Packers: Scott Wells “Appears Headed” to Free Agency All Green Bay Packers All the Time
Scott Wells is likely to hit free agency, which opens Tuesday.

Barring any late change of heart or mind, Green Bay Packers center Scott Wells will get to the start of free agency without a new contract from the Packers.

According to Tom Silverstein of the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel, Wells “appears headed for free agency barring a last-minute deal.” The sides are still far apart on what the value of Wells’ new contract should be.

In my opinion, the two sides are playing a game of chicken, with the Packers going low and Wells going high and waiting to see which side breaks first. My guess is that the Packers are going to have to give in some, but whether it’s enough to sign Wells, I don’t know. Wells remembers that the Packers gave up on him two years ago only to see him beat out Jason Spitz for the starting job and become one of the most valuable players on the offensive line.

It appears that Wells is wanting a contract that puts him on par with the top centers in the NFL, somewhere in the $7-8 million a year range. The Packers are almost certain not to give him that kind of money, especially considering Wells will be 32 at the end of 2012-13 season and is a touch undersized for the position.

Given that wide impasse in yearly negotiations, the Packers are likely to let Wells scour the open market. Once there, it’s possible Wells will find out a harsher truth about his real value and the Packers will be able to negotiate a more cap-friendly deal for the veteran center.

GM Ted Thompson has seen this same scenario unfold with left tackle Chad Clifton and receiver James Jones, both of which got to free agency but re-signed with the Packers once they got a better grasp at what free agency valued them at.

Clifton flirted with the Washington Redskins back in 2010 but shortly returned on a three-year deal with the Packers. Jones was widely assumed to be finding a team that would make him a more targeted receiver last offseason but found no satisfying offers. He also returned on a three-year deal.

Despite that fact, Wells still has leverage in the talks because he’s coming off a Pro Bowl season and back-to-back years when many considered him one of the NFL’s top centers.

Pro Football Focus, a site that grades every play on every player, rated Wells as the No. 4 overall center in 2011 and No. 8 in ’10.

The Packers have their own salary cap to consider, however, as Silverstein reports the team is “roughly $5.5 million” under the cap. Cutting veterans Donald Driver and Chad Clifton could open up nearly $11 million in space, which would give Thompson more wiggle room with Wells and other free agents such as Jarrett Bush and Ryan Grant.

While I’ve considered cutting Clifton and Driver a move the Packers would make, that scenario is looking less likely before the start of free agency. Expect Wells to actively pursue his best contract offer in free agency, which begins tomorrow at 4:00 p.m. EST.

If there’s a team that will pay him $7.5 million a year, the Packers should be looking at a huge gap at center leading into the 2012 NFL draft. If not, the Packers may get another cap- and year-friendly deal for a veteran they need back next season.


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7 thoughts on “Packers: Scott Wells “Appears Headed” to Free Agency

  1. Once again EDS is not now, nor ever will be a starting center in the NFL. A huge hole will be opened in what could have been a solid 4 Olinemen going into the season. The only question being LT. If Wells leaves, they now have to use a high pick for a Center, more than likely #1 or #2. That in turn ipacts the OLB and DE plans.

    The good news is JS reporters are wrong about their predictions more than I am about mine. I still hold out hope for Wells coming back. (note: see J Jones for verification) If not, you now have an O problem. Remember that even though the Oline was dramatically improved last year, they still gave up a, much too high, sack total of approximately 36. (Not sure of the exact # just off the top of my head.)

    In TT I believe. So I am hopeful a solution will be found and they can concentrate on the D.

    1. 41, 11th worst.

      One has to consider that Rodgers adds a significan ammount to those numbers by holding the ball too long at times, though he has progressed considerably in that area.

      Personally, I don’t think sack totals is a good measurement of the OL’s pass blocking prowess, exactly because it doesn’t reflect only the OL’s performance.

      I’m pretty sure that the majority of the sacks and pressures came off the LT spot, which was a revolving door all year long. If Wells is re-signed and Newhose/Sherrod are able to make the jump in production in the same mold Bulaga did, the OL won’t be a problem.

  2. One comment on Chad Clifton’s free agency. The thought was that no one was really all that interested in Clifton when he hit the open market, and his meeting with the Redskins was more of a publicity grab than an actual look at signing him. I seem to recall someone mentioning that Clifton’s agent was good friends with the Redskin’s front office at the time, and that they might have been doing the agent a favor by “faking” a market for Clifton. Either way Thompson and Clifton got lucky with the CBA expiration since they were able to get a front loaded contract done, which is one of the reasons why Clifton can be cut now.

  3. Let him walk – unless we get a bargain. There’s a TON of centers in the FA market this year, in addition to at least 3 quality C’s that would be available in the first 2 days of the draft.

    There are salary cap concerns coming with this team, starting next year. Wells is not a ‘core’ member of the roster. He can be replaced. Not seamlessly. But replaced nonetheless.

    1. Tend to agree. Certainly don’t think we can afford to give Wells the contract he is likely to be after before he tests the FA waters.

      Also agree with Ron though that EDS is not a NFL starter-Wells would need to be replaced and if that is through the draft that obviously has a knock on effect. Tough decision.

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