Packers 2015 NFL Draft – Third Round Pick: Ty Montgomery, WR, Stanford

With their third-round pick (94 overall) in the 2015 NFL draft, the Green Bay Packers select Ty Montgomery, WR, Stanford


Ty Montgomery
Wide Receiver
6-0/221 lbs


In 2013, Montgomery earned consensus All-American honors as a kick returner, averaging 30.3 yards per opportunity with touchdowns. He also led Stanford with 61 catches for 958 yards and 10 TDs, many of the dramatic variety. In 2014, he struggled with a shoulder injury and drops. He matched last year’s total for receptions but all three of his touchdowns came over the first four games and he finished with only 603 receiving yards.


4.58 in the 40-yard dash…1.62 10-yard dash…2.64 20-yard dash…4.21 20-yard shuttle…

11.57 60-yard shuttle…6.99 three-cone drill…40 ½-inch vertical jump…10’-01” broad jump…Bench pressed 225 pounds 15 times…31-inch arm length…10 1/8-inch hands…77-inch wingspan.


CBSSPORTS.COM: Top athlete when healthy. Well-built with long arms, broad shoulders and a thick lower half. Appears well-suited to making the jump to the NFL. Quickly accelerates to leave defenders in his wake and is very aggressive, bursting upfield and fighting through arm tackles to generate positive yardage rather than dancing to avoid contact. He shows good hand-eye coordination to pluck the ball out of the air. Flashes toughness to take the big hit. Comes from a pro-style offense and program with exceptional academic standards, should be able to handle an NFL playbook.




I had a strong feeling the Packers would look to draft someone with potential to become their full-time kick returner and Montgomery was one of the prime candidates. He has lined up at multiple positions, including running back and wildcat quarterback. Solidly built and not easy to bring down – uses his size well to win contested balls and is a willing and effective downfield blocker. Before last season, Montgomery was considered a first or early second rounder in this year’s draft, but fell after a disappointing senior season. He was not as productive as his monster junior year, which had scouts wondering if he was a one year wonder. Also, some questioned his willingness to play when nicked up.

If there was any doubt Mike McCarthy’s proclamation that he would “fix” special teams was just talk, these first three picks dispel that notion. With his solid frame, Montgomery will most likely also contribute on the coverage teams.


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76 thoughts on “Packers 2015 NFL Draft – Third Round Pick: Ty Montgomery, WR, Stanford

  1. Packers address the return game here. Not much else to say.

    Apparently ran a 4.38 at his Pro Day…

    1. indicates that he ran a 4.5 and a 4.51 forty at his pro day. EDIT: I gather scouts were surprised that he didn’t run faster at the combine.

      1. Hmmm…CBS says 4.38. FWIW…

        I need to go to bed. The “drama” of the evening has completely worn me out…

        1. Yes, CBS does so indicate. Don’t know which is right, but I am guessing TT must think he is faster than 4.51 to take him in the 3rd. Janis might be pondering his situation.

          1. Yeah, I don’t see the Packers carrying 6 WR next season, and it’s a luxury to carry a guy who isn’t going to contribute much beyond KR.

  2. Ty Montgomery? Did Ted and Mike want to fix JUST the Special Teams? They gave up 339 yards on the ground to the Cowboys and the Seahawks and have done nothing in Free Agency or the draft to shore that up.

  3. This just in: Ted Thompson wanted to remind us that hemakes being a Packers fan no fun 9/10 offseasons.

    This just REEKS of going into 2013 with McMillan and MD Jennings at Safety. Except at ILB. And DE. All I can say is that they better be right about Bradford and Thomas. And Hubbard. And Raji. And Hope Peppers stays with it for another year.

    Good Lord. The weakest thing on the entire team (by far) last year was the front 7 on D. You CAN’T convince me that Ted couldn’t find value at ANY of the 3 picks SOMEWHERE on the front 7.

    This is the most frustrated I’ve ever been in a draft.

    1. Thomas is going to preach about the devaluation of DTs and ILB in the 3-4, but watching all the impact pass-rushers and better interior defenders just melt off the board has worn me out…it’s making me old, fast.

        1. Lol, obviously the staff here have planned out every article well in advance on probably the busiest weekend of the year for the website. My assignment was the 2nd round, Al had the 3rd.

