Packers Stock Report: Greg Jennings Texts Aaron Rodgers Edition All Green Bay Packers All the Time intercepted a series of text messages between former Packers teammates Greg Jennings and Aaron Rodgers.

The staff here at managed to intercept a series of text messages between former Packers and current Vikings WR Greg Jennings and Packers QB Aaron Rodgers. The following is an exclusive transcript of how their chat went down:

Greg Jennings: sup aaron

Aaron Rodgers: Who is this?

GJ: c’mon man. it’s greg. ur old friend!

AR: Greg from 7th grade? The kid who smelled funny and always ate ketchup and mayonnaise sandwiches for lunch?

GJ: nah man! greg Jennings. number 85! my catches got u ur first super bowl ring, remember? #BeGreat!!!!!!!!!!!

AR: Oh. Hi Greg.

GJ: i knew you’d be glad to hear from me again! so…….how r things?

AR: Fine.

GJ: how r my boys james, randall and Jordy? Do they ever ask about me? Do they ever say damn, it’d sure be nice if No. 85 was still around to provide us some tips on how to #BeGreat!!!!!!!!

AR: They’re also fine. And no.

GJ: that’s ok. Im sure they r overwhelmed with gratitude toward me since I decided to leave GB and give them the chance to get out from under my shadow.

AR: I’m sure that’s exactly how they feel, Greg.

GJ: so……how’s the weather in GB? still cold?

AR: Greg, what do you need? I’m busy. I just signed a $131 million contract extension and it’s a lot of work trying to decide how I want to spend all of this disposable income.

GJ: right, right, right. I signed a big contract 2 ya know? did u see that? i’m now the #1 WR on the Vikings!!!! SKOL!!!!!! they play a loud horn whenever i catch a first down!!!

**30 minutes later**

GJ: u still there, Aaron? u must have lost cell reception???????

AR: Greg, you always knew more about technology than me. Can you tell me how to block someone from ever texting me again?

GJ: Sure, just open ur settings, go into users, tap the block button…..hey, wait a minute! ur not trying to block me r u?????

AR: Ummmmm… I’m asking for a friend…..

GJ: lets meet for dinner on Saturday night and I can show you. my treat. we can catch up since it’s been so long since we’ve hung out!!!!

AR: Ummmmm…..I have plans that night. Sorry.

GJ: oh. what’s going on?

AR: I’m having a giant vat of boiling hot acid delivered to my hotel room and I am going to stick my entire face in it.

GJ: cmon aaron. You don’t gotta be a jerk about not wanting to hang out with me. Fine. We don’t have 2 b best friends like we were. But please please please tell ted to trade for me!!! Pretty please?


GJ: aaron please! Ive had 3 qbs here already and they’re all so bad, it’s dangerous. it’s like spergon wynn and brian brohm had triplets and all three of them now play qb for the vikings.

AR: I bet they’ve all got mad leadership skills, though.

GJ: u know I was joking with all that leadership stuff, right? RIGHT??????

**30 minutes later**

GJ: aaron, please!

**30 minutes later**

GJ: aaron, rescue my career! Please take me back! i’ll do anything!

**2 hours later**

GJ: aaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrroooooooooooon!!!!!

**4 hours later**

GJ: if u don’t respond im going to destroy my phone!

AR: Kind of like you did your career?

GJ: aaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!

On to the stock report:


Aaron Rodgers
With his receivers dropping left and right, Rodgers has zeroed in, taking better care of the ball and putting together a good second half against Baltimore before playing lights out against Cleveland. The Packers offense has been difficult to watch at times this season, but the results have mostly been there. Rodgers (and the offensive line) deserve a lot of credit for holding things together and continuing to win during this string of not just injuries, but scary injuries.

Davon House
House was making plays the previous week against Baltimore before mysteriously getting benched. He was back in a big way against Cleveland, picking off a pass and hanging tough in coverage. He added a tackle on special teams and is another piece of the secondary puzzle that has chipped in with Casey Hayward out.

Morgan Burnett
Besides Jerron McMillian falling all over himself, we haven’t seen receivers running free over the top of the Packers defense for big plays ever since Burnett came back. The man with the fat new contract is also playing tough in the run game and contributing to the newfound toughness of the Packers defense.


Evan Dietrich-Smith
There’s nothing flashy about the Dietrich-Smith, but is there ever anything flashy about a center? Dietrich-Smith has gone up against some tough defensive tackles this season, including Phil Taylor on Sunday. It hasn’t slowed down the Packers running game and pressure up the middle has been manageable. Might we be hearing about a contract extension for Dietrich-Smith soon?

Eddie Lacy
There have been at least a dozen runs so far this season where Lacy has made something out of what appeared to be nothing. Instead of facing second and 9 like they would have in 2012, Rodgers and the offense can operate in more manageable down and distances thanks to Lacy’s efforts.


Don Barclay
Barclay has allowed eight hurries, three QB hits and two sacks over the last three games. He’s getting pushed back into Rodgers’ lap by power rushers and isn’t making up the difference in the run game, either. We figured Barclay would hit a slump at some point this season. Now we’ll if he can snap out of it.

Brandon Weeden
How in the hell could Mike Holmgren — a Super Bowl winner and the man who played a key role in developing Brett Favre and other great quarterbacks — draft Brandon Weeden in the first round?


Adam Czech is a a freelance sports reporter living in the Twin Cities and a proud supporter of American corn farmers. When not working, Adam is usually writing about, thinking about or worrying about the Packers. Follow Adam on Twitter. Twitter .


