Packers Mock Draft #1 from Pigskin Paul All Green Bay Packers All the Time
Packers GM Ted Thompson
Packers GM Ted Thompson

Trying to figure out Mocks that involve all 32 teams seems absolutely impossible to my old mind. Trying to construct something that captures the scheming and mechanization of TED THOMPSON’s mind may be even more daunting. But at least it only involves 8 Picks and no one in their right mind expects anything close to it to actually occur at the end of April. So here is my first PACKERS 2013 Draft projection.

Just a brief explanation of the effort. I am using my Top 300 prospect list and then selecting at the pick spots currently held by the PACK. When they are scheduled to select at spot 26 in Round 1 I consider prospects that I have ranked from 24-35. Thus I am hoping that Whitey likes someone in that 12 spot range. Within those 12 I am also considering needs as I view them. Even though Thompson professes the “best available athlete” philosophy as his drafting mode, he is far from oblivious to roster need factors if he has a group of players that are pretty much equally ranked on his Draft Board.

Even though I believe this to be a very good Draft to trade back a couple of times because of high quality depth I refuse to even begin speculation on when and where he might trade. Therefore, this projection is confined to the current 8 Picks that the PACKERS organization holds.

PACKERS MOCK DRAFT 1st Edition March, 2013

Round 1, Pick 26 DESMOND TRUFANT/CB/WASHINGTON/6’0/190(25)
He fits the mold of a PACKERS CB. He is a solid athlete, with extreme confidence who can cover and will tackle with gusto. TRAMON WILLIAMS is now in his 30’s & SAM SHIELDS may moving on this year (RFA) or next. He could be an immediate sub-package contributor and a starter by 2014. He’ll be the 3rd TRUFANT brother to play in the NFL. I just love those gene pools. He adds speed to the PACK with his 4.38/40 from the Combine.

Round 2, Pick 55 JOSH BOYCE/WR/RS/TCU/5’11/206(66)
With all the QB issues at TCU last season this guy fell off the radar for many NFL teams. But he caught their eye and got back into serious consideration when he ran a 4.38/40 at the COMBINE. Looks to me like he can bring the same kind of skills & production to the PACK as those of recently departed GREG JENNINGS. He also flashed some return ability during his college career.

Round 3, Pick 88 J.J. WILCOX/S/GEORGIA SOUTHERN/6’0/213(95)
I confess, I have had this guy in mind for the PACK since the Senior Bowl. The former RB /WR has a scary skill set for an NFL S. He loves contact, but also seems to have instincts in coverage that you just can’t teach. His 4.57/40 time from the COMBINE is more than adequate when you consider his size and quickness. Another “small school” guy who I think could develop just like NICK COLLINS did coming out of college.

Round 4, Pick 122 COREY LEMONIER/DE/OLB/AUBURN/6’3/255(121)
The kind of hybrid defender that DOM CAPERS covets for his LB heavy scheme. He would add another weapon along the MATTHEWS/NICK PERRY lines. He has a chance to be better than guys like ZOMBO & WALDEN (now gone). You just can’t have too many LB in the team’s current scheme on D. And especially a guy whose number one asset is his pass rush ability off the edge.

Round 5, Pick 159 LEVINE TIOLOLO/TE/STANFORD/6’8/260(158)
I will admit that this pick is highly speculative, based on knee issues that may not allow him to pass some teams’ physicals. But he would give the team that jumbo package TE that they just don’t have with the departure of CRABTREE. His height, length and soft hands would likely make him an excellent weapon in the red zone, much to the delight of AARON RODGERS.

Round 5, Pick 167 A.J. FRANCIS/DT/MARYLAND/6’5/320(169)
The kind of long & large player that the PACK doesn’t have right now along the DL. He’s a high energy guy, who showed flashes as well as high energy and enthusiasm for the game during SHRINE Week. He could make a nice fit with his size when the team drops into it’s 2-4-5 formation. He’d also be able to line up at DE on first down against a power running team like the VIKINGS.

Round 6, Pick 193 J.C. TRETTER/OG/OC/CORNELL/6’4/307(203)
The kind of tough, small school guy that the PACKERS continually draft and develop. He needs bit more bulk but is a strong, physical player who is also athletic. He could back-up all along the interior and perhaps compete for a starting job at OC in his second year in the League.

