Packers 2015 NFL Draft – Second Round Pick: Quinten Rollins, CB, Ohio (Miami)

With their second-round pick (62nd overall) in the 2015 NFL draft, the Green Bay Packers select Quinten Rollins, CB, Ohio (Miami)


Quinten Rollins
Miami (Ohio)
5-11/195 lbs


A football and basketball recruit out of high school, Rollins focused mostly on basketball and enrolled at Miami (Ohio) to play on the hard court.  Rollins was an unknown in the football scouting world after not playing the sport since high school, but it didn’t take long for him to move up the depth chart for the Redhawks, impressing coaches and scouts throughout the season. He played the robber rover position in high school, but played mostly offense so he entered 2014 with no football experience in four years and zero experience in his life at cornerback.Rollins finished the 2014 season with 72 tackles, 4.0 tackles for loss, 16 passes defended and a MAC-best seven interceptions, which ranked third nationally. He earned MAC Defensive Player of the Year and conference First Team honors and a spot on the Senior Bowl roster. (CBS)


40: 4.57, bench: 14, vertical: 36.5, broad: 112, 3 cone: 7.10, shuttle: 4.28


Constructed well for the position with good length and solid build for his height. Fluid athlete with coordinated footwork and smooth belt action to easily flip his hips.  Good flexibility out of his stance, keeping his nose over his toes and staying low to spring in any direction. Above average ballskills, reflexes and hand-eye coordination (16 passes defended in 12 starts).  Impressive tackling technique for a player with his inexperience, sinking, striking and wrapping with timing and pop. Throws his body around with emphasis and embraces the physical side of the game. Good eye use to read and anticipate the play before it happens, staying dialed in with natural instincts to put himself in position to make plays on the ball.  Ideal toughness for the position, both physically and mentally. Highly confident with a short-term memory to bounce back quickly after mistakes, especially important for a player with his inexperience. Aggressive hands to fight through blockers and make a play on the ballcarrier. Has experience on special teams coverages.  Mature work ethic with ambitious personality, both on and off the field. Solid durability with his body (not used to that type of consistent beating) holding up the full football season without serious injury. Productive one year on the football field, earning MAC Defensive Player of the Year honors. (CBS)



Ted Thompson decides to double down in the defensive secondary, taking Quinten Rollins with the Packers 2nd round draft pick.  It’s also interesting that Thompson decided to draft another defensive back who used to play another sport and doesn’t haven’t all that much experience in football.  On one hand, it does mean their football ceiling is very high but on the other hand there is going to be a steep learning curve and there might be some bumpy roads before they are really NFL ready.



Thomas Hobbes is a staff writer for Jersey Al’s


60 thoughts on “Packers 2015 NFL Draft – Second Round Pick: Quinten Rollins, CB, Ohio (Miami)

  1. **scratches head** Um…OK.

    Now, I understand that with all the ILB off the board they needed to look in a different direction, but so many good pass-rushers, some good DL.

    I think he’s a real sleeper, but what they left on the table…

    1. I’m really confused. Double O is still on the board, Harold, Dawson, even Carl Davis and we take another CB AND they kept Richardson???? Granted the guy is talented, athletic, but dang……I could understand this pick had they took Malcom Brown, matter of fact I’d be jumping for joy but 2 CB/S…Hmmmmm

      1. I think we’re seeing what TT and the Packers brass really see as the weak spot this off-season.

        I understand that with the run on ILB in round 2 they might need to look somewhere else if they don’t like Dawson, but it might be that they feel like they’ve got an answer in house, or that they’ve targeted day 3 guys that they think can play.

        1. I think you’re dead on, while the rest of us were panicking about ILB, I think the front office is way more worried about the defensive secondary. It also doesn’t help that the ILB class was relatively weak.

          1. I was saying for a long time that I thought CB was the issue, but I never expected back-to-back DB to start this draft. I thought they could find CB who could play in round 3 and later. So many good players at OLB and DL left on the board…and even now well into Rd. 3.

            1. I like the picks. No clue whether they turn out, but secondary help is more important in the NFL today. Have no idea why so many fans think the DL and OLB are needs? We are loaded at both positions. The only roster spots available on D are in the secondary and ILB. How many DL do you realistically think the packers are going to keep on their 53 dobber? 7? We have at least 2 roster spots open in our secondary, maybe 3. No reason to go DL.