24 thoughts on “Packers Stock Report: Greg Jennings Texts Aaron Rodgers Edition

  1. House’s ‘benching’ isn’t really that mysterious. Per McCarthy and Slocum (as reported in JSOnline, iirc.), they had House concentrate on being the special tams gunner in the second half against Baltimore. Notice what happened to the Ravens return game after the half? Oh, you ask ‘What Ravens return game in the second half?’ Exactly.

    1. That’s what the two coaches say, but I think House was dogging it a little on Dallas Clarke’s long catch and was shown the bench as a reminder not to do that again.

      1. House had been in on a lot of Defensive snaps, quite a few of which were downfield and had to cover a lot of punts as a gunner. That’s a lot of sprinting in a relatively short amount of time. They replaced House cuz he was tired… Winded was the word they used. He wasn’t dogging it he was flat tired. You try running a 40 yd sprint w/ a defender hanging on you the whole way, along w/ his snaps at CB that accounts for a lot of sprinting. They decided to give him a rest since the game was pretty much in hand. Hyde took over his Defensive snaps, since they didn’t have another gunner on ST. With Bush out House is the #1 gunner on ST.

  2. I was mad when they let Holmgren walk rather than giving him both the HC and GM roles. Thank God that didn’t happen. Then they made the mistake with Sherman and we watched the train wreck with a different driver.

  3. How is CB Sam Shields not on either the steady or rising list? He has shut down his receivers. CB Micah Hyde should also be included as both a punt returner and as a DB as well as WR Jarett Boykin. I am beginning to believe that S Morgan Burnett is Green Bay’s second most important defensive player.

  4. GJ: why yes Aaron I will wash your jockstrap after every game.
    AR: what about the loofah.?
    GJ: okay, okay, anything just throw me the damn ball again ole buddy ole pal…

  5. Evan Deitrich Smith is graded as the seventh best Center in the NFL by PFF. I’m a believer.

  6. I am an EDS doubter no more. He’s fared well, I just hope he holds up – the drop off after him might be significant.

  7. Enjoyed the fly on the wall conversation, Adam:) When the creative juices started flowing, I admire the professional restraint you exhibited and obvious use of the bk sp key and “undo” command. Afterall, one can move on but never “forget”.

  8. Excellent Adam, I was LMAO! I’m curious about two things and what others think. The Packers have one of the top ranked Run Defenses, #3 I believe. Because Peterson had so much success last year against the Packers, is any one else concerned about Mulumba and Palmer holding the edge?
    Secondly, at what point because Barclay is struggling so much do they try Newhouse at RT. If Barclay isn’t doing what they hoped in the run game and really struggling in pass protection, is it time for a change? Or do the Packers wait and see if Sherrod is added to the 53 or IR. Since Newhouse worked at RT this summer and has worked next to Lang in 2011 and 12, it might not be a bad idea if it keeps 12 upright.

    1. I wouldn’t count on Sherrod playing this year unless an injury forces it. He’ll be behind Newhouse just to get snaps. I have no problems giving Newhouse a shot at RT if they really think it’ll make a meaningful difference. I wouldn’t expect it to do that tho, so probably ride Barclay out this year and then move Barclay to OG next year. With Bulaga, Sherrod and Bahktiari competing to the starting jobs.

      On D, Jolly is making the difference I thought he would. With Pickett, Raji and Jolly the OLB can be ordinary. Peterson is held to 80 yds or less IMO.

      1. Yeah, I think you’re right about Sherrod. My concern is still those outside runs Peterson has bouncing it outside. While I agree about Pickett, Jolly, and Raji, they won’t catch him when he bounces it to the outside. That’s all I meant. I know Mulumba is supposed to be strong against the run, it’s more Palmer that concerns me, that’s all.

        Looks like some A$$ is going through just marking thumbs down again. Man what a pathetic life that person must have.

        1. If Brad Jones is back, I wonder if they put Lattimore at OLB on some obvious running downs. Return of the ‘Big Okie.’

  9. “it’s like spergon wynn and brian brohm had triplets and all three of them now play qb for the vikings.”


  10. Color me a Boykin fan and nominating him for rising. 40 time is slow, but get this, he was very comparable in the 20yd shuttle and 3 cone drill to Randall Cobb at the combine.


    His 37 yard catch…how he threw on the brakes and quickly accelerated, show what I mean. He has a chance to really be something in this offense.

    1. His speed, although modest is about the same as James Jones. Boykin also has unusually large hands for catching the ball. His other measurable are in the same vicinity as Jones as well, except for strength, which I’m sure he’s worked on quite a bit. No reason Boykin can’t step into Jones role next w/ little to no drop off.

      Still expect them to use a fairly high pick on a WR/TE, possibly both next year.

      1. I agree with the draft emphasis at WR or TE, but think the more important point here is that Boykin is exactly the kind of receiver the Packers count on feeding into the system from a low draft pick or UDFA selection.

        Maybe 1 in 6 of those guys make it, but when you look at 4 or 5 of them every season you are going to keep the assembly line going, and be able to maximize your options with priority picks like Nelson, Cobb and (formerly) Greg Jennings.

        Of course having a reliably accurate QB like Rodgers is key to that plan.

  11. I am going to give the entire team the RISING thumbs up, what they’ve done while playing through all the injury problems is amazing, Go Pack!!!

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