Packers Stock Report: Thank You, Christian Ponder Edition

This week’s Packers Stock Report features something that’s never happened before in stock report history. I won’t spoil it in the intro. Read the stock report and let me know your thoughts in the comments section. NOTE: For expanded coverage, listen to the Packers Stock Report Podcast (links below)… Rising Mason Crosby The struggling kicker […]

Packers Stock Report: Let’s Pretend That Never Happened Edition

I’ve been doing the Packers Stock Report weekly for over two years now. Most of you know how it works. But just in case, it’s important to know this while you’re reading and agreeing/disagreeing with my selections: I don’t base the rising/falling/steady selections solely on the most recent game. The most recent game receives the most weight, […]

Packers Stock Report: Another Gritty Win Edition

I didn’t think the Packers were going to pull that one out on Sunday. The offensive line couldn’t do much of anything, Mason Crosby gave away points, and the Lions seemed one play away from delivering the dagger. Then all of the sudden, the offensive line came together, Aaron Rodgers connected with Randall Cobb on a […]

Packers Stock Report: The Bye Week is Finally Here Edition

The NFL season never unfolds how we think it will. The same can be said about the Packers 2012 season.Who could have predicted the following? Tom Crabtree having more long touchdown catches than any wide receiver. 10 starters missing time with injuries. Special teams being a bright spot despite Mason Crosby going into a funk. […]

Packers Stock Report: Roster Bubble Edition

It’s time to bring back the Packers stock report. I’m back in my blogging chair after spending three booze-fueled days and nights in Madison, Wis. I gained about 10 pounds and reduced the functionality of my liver by about 7 percent. A typical weekend in Madison. The only way to get my body back to […]