NFL Draft Prospect Profile: Marcus Lattimore, RB South Carolina All Green Bay Packers All the Time
South Carolina RB Marcus Lattimore
South Carolina RB Marcus Lattimore

Green Bay Packers NFL Draft prospect profile: RB Marcus Lattimore

Player Information:

Marcus Lattimore, RB South Carolina
5-11, 221 pounds
Hometown: Duncan, SC


NFL Combine:

Lattimore did not participate in the NFL Scouting Combine. (Injured)

News and Notes:

Lattimore enters the NFL Draft as a junior … In 2012, his season ended Oct. 27 when he blew out his knee against Tennessee; he tore three of the four ligaments in his right knee … As a sophomore in 2011, Lattimore suffered a torn left ACL against Mississippi State … If healthy, most believe Lattimore would be the No. 1 running back in this draft class … Lattimore exploded onto the scene as a freshman in 2010, racking up 1,197 yards and 17 rushing touchdowns in the SEC … Has value as a receiver, catching a total of 74 passes in 29 games at South Carolina … He’s a first-round talent that will likely be a late third-round or early fourth-round pick based on health concerns.

 What they’re saying about him: 

  • “Very good at keeping defenders off balance, showing excellent acceleration, anticipation and footwork. Natural balance and feel between the tackles with good vision and patience to follow his blocks. Reliable receiving target, adjusting well to the ball with good focus. Never goes down easy and rarely goes out of bounds, running with toughness and confidence. Good effort in pass protection and not shy about giving up his body.”
  • “Possesses vision and quick feet for his size to slide into a rushing lane and the speed to get upfield once finding the hole. Quite effective on zone runs when used in that capacity. Has the wiggle to freeze and elude tacklers to space. Spins off piles inside and keeps his legs churning to pick up the extra yard. Gets into his routes fluidly out of the backfield and flashes the hand to adjust to poor throws. Good build for pass protection, and is willing to hustle and make contact to keep his quarterback clean.”




Video Analysis:

  • Reminder: Georgia’s front seven features three potential first-round picks in the front seven in linebackers Alec Ogletree and Jarvis Jones, along with defensive tackle John Jenkins.
  • Tough runner between the tackles, doesn’t shy away from contact.
  • Not a burner but has deceptive speed that allows him to break away from defenders.
  • Very patient, waits for the hole to open up.
  • Natural feel for getting open as a receiver and catches the ball with his hands.
  • Moves north-and-south, wastes very little time getting up field.
  • Runs with great pad level, stays low and delivers a blow to defenders.
  • Rarely goes down on first contact, especially with arm tackles.

If drafted by the Packers:

Lattimore is one of the few wild cards in this year’s draft. If he can stay on the field and return to top form, he has a good chance at being the most productive running back out of this class. But with so many concerns regarding his long-term health, it may be a team the Packers that can afford to take a chance on him. With DuJuan Harris, Alex Green, James Starks and Brandon Saine on the roster, Lattimore may not be counted upon to be the team’s opening-day starter. But if he continues his recovery and regains strength in his knee, Lattimore would likely be the Packers’ most talented running back and could crack the starting lineup at some point in 2013. Late in the third round, teams will start to consider taking a chance on Lattimore, perhaps along with the likes of Texas A&M’s Christine Michael, Wisconsin’s Montee Ball and Stanford’s Stepfan Taylor. Assuming the Packers haven’t already drafted a running back, Lattimore makes a lot of sense at the end of the third round considering his high ceiling.


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27 thoughts on “NFL Draft Prospect Profile: Marcus Lattimore, RB South Carolina

      1. It is 2013 and this isn’t Frank Gore. The Pack needs to fix the 3rd & 1 lack of running for a new set of downs. Lacy, Bell or Ball can do that and if available should be the pick (then risk a pick on a potential star).

        I’d rather see the Pack get Fredrickson to back up the guards and compete at center before risking a pick this year. We only have 8 picks not 14 – we need healthy players for the opening day. (IMHO).