              1. After we all spent all that time talking about how the Packer DL was full of JAGs, I absolutely think that there’s improvement to be had there. If you have better DL play, you can get away with average ILB…and we don’t know if the Packers even have that. Better DL play is reflected in just about every phase of the defense.

                OLB is a need if Matthews is going to keep playing inside, Perry seems to be on his way out, and Peppers is a graybeard who doesn’t have much left. After that, you’re looking at a bunch of unprovens in Elliott, Mulumba, Palmer.

              2. I think the Packers can get away with what they have at LB this year (but probably not next year). I would guess that the Packers felt differently with the secondary.

              3. I would add to your discussion than rare people already knows who may be in the next year draft. I’m sure Packers already have that predictions and make their plans accordingly…

              4. You’re right that a good DL helps everyone, but that improvement should come from within- Raji and Jones, maybe Boyd and Pennel and a long shot in Thorton. At this point there are too many guys to give up on or not think they make a jump.
                You can’t play Mathews inside more than part-time, he is too valuable. Perry has been OK and so has Neal. One of them is likely to be kept long term, prob perry. If perry turns a corner, he takes Peppers place and you hope Elliot/Mulumba can handle the increased work load. Elliot, Mulumba, Zombo, Walden, So’to were all undrafted FA’s, I think TT believes he doesn’t need to use a high pick to get a player at OLB,…… Although I’m not gonna argue with you on their success, it’s been average. That’s likely just how TT approached this draft.

              5. After last season ended I was reading here that it is pity that Packers did not won SB as they were the best team of the season. Now! Can someone explain me, how the best team in the whole NFL, comes to bust in just 3 draft picks?
                Let see: Last year all of you wanted Brad Jones and A. J. Hawk be released even before the end of the season. Claiming that Packers are better without them.
                Now, they are without of them, and conclusion is – Packer are better… All of us wanted Packers resign Brian and Randall – we got it. But that means we do not have money to overpay 2 CB entering FA… Suddenly whole Packer nation started to look who they can draft instead of Tramon & Davon. How they search it? By reading articles of different scouts… I was doing that too. After I see highlights of Randall & Rollins I’m telling you – I like more what Ted picked than all those high profile CB which are so hard pushed as high as they can be… We added new WR, who really reminds of bigger Randall Cobb… We have time to develop him, if there is need for that… As I understood Jeff Janis, a favorite of many is so …. that he can not remember how to run routes. And that is why he is not playing, except for ST… We still have to see what we will got from Jarred… I hope much…
                Our DL was good to excellent last year (depend from game to game). We beat SB champions and almost beat 2013 SB champions with that front 7. Suddenly, that front 7 have no value (maybe Mike Daniels)…
                But, nobody tells that every game Packer lost last year was when our offense was playing bad, not defense… When Packers struggled to score TD and points… When Aaron was injured and we did not have serviceable back up to release him at least in less important games… Do not tell me fairy tales about how Matt Flynn is good. He is that good that no team sign him from FA, despite many of them need capable back up QB…
                Suddenly, Ted Thompson did not pick players you (I write that good – YOU) wanted and Packers are busted….
                Despite I was sure that TT will address ILB position, when I saw that all of so-so capable ILB was drafted, I went to bad (it was 2 a. m. here). Because I knew that in the morning I will find out what TT did…
                Again I feel little dissapointed. But again, first check whom TT drafted, than make my conclusion…
                I already write that down. 1st round pick A-, 2nd round pick A, 3rd round pick B… That is all from me…

    1. Yes, but I don’t think Dawson was worth a 2nd round pick. He’s rumored to have serious personality issues (something of a free lancer on the field as well) and the combine does scare some people.

        1. Well he did improve his 40 time at his pro day, but the real concern is that it doesn’t seem like he practiced for the combine like most players are supposed to, again pointing that he might not be a “football guy”.

      1. I like the pick okay and they do need help in the secondary but they had a hard time stopping the run last year and in the playoffs were run on by Dallas and Seattle pretty bad. Dawson’s time scared me, the tape doesn’t though. Like he said, he’s not a track star. Hey he might be there in the 3rd, or Ted has his eye on someone else. We knew Thompson would take Corners, just not in rounds 1 & 2.

