Thoughts on the Dozen Green Bay Players Sent Packing

Young players who the team nurtured last season need to emerge as serious competitors to push for starting jobs and at the least provide reliable, quality back up for the starters. In this list I think of names like T.J. LANG, NICK McDONALD, C.J. WILSON, TOM CRABTREE, JAMES STARKS fit this category.

Dirty Birds: How The Philadelphia Eagles Have Set The Stage For A Packers Encore

Thanks to the big splashes made by the Eagles in free agency, the Packers are now in an ideal situation with everyone fawning and drooling over what Andy Reid and company have accomplished in such a short period of time. As crazy as it sounds, the Packers now have the element of surprise in their corner and they are (it bears repeating) THE DEFENDING WORLD CHAMPIONS.

Brandon Jackson Signs With Cleveland Browns, Spitz Goes to Jaguars

The Green Bay Packers backfield became a little less crowded when news broke Thursday night ┬áthat Brandon Jackson signed with the Cleveland Browns. The deal was reportedly for two years and $4.5 million. Jackson was good in pass protection and figured to see plenty of action on third downs if he remained with the Packers. […]

NFL Free Agency Underway: What is Green Bay Packer James Jones’ Value?

Well the lockout has finally ended and we can all get back to talking about real football. The first topic to tackle is free agency, which the Packers should have a pretty easy time with.