graham Harrell
Poor Harrell. He had a chance to cap off a touchdown drive against the Saints after Rodgers got poked in the eye. Instead, he fell over and fumbled the ball away. Poor Harrell…

Jeremy Ross
Yes, this is me being cruel (and maybe unfair). Ross showed something on returns late, but you can’t muff a punt and turn the ball over in the postseason. You just can’t.

Alex Green
With Harris bursting on the scene and Starks healthy again (at least for a little while) next season, where does Green fit? I’m not sure, so that’s why I have him falling.

Charles Woodson
When it is very likely that you will no longer be a member of the Green Bay Packers, you are falling. If you are gone, Charles, thanks for the memories.

Ryan Grant
When it is very likely that you will no longer be a member of the Green Bay Packers, you are falling.

Davon House
Man, who is grading these guys? I thought House showed a little something this season. He did, but injuries and getting passed by Shields equals falling. Although, I still don’t feel very good about it…

Cedric Benson
When it is very likely that you will no longer be a member of the Green Bay Packers, you are falling. Do you think Benson is gone next season? I do. I can’t see Thompson bothering with an aging running back who missed most of the previous season with an injury.

Brandon Saine
When it is very likely that you will no longer be a member of the Green Bay Packers, you are falling.

Greg Van Roten
He didn’t do anything wrong this season, but I don’t think he’s big enough to stick around.

Tramon Williams
I didn’t put Williams here to be bold or try and generate cheap online debate. I put him here because he’s not playing like a No. 1 cornerback on a consistent basis. You can’t have a No. 1 corner who 1) refuses to tackle and 2) shrinks from contact in big games. Whether it’s bringing down a ballcarrier or mixing it up in coverage, Williams won’t do it. He’s given up 26 plays of 20 yards or more the last two seasons. That puts you in the falling category, folks.

James Starks
Where else can you put Starks after another season filled with injuries? I guess the good news is he has nowhere to go but up at this point.

A.J. Hawk
Oh, A.J. I never know what to do with you. I try to give you the benefit of the doubt and not judge you based on skills you don’t have. But then I think about Kapernick running for almost 200 yards, Adrian Peterson going for almost 600 in three games, and have a hard time believing that would happen if you played better.

Frank Zombo
It’s probably time to bid farewell to the guy with the cool last name.

Jeff Saturday
I still think it was a good idea to bring Saturday in. It just didn’t work out. I also don’t get why a few people are second-guessing Ted Thompson for not re-signing Scott Wells. That would have been a big multi-year commitment to an older player. Plus Wells missed most of this season.

Bryan Bulaga
Here’s another one that could turn some heads. Bulaga has missed games each of the last two seasons. When he was healthy this season, he had his struggles (remember that first half against Seattle?). Perhaps Bulaga could be a buy-low candidate, but he needs to stay healthy and productive for a full season.

Derek Sherrod
It’s sink or swim for Sherrod next season.

D.J. Williams
He supposedly had a good training camp, but didn’t do much once the real games started. Perhaps it was simply lack of opportunity and Williams will get better if the traffic jam at TE lightens in 2013.

Greg Jennings
Unfortunately, Jennings’ days as a Packer are probably over, so he’s falling. I hope he gets paid, and I hope he extends his career. He seems like a genuine guy and he deserves it.

Erik Walden
When a guy who should not be a full-time player is forced into a full-time role, it usually catches up with him. After a hot start, Walden faded again as his snaps piled up. I’m not sure I can handle another season of Walden losing contain on running plays.

Jerel Worthy
Who knows what Worthy’s status is after blowing out his knee against Minnesota? He didn’t seem all that impressive when he was healthy, but it can take defensive linemen a season or two to get rolling.


B.J. Coleman
James Nixon
Sean Richardson
Chaz Powell
Brandon Bostick
Desmond Bishop (needs to be rising)
Garth Gerhart
Joe Gibbs
Andrew Datko
Andrew Quarless
Jordan Miller
Micah Johnson


Adam Czech is a a freelance sports reporter living in the Twin Cities and a proud supporter of American corn farmers. When not working, Adam is usually writing about, thinking about or worrying about the Packers. Follow Adam on Twitter. Twitter .