        1. When Dawson is on the field, he’s correct that he’s not a track star. But at the combine, you are a track star and you get ready like a track star.

    1. I agree, this one hasn’t been much of a drama fest like previous years. I think a lack of quality 1st round picks caused the top end to fizzle and fans have gotten bored

      1. I think the current guess is a 1-2 game ban, I believe he’s a first time offender so they’ll probably be more lenient.

    1. A senile Ted still knows the draft better than everyone here combined.

  2. TT is definitely taking chances with our high round draft picks! Is this smart?

    1. Randall was projected as a 1st round pick and Rollins was projected to be a 2nd round pick, how is that taking chances?

  3. So these are definitely the BEST players available that Teds picking??? Wow! I’m totally confused. ..I’m going to bed, I can’t watch anymore. I dont even need to wait 3 years and compare these guys to everyone else that was picked after them because I know they were the BPA. Ted said so, so it true.

    1. I’m willing to bet that during his presser he will say exactly that.

      1. Look at what this guy did in his first season at CB against D-1 competition on a 2-win team. He’s uber quick and might be a really good slot corner, but with his speed and size he looks like a FS to me. I think he has a pretty high ceiling, but the floor could be pretty low, too.

  4. Looks like TT thinks that Joe Whitt can mold these guys into good players. Remember what he did with Sam Shields? Goodson supposedly improved a lot. This is deff TT’s strategy just like it was to draft athletic OT’s and convert them to OG and Centers. That had mixed success, which I don’t mind because we got Sitton and Lang out of it. Hope the results are similar here. Would be nice if our future CB’s are as good at their positions as Sitton and Lang, not Colledge and Spitz and Barbre and Collins and Moll!

  5. WTH?? We already had TWO really good slot corners in Heyward and Hyde! Why draft another two slot corners? This is where I remind myself that I really liked the 2011 draft – need after need checked off…. and look where that ended up.

    1. Well, I guess CB/Safety was a need, but I find it hard to call Rollins a need pick after TT took Randall. It is not really a reach, since Rollins has end of 2nd round or 3rd round talent. Just don’t think he was BPA. I thought we were good enough to take BPA regardless of position quite a bit during this draft. We do have 1417 CB snaps to replace with the departure of Tramon and House. I actually predicted yesterday that TT would not take a ILB until later, like 4th round. Maybe TT and the coaches think both Hayward and Hyde can play boundary CB and is looking for a slot corner?

      1. I would argue you have it backwards.

        1) was cornerback a position of need? (no)
        2) did the Packers already address cornerback in the draft? (yes)

        If anything this just shows that Thompson really is following BPA. If the BPA at #30 is a corner and at #62 is also a corner, then you take both.

        1. Wow, it seems you and I just aren’t on the same wavelength since we, at least recently, agree on little. We lost 1417 CB snaps when Tramon and House left. Hayward perhaps can increase his snaps (426 last yr.) by 500 or 600 snaps, and maybe Hyde (wait – I did upvote you good Sir above on the notion that Hyde had a bad year last year, so we do agree sometimes) can increase his by 200 or 300 (he had 704 snaps in 2014), so we are going to be looking for 700 regular season – hey they really count – snaps from someone (and that’s if Hyde and Hayward play every game, and 90% of def. snaps). I’d say CB was a need, just not the black hole that was ILB. I still love Bradford, so I’m am rooting for him at ILB, and prepared to eat crow if he’s a bust. I like Goodson’s talent, too.

          So, IMHO, CB was a good sized need.

          1. My argument is that Collins is BPA since it’s not a position of need, especially with drafting Randall.

    2. Hayward played really well but never has been a full time player so I wonder if that factors into that. As for Hyde I think lots of fans are just assuming he played well since he made a name for himself as a rookie, he did not play well in 2014, especially as the season went on.

      1. I agree with you on Micah mark. I was little disappointed with his achievements this year. All was masked by his few good kick returns… Otherwise, Ha-Ha and Burnett was much better… Also, I see Rollins as upgrade from Tramon whom I blame for last TD in that NFC game. Also, he had a lot mistakes during the season. He was covering that with experience, but he is obviously in decline…
        And Ty Montgomery? I agree with description that he is bigger Randall (Cobb, not Damarious)…
        Why people do not check some videos before they start to panic, I will never understand!