    2. I understand your frustration, Thompson should have signed a free agent at least.

        1. Now if TT went out and signed Spikes (Which I’ve been crying for from the start of FA) that would at least help. The Packers play Matt Forte, Lynch, and Jamal Charles in the first 3 weeks of the season.
          Obviously Ted knows his team best, but is this going to be another year like 2013? Are players like Bradford and Thornton expected to be plugged in and work like McMillan and MD Jennings were?

    3. See Nemo above. How does Malcom Brown or Eddie Goldman, Carl Davis or Clive Walford, and Dawson or Xavier Cooper, sound for the first 3 rounds. As you say, I hope TT hasn’t overvalued his own returning players.

    4. I’m pulling my hair out, Bearmeat. Does TT know something we don’t about Abbrederis or Janis? Why draft another WR? I don’t get it!

  4. CBS likes Montgomery a whole lot more than Okay, Sorry Dobber, now I see on CBS that Montgomery ran a 4.38 at his pro day. Did I misread

    1. No, you got the NFL site correct.

      I have to admit that I like a review of a player that starts “Built like a full-grown man…”

  5. So teams will still be running through our defense like the last 3 years. The 2015 packers are not any better then the 2014 Packers so far. The 2 young DBs will take awhile to develop, so they’re probably no better than Williams and House at this point. As Seattle , Dallas , Minnesota and other NFC teams get better in the off season, the Packers stay the same with a soft belly on D. That’s Ted

      1. Not good enough. I guess if you just like making the playoffs and then winning one game, they are good. I was hoping we’d win another SB. Lynch ran for 160 yards on us and we lost. Now Seattle upgraded in the off season. What has TT done?

    1. They will be. It’s the same D-line and Linebacking group, save for no Hawk, Jones or Lattimore. So you get Carl Bradford and Joe Thomas to shore things up? I don’t see any improvement, as both players still have to actually play and experience the learning curve.

      Stand by for AP to mow over us as usual. I’m sick of it.

      1. Get a lead & force them into their passing game. That’s how you deal with it.

    2. Gdp, we lost two CB’s and we picked up two more. there was no draft pick out there that would solidify the middle as well as Raji will. Once training camp begins, you can lower the boom. As of right now it is premature. There are more picks today. Try to enjoy the process. GoPack!

  6. Another miss. Xavier Cooper was there for the taking. So was Paul Dawson. At the start of the draft if someone were to tell me that the Pack’s first 3 picks were Malcom Brown, Clive Walford and Paul Dawson, I’d be ecstatic with joy and looking forward to next season. That’s what could have been. But now, reality has set in and I’m depressed. I think I’ll start following the UW-Green Bay Men’s Soccer Team.

    1. I agree. I know this is not a nice thing to say and I’ll get heat for it, but, every once in awhile, I want to punch TT in the head. Maybe it would help him? Just think were Ted would be without Rodgers.


    2. as usual the COUCH SCOUTS are in full guys should send TT your wish list so he knows who you guys want on YOUR team. THEY HAVE A PLAN……BUT NOT YOURS……..TA TA COUCH SCOUTS, MAY THE FORCE BE WITH YOU

  7. YES!! I love this pick! Would have preferred Paul Dawson but still, Aaron needs all the weapons he can get!


      2. Our front 7 is an achilles heel? There are some respectable players up front, keep in mind.

        But what if Thompson just doesn’t see the talent in the players available? Better to draft a talented player you barely need than to draft a player of need who is a bust. The 2012 draft examplified that to nearly the fullest degree.

        1. That’s true. BPA works best over the long run . Perhaps I overstated a bit – while the front 7 is weak, it’s not a death-knell if it stays at the same level it played at in the latter half of last year.

          But I do stand by my statement that it is the weakest area on the team with fewest impact players. Daniels and CM3. That’s it. Peppers too – but he’s way up there in years and could drop off at any time.

          If you think about every other position group on the team, you come up with more ‘impact’ players much easier than in the front 7.

          QB – haha
          RB – Lacy
          WR – Nelson, Cobb
          TE – No one
          OL – Sitton, Lang, Linsley, Bakh, Bulaga – hell all of them
          DT – Daniels
          LB – CM3. Peppers
          CB – Shields, Heyward (yes I do think Heyward falls into this cateogory)
          S – HHCD and Burnett.

