Meet the Newest Green Bay Packers: Final 2015 Draft Board

The 2015 NFL Draft finally arrived and is now over, which means the Green Bay Packers have made all of their selections and we know who will be joining the team in training camp and hopefully helping bring another Lombardi Trophy to Titletown.

Our team at has done a fantastic job in breaking down each of these players. Be sure to check out each player’s profile (click on the player name) and get to know the newest Packers.

Let’s take a look at this year’s full slate of draft picks:

Round 1

32st overall – Damarious Randall S/CB, Arizona State

This selection elicited a giant huh? response and a lot of confused looks among Packers fans. Originall listed as just a safety, the piuck made little sense with Ha Ha Clinton-Dix having been selected the year before. But then word came that he is a very good cover safety and played CB before the coaches moved him to safety where he could have a bigger impact from play to play. Will be a big special teams contributor. Initial plan is to line him up as a CB in camp and see how he does from there. If they move him back to safety, that would mean Micah Hyde would be moved back to CB.

Round 2

62nd overall – Quinten Rollins, CB, Fresno St.

Rollins was a sleeper CB on my board and continues the trend of the Packers drafting secondary players who once Rollins played only one season of College football, but took to it quickly and even earned MAC Defensive Player of the Year honors. Rollins shows excellent ball skills and will be a key special-teamer.

Round 3

94th overall – Ty Montgomery, WR, Stanford

Mike McCarthy wasn’t kidding when he said he was going to improve special teams. Montgomery was one of the top punt and kickoff returners in college and brings a physical presence to the Packers WR corps. Had a monster junior year and did not live up to those expectations as a senior. Battled some injuries, with some rumors circulating he wasn’t always willing to play through the discomfort.

Round 4

129th overall – Jake Ryan, LB Michigan

Finally! Packers nation exhales as the Packers address what was widely viewed as their position of greatest need, inside linebacker. Ryan is the right size and has played both outside and inside in a 4-3, but wIll project inside for the Packers. Described as a guy who is passionate about football, loves contact, calls signals, on-field leader. Another top special teamer. Consistent player who will always be assignment sure.  Sounds like AJ Hawk.

Round 5

147th overall — Brett Hundley, QB, UCLA

The Packers thought Hundley was such an outstanding value, they swapped fifth round picks withe the Patriots and gave them their seventh round pick to move up 19 spots and nab the UCLA signal caller. Hundley has been described as “having all the tools,” but needs to improve his throwing accuracy and decision-making.

Round 6

206th overall — Aaron Ripkowski, FB, Oklahoma

Noooooooooooo say the Kuuuuuuuuuuuhn fans. Despite the supposed death of the fullback in the BFL, the Packers are one of the few teams keeping the position relevant. Ripkowski is a massive guy who will punish linebackers as a lead blocker. Unlike Kuhn, the receiving skills aren’t there right now, but that’s not to say he can’t work on that. Will probably sit on the practice squad during what could be Kuhn’s final season with the Packers.

210th overall (compensatory) – Christian Ringo, DT, Louisiana – Lafayette

Who? Ted does it again, selecting a name completely off of most peoples’ draft radars. Ringo appears to be an undersized Mike Daniels type DT who has had unusually good success as a pass rusher from the inside. Good first step, uses his hands well and plays to the whistle. May switch to DE in a 3-4 and also has long snapping skills. A real long shot.

213th overall (compensatory) – Kennard Backman, TE, UAB

Backman is an undersized tight end most likely destined for H-back and special teams duties. Has decent speed and if he improves his route running, could earn himself some snaps after parking a few years on the practice squad.

 Round 7 pick was included in the trade with the Patriots.

Stay tuned this afternoon for the list of UDFAs that sign with the Packers.


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27 thoughts on “Meet the Newest Green Bay Packers: Final 2015 Draft Board

  1. I originally thought I would like to have seen a TE earlier, however, since the crop was really bad this year, I look at the Montgomery pick and see them using him out of the backfield. Most teams covered Cobb with a LB when he came out of the backfield, now we can put Montgomery there and keep Cobb in the slot. While originally perplexed, I really like this pick now. He creates great matchup issues if they use him creatively. GoPack!

  2. The Packers restored their depth in the secondary. I like Montgomery, Ryan and Hundley at 3, 4, & 5. Ripkowski will be leading Lacy in the near future. Ringo and Backman may surprise or end up as JAGs. Definitely not a WOW draft class but could become a solid class over 2-3 seasons. Time will tell. Thanks, Since ’61

    1. Montgomery reminds me of Robert Ferguson.

      Do you a macro for the closing line, or do you re-type that every time you post?

