Pigskin Paul’s NFC North Mock Draft

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2013 NFL Draft
2013 NFL Draft

Since my Packers Mock Draft a little while back, I’ve received request for a Bears mock draft as well.  So here goes nothing. But I do have one disclaimer. I am not familiar with the long term work of PHIL EMERY, so this one is purely on me with no inside information to draw from. And at the request of more than a few folks whose favorite division is the NFC North, here’s the whole division for you.

(As with my previous PACKERS MOCK the number in parenthesis after the Pick name and vitals is where I currently have the player ranked on my Regardless of Position Prospect list.)



Round 1, Pick 20    ALEC OGLETREE/LB/GEORGIA/6’3/242(22)

The LB position is the biggest rebuild unit on this team now that VFA has been used to finally upgrade the OL. If EMERY can get past the off-field issues OGLETREE could be an instant starter for them, on the outside in my opinion. He’s an excellent athlete and his ex-S skills can be put to best use outside rather than in the Middle where he’d be a bit undersized for the NFL.

Round 2, Pick 50    MARKUS WHEATON/WR/OREGON STATE/5’11/189(50)

DA BEARS have a solid group of WR, but none of them is the quick/fast combo slot type. WHEATON plays faster & quicker than his Combine 40-time of 4.45. And remember EMERY has announced that DEVIN HESTER is now a  RS not a receiver. Combine that decision with the injury retirement of JOHNNY KNOX and this team needs a fast slot receiver. You can’t have too many weapons when your centerpiece is JAY CUTLER. On my Board all the value DT types were gone when this Pick came up, or I would have gone there with the selection.

Round 4, Pick 117    AKEEM SPENCE/DT/ILLINOIS/6’1/307(116)

No, he’s not the behemoth they should have inside but he’s a young, athletic player who can play the run and push the pocket a bit. He’s an example of the quality depth in the middle of this Draft class. He’d come in real handy if OKOYE & IDONIJE both price themselves out of town. Could become an instant starter, or at the least a viable part of a DT rotation.

Round 5, Pick 153    TRAVIS KELCE/TE/CINCINNATI/6’5/255(152)

The team is finally rebuilding its TE corps which has been pretty much ineffective since the team dispatched GREG OLSEN to Carolina. KELCE is a good all-around player and should compliment MARTELLUS BENNETT nicely. Motivated by a pay check and with some good coaching KELCE could develop fairly quickly into a productive pro, eventually starting.

Round 6, Pick 188        STANSLY MAPONGA/OLB/TCU/6’2/256(193)

MAPONGA was a pass-rush specialist DE on college. But with work & patience he has numbers that indicate he could be able to handle the move to standing up as a pro. Several guys listed at LB right now for Chicago appear to be very short term, stop gap players. MAPONGA could help for now as a sub-package rusher and excel on Special Teams coverage units. His upside could make his development worth waiting for.



Round 1, PICK 5     JARVIS JONES/OLB/GEORGIA/6’2/245(7)

Yeah, I know all about his slow 40-time at his Pro Day. But I also know what I have seen on the football field the past two years and this guy is an impact player.  The LIONS have lots of holes to fill and LB is one of them. JONES skills will come in handy, especially to help generate a pass-rush now that AVRIL & VANDEN BOSCH are gone. I’m not ignoring protection for STAFFORD but on my Board FISHER & JOECKEL  are both gone already.

Round 2, Pick 36    QUNTON PATTON/WR/LOUISIANA TECH/6’0/204(37)

The best players available are not matching up well with the LIONS biggest needs. But PATTON is good value here and CALVIN JOHNSON deserves some better talent around him, not to mention MR. STAFFORD. BURLESON is getting older, and BROYLES is coming back from another knee injury. PATTON should catch 50+ balls with his eyes closed in this offense.

Round 3, Pick 65    DATONE JONES/DE/UCLA/6’4/283(65)

They finally catch a big break and get a guy who may be a better value than I have him ranked here. He’s a full sized DE who can play the run, but also loves to pressure the QB. He could replace AVRIL and be a better all-around DL than Cliff. He also brings 43 games of college starting experience to the party. He also has that edginess that SCHWARTZ seems to like in his players.

Round 4, Pick 132      D.J. HADEN/CB/HOUSTON/6’0/191(110)

This young man was flying up Draft Boards in April because of medical clearance from a heart injury last season. He is an ideal size for an NFL CB and has the speed to keep up with elite WR. If he were still around the LIONS would be high-fiving in their Draft Room. This is a potential NFL starting CB.

