NFL Draft Prospect Profile: Christine Michael, RB Texas A&M All Green Bay Packers All the Time
Texas A&M RB Christine Michael
Texas A&M RB Christine Michael

Green Bay Packers NFL Draft prospect profile: RB Christine Michael

Player Information:

Christine Michael, RB Texas A&M
5-10, 220 pounds
Hometown: Beaumont, TX


NFL Combine:

40 time: 4.54
10-yard split: 1.51
225-pound bench: 27 reps
Vertical: 43″

News and Notes:

Talented player with some character concerns and medical issues … Never eclipsed 1,000 yards in a season at A&M … Led the team in rushing as a freshman … Best season came in 2011 when he racked up 899 yards on the ground and averaged six yards per carry … Averaged at least 4.7 yards per carry all four years … Suffered a torn ACL in Nov. 2011 … Suffered a broken leg Nov. 2010 … Was in A&M head coach Kevin Sumlin’s doghouse as a senior … Performed very well at the NFL Scouting Combine but overslept and missed two team interviews … 2009 Big 12 Offensive Freshman of the Year … 2009 Walter Payton Trophy winner, given to the most athletic high school football player in the country.

 What they’re saying about him: 

  • “He’s quick to the hole, shows excellent vision for the cutback, possesses good acceleration and enough lateral agility to elude defenders. Sees would-be tacklers coming and breaks a lot of tackles with a nice spin move, as well as a strong stiff-arm. No stranger to the weight room, Michael runs low to the ground with good pad level and lateral agility to make strong cuts.”
  • “Low center of gravity back with good thickness throughout his frame to take and give out punishment. North-south runner who uses his strong legs to burst out of the hole to eat up six or seven yards in a hurry. More speed in the open field than you’d expect given his size, sets up defenders in the open field for a dangerous cut on the run. Capable of strong cuts on stretch plays, runs with lean and balance to blast or step through arm tackles near the line. Also willing to spin off tackles to free himself in space or stretch for an extra yard inside. Takes out blitzers with cut blocks in pass protection, also defenders at the second level as a lead blocker.”


Video Analysis:

  • Patient runner.
  • Shows great balance between the tackles.
  • Doesn’t waste much time getting up field quickly. North-south runner.
  • Nifty, agile runner but willing to lower his shoulder and finish runs.
  • Quick spin move.
  • Tough runner between the tackles. Quick to get outside the tackle.
  • Bounces off arm tackles and keeps moving forward.

If drafted by the Packers:

Strictly as a runner, Christine Michael is among the most talented running backs in this year’s draft. He’s an elite athlete with terrific vision; he has all the physical tools one could possibly want from a running back. But will the character concerns outweigh his otherwise promising future? National Football Post thinks Michael could fall to the fourth round, which is where the Packers were able to select him in #MockFour on Twitter. NFL Network’s Mike Mayock, on the other hand, considers Michael “at least a second-round talent.” Teams will have to do more work on him off the field than they will on his on-field evaluation. The Packers are always cautious in bringing in players with character concerns, but if they’re comfortable with Michael situation, perhaps they’d consider him at the end of the third round if he’s available. If the Packers roll the dice and draft him, Michael would instantly become the team’s most talented running back, in my opinion. He’s not the big, bruising back that some want to pair with DuJuan Harris, but he has some short-yardage ability and has a very high ceiling. If he figures it all out and stays on the field, Michael could make it big in the NFL.


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17 thoughts on “NFL Draft Prospect Profile: Christine Michael, RB Texas A&M

  1. Not the big bruising RB? Well he’s basically the same size as Ahman Green was. Who care is if he isn’t 235 lbs. The guy is a very talented RB, right behind Lattimore as the most gifted runner. Not as good a receiver and has work to do in pass pro, but if the Packers want to improve the running game this guy will absolutely do that for GB.

    This might be a year Thompson takes a player w/ some off-field baggage. Michael and Ogletree are perfect fits for the Packers on the field. This is the year to look for on field production and take a gamble on playmakers w/ some off-field concerns IMO!

    1. He’s not Eddie Lacy, Le’Veon Bell or some of the other “big” RBs that some seem to favor. Michael has the physical aspect to his game, but he’s not a power back like the other two are.

      1. If you equate size to power that’s a mistake. I would say he runs w nearly as much power/authority as Lacy and more than Bell. Watch hoe he hit some of those LB and DB.

      1. You can see the anger in his eyes (the picture above) and compared to Ball on the Packers draft guide who has confident eyes.

        Michael has the eyes of a hunter and Ball has the eyes of the pursued. I’ve see AP run the ball a few times and this kid reminds me of him. AP also had some issues before being drafted.

        I agree with Stroh: “Michael and Ogletree are perfect fits for the Packers on the field. This is the year to look for on field production and take a gamble on playmakers w/ some off-field concerns” IMHO as well!

        Time for playmakers indeed.

  2. If this guy’s available and he fits the need in his round, then if the Packers don’t take him, he’s no good for them. They’ll have had plenty of time to do their due diligence while they were at the A&M clinic on how to stop the read-option, or as I like to think of it, “how to keep Kaep from handing our a$$ to us again”.

    1. Until Capers gets past his ego and obstinacy re: scheme, the Packers will continue to flounder re: the Pistol.

      Michael is injury prone and a real character risk. Why not profile some RB’s the Packers might actually be considering drafting?

    2. Agree. Let’s hope they are a little flexible though. This kid will keep the O on the field and let the D rest. That will help keep read-option contained.

  3. I think he will be there at the end of the fourth. Teams are not willing to take RBs with character issues. If he was a DE or another premium position they may be willing to take the risk. But not at RB. I would consider him a decent value at the end of the fourth, which is also the round the packers have their compensatory pick.

    1. thought that comp pick was in the 5th.
      i don’t think michael makes it out of r3.

      most talented runner in the draft.

      1. Our comp pick is a 5th. You are correct.

        He and Lattimore are easily the most talented runners.

  4. As far as healthy RB’s Michael is the most gifted in the draft. Lattimore would be, but his knee injuries are scary.
    I am not saying I would not draft Lattimore, I am just saying Michael is the healthiest of the two, Both have injury concerns but Lattimores concerns are much bigger.

    Michael is a TEN CENT head case, but has remarkable talent that fits the Packers inside and outside zone and stretch plays.
    I have not watched a RB with that kind of cutting, jump cut and cut back ability for some time. His jump cuts are a thing of beauty.

    At 220# he is a big back, his 4.54 40 is above average and top 10 in this draft for RB’s, his 1.51 ten yard time is tied for second out of the RB’s. His 43″ vertical is just dumbfounding.
    TT followed him around like a bad prom date at the East West Shrine game.

    So don’t be so quick to say he is not someone that the Packers would pick.

    Where to draft him is the question, he has 1st round talent. I would not guess as to where he will be drafted. But if he is there for the Packers 4th pick, you run to the podium with that pick.
    If you are REALLY lucky you get him in the fifth.

    1. how do you know TT was all over him at the shrine game? was that reported somewhere?

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