Oh the Things Some Packers Fans Say…

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Crazy Packers FansI like a good laugh as much as anyone. A hearty guffaw, a restrained chuckle, a snarky snicker – I like them all.

Usually, I like to laugh at things that are, you know… funny.

But there’s also this – reading things people say in all seriousness that are so ridiculous, all you can do is shake your head and smile at their ignorance.  (sorry, I don’t like calling anyone ignorant, but in this case, a better word escapes me).

If you visit a lot of Packers websites where people leave comments, you’ve surely encountered your share of knuckleheads. On some sites, they are the exception. I’ll bravely put this site in that category – after all, it took over four years before we had to ban our first idiot (Sorry Scott, but you were acting like a real dick – now hurry and go give a thumbs down to everything you see on this site).

On other sites, the mental institution escapees are rampant.

One such site is JsOnline.com, the web site of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. The level of knuckleheadedness (if that’s not a word, I’m claiming it) is legendary. So legendary, in fact, that some smart person at the paper even created a twitter account (@JSComments) that just tweets the ridiculous rantings of these rectal ramblers.

If you’re on twitter, just follow that account and you’ll be treated to a stream of mind-blowing lunacy. For those non-twitterians among you (what’s wrong with you, by the way?), here’s a selection for your (and my) reading pleasure:

Comments on JSOnline.com:

It will be frustrating to see Bishop sack Rodgers 10 times in the first half during the first game.

Packers have no chance of another SB in this decade because fat boy and his woeful coaching staff are not fit to field a team & gameplan

Russell Wilson is no NFL QB. Its like the ending to the Rose Bowl, Wilson just flounders and cannot deliver due to his diminutive size.

Rodgers? Fragile. Landed on the IR without being touched. A concussion waiting to happen. Not exactly G.O.A.T (Favre) tough.

Thompson’s goal is NOT to win the Super Bowl with the Packers; instead, his goal is to win the #1 overall pick.

Take away the Super Bowl victories and they haven’t won any Super Bowls! (yes, someone really wrote that)

Without that lucky, fluky season, Thompson would forever be known as the incompetent polar bear who got stuck by the G.O.A.T (Favre)…TWICE

Another traitor. Favre, Bishop, Jennings….Who next? McCarthy? I have to wonder how many of the Packer playbooks the Vikings have.

WI media wont report on Favre promoting the Vikings bc they have their heads shoved so far up this clowns butt they can tickle his tonsils


Cheer on a team that drafted 2 running backs, get excited for the wishbone! What the hell is going on in this town & how do people back TT?

Rodgers is a Packer so whatever he says or does is Okey Dokey to the great unwashed.

Just look at the Packer post seasons minus 2010. Its just a basket case, and nothing is going to change.

I would take the Southern Gun Slinger over the California Fruit Loop any day of the year!

Need more? Read them all at this link.


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21 thoughts on “Oh the Things Some Packers Fans Say…

  1. “Take away the Super Bowl victories and they haven’t won any Super Bowls!” – that ought to win an award

    1. …but that JSonline poster who said if we take away the SB’s was 100% correct.


      My second favorite from above was: “Thompson’s goal is NOT to win the Super Bowl with the Packers; instead, his goal is to win the #1 overall pick”

      If this JSonline poster is critical of TT’s perceived priorities, then he must be doubly frustrated Ted hasn’t come close, except perhaps in 2006, to nailing the number one pick. In fact in Ted’s nine drafts, if you take a simple average of the Packers first round positions, they come in at just over the 21st pick. (I included the 2008 first round spot #30 they traded-out of and excluded the 2009 #26 pick they traded-up to for Clay. Reason being the #30 pick was a result of their record while the #26 wasn’t.) By this analysis, Ted can’t even get the high draft choice thing right.

      1. Just look what happens when you DO get the top picks years after years …
        you become the Pittsburgh Pirates or Detroit Lions! LMAO
        Personally, I’d rather keep picking in the bottom 3rd and winning!

