2014 Packers Roster Analysis June 2014: Youth Will Be Served Again

I printed up a copy of the Green Bay Packers roster last Saturday, the 14th of June. After looking through the 90-man list I came up with a few information odds and ends that might interest their die-hard fans who don’t want to comb through and spend their time accumulating such mundane numbers. I confess […]

Pigskin Paul – Packers Mock Draft

PIGSKIN PAUL’S 2104 PACKERS DRAFT It’s time to let it rip and try to match wits with TED THOMPSON on who the PACK should be picking next week to supplement their roster. The Picks are based on my Regardless of Position prospect rankings as of May 2nd. Each Pick analysis will include where they ranked […]

Packers Mock Draft with a Twist – Pigskin Paul

I am not a big fan of Mock Drafts. I always feel like they are a lot more work than they are worth. With trades and so many front office changes every year the process of putting together an accurate sample Mock Draft seems not only daunting, but highly speculative. And since I do not […]

Live By the Draft, Die By the Draft – Pigskin Paul

Since I appear to be the Grandpa of the Draftnik football writers I find at times a need to explain some of my witticisms and quotes. There is an old saying “live by the sword, die by the sword’. That really should be self-explanatory. Today I want to relate that saying to TED THOMPSON and […]

Pigskin Paul Peruses Packers Picks

So now all the guess work is over and the NFL Draft is in the books. As I write this most Packers rookies are showing up for their first taste of an NFL OTA. And it is obvious that unless I am going to be totally oblivious of my readers’ desires, which is not a […]