Take a Moment and Enjoy Packers DT Ryan Pickett Blowing Up Offensive Linemen

If you’re an NFL fan who subscribes to Game Rewind and likes to re-watch games in order to see what happens away from the ball, Packers defensive lineman Ryan Pickett is your type of player. The 330-pound 33 year old doesn’t make many plays that garner immediate attention on the game broadcast. To appreciate what […]

Packers Drive Rewind: Rodgers Owns the Vikings’ Secondary

Let’s keep it positive for this week’s Packers Drive Rewind and focus on Green Bay’s game-tying drive late in the fourth quarter. The Situation Down 34-27, the Packers get the ball at their own 22-yard line with 7:54 to play. The result Aaron Rodgers overcomes a sack and a penalty, and leads the Packers on […]

Packers Film Study: B.J. Raji peaking late in the season

When looking at the box score of a given football game, it can be easy to overlook some of the unsung heroes. Sometimes it’s the offensive line paving the way for a 100-yard rusher and going largely unnoticed. Other times it’s a cornerback shutting down an opposing receiver, only to be ignored because he never […]

Packers Drive Rewind: 7 Straight Runs Give Packers the Lead

Packers Drive Rewind is a new weekly post I hope to do for the rest of the season. That’s the goal, anyway. With the holidays coming up, I might not have time, or I just might forget. You never know. Anyway, I want to take one key drive from each game and break it down […]

Packers Film Study. Dom Capers Unleashed the Hounds

Despite their current undefeated status, much has been made of the Green Bay Packers’ pass rush, or lack of it, this season – all with good reason. Without consistent pressure, opposing quarterbacks have had the time to rack up some gawdy yardage numbers and complete a plethora of big plays on the Packers’ secondary. We […]