Round 7, Pick 232 ZAC DYSERT/QB/MIAMI(O)/6’3/231(233)
On my Board he’s still around, and would provide a player with more athleticism and a better arm than GRAHAM HARRELL as the fallback option to RODGERS. He needs work, but certainly has many of the tools needed to succeed on the NFL. He could make for a very good pupil in the Mike McCarthy school of QBs.

At the end of each line giving the pick name and vital stats there is a number in parentheses. That number is where that player is currently ranked on my Regardless of Position list. It also occurred to me after making the Picks and looking at their numbers, that this group of draftees would clearly improve team speed if they made the roster next September. That is indeed an area that many people feel must improve for the PACK to advance in the NFL play-Offs.

There you go. Probably not the guys WHITEY is looking at in most instances, but a solid group that could improve the Green Bay roster in my opinion.

Note: You can read more from Paul on the Packers and the NFL Draft on his website, Pigskin Paul’s Place.

34 thoughts on “Packers Mock Draft #1 from Pigskin Paul

  1. I used the draft tek site. Here are my picks:

    1) TE Eifert-Notre Dame
    2) DE Gholston-Mich State
    3) SS Rambo-Georgia
    4) RB Michael-Texas A&M
    5) C Quessenberry-San Jose St
    6) WR Fuller-VA Tech
    7) DT Geathers-Georgia
    8) DT Barnes-Georgia Tech

    That was fun!

    Thank you.

    1. Don’t like the first two picks… I don’t want to use my first round pick on a tight end and I have too many concerns about Gholston.

      1. I live deep in the heart of East Lansing and when I’m not proselytizing the good news about the Great Andrew Quarless, I’m watching Michigan State football.

        William Gholston is at best a 4th round pick. Some desperate sucker will probably take him earlier than that but I don’t anticipate him making a splash in the NFL let alone the Packers 3-4 scheme. (Coming from a 4-3, remember?).

        His play was greatly diminished with the departure of Jerel Worthy (who I had higher hopes for) and as a fan who likes a little class and respect in this violent game, he can take his talents to Detroit because the type of thuggery exhibited in the 2011 game vs. Michigan is downright Lions-esque and I don’t want it anywhere near the Packers.

        So, in summation, he’s a 4th+ round fixer-upper at best.

  2. Ted has used a number of Picks on DL in recent years. He’s not gong to throw darts at the DL porpsect board & hope he hits on one. Smart drafters take the best that is there not reach out of desparation. Besides CAPERS doesn’t use the DL much anyway.
    Pigskin Paul

    1. I doubt Thompson goes DL in this draft either. IMO its a very deep DL draft, but its all 43 DT, NT and edge rushers (OLB for the Pack). If he does go DL in 1st or 2nd, I would expect Kawaan Short. He seems like the best fit as a good 34 DE and pass rushing DT.

      I expect Thompson to have his eyes out for DL in the 4th and later. One prospect I like is Nick Williams from Samford. He’s got prototypical 34 DE size and excellent athleticism. I could easily see Thompson using a late round choice on a guy to develop as a 34 DE.

    2. This is not a sarcastic question… what do you mean Capers doesn’t “use the DL much anyway”? If they’re on the field they’re being used right? Do you just mean he doesn’t always have all 3 on the field? I’m confused.

  3. Looks like Pigskin doesn’t have the Pack picking up much value in terms of where we pick and how Paul sees them on his regardless of position scale (1,042 total Packer pick rank to 1,070 Pigskin regardless rank). Still not too far off.

    Don’t know if I’d want a CB and WR with the first two picks. I would like to see Pauls top 300 in so I could plug in someone else other than Trufant in the first round. If Pigskin is partially basing his mock on need, I think there are other more pressing areas.

    1. Hey Mojo nice analysis, but remember I am posting my Regardless List based on what I perceive tp be overall player value. Some guys who are hihger on my list than guys I assigned to the Pack just don’t fit their style of play or personality profile. BOYCE for instance might be as high as #40 on a Packers value list because of what they look for to fit their schemes.
      Pigskin Paul

  4. Well… I guess I’ll take my ball and go home. Your only response of the day and
    this is how you treat me. So much for
    enjoying your column and thanking you.
    Where is the love man? Remember to look
    at the glass as half full and not half
    empty! Build me up Buttercup Baby…LOL

    1. All the luv in the world baby. But I can’t see Whitey rolling the dice on another 3 DL again this year. CAPERS doesn’t care as long as he gets DBs & LBs to play with.
      Pigskin Paul

  5. Off Topic:

    I see that Reggie McKenzie has just brought Matt Flynn in to Oakland.

