Week 16 Packers Stock Report: Masthay and Grant Rising, Neal and Walden Falling

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Welcome to the Week 16 Packers Stock Report.

Those of you familiar with the stock report here on AllGreenBayPackers.com may notice that this week’s report looks different than all the others from this season.

Changes include:

  • No Aaron Rodgers in the rising category. Last week I left Rodgers out because I was sick of trying to think of new ways to highlight how great he is. This week I left him out because he played poorly. That hasn’t happened before.
  • There are three Packers in the falling category. When the Packers win, I reserve the final spot in the falling category to mock and ridicule a player or coach from the opposing team. Since the Chiefs outplayed the Packers on Sunday, there is no mocking and ridiculing this week.
  • Only two players in the rising category. Normally I have to whittle down a long list of rising players to only three. Not this week. I suppose I could have bumped up Scott Wells from the steady category to rising, but I chose not to.
  • This is the first stock report following a Packers loss. The comments section could get a little negative. Remember Packers fans: Your team is 13-1. The Packers chances of winning the Super Bowl are still rising.


Tim Masthay
Nothing against Masthay, but you know it was a rough week when the punter is the first one listed in the rising category. Masthay averaged 53 yards on five punts Sunday. Two weeks ago against the Giants he averaged 44 on five punts. Hopefully the Packers don’t have to punt often in the playoffs, but it’s nice to have Masthay rising right now.

Ryan Grant
Who would’ve thought we’d see Grant in this category heading into Week 16? Grant probably should’ve gotten more carries on Sunday, but I’m guessing McCarthy was hesitant to use him too much because he was the only real halfback active. Either that or McCarthy was going to stubbornly stick to the gameplan of chucking it downfield no matter what. Probably the latter.


Scott Wells
Like a pitcher that takes the ball every fifth day and gives you seven solid innings, Wells takes the field every week and gives a reliable performance. It might seem weird putting an offensive lineman in this category given the Packers struggles to keep pass rushers off Rodgers, but Wells has been consistent while his linemates have struggled to remain healthy and effective (honorable mention goes to T.J. Lang).

Randall Cobb
There were so many drops on Sunday that I could be mistaken, but I think Cobb caught every catchable pass thrown his way. I like Cobb’s burst upfield immediately after making a catch too. He’s not Jennings, but it was good to see Cobb have a nice game with Jennings out.


Erik Walden
Containment was an issue all day for Walden and the Packers against the Chiefs ground game. Unfortunately, it only got worse when Frank Zombo replaced Walden on the Chief’s final series.

Mike Neal
Why didn’t I have Neal in this category earlier? Probably because I forgot he was even on the team. The defensive line without Ryan Pickett should have stayed on the bus Sunday. Once again, Neal was a non-factor and has zero tackles since coming back from a knee injury.

Marshall Newhouse
Hopefully the coaches take some time this week to show Newhouse film from earlier in the season when he was doing a good job filing in for Chad Clifton. Newhouse is going through a horrible stretch right now, but he needs to understand a couple of things: 1) He plays (arguably) the second most important position on the team behind QB. Struggling isn’t an option, no matter how young he is; and 2) Newhouse is a good player. He showed it early on. Maybe he needs a little reminder that the coaches view him as more than just a stop-gap.


Adam Czech is a a freelance sports reporter living in the Twin Cities and a proud supporter of American corn farmers. When not working, Adam is usually writing about, thinking about or worrying about the Packers. Follow Adam on Twitter. Twitter .


32 thoughts on “Week 16 Packers Stock Report: Masthay and Grant Rising, Neal and Walden Falling

  1. Newhouse got his ass kicked for sure but,he has at least in many games this season played well and at times beyond expectations many thought improbable.

    Thats not to say he isn’t deserving of the falling category but it’s a real disservice to put him there along with Neal”The Kracken” as nicknamed and endeared to by some,when he has played like a “de-tentacled squid stuck in sand getting devoured by sandcrabs”.

    We all new Newhouse would need help this game and the loss of Quarless,Starks,Saine simply didn’t allow it.
    In his defense,th is guy must be feeling like Rodney Dangerfield in Back to School sitting in the chair facing those Profs alone,as he’s been against some of the NFLs best DE pass rushes week after week.Rodney get a passing grade of C,I will not even contemplate for a second giving Newhouse less for what he is being asked to do and trying to achieve,on the fly as he was installed.

    1. The expectations for Newhouse are unfair, but that’s how you win Super Bowls: Players meeting high expectations, or exceeding what was expected of them.

      I wouldn’t put Newhouse in the falling category if I didn’t think he had the talent to play better. I think he does.

      1. I agree about expectations Adam,just saying that the ‘expectations’ of Neal and the ‘disaster’ he is showing,should IMO,encapsulate the falling category to be all his with a splash of Walden and…and…and…and…

  2. hey come on; keep the standards up on this site, one of the few with consistently high standards. may i ask what the coaches see in Evan D-S, who should make a living as a doorman. can ray dominguez be a worse option? AR is going to be killed next week.

    and another question: would not the D in the middle of the field have been better last week with Francois rather than Hawk? no way really to tell, i guess. Looks like we should have paid jenkins.