          1. Nothing against the Pirates, but isn’t that more just being on streaks and a fairly weak schedule going back about a month or so before they got knocked-off by the Phillies? By stats, they aren’t in 1st place in ANY category. It’s collectively just wins, and THAT stat can change quickly after a fast-start. It’s already starting to happen. (Ask the Bears!) 😉 (just sayin)

        1. Or you end up like the San Fransisco 49ers.

          The NFL draft system works more often than it doesn’t. Awarding high draft choices to poorly performing teams does help fill their cupboards with talent.

          Those teams that are perennial losers decade after decade are probably illustrating that there is something wrong with their organizational build or approach that is dysfunctional, as opposed to a lack of player talent.

          1. Like the Cowboys and Jerry (satan) Jones?
            Hey … wait! What about Jacksonville?
            wink wink nudge nudge

            Totally agree Oppy

  2. “Just look at the Packer post seasons minus 2010. Its just a basket case, and nothing is going to change”
    – I agree; we have been crazy good for so many seasons now and it’s bound to continue for many seasons to come as long as TT keeps up the good work 🙂

  3. Good old JSOnline comments …. I used to do battle with the knuckleheads over there for years until the day that JSOnline became the first and only Packer site to ban me. When it comes right down to it JSOnline will take the extra clicks that these morons can generate happily over the quality of the comment sections. The trolls there are indeed legendary and are instantly recognizable elsewhere in the Packers universe. Glad to see other sites like Al’s and CHTV etc. are more interested in the ongoing dialog.

  4. CHTV and AL’s still have trolls. It’s just that the average NFL IQ of most readers here can argue effectively with them.

  5. Can you imagine the idiocy on other team sites? Well, assuming other teams have more than one site dedicated to them… We’re blessed.

  6. Al, thinks for the laugh. “Knuckleheadedness” is pretty awesome, but man — “Rectal ramblers” is solid gold. Is got everything: alliteration, mild sexual innuendo… I’d make that the name of my fantasy team in a heartbeat if the commissioner wasn’t my 11-y-o nephew!

  7. One of the contributors on ALLGBP (I think it was Adam) referred to the commentary zoo on JSOline as a ‘cesspool’. I don’t think a more apt appelation could have been used.

    What’s probably most bothersome about that site is the cabal of group-thinking self-appointed “true Packer fans” that are like attack dogs if you have the temerity to post something that might upset their collective. constantly-reassuring-each-other how-right-they-are worldview. A pack of hyena’s come to mind.

    Now I’ll give it to you that Total Packers gets a little rough from time to time, but the harshest enmity is typically reserved for the unwitting Viking fan that thinks posting a comment dogging the Pack on that site is a good idea.

  8. I’m a big boy. I can handle, hell, I even embrace, disagreement. Discussion is what we’re all here for, right? If we all shared the same opinion, there would be no reason to comment or read at all.

    What I do not appreciate, and do not tolerate well, is the inability of some to abide by the lost art of civil discourse.

    Some of those of comments are absolute gold, however 🙂 and if those posters aren’t overtly abrasive or rude, I’m all for it!

  9. What about that ignorant “candid interview” you did w/TT several months ago? You can’t call that news or even entertaining!

  10. Al, after reading the article, I think it’s important to point out that many, if not most of the vile comments you mention above are not coming from PackerNation, but trolls from other teams, particularly Minnesota Viking fans. I like to post alot on PFT.com and the vitriol over there is off the charts on every Packers article.

    1. I don’t know how you come to that determination. I’ve seen those types of comments come from people who definitely are Packers “fans.”

  11. I’ve been a Packer fan since before the Ice Bowl ( still brings back warm feelings ) and am in an area that is by far mostly a vikings and bears zone, by watching my Packers I’ve seen some of the best football ever, I ware my teams hat and jersey proudly, I think the new technology is great but once you’ve posted something stupid and then realise it , TO LATE, thanks for helping me stay close to it all AL, Go Pack

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