Oh the Things Some Packers Fans Say…

I like a good laugh as much as anyone. A hearty guffaw, a restrained chuckle, a snarky snicker – I like them all. Usually, I like to laugh at things that are, you know… funny. But there’s also this – reading things people say in all seriousness that are so ridiculous, all you can do […]

Packers: Scott Wells “Appears Headed” to Free Agency

Barring any late change of heart or mind, Green Bay Packers center Scott Wells will get to the start of free agency without a new contract from the Packers. According to Tom Silverstein of the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel, Wells “appears headed for free agency barring a last-minute deal.” The sides are still far apart on what the value of Wells’ new […]

From the Mouth of Jermichael Finley: Packers Should Score Every Time

That’s why I love Jermichael Finley. Green Bay’s fourth-year TE apparently was absent when Packers PR staff provided media training to players and covered such topics as Cliches 101 and How to Say the Same Boring Stuff Over and Over Again.