  3. The Milwaukee paper doesn’t like the QB Hundley pick . So, we gave up a 7th round choice while having (2) 6th round compensatory choices.
    Scenario: 11th game of the 2016 season. Packers are 7-3. Rodgers out 6 games with an injury. We need to break even in the next 6 games to reach the playoffs. Scott Tolzien takes over. Think you are going to the playoffs? I’ll take my chances with Hundley. Nothing against Tolzien.
    Biggest knock against Hundley is that he is said to be inaccurate. QB rating in all (3) full seasons as a starter in the PAC-12? Each one over 100 and last year was 103.7.


    1. I saw that article. I think it was a stretch. Good player/good value that could lead to more draft picks down the road. We all get too wrapped up in the coming season where the GM/Scouts have to look at the long term health of the entire franchise. GoPack!

      1. Another angle on Hundley: elimination of extra points. Having someone with his skill set could help out in converting two point conversions.

    2. Scott Tolzien is 2 years of NFL better than Hundley. How you evaluated Scott? By how he played in his 3 games for Packers? What do you think, how good would be Brett Hundley if you gave him 2 weeks, play book and then send him into the NFL game to lead the team? Do not fool yourself…

      1. Agree Croat.. Teddy Tee is doing exactly the same as Ron Wolf. He constantly is creating competition no matter how a player thinks he can’t be replaced. Competition will only make Tolzein better as it will for Hundley. Unless you are Aaron Rodgers, nobody’s job is safe. Despite the drafting of a qb, I fully expect Tolzein to win the no. 2 and I don’t think it’s going to be close. Tolzein was unbelievable last preseason. He is ready to be a starter as we speak. Hundley will be on the practice squad with no worries of being picked up.

    3. I like Hundley. 54% of Hundley’s passes were caught within 6 yards of the line of scrimmage. That won’t cut it in the NFL. He wasn’t asked to throw downfield much in college. But we have fine coaches who can help with his mechanics. He’s got a chance.

  4. There are two things I am surprised to hear from the masses. #1 the disappointment in two early round CB’s? Why the indignation? We lost 2 CB’s and we picked two more to replace them. #2. Many posters keep saying we’ve done nothing to improve the middle of the line….? Raji is an instant improvement that is better today than ANY of the players we could have drafted. The NT class was also weak, as evidenced by the fact that none of them had first round grades. Pennel is as big and as athletic as any of the guys we could have drafted. As a draft and develop team, we need him to step up. I don’t get the hand-wringing over this one. What am I missing? or is it just that we think that spending a few hours looking at mock drafts suddenly makes us better nfl scouts than Elliot Wolf? GoPack!

    1. I saw a few people talk about improving the middle of the line too…… Makes absolutely no sense. We already have 3 promising NT’s, why would we ever add another? We stole Pennel as a UFA, now we should draft a player to take his spot on the roster? I was surprised we even spent a 6th on a DL, didn’t think we would touch the position.

      1. Agreed 100%. We definitely stole Pennel. He’s the one guy I can’t wait to see the jump from UFA last year to a possible starter this year.

        1. Do not forget Luther Robinson, Khyri Thornton & Bruce Gaston… ” 2 of 3 will show some good improvement for sure… Remember Robinson,. how he deflect ball twice in one game?

          1. Yeah, I know about Luther and Thornton Melon, I just focused on Pennel last season after that sack against the Rams in the preseason. I think Pennel could be a special player so I am sort of a fan now of his. I love rooting for the underdog. Pennel has the size and strength, he just needs to put it all together for once in his life and be dominant. I believe you will see that this season, I really do. Thornton? who the hell knows but Pennel made up for him so if we get anything out of him it will be a bonus.

            1. Ted you know that I was talking about Mike from day 1 he come to the Packers. We both were “celebrating” when he made the team. Lot of people was talking that he made the team because of B.J. injury, but I think otherwise… I think he will be better year by year and he will be another UDFA pro bowler made by Packers…

              But I also noticed Luther Robinson (he is DE, not NT) who made few plays before he was injured… I expect him to be also in serious competition this year…

    2. Man thank you Schenny!! Excellent. I am one that is also so effin high on Pennel. He made some splash plays last year. It’s common sense to think he’s only going to get better. B.J. Raji has been mentoring him last year and has compared him to the good Albert Haynesworth. As you said why are people thinking we need help up the middle plus as you said B.J Raji is coming back with something to prove. There is no weakness at that position. It will be a position of strength.
      Also on the two db’s they just drafted. Bingo!! We lose Tramon and House and TT just replaced them with younger upgrades with potential thru the effin roof!!
      I don’t get all the negativity either. It has to be because these fanatics have been listening to Kiper and others talk about certain players so much that they believe these are the ONLY answer to the Packers problems. After 10 years people still don’t trust TT. It’s actually a slap in the face to him to call him out for picks that haven’t even put on the green and gold uniform yet.