Round 5, PIck 137    REID FRAGEL/OT/OHIO STATE/6’8/308(132)

He may not be an instant starter for them, but with patience and solid position coaching he should make a serviceable starting RT as a pro. The former hoops hero is a very good athlete with incredible length. For him the key now is understanding the nuances of his position and learning how to put his talent to work. he could also use some weight room work.

Round 6, Pick 171    NICK KASA/TE/COLORADO/6’6/269(174)

The LIONS employ multiple TE in many of their formations. Right now they are short on blocking at the position. This DL conversion project is still a work in progress, but looks the part. He impressed with his work in Mobile and could develop into a valuable Red Zone tool both as a blocker and a target. He has surprisingly good hands.

Round 7, PIck 211    ROGERS GAINES/OT/TENNESSEE STATE/6’6/334(209)

How about another OT prospect of the road grader variety this time? GAINES is not an unknown in NFL circles. He’s a massive guy (including 36 1/4” long arms) who can move some; 5.24/40. Even though he’s a bit taller than they might like for the interior, it is not inconceivable that he could slide inside if he proves not quick enough to pass protect against NFL level edge rushers.

Round 7, Pick 245      BRAD WING/P/LSU/6’2/197(251)

THIS IS NOT A FLYER BY ANY STRETCH OF THE IMAGINATION. WING has a huge leg, and was highly regarded until he ran afoul of members of the LSU coaching staff. He needs some head doctoring, but this is a Compensatory Pick almost at the end of the Draft. The risk/reward factor for a team without a veteran Punter is well worth the selection. Besides he might fit in nicely in what some think has become the land of broken toys.



Round 1, Pick 23    DE’ANDRE HOPKINS/WR/CLEMSON/6’1/214(24)

Combine the big, physical HOPKINS with the quick VFA JENNINGS and the VIKINGS  will have a better 1-2 punch than they did last season despite the departure of HARVIN. He’s aggressive with good hands and only his lack of elite speed keeps him from elite prospect status.

Round 1, Pick  25    KENNY VACCARO/S/TEXAS/6’0/214(32)

HARRISON SMITH was a solid start last season in improving their S position, how about someone to match him with for the next 6 years or more. I worry about VACCARO’s lack of ball skills, but others think I’m crazy. Only 5INT in 32 starts bothers me, but he’ll hit a ton and also probably lead your coverage teams in tackles.

Round 2, Pick 53    LARRY WARFORD/OG/KENTUCKY/6’3/332(62)

Let’s think big in strong for a team that features ADRIAN PETERSON at RB. WARFORD was more agile and able to move his feet than many expected during Senior Bowl week. PETERSON and GERHART do some of their best work when the holes are between the tackles. Right now none of the OG on their roster offer the road grader capabilities of WARFORD.

Round 3, Pick 83     BRANDON WILLIAMS/DT/MISSOURI SOUTHERN/6’1/335(81)

Remember the WILLIAMS WALL when PAT was in Minnesota to play beside KEVIN? I propose building a new wall/partnership, before KEVIN winds up his career, with this big body who just stones the line-of-scrimmage. This man’s presence on the defensive front could also extend JARED ALLEN’s career a year or two. OL is not the strength of  any of the VIKINGS NFC North opponents. Blocking this man will make their lives even more miserable when the VIKINGS are the opponent.

Round 4, Pick 102    KAYVON WEBSTER/CB/SOUTH FLORIDA/5’11/195(103)

This solid athlete with a nose for the ball in run support would bring multiple dimensions to the VIKES. He has a nose for the ball/action, and likely would contribute on Special Teams as well as provide good zone cover sub-package skills. He got lost at USF because the program fell apart under SKIP HOLTZ last season. But his long arms and good speed (4.41/40) are very popular amongst NFL scouts. Potential starter as a pro.

Round 4, Pick 120    XAVIER GOODEN/LB/MISSOURI/6’2/234(118)

He’s not the ideal fit for a team that desperately needs an inside thumper for their LB corps, but he’d become their most athletic LB on the roster immediately. He almost lapped the LB group at the Combine when he ran his 4.47/40. He is much like a heat seeking missile when it comes to finding and pursuing the ball. He brings a lot of good to the table when your roster lists McKENZIE & MITCHELL as your two Middle LBs.

Round 5, Pick 155      KEVIN REDDICK/LB/NORTH CAROLINA/6’1/243(160)

Yes I think we can justify two LB in a row because of an overall dearth of talent in that group on the current roster and this player’s college resume’. REDDICK  is an athletic, productive player who just makes plays when he steps out on the field. But he’s always around the ball and puts up numbers. In 2012 he had 85 tackles, which included 18.5 TFL & 6.5 Sacks, as well as 6 PBU.