36 thoughts on “Packers Stock Report: End of Season, Full Roster Edition

    1. Excellent piece. The Defense will get better when Hawk and Williams are gone. Jones and Walden are backups. Raji not shown the money until he plays more consistently

  1. I think Desmond Bishop is rising by default the same as Perry. We need him out there so we dont’ have Brad Jones starting. Even though Jones did better then expected.

  2. I agree with most of the comments, but would change the following:

    House = Steady. He was a non-factor in 2011, and became one this year. Competitive enough to give Shields the wake up call he needed. Needs to be healthy.

    Hawk = Steady. Best season as a member of the Packers cannot equal falling. I know everyone is disappointed that he will never be rising.

    DJ Williams = Steady. Went from playing basically only Special Teams in 2011 to getting some action on offense this year. About the progress you c=should expect from a 5th rounder.

    Kuhn = Falling. GB needs a fullback who can move the pile, and he cant do it anymore if he ever could. He and Newhouse are poster children for lack of toughness on offense.

    1. How often do the Packers employ a two-back set (where one actually is a fullback)? A back like Kuhn who can fill in at RB, catch the ball, and pick up the blitz is more valuable than a true FB in GB. Steady on Kuhn. He does exactly what he’s asked to do.

      1. I was thinking Kuhn should be falling too. He might have still have a spot on the team as a utility back (on a team that needs running back depth every year) and special teams player, but he isn’t getting the job done as a lead blocker.

        1. He is getting the job done as a pass blocker, and that’s the main reason he’s on the team.

      2. Maybe we don’t employ the two-back because Kuhn isn’t very effective as a pass blocker? But he does pass block well. He’s just not an I-form-type FB.

  3. I know one is never supposed to say anything critical of Rodgers, but the guy had an MVP season in 2011 and he did not have an MVP season in 2012. Good season? By the stats, yes, but even those are off from 2011. I’d think you’d have to put him in the falling category.

    Kuhn has to be falling, too.

    1. You can’t expect 2011 numbers every year from anyone. To say that he didn’t live up to those numbers (only outstanding and not stupendous?) is a little harsh.

      1. It appears rational discussion of Packer QBs is not possible. But i will forge ahead anyway.

        It’s not a matter of expectations, though. The players are here being classified as “rising”, “steady” & “falling”. Rodgers was down in a lot of categories from 2011. That’s falling to me.

    1. Not a big fan of Dom Cappers. But the defense is improved over 2011.Injuries have weighed heavily on the Pack as with other teams. McCarthy’s record speaks highly of my Pack. Maybe just my opinion,but I think Mike gets way too conservative when there’s 6 to 7 minutes remaining and the Pack has the ball. Does TT grade the coaching staff or does the W/L column dictate their job?

  4. I’m a little confused that some players who missed the whole (or majority of the) season were graded while others were not (Derrick Sherrod gets graded, but Desmond Bishop doesn’t)? Did Greg van Roten even play a snap?

    Maybe there needs to be an “Incomplete” category here or more players need to be shuffled to the bottom.

    1. The stock report has strict rules, which the author sometimes chooses to follow, and sometimes doesn’t.

  5. Great assessment. The Packers aren’t trading TJ Lang any more than James Jones in the past. See your comments on Van Roten and Sherrod. The line is paper thin.

    (Thank you for telling the truth about AJ Hawk and backing it up. The “homer” comment above on the pile-jumper (“best season”)was expected. Hawk’s “best season” was 2006. This defense will be soft until #50 is playing elsewhere.)

  6. Adam another great job & thanks.

    I did a breakdown:
    37 Rising / Steady (active squad has 43)

    21 Falling: Of those Crosby, Hawk, Bulaga, Sherrod, Ross, House and Tramon Williams (7) will be on team.

    That is 44 players. 9 more for roster for 53 total.

    In Unknown you have Desmond Bishop and Quarless – both will be on team.