        I don’t know if a UDFA is the answer either. TT is spending alot of $$$$ on Arod and the time is now for a RB that is productive day 1.

        1. What you don’t think Lattimore can do that? Draft they guy and he’ll be on pup for 1/2 the year and probably the #1 RB the final 1/2 year. I’ll take that in a heart beat. Lattimore would be the #1 RB in the draft w/o question. Both ACL’s is nothing to sneeze at, but if Gore can do that 10 years ago, Lattimore can do it now!

          Fredrickson isn’t even on the Packer Radar! He’s got no mobility whatsoever. Packers want OL and Center in particular that have good movement. Frederick is a freakin statue for gods sake. He would be the last thing they want at OG or C. If they draft OL in the 1st it should be Cooper and move him from OG to Center.

          1. You know lattimore will not start season (put on PUP) for at least Sept & October. I’m not saying lattimore won’t come back but you must be a professional sports medicine guy with access to Lattimore’s health records to know he will make it back for second half of year.

            I’m sorry but it is just as likely lattimore will go on IR for 2013. I don’t want to see the team waste an opportunity this year! When Lacy, Ball or others can start day one and get the job done.

            Fredrickson is on Chicago’s, Vikings and Detroits radar. To deprive them of a guard is worth more to me than taking a feakin chance on 2 tore ACL”s on the flavor of the month. Again, this is 2013, the Pack has 8 picks not 14. Each pick needs to be ready day one. The window for AROD is 5-7 years. Now is the team to get healthy players.

            Before wasting a 3rd round pick I prefer the team take Lacy with the 1st (or even Ball). Even a draft day trade of 1st for a 2 & 3 makes more sense than wasting it on Lattimore. (IMHO)

            Again this is Lattimore not Gore. We don’t know what will happen until October. I think he will be on IR for the rest of the year and be the worst RB for 2013.

            1. Well I do have a degree in Exercise Science and worked as a Strength and Conditioning coach. His ACL was horrific but he’s already come back from one ACL, so he knows the road to recovery. He had surgery in oct or nov last year. We just saw AP recover from his ACL in 6 mon, but ACL and Lattimore’s was more than just an ACL. According to Andrews his orthopedist “He’s motivated, working every day, he’s way ahead of the game,”. There’s no guarentees and the Gore comparison is a pretty close one. You sound like you want to write him off completely. I think he stands a very good chance of being on the field mid season next year, a full year after surgery. And then you get the #1 RB from the draft for the next 8-10 years. Your thinking too short term, Thompson has to put more in the long term.

              Let the NFCN rivals draft Frederick. I could care less. They don’t play the Packers scheme do they? Fredericks is fine for a power run team not for a zbs or combo blocking where movement ability is a prerequisite.

              Pass on Frederick for the Packers and use a 3rd or 4th on Lattimore.

              1. We both have our own opinions. I believe that Frederick is better suited to the packers than you give him credit. But he wasn’t the question.

                You are over optimistic on Lattimore. Maybe he will be the greatest RB since AP was drafted. I don’t think so. TT and the medical team will have to make that call come draft day. From what I see we don’t need the greatest running back but one who can get a yard on 3rd and 1’s. To help AROD in the passing game. Lacy, Ball, Bell and a few others can do that starting day 1.

                With his injury history how can you predict he will play the next 8 or 10 years much less be the best?

                The problem is making defenses play honest and that might happen in November if Lattimore doesn’t go on IR> With Ball, Lacy or other it happens day 1. Let the Vikings draft lattimore.

              2. The race isn’t won on day 1 of the regular season, its won in FEB! I care about who’s going to help the Packers most in the playoffs, I’m not worried about getting to the playoffs, but Winning when we get there. That’s not too overlook the regular season either. But the regular season is a marathon. And I’m also worried about the Packers best interests in the long run, not just this season. Lattimore could be the best RB in this draft as soon as ’14. Next year he may not have the best year overall, but by the time the playoffs start he could already be the best in this draft. Thompson doesn’t build for one season, he builds for long term success.