    1. If there isn’t a ILB worth drafting than that’s how the draft played out. NOBODY and i mean NOBODY can’t out draft TT at WR. This kid obviously is a good player and help our Kick Return ASAP. I was following Paul Dawson too but TT obviously thinks he isn’t a good fit or he would have drafted him. The only hole left on the team is ILB and 3rd TE, if TT drafts there we know he is filling a need, if he goes somewhere else, especially WR, we know he likes the guy and we should all defer to TT who drafts WR better than anyone.

      1. It’s pretty damning when scouts say he might not have the ball skills to play in 3 WR sets. Maybe that’s an assessment of what he can do right now and it can be developed, but it’s a pretty harsh statement.

  8. Solid strategy addressing ST with the first 3 picks. Has really panned out for all those SB winning franchises that used the same strategy.

    The important thing is we got good football players. Would’ve liked a Long Snapper in the first round but you can’t always have what you want.

      1. LOL. But I say, resist primitive impulses. BTW, TT’s record at acquiring CBs and WRs is pretty good. I remember a stretch where people joked that Ron Wolf shouldn’t be allowed in the war room for the first round. Maybe TT has been banned from drafting DL.

        1. In 1999 Ron Wolf took CBs Antuan Edwards, Fred Vinson and Mike McKenzie in the first 3 rounds. None of them were long-term answers and McKenzie was the only one who was somewhat decent.
          TT’s track record obviously isn’t horrible, but this makes no sense to me right now.

  9. I thought the first two picks were odd, but I can justify adding two ballhawks to the secondary. This, on the other hand, makes no sense to me. They made a luxury pick when there are huge holes to fill. Paul Dawson being there at the end of the third should have been a dream come true. I just don’t understand the thought process that went into this pick. Very frustrating.

      1. Ted –

        Datone is JAG. Perry is JAG. Neal is barely above JAG. Peppers is old and could break down any time. Raji is JAG. Guion is JAG.

        That leaves Daniels, CM3 and (maybe) Barrington that can be depended on for years to come in the front 7. The cupboard is bare.

        GB’s front 7 on D is like the guy we all know who ate fast food in his car for 2 weeks straight, and never threw out the wrappers. He just kept adding more and more pine tree air fresheners and said: “NANANANANANA! NOT A PROBLEM HERE!”

        1. I only disagree a little. Maybe they rate all those guys just a bit higher than you. And maybe they feel like the D in the second half of the season was going in the right direction, that with Raji back and ongoing develpment of HHCD, Barrington and others, they can be good.

          1. Yeah. I’m sure that’s exactly what they’re thinking. Unfortunately, that is also exactly what they did going into 2013 at safety, and look how that turned out. Why not cover your tracks just a LITTLE and let the best man play?

      2. Stopping the run was the defenses’s number one problem last year and they’ve done nothing to fix it. They also need another OLB since Perry, Neal and Peppers could all be gone after next year. Not to mention, Daniels, our only good DE could leave after next year also. There were good front seven players available and I don’t think upgrading our number four receiver should’ve taken priority.

    1. If TT thinks they were the best team in football last year, only missing out on winning the SB because of special teams gaffes, and if MM is serious about fixing special teams, then this pick makes sense. Bob McGinn had him as the top rated returner in the draft.

      1. They had a couple special teams blunders during the Seattle game but neither one had to do with kick returning or kick coverage. I think Ted just loves wide receivers and can’t resist.

    2. They clearly weren’t interested in Dawson. If you look at the scouting reports, it’s not hard to see why. He doesn’t seem to be Packer people. He was part of the crew that gave up 61 points to Baylor. Just how fantastic could he be?

      Montgomery is a sturdy guy, with pretty good acceleration. He can break tackles. They don’t have a receiver quite like him. And they desperately need a returner. Will not miss Dujuan Harris’ runbacks to the 17.

      Besides, you need depth in the receiving corps. The coaching staff clearly isn’t as high on Janis as the fans. Abby’s had a lot of injuries. And at some point in the season, someone’s bound to get hurt.

  10. So much for McCarthy’s talk about the biggest need being ILB like safety was last year. You cut 3 ILBs, then DON’T DRAFT A SINGLE ONE in the top 3 rounds?!?

    What’s next in the 4th round, a punter? What the hell is going on?