Round 6, Pick 189        ODAY ABOUSHI/OT/G/VIRGINIA/6’5/308(186)

Pretty decent, finesse OT in the ACC who got eaten alive at Senior Bowl practices, until he was moved inside to OG. Then he looked like a pro prospect again. He’s going to have to toughen up and add a few pounds, but based on overall talent you wouldn’t expect to find him available in Round 6.

Round 7, Pick 213    JOE RANDLE/RB/OKLAHOMA STATE/6’0/204(216)

Could provide a bit of a change of pace to A.P. /GERHART and a little depth in case of injuries. He is a quick cut runner, who did much of his work inside the tackles, but can gain the corner at times.

Round 7, Pick 2145     ACE SANDERS/WR/RS/5’7/173(224)

The kind of potential weapon that the current Vikes roster doesn’t have much of. He’s quick as a hiccup and really spreads the field. He could make a mini-version of HARVIN as long as his work load isn’t to large.

Round 7, Pick 229     EARL WATFORD/OG/JAMES MADISON(238)

Small school guy with some nice athleticism. With a little patience and coaching he could actually find a spot in the NFL. Can he get stronger to better fit their scheme?


PACKERS MOCK DRAFT        1st    Edition        March

Round 1, Pick 26    DESMOND TRUFANT/CB/WASHINGTON/6’0/190(25)

He fits the mold of a PACKERS CB. He is a solid athlete, with extreme confidence who can cover and will tackle with gusto. TRAMON WILLIAMS is now in his 30’s & SAM SHIELDS may be moving on this year (RFA) or next. He could be an immediate sub-package contributor and a starter by 2014. He’ll be the 3rd TRUFANT brother to play in the NFL. I just love those gene pools. He adds speed to the PACK with his 4.38/40 from the Combine.

Round 2, Pick 55    JOSH BOYCE/WR/RS/TCU/5’11/206(70)

With all the QB issues at TCU last season this guy fell off the radar for many NFL teams. But he caught their eye and got back into serious consideration when he ran a 4.38/40 at the COMBINE. Looks to me like he can bring the same kind of skills & production to the PACK as those of recently departed GREG JENNINGS, but his recent timing implies even more speed than JENNINGS brought to the field. He also flashed some return ability during his college career.

Round 3, Pick 88    J.J. WILCOX/S/GEORGIA SOUTHERN/6’0/213(95)

I confess, I have had this guy in mind for the PACK since the Senior Bowl. The former RB /WR has a scary skill set for an NFL S. He loves contact, but also seems to have instincts in coverage that you just can’t teach. His 4.57/40 time from the COMBINE is more than adequate when you consider his size and quickness. Another “small school” guy who I think could develop just like NICK COLLINS did coming out of college.

Round 4, Pick 122    COREY LEMONIER/DE/OLB/AUBURN/6’3/255(105)

The kind of hybrid defender that DOM CAPERS covets for his LB heavy scheme. He would add another weapon along the MATTHEWS/NICK PERRY lines. He has a chance to be better than guys like ZOMBO & WALDEN (now gone). You just can’t have too many LB in the team’s current scheme on D. And especially a guy whose number one asset is his pass rush ability off the edge.

Round 5, Pick 159    LEVINE TIOLOLO/TE/STANFORD/6’8/260(164)

I will admit that this pick is highly speculative, based on knee issues that may not allow him to pass some teams’ physicals. But he would give the team that jumbo package TE that they just don’t have with the departure of CRABTREE. He needs to improve his blocking, but the essentials are in place. His height, length and soft hands would likely make him an excellent weapon in the red zone, much to the delight of AARON RODGERS.

Round 5, Pick 167    A.J. FRANCIS/DT/MARYLAND/6’5/320(169)

The kind of long & large player that the PACK doesn’t have right now along the DL. He’s a high energy guy, who showed flashes as well as high energy and enthusiasm for the game during SHRINE Week. He could make a nice fit with his size when the team drops into it’s 2-4-5 formation. He’d also be able to line up at DE on first down against a power running team like the VIKINGS and hold his own against the run.

Round 6, Pick 193    J.C. TRETTER/OG/OC/CORNELL/6’4/307(203)

The kind of tough, small school guy that the PACKERS continually draft and develop. He needs bit more bulk but is a strong, physical player who is also athletic. He could back-up all along the interior and perhaps compete for a starting job at OC in his second year in the League. He’s a project, but has the talent needed to become an NFL starter in time.