    Congrats, Matt- you deserve a shot at a starting job, and one thing us Packers fans have seen, all you need is the opportunity. You’re a gamer, best of luck

  6. If I were picking…

    1st Ogletree – Has off-field concerns but his on field production, talents and athleticism perfectly fit our weak ILB.

    2nd Eric Ried – Has the speed and range Thompson likes at Safety, plus a very physical player.

    3rd Schwenke or Lemonier – haven’t come to a conclusion which I like better yet.

    4th Michael RB – Looks like a really good fit for the zbs. Only issue is as reciever/blocker and Harris or Green can assume that role.

    5th OLB or OL depending what happens in 3rd.

    I don’t try to predict this far down, but keep an eye on Nick Williams DE Samford in the late rounds. He’s got prototypical size and measurables for a 34 DE and could become a nice fit w/ some developmnent. I could easily see Thompson using a late round choice on a DL to develop.

    1. i like michael quite a bit, but he has a lot more issues than blocking. he is a complete head case. overslept at the combine and missed two meetings. but in the 4th-5th round i would take a chance on him. his talent as a RB is well above that on a stand alone basis.

    2. Good observation on NICK WILLIAMS of Samford. He would be solid fit in their 2-man DL. I am also high on SCHWENKE, who could fight for starting OC job as a Rookie.
      Bit I do agree w/FireMM that MICHAEL is a head case who likely drive NFL coaches crazy.
      Pigskin Paul

      1. has anyone actually watched nick williams play? i cannot find any video of him. good measurables, but i would like to see some video of him.

        1. I couldn’t find any either. I ran across him a month or so ago and looked then. I just saw his size and measurable and think he’d be a great developmental guy. Hard to find 6’5 310 lb DL that have his athletic ability.

      2. Williams would also be a great fit as a base 34 DE. I would like to see the Packers play more base 34 and to do so we need a LDE that plays w/ power and can disrupt passing lanes a la Johnny Jolly.

        Both Ogletree and Micheal have definite off field concerns, no doubt about it. But I just think their skills are really well suited for the Packers needs at ILB and RB.

    1. Yup, he got no love this January. Then his 4.38/40 got some folks attention again. Ask Andy Dalton about Boyce.Check out his Combine numbers & U discover a special athlete w/excellent measurables.
      Pigskin Paul

  7. I don’t see TT not going DL in the 1st round in this draft. The only teams that have defeated the pack the last 2 seasons are physical-running teams (Vikings, Giants, 49ers, Chiefs) And we’re going to face that kind of teams next season. Everyone knows that the pakcers need a better and more physical defense and for that you need BIG GUYS, Capers knows that obviously… So this is my idea for a good draft for the pack in 2013:

    1st.- Datone Jones, DE, UCLA. He is a big dominant DE who played in a 3-4 defense and is a top 5 prospect at the position and I think is going to be the best avaliable at 26th pick.

    2nd.- Jhon Cyprien, S, FCU. I hope he would be avaliable for the second round. He is a good physical safety who can add good competition with the other young guys(Jennings, McMillian and Richardson) for a starting spot a the position.

    3rd.- Brian Schwenke/Matt Summers-Gavinn/Hugh Thornton, OG. All of this 3 guys are great physical blockers and all 3 had played in a zone-blocking scheme (the one the packers use in his run plays).

    4th.- Christine Michael/Le’Veon Bell/Kenjon Barner, RB. All of this RB are going to be avaliable in the fourth so I really can see the packers taking one of this RBs to add competition to the position. But I really hope to see the pakcers taking a shot drafting Marcus Lattimore.

    5th.- David Bass, DE/OLB, Missouri Western State. This is an interesting player that I hope Thompson draft to develop in a good OLB to fill the void of the Walden Departure(He would be way better than Walden).

    6th.- Marquess Wilson, WR, Washington State. I really hope this guy to be avaliable at this round and Thompson take the shot drafting him; his combination of size and speed is what I really look for the new weapon for Aaron Rodgers.