                In what way does Frederick fit what the Packers do? He’s not good at movement and is a power player in limited spaces, that’s not what the Packers want on the OL.

            2. Good God, you would draft a guy that doesn’t fit in GB just so another team can’t have him? I’ll apologize before hand, but that’s about the most idiotic thing I’ve ever heard on a Packers website! The Packers are in the business of making the Packers the best team, not getting players that don’t fit to allegedly not help another team. That’s something Minn makes a habit of doing w/ Packer FA, how has that get them a SB?! Other teams respond to the Packers, we don’t respond to what they do.

  1. This guy is tempting and troubling all at the same time. Absolute stud when he’s healthy, but is he one of those guys like Neal that’s so strong and so tight, everytime he moves he pulls, strains or tears something?

  2. Is it known yet how many picks GB will get and at what rounds; that is including comp picks?

  3. Really, another thread promoting Marcus Lattimore? When will this madness end? The man, for all his attributes, has had TWO devastating knee injuries already. He very likely won’t play in 2013 or at least be on PUP. Yet, his name keeps cropping up on the Packer boards.

    Aren’t there any RB’s available who don’t have such a gruesome injury to add to GB’s injury prone list of bad RB’s?

      1. Ever hear of Justin Harrell?

        Gore did not have the destruction in his knee that Lattimore suffered in his second knee injury. What about NO MORE INJURY PRONE/RISK players is so difficult to grasp? Is their no talent at RB besides players like Lattimore who guaranteed won’t play year one?

        1. No Gores knee injuries weren’t as severe as Lattimores, but the technology is also much better than it was 10 yrs ago. What difficult to grasp about using a mid round pick on a guy who could easily be the best RB from this draft in 2 years? For a mid round pick, I’m willing to take a little gamble that he could become like Ahman Green. Honestly, if healthy Lattimore IS the best RB in this draft and its not even close. He is head and shoulders a better rb than Lacy.

    1. If this guy ends up being hurt a bunch, all the TT bashers will bring up Justin Harrell, Neal followed by James Starks. So, what round would Lattimore be worth taking a chance on?

        1. Damn right. If he’s there in the 4th I would say its basically a no-brainer. Hell, I wouldn’t be upset if they took him in the 3rd!

    2. But, if he does recover, and I think he will, you will see why so many praise his abilities and his character.

      1. IMO, Lattimore has SPECIAL written all over him. He’s a team making RB. Only question is his injuries, but if he recovers w/in the next year, and I agree, I think he will, he’ll be a RB in the mold of Ahman Green w/o the fumbling. Just a matter of his recovery, but otherwise he’s SPECIAL!

      2. Even if he loses a little and is only an “average NFL back”, that’s not a bad investment.

  4. I wouldn’t mind taking this guy as a high risk/reward RB we could use, as long as a DL and S come first….

  5. I saw a piece on him on ESPN or NFLN… I’m in love. If he were still around in the fourth, I’d be all about it. Humble kid, good family, grounded… And as has been stated… “When” healthy… Best back in the draft, hands down. These knee injuries aren’t the death knell they once were, give these thoroughbreds a year (often times less), and there’s a great possibility they’ll regain they’re pre-injury form. That being said, Ted has willingly drafted injury risks before, with bad results, makes you wonder if he’s taken that scenario off the table…

    GBP 4 LIFE

    1. Someone used the phrase “risk/reward” prior to this, and I agree: getting a guy who would have been the #1 back in the draft in round 4 would be a pretty good investment…especially given the broad talent distribution in the middle rounds. How many 4th rounders just don’t pan out–injury or no? How many 4th rounders have “perennial all-pro” potential? Given TT’s penchant for trading down and stockpiling mid-late round picks, why not?

      You’re right, the ACL is no longer a career-ending injury. I don’t have the stats on ACL reinjury, but I suspect it’s not meaningfully higher than initial injury.

      The comment on having access to his health records or current status is a no-brainer. If he’s ahead of progress, my guess is he’ll be open to running and testing to bolster his draft position.

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