Round 7, Pick 232    ZAC DYSERT/QB/MIAMI(O)/6’3/231(213)

On my Board he’s still around, and would provide a player with more athleticism and a better arm than GRAHAM HARRELL as the fallback option to RODGERS. He needs work, but certainly has many of the tools needed to succeed on the NFL. He could make for a very good pupil in the Mike McCarthy school of QBs.

22 thoughts on “Pigskin Paul’s NFC North Mock Draft

  1. i was surprised to see that you have datone jones in the third round. most people seem to have him in the late first or at worst early second. is there something about him that most draftniks seem to be missing? i like him quite a bit, he has decent length and moves pretty well.

    i wish you could find a way to add some DL into the early part of your mock, but i can see why you think the value at each pick might not line up. do you have margus hunt off the board for the packers in round two?

    i like lemonier and francis in the later rounds.

    1. I do have concerns about DATONE JONES. I saw some lazt habits @ SR Bowl and he’s had fight issues off the field. HUNT I think is much better suited for a 4-3 scheme becasue of his height and lack of bulk.Plus Whitey likes younger guys to develop.
      AS I have said multiple times, why Draft DL early & often when CAPERS only uses them 2 at a time most games.
      Pigskin Paul

      1. i agree with you on dom only using 2 often, but does he only use two because he does not have the type of players that he wants to run his base schemes? i am so sick of the 2-4-5 alignment. the cardinals use it a lot, but they have 2 complete studs up front in dockett and campbell. it feels really gimmicky. get this defense back to its basics.

        dom has been a great addition to the packers, but if he cannot get his scheme to be more multiple and perform better against the leagues best QBs I am hoping that MM finds someone else for the job.

    2. Datone Jones doesn’t have good length. Good height but actually has short arms. Plus he’s a little on the light side for a 34 DE.

      Hunt needs to play in a 43 D. I don’t think he’s heavy enough either. All his sacks come on outside rushes not inside.

      Only pick I like in this mock is Lemonier.

      1. hunt is up to 290lbs. i think hunt is big enough. you have to look at the whole package. height, length, quickness. he can play 5tech.

      2. jones arms were 32 3/4. that is not bad. that is about average. and he is getting bigger. his frame is still filling out. he has a really solid base. size at the 5 tech is not a concern for me at all. most of these guys can put on 10 pounds pretty easily if that is what is asked of them.

  2. As far as the Packers are concerned, I don’t think your picks are insane. I don’t like your DL pick (however, I like your theory)because there will be better defensive ends available. I do like Tretter for OL. I think he is a sleeper. An excellent pick in that spot. Trufant will be gone by the 26th pick. There are too many teams in dire need of a Cornerback that pick ahead of the Packers in the 1st round.
    Your Tight End choice isn’t bad but I would wait until the 7th round to pick Nevada’s Zach Sudfeld. Big, fast and a good inline blocker. He also can play H-back vacated by Crabtree.

    1. …I forgot your pick for Outside Linebacker. Corey Lemonier is not the best choice. He definitely would be an upgrade from Waldon…Still there are plenty of better OLB’s in this draft.

        1. You may be right. But there may be one that slips through if you consider “Tweeners”

  3. I like most of the picks. We need good size and speed…You’ve addressed CB,S,
    LB,DL,OL,WR,TE,QB.Only one question…
    Why no Running Back? Does this mean you are happy with what we have, or do you
    think TT will pick up an undrafted Free

  4. RB just isn’t a Draft priority for the PACK this year. Their 3 young guys R pretty interesting, if/when healthy. But remember one other thing; RODGERS isn’t going to be the highest paid player in the League to hand off the ball 30 times a game. This Offense was made for passing.
    Pigskin Paul

    1. Paul, I have always agreed with what you are saying here, so much to my own surprise, I’m hearing the Packers are seriously considering Lacy. They could change their minds, of course, but right now, the interest is there.

      1. I like Lacy enough buy not at 26. If we could move down 8-10 spots i would like him a lot more.

  5. Joe Randle to the vikes in the 7th? If he drops that far love to see us take him in the 6th… In fact give us the Vikings mock and we’d be NFC north champs for years to come.

  6. The Bears draft looks spot-on, the others are a mess. Datone Jones in the third and Boyce in the second? Boyce is late round and Jones borderline one, and I hope he’s not GB’s pick.

    The Vikings taking another SS in R1 after Smith last year? Hopkins was a nice pick for the purple in one—too nice.

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