    The secondary isn’t nearly as bad as the media made it out to be, but when you have Nick Perry and Mike Neal entering contract years, Julius Peppers only around for another 1-2 years, nobody at ILB save for Sam Barrington, START DRAFTING LINEBACKERS. This is ridiculous.

    Packers better take Kyle Emanuel (OLB, North Dakota State) and Taiwan Jones (ILB, Michigan State) next. They’re the only ones left that are worth taking. Carl Bradford and Joe Thomas are your starting ILBs if Sam Barrington gets injured (or you can take Clay Matthews out of position again).

  11. I wrote this before the draft, and before my blood pressure went up.

    Ruminations on who TT will/should pick: Subtitle: I have no freaking idea whom TT will or should pick.

    I have no idea which player(s) might fall. Heck, I barely know which are any good, much less who is better than whom.
    I have no idea who will be in the pool of players TT might consider at #30. I think I can limit it to 10 prospects. No, 12. Okay, about 25*.
    I want a safe pick. No, I want a guy with a terrific ceiling and I have no concerns about character, tweener issues.
    I only want a CB or ILB at #30. No, take BPA, even if he’s a OT, OLB, etc.
    TT should keep pick #30. No, he should trade back. No, he should trade up. No, he should auction it off and give the proceeds to charity.
    The draft should be moved up to tonight before I lose my sanity. Arrggh!

    Mind you, I have obviously developed opinions about the players TT should have picked since I wrote this. Hubris, perhaps. BTW, later I wrote 30 names of prospects that might fall or that should be available for TT to consider for pick #30. Damarious Randall was not on the list.

    1. Good post. Is Randall not on your list because you don’t think he is good enough to go at 30 or because you don’t know enough about who is out there to comment on all the good ones? I mean, I don’t scout all the basketball players in the MAC in hopes of landing a corner!

      1. I figured Randall as the top FS prospect would be overdrafted. Based on talent I had him worth mid (at best) to late 2nd rd. I never dreamed that TT would take him.I listed the following: CB: Rowe, Jalen Collins, Marcus Peters, Kevin Johnson, Byron Jones, P.J. Williams; OLBs: Dupree, Gregory, Ray, Eli Harold: ILB: Kendricks, Anthony, Dawson, Shaq, Perryman, McKinney; DL: Malcom Brown, Goldman, Arik Armstead, Jordan Phillips, Carl Davis; OT: Flowers, T.J. Clemmings, Jake Fisher, D.J. Humphries; TE: Maxx Williams: RB: Gurley, Gordon; WRs: Parker, Perriman, Jalen Strong. Mind, I’d have been unhappy w some of these guys.

        1. Fascinating. I know one draft site listed him as something like 37 while Rollins was 49. I think that was NFLdraftscout. They had the former going mid to late first (with the possibility of falling into the second), and the latter going in the second. So they were in line with TT. Now only time will tell if we got value.

          1. Yep, the 31 players I listed were a collection of opinions on who the packers might take at #30, essentially every pundit’s mock and those prospects mentioned by commenters on this website and 3 or 4 others I look at. The names really had nothing to do with what I thought GB should do. I tried to be very catholic in gathering every diverse opinion I could find.

            William, I am not a pro scout and never have been. If your point is that TT knows best, that is fine and clearly as a GM that relies mostly on the draft, and given GB’s success, TT has to be a pretty good drafter. If so, there isn’t much for you to offer as a commenter other than “TT said so.” So put the phrase in a macro so you can save time with your posts. Bend the knee and pay homage to TT if you like. If you’re a “we won’t know for a couple of years so grades and opinions are premature” guy, that can also be put in a macro, and you can come back in couple of years, use hindsight, and always be right.

            If you like, for each successive pick, I’ll post for you: “I think so and so is a really good pick because TT thinks so.” That will provide the insight for which everyone is looking. Oh, and thanks for the all caps.

  12. I don’t understand how alot of people are calling these picks misses, or bad picks. None of these guys were reaches, and will see the field. The back to back CB does seem a bur strong, but obviously TT loved Rollins…..Value >Need

    1. The heartburn I have is needing a bigger CB like we had with Davon House and the fact that our D-line is unchanged. Getting pressure up front is what takes pressure off the secondary. House was the ONLY guy who could match up with Megatron and Julio Jones.