    55 total. Not bad for going into next year. Any player picked up in draft will need to be impact player or practice squad material (ie rodgers brother and wr from Vandy as example)
    Of course this is predicated on BJ Coleman showing something in QB School.

    Since 80 man rule will go into effect that only leaves 15 spots. 7 for draft cuts that to 8 total. Of those 8 positions we still have:
    Harrell, Walden, Worthy, DJ Williams, Starks, Green, Saine, Van Roten, Benson.
    If worthy is hurt and will start on PUP or IR then he stays. Can we upgrade Starks, Green, Van Roten, (Benson is ? to me)

    I also know that a trade is highly unprobable BUT if there will be one, this is the year.

    For the 8 I suspect the following to happen:

    Look for TT to trade to KC. Last time I said this I got knocked out of discussion so please listen: KC needs a QB who knows the West Coast offense. IF they get Geno they want a back up and someone to bridge to Geno. Harrell will be perfect because everyone in KC knows the Texas College great QB. Plus they need a WR like Jordy (a home town boy). Jordy will need a new contract soon and instead of letting him go, GB will get value know. Fredericks and Ball for next 7-10 years.

    I expect at least a 2 & 3 in return.

    Before you dislike consider then TT can resign Jennings. Or pick up a good WR with the nbr 2.

    I also expect TT to Trade with Miami. They have a 2 and 3 (from Chicago) and need a RB. Maybe that be be Harris, DJ Williams, Starks & Van Roten).
    TT use the 2 to grab Frederick and 3rd to grab Ball. With the 3rd Comp pick take (lattimore?) or the Wisconsin Tackle to play RT.

    I will NOT be surprised if Cedric doesn’t come back at the same deal. If he is healthy, he can start the season and help the running game early. Lattimore will be on PUP or IR.

    I’d expect to see the GB 1st used for the best DL to eventually replace Pickett. Unless TT gets a great offer of 2 & 3rd from a team looking for a QB.

    We might see TT trade Hawk to Cinci for a 2 OR 3rd. That would allow jones to take his spot with Bishop and DJ Smith hopefully starting. Depending on how the two Rookie ILB (or micah johnson) are viewed either a LB or Safety might be used by pick. Otherwise BPA.

    Miami will have interest in Datko the Florida Tackle, RB’s and guard/tackle (maybe lang or bulaga or barclay). They also need CB’s (maybe Tramon or they give up a 1st for Shields who is from Miami)?

    I believe this will be the best draft of the TT/MM/Dom era.

    LG Frederick to back up Lang, EDS and Sitton.

    The LT from Wis to play RT

    Both players are wanted by Detroit, Chicago, Dallas and Giants. Beef up and screw the other teams (make them weaker)

    Monte Ball with 3rd RND pick (Miami’s from Chicago, or regular or comp 3rd).

    A top DL to eventually replace Pickett.

    In the 4th & 5th there will be WR, RB’s and DL. Depends on what TT views as the future need and trades on draft day.

    Remember every player drafted or FA will need to replace a starter from the team today. Going backwards I propose:
    6 & 7 QB & WR (Rodgers brother & Vandy WR matthews as example)
    4 & 5 (BPA or trade)
    3 Ball
    3 COMP Wis LT to play RT
    2 Frederick G/C
    1 Jenkins, Hankins not likely or jesse williams or Justin Hunter) GB likely to trade this down to team wanting a QB for a 2 & 3rd to use ON D line and LB

    1. Serious homer and optimism. Jordy and Harrell for a 2nd and 3rd? 2nd for Jordy, maybe. A 3rd for Harrell? NO. Hawk to Cincy may get us a 6th rounder. His number is too high to get more than that.
      And all the Badger love?

      You have wonderful ideas sprinkled in there, but the homerism and overvalue of the players is crazy. For example, if Hawk is worth a 2nd or 3rd, why would we trade him?

      1. Worth a 2nd or 3rd to Cinci or some other team, not GB. I believe Hawk lives in Cinci. Maybe we keep him or maybe we only get a 6th. Better than dropping him.