    3. I’ve been clear on the draft. I was not dying to draft an NT at #30. I think GB is loaded, with a few holes that could have been filled later. Passing on Malcom Brown at #30, a guy who could be elite & should be a good NFL starter, is like passing on an elite prospect like Sterling Sharpe to take, say, a nice player like James Jones. I like Randall, but he’s not Malcom Brown. Each might bust, be elite, in between.

      I really wanted to address Pennel, a guy I really like. 1 fact I know is his snap count (not including STs): 0 in weeks 1-3 (not surprising for a rookie); Week 4 (22), 5 (26), 6 (9), 7 (23), 8 (21), 9 (bye), 10 (25), 11 (16), 12 (7), 13 (4), 14 (3) 15 (7), 16 (1), 17 (7) 18 (bye) 19 (6) 20 (0). (Interpreting data can be subjective too!)

      I can note that from week 5 to 11, he played 20 to 33% of all defensive snaps, and then GB used him less and less, and not at all against Seattle and Lynch, where his run stopping ability would seem to be really useful. Why did his snaps dwindle? Bob McGinn in his rating the Packers wrote usually that Pennel was so-so (which isn’t bad for a rookie UDFA getting his feet wet in the NFL). Aaron Nagler at cheesehead wrote that his snaps dwindled because he was lousy. Opinions! I wonder if Pennel hit a rookie wall or got nicked up. IDK. HT/WT/Speed guys often fail in the NFL. We’ll know if Pennel beats out either Guion, Raji, or makes the team anyway.

  5. This draft proves that mock drafts are absolutely pointless (I still love them, though). I think they got some good players, but passed on some guys they should’ve taken. Wish Dline would’ve been addressed earlier and an OLB grabbed at some point. They should be ok this year, but the future of our front seven is scary.

    1. Every draft proves that mock drafts are pointless. You have to enjoy wasting time to pay any attention to the “experts” mock drafts

  6. Pretty great draft!
    There are a few guys, maybe 3, that look like they could have pro-bowl potential in the next 3-5 years. TT makes surprising moves that once research seem to make a lot of sense.

    I like the Hundley pick immensely. His film looks good. He clearly has the skills, and he offers a change up from Rodgers. If he were suddenly needed to fill in for Rodgers, he would likely give a defense fits as his skill set would be unscouted.

  7. Not sure what they’re going to do with Hundley. Do you carry him on the 53 and waste a spot for someone else? There’s no doubt, unless he totally sucks, that Tolzien will be the number 2. Good luck keeping a decent prospect at QB on the practice squad after injuries start piling up.

    The last three picks were all UDFA types. They should go either or with Kuhn and Ripkowski – but not both, Kind of like the FA o-lineman from Pitt, but else I was generally unimpressed with this years selections. Ryan is the key to this draft for me. If he pans out, I can live with the others.

    We have too many hybrid types in the secondary. We definitely need them to convert to CB. If Whitt can pull it off, he should get a substantial raise. He might be the most important coach on the staff.

    1. I can’t see them keeping two fullbacks, I just can’t. Ripkowski has to take that spot from Kuhn. I think it’s time for the changing of the guard at fullback.

    2. It seems very likely that Hundley will have to be carried on the 53 unless he looks terrible, which means carrying 3 QBs. I like the pick, though.

      Ripkowski is the guy who can blow up a DE or LB, not just seal off the defensive player. This makes him especially useful on goal line plays where you need to “move” a def. player, not just seal him off. But otherwise, he can’t get on the field w/o refinement/coaching. He hasn’t shown that he can catch passes, and his pass pro is “a work in progress.” If he is on the field, it is a run. That won’t work in GB w all the audibles. If Rip shows in preseason/TC that he can reliably catch swing passes/be a safety valve, and that his pass pro is decent, he can challenge Kuhn this yr. Otherwise, it’s a yr. on the PS to develop. I like what GB envisions from Rip as a blow ’em up FB ala William Henderson or really a better Quinn Johnson. It would help GB punch the ball into the end zone. Mojo – this Dantzler guy looks good.

  8. I’m looking for something positive to say about our draft. Rant Sports gave one of our selections, Jake Ryan, an “A.”

    1. Saying something positive isn’t neccessary. Just don’t blindly assume all is lost because we didn’t draft someone else. Perspective Nemo. It’s all about perspective. All the grading and good draft/bad draft is simply to placate our need for instant gratification. GoPack!

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