      For example, Sam Shields got his ass whupped against Julio Jones last season, and House was the only one in our secondary who could cover him and make plays. Now he’s gone. I’m sorry but 5’11” 196 lbs. guys will not be able to cover Megatron, Julio Jones, Alshon Jeffrey, etc.

      The guys the Packers took may have talent, but look to be more like slot corners, not guys on the outside. Rollins played 4 years of basketball and one year of football. How we do even know that football is his passion? He could quit and then try-out for the NBA and go play overseas.

      The WR pick is the one that bothers me the most. Abbrederis and Janis need playing time. Micah Hyde and Cobb can return kicks. We don’t need another freakin’ WR. We have 2 OLBs in contract years (Perry and Neal), a 3rd who is old (Peppers) and cut 3 ILBs. We can’t address the OLB / ILB needs in any of the first 3 rounds?

    2. Maybe TT has them as the best players on his board. Every year people come here to complain that TT didn’t fill a need, that he just drafted according to his philosophy. Oh well.

  13. Given how this current draft is going, I say TT will take a QB in the 4th round.

  14. Don’t mind so much that Ted took these players, but not happy with when he took them. Could have probably taken Randall in the second (should have traded down to the upper half of round two – got an extra draft pick and still get him before our original second round pick @ 62). Also, Montgomery was projected to the 5th. In the mean time there were plenty of highly regarded interior defensive players he passed on, Part of the draft process is projecting on where other teams might take a player. If you think for example, there’s an 80% chance Montgomery will be available in the 5th, wait a round or two more to take him. If he’s gone- live with it.

    Don’t know if there are any 1 year rent a players left in FA worth anything, but Ted might need to look there.

    The most disappointed person connected with Packers could be CM3. He took one for the team last year, and definitely doesn’t want to play ILB (even though he’s very good at it). It will be interesting to see how that develops. Could have some dissension with a star player.

    It’s a good thing I’m still apathetic after last seasons PO loss, else I’d be pissed.

      1. Just checked for its analysis of Monty. They project him to round 3 or 4, adding that Mayock said he was thought of as a 1st rounder after his junior year. Seems he can’t catch though.

  15. First off, TT NEVER misses on a WR.

    Second, it seems this guy played hurt throughout 2014. If his shoulder is healed, he could be a steal. Was projected of a possible first round pick following his junior season. He is big, strong and fast. Kid looks great to me. I have no problem whatsoever with this pick. This draft will be ranked based on whether top 2 picks become good starters at CB.

    Rest of draft – after top 100 picks, this draft is supposed to deteriorate rapidly. Weak draft year. Would have liked to see us trade up for an extra R2 or R3 pick.

    1. I hear the same things about the draft quality, but this is where your coaches make their money. You find those guys who have tools–athleticism, desire, whatever–and let your staff mold them into usable guys. Cross your fingers…

    2. But that’s the thing – we already have good players at CB. Shields, Heyward and Hyde is an effective starting 3. It’s already top half in the NFL – even if you wanted to add a big bodied (notice NOT the 2 they added) CB early for depth and eventually to start to make it better.

      But the WR? WTH! I’m a Packer die-hard, so I’ll find out who they pick today I’m sure. But other than that, I’m going to check out until training camp. VERY ticked off right now.

      1. We lost two CB’s and we added two more. Where is the confusion. You can’t go into the season with 3 cb’s. You see good ones, you pick them.

        1. I guess. It’s just that going into the draft, they were FAR weaker up front than they were in the secondary. There were already 5 good secondary players (HHCD, Burnett, Shields, Heyward, Hyde) back there. How are they going to play all 7? These were future picks/depth picks. It shows that maybe they don’t trust Heyward or Hyde. (which IMO is silly) And that Goodson hasn’t progressed.

          Why not take an DE with upside to play behind Raji/Guion/Daniels this year? Or an OLB to learn behind Peppers, Perry and Neal in preparation for them leaving next year? Or, heaven forbid, a cover ILB in case Bradford and Thomas don’t pan out? This is exactly what they did at safety in 2013, and that cost them all year.

  16. Two words… Injury Prone. Why is TT so high on these injury prone players? Don’t care how good he is, if he isn’t on the field how much is he going to improve the team? We don’t need no stinkin ILB????????????

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