Tracking the Packers 2015 Undrafted Free Agent Signings (UDFA)

Green Bay Packers GM Ted Thompson

According to various sources, these are the undrafted free agents (UDFA) the Green Bay Packers are signing. Click on the player’s name for more information about him. The list will be updated throught the day if more signings or invites are announced.

RB Raymond Maples, Army – Reported by Aaron Wilson

RB Malcom Agnew, So. Illinois – Reported by Packer Report

RB Alonzo Harris, Louisiana – Reported by Ragin’CajunsFootball

RB John Crockett, N. Dakota State – Reported by NFLCentral

TE Mitchell Henry, Western Kentucky – Reported by Tom Silverstein

WR Javess Blue, Kentucky – Reported by Wes Hodkiewicz

WR Adrian Coxson, Stony brook – Reported by NFLCentral

WR Ricky Collins, Texas A&M Commerce – Reported by Tom Silverstein

WR Jimmy Hunt, Missouri – Reported by Mizzou Nation

WR Larry Pinkard, Old Dominion – Reported by School Web Site

OT Fabbians Ebbele, Arizona – Reported by Tom Silverstein

G Marcus Reed, Fayetteville State – Reported by Wes Hodkiewicz

G Matt Rotheram, Pittsburgh – Reported by Packers News

CB Bernard Blake, Colorado State – Reported by Justin Felder

LB Tavarus Dantzler, Bethune-Cookman – Reported by Tom Silverstein

OLB James Vaughters, Stanford – Reported by Packer Report

NT Lavon Hooks, Mississippi – Reported by Wes Hodkiewicz

DB Ladarius Gunter, Miami – Reported by Miami Head Coach





Invited to Rookie Camp on a tryout basis:

QB Blake Sims, Alabama

OL Jake Silas, Buffalo

SL Josh Bredl, Colorado State-Pueblo

DB Skye PoVey, BYU

TE Mitch King, Penn




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31 thoughts on “Tracking the Packers 2015 Undrafted Free Agent Signings (UDFA)

  1. Some where on that list one or two will make the team. Happens every season. I do have to say one thing. Unless you didn’t get any other offers, why would a wide receiver choose to sign with Green Bay? Hell, Abberderis is now a long shot to make the team after yesterday. It just seems like such a waste of time. TT has this team loaded at WR. He’s almost back to 2010 at that position.

    1. I agree, it really makes you wonder how Abby is progressing with his knee. Who knows, maybe Ted will keep 6 WR!

      1. I doubt that Nick but he definitely is keeping an extra db. I really believe Abby has about a 10% chance to make the team as Montgomery is a lock for no.4 and Janis should take the no. 5. However, don’t be sad for Abby as he’ll be signed the next day by the Vikings. lol

        1. Janis is reported to have problems with learning and running correct routes. If he can not learn that, there is no help of his speed… Remember the problems Viking had with Patterson? It looks like the similar problem… So, do not count on the No. 4 spot is for Jeff…

          1. I didn’t count on Jeff Janis for the no. 4, I said no. 5 or the last remaining spot as Montgomery is already ahead of him based on his draft status.
            I know Janis is young and had problems running the proper routes and angles. He won’t play unless Rodgers is comfortable with him. I just think based on his rare size and speed that he brings more to the table than a healthy much smaller Abberderis.
            Ok Croat, if they keep Abby over Janis than I expect MN to pick up They’ll have Janis and Charles Johnson who both had off the chart numbers at smaller colleges. I pray that doesn’t happen.

            1. MN had their own problem with route runner in Cordelle Paterson… He has speed, but route running is his disadvantage…

        2. The sad thing Ted is you’re absolutely correct! Feel bad for the kid and if he is cut I hope he does well for his next team, as long as it’s not the Vikings, lions, Bears, or Seahawks!

    1. Too many WRs and RBs… There won’t be enough snaps to go around in July at those positions, and the DL and OL will be gassed because there aren’t enough bodies. Gotta think that changes before camp.

      1. Packer had 10 DT/DE in the roster, expect few more thru UDFA… There is 8 OG and (1 of them are to play C another OT if necessary) 4 OT & plus UDFA… I do not see lack @those positions…

  2. Overall this is pound for pound still the best roster in the NFL. And this team is still deservedly the super bowl favorite this year. Plus,TT and his staff are pro’s. They know what they’re doing much more than me. Add in that we won’t really have an idea on who is going to flop or fly until 2018, and the following comes with a tremendous caveat.

    That said, since our job as fans is to obsess over everything, I have 2 worries:

    1. TT and MM had BETTER be right about young guys stepping up at ILB and DE. From the outside looking in, both those positions look like the safety position did before 2013. I fear pass catching TEs and RBs and getting hammered on the ground. Again.