    3. They must not project as slot corners, although I agree, their lack of top end speed makes them seem like inside guys. I think these guys are long-term prospects, ball hawks that aren’t afraid to hit. Maybe that’s a better way to improve the run D.

      Lol- i loved the 2011 class too….. so much for most of those guys.

    4. Bearmeat, your “needs” and Ted’s needs are two different things. lol
      I said it for a while now. There are no big needs on this team. They are loaded for the most part except for maybe fullback but that position is used sparingly. Mostly need depth. Losing House and Tramon he just replaced them two with two better players. Upgrade.
      Ted just hit the ball out of the park with his first two picks!! Both these guys could be pro bowlers in three years.

  6. Here we go again with put me to sleep Ted, He’s using the early rounds to build his special teams, or does he just want to prove he can win with left over players, Just like with free agency. Hope he wakes up before the draft is over.I give his draft a C so far.

    1. No one builds special teams in the early rounds; everyone expects both players to see the field on defense at some point in the season.

  7. Maybe there’s a trade-up coming here. Harold…Davis…Double O’s…good value isn’t going to last much longer. Help us out, Ted.

    1. I’m getting the feeling everyone was way more enamored with Harold and Davis than NFL teams actually were. I should mention that Dan Shonka at Ourlads (who we did a podcast with before the draft) had the Packers taking Harold with #30.

      1. Not so much Harold for me…it’s no surprise around here that Lorenzo Mauldin is the guy I really like. I think Davis could do good things immediately for the run defense at DE and then contribute on the nose. Reminds me a lot of Kevin Williams.

  8. While I think Rollins is a late 2nd round talent and there is a good chance Whitt could make a nice DB out of him, I am underwhelmed by this pick. I don’t think Rollins was the BPA, but at least it is closer. FWIW, McGinn lists Rollins as a safety. Clearly, either TT’s assessedment of GB’s needs differs greatly from conventional wisdom or perhaps the draft fell badly for him per his own board. Round three coming up. Anybody want to go 3 for 3 on CB/S picks?

    1. I think the 2nd issue is that DT and ILB aren’t premium positions in a 3-4 defense and Thompson isn’t going to overpay for a position with less impact.

  9. I cannot understand it. This draft is deep with good CBs. Craig Mager, Darryl Roberts, Garry Peters, Justin Coleman, Damian Swann, etc. — all should be available beginning with the 4th round. Why aren’t we selecting good D-linemen and ILBs needed to stop Seattle from running the ball down our throats again?

  10. Two green S, about to be converted to CB, both w/o top end speed. Tough to like this draft. Yes, CB was a major need after losing both Williams and House but these two guys are green as grass, not to mention a speed position where speed is not their strong suit. Will they turn out like Casey Hayward? If they do, then it will be hard to complain.

    R3 – we went need again, this time for a returnman.

    So we are in patch the holes mode while hoping #12 can keep us in the playoffs every year.

    My theory – TT has been so burned on drafting big DL/OLB that he is wary to go that route w premium picks anymore even though that was the strentgh of this draft. Passing on Malcom Brown in R1 was UNBELIEVABLE to me. He has everything Ted’s previous DL picks lack.

    But I will wait on Randall/Rollins to prove Ted right. Each was drafted about as high as they could have been. Rollins was ranked at S because of his lack of speed and Randall played S in college. They better be CBs or this draft could doom our defense and team for years to come.

    1. Archie, while Randall was listed as FS, Rollins was listed as CB. Do not adapt data to your conclusions, please… Your posts are very often good, but I like to have correct data when making conclusions…

  11. TT has replaced House and Williams. Whether Randall and Rollins play outside or in the slot we have plenty of depth at DB once again. I’m not sure that using our first 2 picks on DBs was the best move but TT has the scouts, the films, the experience and tons more information than we do. So until we see these guys play in an actual NFL game I’ll give TT the benefit of the doubt. The flip side is that at some point we need some players who can stop the run or teams will just continue to run against the Packers to keep Rodgers and the offense off the field ala Dallas and Seattle. Thanks, Since ’61

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