Cory’s Corner: Through jabs, we see Aaron Rodgers’ true colors

It’s pretty apparent that Aaron Rodgers not only likes hoops, but more specifically — the Wisconsin Badgers. I have no problem with that one bit. Yes, he may have thrown touchdown passes for Cal, but he has been ingrained in the sausage and cheese tradition since getting drafted 24th overall in 2005. And then the […]

The Results are In: Presenting the Packers’ Final Four and Top Twenty

After a two days of voting, the fans have had their say and the Packers’ Final Four players have been chosen. As a reminder this was a vote for the Packers’ BEST pure football players, not those with the most value to them. I’ve also listed the top 20 vote getters along the way, in […]

Picking the Packers’ Final Four Players – Vote Now

Last weekend, we picked our “Packers Players Elite Eight.” As March Madness continues, we will parallel the NCAA Basketball tournament and have you vote for the four BEST Packers on the roster; the “Packers Players Final Four.” The players you selected fore the Elite Eight (in no particular order) were: James Jones Aaron Rodgers Casey […]