    2. I still don’t get the CB selections. If you trust Heyward, why? All those guys can’t play this year. Plus, House was the only guy back there who could consistently handle H/W/S boundary receivers, and we did NOT replace him. IMO too many resources in the secondary (all of the same body type) has left other positions pretty thin.

    1. I said it a month or so ago. I expect Carl Bradford to be in their plans this season. He’s one of those early guys like Finley was. He needed a year to adjust. He’ll make some noise this year mark my words plus they have the new rookie 4th rounder from MI. They are fine up the middle. They always were because they know Matthews is going to be playing there a ton anyway. It was the fans anxiety that was the problem. There never was a problem at inside linebacker. Glad TT didn’t listen to the fans and reach.

    2. Go, check again for Rollings… Guy is listed 6-1, not 5-11… Somebody messed up! And, yes, it looks like he will support Hayward… Casey is to sensitive with his hamstrings… I expect to see both 1st & 2nd round picks sharing some time during the season in the backfield…

      Ty will start as kick returner. I expect Jared to be punt returner, or to share that duty with Mycah…

      Do not be surprised when Jack Ryan starts to see field more and more during season… I think Aaron R will be directly under John Kuhn supervision. He will teach him as much he can and leave the FB position in good hands…

      1. I think Montgomery handles both KO & PR. Look at his numbers at both, pretty impressive. Also take a look at his 2013 season, he was a Consensus All American, averaged 27.4 on kickoffs for his entire college career and 2014 was his first year returning punts. He had 12 punts returns for 238 yards, 19.8 yards per return, and 2 TD. The best part? I don’t have to hold my breath every time I see Cobb back there!

      2. Rollins is 5’11.1″ tall, which is perfectly fine. It is not uncommon for colleges to lie about the height and weight of their players. The NFL combine actually measures them to the tenth of an inch. A famous example is the basketball player, Charles Barkely, whose college listed him as a 6’7″ forward. He turned out to be 6’4″. Safety Pryor last yr. was listed at 6’1″ or 6’2″ (can’t remember) by his college but he measured 5’11” at the combine. My data is correct.

        1. I’m not talking about college mistake… Let see what Green Bay Packers official web page says about measurements of Quinten Rollins:

          I’m sure there must be explanation… Like, they are trying to scare opponents? Or to cheat them? I do not know. I have to say. I admit Packers may make mistake, but that is very, very, very unlikely… While the draft announcements and their data is very, very, very doubtful…

          So, to whom I should believe?

          1. Well, I am sure that TT knew exactly how tall Rollins is. 5’11” is fine. As far as I know, the combine measurements have always been accurate. I’ve never ever heard anyone question the combine measurements. I think they are Gospel. They measure height, weight, hand size, arm length, (the length of the guy’s toenails, etc). They do medical exams (which are not released to the public but are available to the teams. Here are links to the sources I used for Rollins though I’m sure you have them:



            1. OK. We can agree that we disagree on that fact. You decided to believe page, I decided to believe page. The reason why is that I read a lot of garbage on the, but never on (of course, I’m talking about articles and news and data, not about comments!)…
              But, I’m sure that we find out soon who is correct with that particular data…

              1. We are good, Croat. Heck, neither of us was there to measure the guy so we have to rely on some outlet/reporting. Now that you advise that listed him as being 6’1″, you have a source I respect (as noted, colleges have been known to er… exaggerate at times). I respect the combine too, so who knows. I don’t care too much myself: if he is 6’1″ that would be nice but I think 5’11” is tall enough to play CB.

                BTW, read one of your posts above. I love history, & read some of the roman historians’
                descriptions of Istria when I took 4 years of Latin. When I visited my sister, who taught at an US air force base in Wurzburg, Germany, I wanted to get there, but the rental car company said its insurance would be void there (and in Italy too) so I didn’t get to any part of Istria or Italy. The coast along the Adriatic is said to be very beautiful. My son read the Percy Jackson books which has a scene about Diocletian’s Palace, so he’d like to see that and the Roman Colosseum in Pula, as well as the islands, etc. Well, maybe someday. Ata

              2. Of course we are good. I like your comments. As you can see not always on the same page with you, but still….

                Yes, lot of people says Croatia has one of the most beautiful coasts at least at Mediterranean sea, if not wider… We have more than 1000 islands all shapes and sizes… Crystal clear sea… I would say paradise for nautical people, who like yachting and sailing… It is special way to see Croatian coast from the ship…