    7th.- I don’t give a shit a this point… But I really like those players for the packers in this uncoming draft. I really like players like Jesse Williams and Kyle Long as other options for the first 2 rounds.

  8. Not trying to be a douche, but any reason why you don’t see the Packers taking a RB?

    1. You’re not a douche (as far as I know) but I felt there was better value with the picks I took. I think there wil be several quality RBs that the PACK could sign as URFA on Draft Sunday. I also think HARRIS/GREEN/STARKS are all decent if healthy. I admt that’s a big “if” tho.
      Pigskin Paul

  9. Josh Boyce in the second round is a bit high for my taste. Lots of talent, but is he a natural hands catcher? It seems like TT looks at that first or foremost.

    I am not a fan of the DL class this year. After Star Lotululei, who i think is the best player in the draft by a wide margin, no one really catches my eye.

    Datone Jones and Jesse Williams are two guys that I would give strong consideration to in the first round at #26. Jesse Williams has a strange body type, but he is strong as an ox and really knows how to fill gaps and stay parallel to the line of scrimmage.

    I know Margus Hunt is a name that is well known and he has been up and down “experts” draft boards. I have watched a few of his games in the second half of the year and he just looks fantastic. So much explosion for a big guy. Any chance he is there at the bottom of the second or is he long gone by then. I could be convinced to spend a first round pick on him even though he did not have a great senior bowl.

    1. I watched Hunt quite a bit in video’s. All his sacks come from an outside rush, like Jared Allen. And at 25 yrs old and having been training for power track events I think he is about maxed out in growth potential. At 6’8 277 he’s much to thin to handle double teams in the NFL. He also tend to play too tall and doesn’t have good pad level, so he’ll get pushed around vs the run too easily. I don’t know that he’ll be a good interior DT in pass rush. And for all his length he doesn’t disrupt passing lanes nearly as much as he should. IMO he needs to play 43 DE so he can be an edge rusher like Allen, we need more of a Richard Seymour type DE IMO. And Matthews and Perry are our edge rushers for the foreseeable future.

    2. Jesse Williams could easily make it to #26 and I think that would be the ideal pick if no studs slide down. I like him to play lots from the start and take over for an aging Picket sooner than later. I would feel much better about picking a WR, RB, TE or whatever else in the second round if we got an ox like Williams in the first!

    1. Agreed… I don’t know a ton but a cb in the first round would have me scratching my head for weeks! That may be the only position we can’t upgrade! Maybe I’m the odd one out here but I don’t think the Pack stands a chance against the physical teams out there by drafting more cb’s and wr’s. Picket’s in his last year, Raji may hit FA next year and who else do we have on the line? I’m an amateur for sure, but not taking D-line in the first two rounds when there is this kind of talent at that position seems crazy to me.

  10. Although I like Trufant, I don’t think TT picks a CB in round 1 – he is a savvy DB picker and talent evaluator (dating all the way back to his Seattle days) and can find one in later rounds or on the street (as history shows). TT sucks at evaluating RB talent, and I think he knows it and will stay away from RB for at least the first 4 rounds – I doubt he takes one.

    I expect DT or DE in round 1 – Pickett has one year left on his contract and in the tank, and Raji’s future is up in the air at this point. They need new blood at DT and DE to challenge the current flight of players. I also think TT goes WR in round 2 to add depth for the future. I like Wilcox a lot and can see him selected in round 3. However, my sources say:

    1. DT K. Short (Purdue)

    1a. DT Syl Williams (NC) If Short is gone…..

    2. WR Da’Rick Rogers (Tenn Tech) – has all the intangibles to be a star (off field issues appear to be behind him …..)

    3. C Schwenke – Road grader could also play OG; excels at pass protection

    4. DE L. Edwards (LSU) – possibly a reach due to his playing time (part time starter for LSU) but he outplayed Mingo and others at times. LSU has several backups who would start on other teams, and Edwards is one of them.

    5. OLB Powell (Harding) – Check him out. Great late round draft pick who could be the buzz of the draft (looking back)

    5. OG Thornton (Ill) – Lang is not the answer; don’t like our depth at OG and C

    6. OLB Lotulelei (Hawaii) – all he needs is a consonant

    7. TE Toilolo (Stanford) – ditto


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