Week 16 Packers Stock Report: Masthay and Grant Rising, Neal and Walden Falling

Welcome to the Week 16 Packers Stock Report. Those of you familiar with the stock report here on AllGreenBayPackers.com may notice that this week’s report looks different than all the others from this season. Changes include: No Aaron Rodgers in the rising category. Last week I left Rodgers out because I was sick of trying […]

The !$*?!#%! Kansas City Chiefs Ruined the Packers Opportunity for Perfection

The Packers lost to the Chiefs on Sunday in a complete trainwreck of a football game. Receivers dropped passes, the pass rush never entered Kyle Orton’s zip code and more Packers limped off the field with injuries. It was a horrible way to end an amazing run. Just horrible. There’s probably going to be some […]

A.J. Hawk vs D.J. Smith: The Brewing Battle at Inside Linebacker

When Packers fans take a break from criticizing Jermichael Finley, they usually direct their ire toward A.J. Hawk. By now you know the drill: Hawk bashers say he hasn’t come close to meeting the expectations of a No. 5 overall draft choice and that he’s undeserving of his five-year, $33.75 million contract. Hawk supporters say […]

Week 15 Packers Stock Report: Smith and Nelson Rising, Newhouse and Finley Falling

Remember when blowout wins were fun? The Packers destroyed the Raiders on Sunday, but a lot of the fun was ruined by various Packers hobbling off the field and the star QB taking too many hits. This is where we’re at as Packers fans these days. Instead of basking in the glory of a 46-16 […]

All Aboard! Why I Will Never Again Underestimate These Green Bay Packers

Crow.  It tastes like chicken. Or maybe bratwurst? Anyway, as has now been logged for posterity on this fine website, last week I thought the Packers would go down 28-24 to the Giants and thus ending their 17 game winning streak dating back to last season. The final score was close (38-35) but the outcome […]