              3. My father-in-law and his parents grew up outside Riga on a farm in Latvia. When he was 12 or so in 1944 or 1945 his whole family fled Latvia when the Russians came. He walked from Riga to Prague, and then into what is now West Germany. My father in law carried one of his younger sisters, while his Father pushed a wooden cart with his brother and some belongings in it. They had to sell the horse for practically nothing very shortly into the trip because they couldn’t carry the fodder for it, and no one would sell any for a fair price. They got to the relocation camps in Germany, stayed there for a few years, and then were allowed into the US, not speaking a word of English. When I can get my father in law to talk about it, he is just fascinating and it is also quite sad too. Very harsh of course about communism of course. My wife was born in the US, but English is her second language since her parents spoke only Latvian. I made sure that I paid for my wife and children to visit Latvia. I couldn’t go myself because I owned and operated a business for 20+ years, just me and sometimes a couple of part-timers. My longest vacation in those 20+ years was 4 days, a Friday, Sat., Sun and a Monday. Quite a few of my wife’s friends and relatives have moved back permanently to Latvia. She’d always be rooting for the Latvian (and the US) athletes during the olympics and such. So when you mentioned Marin Cilic winning the US Open, I felt a connection of sorts. Anyway, I feel that there are some parallels in our life experiences. So we’ll be cool. I should have been a history teacher instead of getting the law degree (of course, OTOH, you might be able to tell that I don’t mind arguing either!) Talk to you later.

  3. Early roster predictions;

    Rotheram replaces Lane Taylor – can’t happen soon enough.

    Ripkowski replaces Kuhn – Rippppppppp sounds better anyways.

    I think Abby is still PS eligible. That’s were he goes or takes a flyer with another team.

    Montgomery is the new kick returner. Don’t know about punts.

    Ryan looks like a starter at ILB until his knee gives out.

    The dynamic duo of Backman and Ringo end up on the PS.

    One of the two hybrid corners becomes a starter in year one and maybe Ryan if he stays healthy, but the rest are cheap depth guys.

    Hundley ends up on the 53 as an inactive, or gets a convenient hamstring – pull and ends up on IR.

    All in all – not much help in this draft class as ARod grows a year older.

    1. I actually agree with how you think these guys will play out this season BUT I consider it a success because TT has this team absolutely loaded to the point where all he’s doing now is getting players for depth. Hard to find starters when you have the best team in the NFL. All you can do is look for depth. TT has definitely upgraded the depth. They’ll be robbed as usual when it’s cut time. They’ll be starters galore let go for the taking.

    2. I like Ripkowski and the vision GB has for him. But he can’t find the field without coaching and refinement as he has not shown that he can be a receiving threat and his pass pro is a work in progress. If he is on the field, it is a run. Maybe he’ll show those abilities in TC or develop them with coaching, and that would allow him to challenge Kuhn this year, otherwise PS.

  4. I would think TE’s and DL and ILB’s would be flocking to Green Bay. Instead we have about a dozen RB’s and WR.

  5. I love Dantzler, and really like Crockett. I like them much better than Ringo, Backman, and a little better than Ripkowski. IMO Dantzler has a chance at the 53 man roster, and a real good chance to make the PS.

  6. The Pack has some nice pick-ups as UDFAs. Coxson will make an NFL team’s roster this fall, although I doubt that it will be the Packers, given our depth at WR and the drafting of Ty Montgomery. As a receiver, Coxson has surer hands than Montgomery, is faster (ran a 4.28 and 4.33 40 yd dash at his Pro day) and runs better routes but has only limited experience as a KR. To be honest, I had hoped that the Pack would have selected in the 7th round, instead of Montgomery in the 3rd, Auburn’s RB Corey Grant for kick and punt returns. He’s be a good back-up RB as well. Speaking of which, I think either Crockett or Agnew may make the roster, possibly beating out Neal for a spot. One should be on the PS. Blake and Gunter are similar to Coxson in that they will be competing against our CB draft picks, who I don’t believe are that much better if at all. The sleepers among the UDFAs are Kentucky TE Henry who was rated higher than our draft pick at the position and Buffalo’s OT Silas, who should at least make the PS this year.

    1. Now, come to sense… As you, I think there is some very interesting players… I do not see Packers are looking for another receiver for 53 roster spot. I think they are looking for the PS wide recievers… Also, there is several prospects among RB group. No one shines, but the best of the rest is John Crockett… But who knows… I think Fabbians Ebbele is brought to evaluation. Guy is 6/8 high! OLB James Vaughters was playing inside, too. SO he might be in the mix as well. There is 2 Marcus… Both TE… It will be interesting what will be with Justin Perillo…

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