Packers Practice Squad Cornerback Jumal Rolle signed by the Houston Texans

The Houston Texans signed Jumal Rolle from the Packers practice squad to their active Roster. Rolle was one of the stars of training camp for the Packers and it was surprising to many that he didn’t make it onto the Packers 53 man roster after the final cuts. Instead Demetri Goodson got the roster spot […]

Packers Making the Most of Opponents’ Penalties

The Packers have had plenty of calls go against them this season, but they’ve also taken advantage of some penalties that have gone in their favor. Remember the Packers opening drive against the Texans? Aaron Rodgers missed an open James Jones deep and we all groaned while trying to figure out what the heck was wrong with […]

Is Marshall Newhouse as Good as his Pro Football Focus Numbers?

Regular readers of this site know that we like to cite Pro Football Focus (PFF) metrics when talking about the Packers. I wouldn’t call any of us football sabermaticians, but PFF does some excellent work trying to make football analysis as objective as possible. Too often, people either treat sites like PFF as the be-all and […]

Packers Answer Several Questions in Win Over Texans

The Packers were 2-3 entering Sunday’s game with the Texans and all of Wisconsin was befuddled. “I thought this was supposed to be a cakewalk to the playoffs,” Packers fans said. “What the heck is wrong with my Packers?” Week-to-week overreaction is common in the NFL. After a loss you think you’re team is worthless. […]