        A 2nd for Jordy and maybe a 4th (swap our 4th for Harrell. This is just thinking about various team needs that TT might exploit.

        The only badger I really love is Frederick. I think picking him up to back up EDS, Lang and Sitton is a great idea. He replaces Saturday on roster and gives Van Rotten development time (or trade bait).

        1. does hawk have trade value? he comes with an oversized contract, and even without it, i do not see any team would be willing to part with anything to assume his contract.

          1. I can’t imagine it’s very high. I think his cap value in 2013 is ~$7M, and it goes up a half million each of the next two years. That’s going to make trading him next to impossible.

  7. I see Van Roten as the next EDS. A C/G swing guy who they’ll try to get groomed as a center.

    1. Your probably right. He needs to get bigger and stronger. I’m sure we will see him at camp this summer.

  8. In fairness to Sherrod, the guy never had OTAs because of the strike, then, our great offensive staff screwed with him trying to make him a guard which just set him back. Then, he has the unfortunate injury and a missed off-season, training camp, and season. So, do you really mean “it’s sink or swim next season” ? Think back to when Flannigan broke his leg how long it took before he started. Do we desperately need a different LT, yes and let’s hope it is him.

  9. After last year’s devastating loss, McGinn wrote that A.J. should have been cut and the Packers should have kept Barnet-who went to the Bills. He also had some very unkind things to say about Woodson; in essence, he does what the hell he wants and the scheme be damned. We must not talk a year from now about how we lost to Seattle in the first round of the playoffs because a certain “short” qb killed us with his arm or [legs.] We must draft defense; We will shift Bulaga to left tackle and yes T.J. will stay at left guard. The offensive line will have Marshall and Van Rote as back-ups-we’ll be fine. Sadly, it does go back to Mike Neal vs. Cullen Jenkins: we have not been the same team without Jenkins. Please Ted: Make our defense better with better talent. [read: bigger faster stronger] Insiders around the league figure they got Dom figured out: Certain formations will suggest certain blitz packages and you run away or throw over that charging linebacker or corner.

    From Cold and Frosty Green Bay; good night my loyal band of brothers


  10. GB cannot afford to sign players that are too expensive in the NFL with the cap in place. Second guesses without inside knowledge of why something took place do not cut it. My 2013 draft advise is to trade up for the key players like: NT Jenkins or OLB Olgetree in round one; RB Lacy or Taylor in the second round. Then draft for depth via BAP and UFA’s. Cut Driver, Woodson, Hawk, Zombo, Saturday, Benson, Walden, Grant, and Harrell. See what the market for Jennings is and keep Nelson and Finley. Sign Shields, Mathews, and Rogers but restructure Raji. I would like to see what a FA QB Tebow could do in the McCarthy and Clemens QB clinic and it would solve the third and short problem if he signs for little monies invested.

  11. Williams has really turned into a wuss…start shields and heyward…maybe termon cream puff can be moved to nickel, but , hopefully, house improves and Willians is released and we save his cap money. Maybe termon can then get a job at a flower shop or as a pillow tester.

  12. Nice piece. In all the salary cap discussions, I’m astonished more people haven’t talked about cutting Crosby. He’s the 12th highest paid player. His contract takes him through 2015. What’s the chance he gets cut in favor of a rookie kicker taken in round 6 or 7 (or undrafted)?

  13. I disagree with BUlaga being placed on the left side. He could barely handle elite speed rushers on the right side. With short arms, that would be a nightmare and a downgrade from Newhouse as far as pass pro is concerned. I really think the shakeup on the line could be tackle related, though I’m not as high as others on our guards. I saw Sitton on his butt too much and Lang was too often abused by the interior rush. I think we should get a legit young threat at RB and have more power on the right side. I’d be happy if we went with that old U-71 type formation by drafting Fluker for the right side. He would put pressure on Bulaga and any guard and he would be a great backup or extra TE in the U-71 type formation. IMagine running the ball on the right side then? These teams with elite front 7s wouldn’t know what to do. They’d have to creep their safeties up and then Rodgers would make them pay!!

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