    Last question: even though they got beat let us how peprah and burnett were watching the steeler/49er game to see how real safeties play the game. awesome for both teams: never let anything get behind them and attack at the speed of light everything in front of them

    1. I’ve never liked Hawk in pass coverage. I’d like to see Francois get another look on passing downs. I bet the middle of the field isn’t as wide open as it was against the Chiefs.

      ED-S wasn’t terrible against the Lions or Raiders, but he probably is nothing more than a backup lineman. As long as he doesn’t whiff on blitz pickups up the middle, he’s adequate.

      Whew, wasnt’t it weird watching two teams last night that immediately took the ball carrier down when making contact?

      1. the most remarkable thing about the game last night was exactly that: the tackling. and a reminder how it is actually as much fun, even more perhaps, to watch superb defense, even in spite of the rules which make it hard to do, than good offense.

    2. agree about Hawk, Pickett missed big time also, after the game i read Hank had like 8 tackles?? when? credit to Cheifs for a predictably strong effort for new coach, still a winnable game for Packers, no turnovers, Orton played smart and efficient, no challenge flag when needed, maybe deep kickoff after last score? many times Rodgers holding bell way too long except guy blowing by EDS right up middle, so, 13-1, at least 1 more win, on to the playoffs as #1 seed

    3. agree about Hawk, Pickett missed big time also, after the game i read Hawk had like 8 tackles?? when? credit to Cheifs for a predictably strong effort for new coach, still a winnable game for Packers, no turnovers, Orton played smart and efficient, no challenge flag when needed, maybe deep kickoff after last score? many times Rodgers holding bell way too long except guy blowing by EDS right up middle, so, 13-1, at least 1 more win, on to the playoffs as #1 seed

  3. and where do we put Finley’s stock, you know, the tall dude that finds it difficult keeping his mouth when he’s not playing and catching the ball when he is playing?

    1. Finley could have been included, but he was nowhere near as bad as Neal, Walden and Newhouse.

  4. not only is finley dropping easy balls and not making the hard catches we saw him make in year 1, but he is not getting separation either, except for the one nice play he made the adjustment on. i am one of those who would be in no rush at all to franchise him, or pay him as a top 5 tight end. i can name ten off the top of my head who are better.

  5. Finley and McCarthy should have been in the falling category. Neal should be in the ‘ I’ve fallin and I can’t get up’ category

  6. does elias keep a stat for drive killing drops, that is, 3rd down drops that would have gained the yardage for a first down? it is hard to believe that finley is not winning that one.

  7. McGinn noted in his ratings that Neal was taken out after being pancaked by a KC TE…yikes.

    Walden was heard yelling “ole” as KC ran around his side. He should have been wearing a matador hat.

    I know So’oto is a liability in coverage but maybe his physicality would allow him to set the edge on the right side. Hell, Walden and Z weren’t the answer.

      1. Watch out Taryn, once the Kraken breaks Medusa’s spell, he will seek out and destroy all who mocked him. FEAR THE KRAKEN!!!

        1. I guess I hit a soft spot on Neal with you as I have with another on Finley.Hence,every remark I post about them get the red check.
          The truth almost…always…hurts but,then again only when I speak as I see no red check for RonLC posts as to NEAL.

            1. I thought they were to possibly make posters think about their views,reasons and open a dialog.
              Doesn’t it aid the writers to know and understand better the like and dislikes of the articles basis via the readers.
              But,if they mean nothing,may be Jersey Al wasted his time using them.IMO of coarse.

              1. taryn, they are simply a way for the “community” to recognize stand-out commentary of either a very good or very bad nature. You can’t be upset if you get a red check now and then. Maybe you have a personal troll! 🙂

  8. I know Chad Clifton and Newhouse is no Chad Clifton. After two adequate starts, the book is out on Newhouse- he can’t handle the inside rush of speed rushers. He over commits to the outside rush leaving himself open to the inside move. It was his wiff on a Hali’s inside rush that caused Newhouse to give Hali a push as he was flying by and he stumbled into Sherrod. Better coach his butt up for the Bears Campen or Briggs is going to kill Aaron.

    Neal? What Neal? Checked the season stats over at Packer.com. Still ZERO tackles. I thought I had heard he was credited with 1 on Sunday. I guess not! To quote Kevin Kline from a Fish Called Wanda, “DISAPPOINTED.”

    And almost last but not least, Walden has consistently been suckered inside on end runs snf screens the entire season. KC’s ability to screen and run to their left cost the Packers the game. And Walden/Neal were a very big part of that.

    Capers is down in my opinion. The number of opponent 400+ yard games this year must be blamed on the coach to some degree. Dom let it all hang out this week. You’ve got nothing to lose.

    Crush the damn Bears!

    1. The Bears are starting a QB, Mc Cown, a guy who hadn’t played since 2009 and that was only for one game. In that game he was 1 for 9 with 3 Ints. Can we please not let him have a 400 yard game?

      1. Why does it seem like we get all the first-up QB’s??? They make me nervous, especially now behind a makeshift O line…

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