Picking the Packers’ Final Four Players – Vote Now

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Last weekend, we picked our “Packers Players Elite Eight.” As March Madness continues, we will parallel the NCAA Basketball tournament and have you vote for the four BEST Packers on the roster; the “Packers Players Final Four.”

The players you selected fore the Elite Eight (in no particular order) were:

  • James Jones
  • Aaron Rodgers
  • Casey Hayward
  • Randall Cobb
  • B.J. Raji
  • Jordy Nelson
  • Clay Matthews
  • Josh Sitton

This time around, you get to vote for the Final Four. So select who you think are the Packers’ BEST four football players from the list. As a reminder, this isn’t a vote for the player’s value to the Packers, but rather who are the BEST football players on the roster.

The poll will be up through Sunday Night and the results will be posted on Monday.  Enjoy!


Select the Packers’ four “BEST” Players:



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18 thoughts on “Picking the Packers’ Final Four Players – Vote Now

  1. One, Two, Three no hesitation for me (Rodgers, Matthews, Sitton.)

    Number four was a difficult toss up for me- Jordy Nelson or Randall Cobb.

    Cobb is still so young in his career, but his break-out campaign last season was hard to discount.. He makes an impact from so many different places on the field- SE, Flanker, Backfield..

    Jordy Nelson had a down year due to injury last season, but he proved to be the most dominant WR in all of football for roughly a 18-20 game stretch prior.

    I had to give Jordy Nelson the tip of the hat. Cobb is extremely versatile and impactful, but he only did it one season (not his fault, he’s only had two seasons) and he was not “elite” in that performance (although he was great.)

    Jordy has had a number of years of consistent over-the-top of the defense production, but he was basically unparallelled during that LONG stretch from the end of 2010 through all of 2011. Absolutely dominant.

    Jordy got my number 4.

    1. Agree with your top three. I went with Cobb over Jordy and JJ. Just think that Cobb is a little better than both, but I agree a healthy Jordy is a very good player. Unfortunately, his reoccuring knee swelling concerns me.

      Interesting how quickly Hayward entered the top eight. Don’t know if that says more about Hayward, or the quality of the Packs best.

      The top two and eventual winner are just a mere formality.

      1. I think Hayward will be a fine player, he clearly flashed some major talent.

        That said, placing a Rookie with limited playing time into the top eight Packers players seems remarkably premature to me.

        What I meant when I made my statement about Samkon Gado is simply that one remarkable year does not necessarily indicate greatness. Hayward has a long career ahead of him and while early indications are very positive, who’s to say he doesn’t fall off the face of the earth?

        1. I like Hayward but I think he’s very near his ceiling. His athleticism is not top shelf, like Shields or even House. I think in the near future Shields and House are the starters but Hayward will continue to be a nickel CB. Don’t get me wrong… I like the guy, but I think he’s perfectly suited for the nickel role, but not as a starter. Lock him in as the nickel CB for the next 4+ years, but IMO that’s his perfect position. I don’t think he would be a quality starting CB. He fits his role perfectly, but don’ make the mistake that he’s got more in him. You’ll be disappointed. That’s just my opinion. I know almost all Packer fans want to think he’s gonna become something much better, but IMO that wouldn’t fit his skills. Nickel CB is a perfect fit however!

          1. No, he’s not a physical specimen.

            What makes him potentially special is his well above average football IQ, his superb instincts, and his willingness and desire to put his nose in there and mix it up (I’ve seen clips from his college highlights where he without hesitation engages offensive linemen.)

            I urge you to consider that if you only place stock in speed, agility, and strength to determine success, you may be just as disappointed as those who you are warning to be wary of Hayward in the first place.

            Gotta let it all pan out, but guys who “get it” like Hayward are just as likely to make it big as guys like Shields who are physically gifted. Charles Woodson wasn’t a star player because of his 40 time or strength.

            1. Yes Hayward does have excellent football IQ and instincts. That’s what helped so much last year and allows him to succeed while not having the great athleticism of others. That’s not going to change, but its also not likely to grow nearly as much as others. So it allowed him to be successful quickly but is also part of the reason his ceiling isn’t much higher than he’s at now. Its not like his instincts and football IQ are gonna grow by leaps and bounds. That along w/ his ordinary athleticism means he’s nearly as good as he’ll get.

              I have nothing against him, in fact I like him a lot and respect him for succeeding. In the end, CB is a position where athleticism will get you a lot further than football IQ. Theres a reason why speed and agility are so necessary. Its the position that requires the most athletic ability.

              Woodson was still a better athlete 2 years ago, than Hayward is now or will ever be. Hayward will get better, but it won’t be to the point of others w/ better athleticism.

          2. Just for the record, I agree that Hayward is probably best suited for the slot, mostly because he’s smart enough for it (it is more challenging schematically than the perimeter) and it puts him closer to the ball, the QB, and the RB off the snap, where he has a bigger chance of making a play.

            1. I fully understand every reason why he excels in the slot. It doesn’t change the fact that he’s not a great athlete, at a position where athletic ability is more important to success than any other in football.

  2. i had cobb over nelson and sitton.
    the decision for me was nelson or sitton for #4… went with sitton.

    1. No kidding. Its pointless to continue this series. Anyone w/ half a brain knows Rodgers is easily #1 and Matthews just as easily #2.

  3. Rodgers

    Cobb isn’t “too young,” any more than Mathews was too young going into his third season. If he belongs in the top 5 age/experience shouldn’t make any difference. Raji doesn’t belong anywhere near the top 5. He’s not even “top ten.”

    1. I only will state that Matthews was dominant and could not be stopped. Take a look at his 2010 highlight reel.

      Cobb is extremely good, but at this point he certainly can’t be claimed to be dominant or unstoppable as CM3 was in 2010 (his second year.) His arrow is pointing up, but we have not seen him dominate and be considered one of the elite playmakers in the league quite yet.

      in 2010, Clay Matthews was in the discussion for DPOTY.

      1. Also Hayward was in the discussion for DROTY if the Packers had played him all year he may have won.

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