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Green Bay Packers 2011 free agency tracker:



The Packers re-signed fullback John Kuhn on a three-year contract worth $7.5 million. The deal puts Kuhn amongst the highest paid NFL fullbacks.

While you may raise your eyebrows a bit at that, I think it actually makes sense. Kuhn contributed in multiple ways beyond blocking last season, including shouldering some of the running back responsibilities, catching passes, short yardage back and special teams contributor. Kuhn is also a popular player among fans and in the locker room.

Kuhn wanted back in Green Bay all along, but he played it smart and let the market set the price for him. With Houston making a strong push for Kuhn to replace the departed Vonta Leach, the Packers most likely paid Kuhn more than they would have liked. That’s not to say he’s not worth it. Kuhn is a valuable asset for the Packers to have in their hip pocket, but this does affect one of the tight ends being looked at as a possible H back.

He won’t be running the ball as much as last season, but I’d expect Kuhn to help cover for the loss of Brandon Jackson on third downs.


The Packers agreed to terms with Jones on a three-year deal worth $9.6 million.

It sounds as if Aaron Rodgers and Donald Driver went to bat for Jones, and when teams in receiver market went elsewhere, Jones decided to come back with the Packers.

We heard Rodgers say that Jones should be the Packers No. 1 priority, but I still have doubts that he swayed Thompson in any way. The more likely reason for Jones’ return to Green Bay was the fact that receiver-needy teams such as Minnesota and New York signed other players, with the Vikings acquiring Michael Jenkins and the Jets Plaxico Burress.

Now, the Packers return all their pass-catchers from 2010. With this many toys at their disposal, expectations will be sky-high for this offense.


The Philadelphia Eagles have signed Cullen Jenkins to a five-year, $25 million deal.

While I figured that a team outside of the three I mentioned initially would land Jenkins, Philadelphia has to be considered a surprise after all the spending they’ve done already in free agency. Jenkins will join a free agent class that includes Nnamdi Asomugha (five years, $60 million), Jason Babin (five years, $28 million), Vince Young (one year, $5.5 million) and Johnnie Lee Higgins (one year, unknown money). Domnique Rodgers-Cromartie was also acquired through their trade of Kevin Kolb.

It sounds like Jenkins will move inside in Philadelphia’s 4-3 defense, and he could get favorable matchups with Babin (12.5 sacks in 2010) and Trent Cole (10) manning the ends. And while it’s always risky to build a football team this way, it’s safe to say that the Eagles are all-in for 2011. They’ll be a big-time contender to dethrone the Packers from the NFC perch.


The Arizona Cardinals agreed to terms with Colledge on a five-year, $27.5 million deal.

It’s hard to fault Colledge for taking nearly $28 million, as he was frustrated with the Packers lack of initiative to re-sign him before this point. And to be fair, the Packers never seemed to be interested in retaining Colledge.

They’ll move forward at the left guard position with either T.J. Lang or Nick McDonald, for better or worse.


The Cleveland Browns agreed to terms with Jackson on a two-year, $4.5 million deal.

The price tag seemed manageable for the Packers to match, but Jackson appears to be headed to a nice situation in Cleveland. While he won’t be the lead back with Peyton Hillis in town, Jackson can take full control of the third down role he mastered in Green Bay.

I’d expect either Alex Green or John Kuhn to assume more responsibilities on third down next season.


The Jacksonville Jaguars agreed to terms with Spitz on a three-year deal.

The Packers never seemed intent on keeping Spitz around after he lost his starting job. It makes sense from the Packers viewpoint, as Spitz struggled to stay healthy. He can now return to his hometown of Jacksonville, where he should have a much better chance at cracking the starting lineup.


The Packers agreed to terms with Crosby on a three-year, $14.5 million deal.

The price was steep to keep Crosby around, but the Packers feel comfortable with Crosby’s big leg and ability to kick in all conditions. The latter point is obviously important as the Packers play plenty of games outside in cold weather. And while he’s been inconsistent, Crosby missed just three kicks during the final 12 weeks (including playoffs).


The New Orleans Saints agreed to terms with Hall on a two-year deal worth $2.11 million.

The Packers were unlikely to bring back both Hall and John Kuhn, and Kuhn was the odds-on favorite to be retained.

Hall will go to a revamped backfield in New Orleans, which now features Heisman trophy winner and first round pick Mark Ingram and also Pierre Thomas and Chris Ivory. That’s three really good backs that Hall could potentially be blocking for next season.


UPDATE: On August 9th, the Tennessee Titans agreed to terms of a deal with Smith. Terms of the contract were not immediately known.

The Packers do not currently have much depth at safety, but no reports of Smith returning or talking to the Packers have surfaced. Smith was confident before the lockout ended that the Packers would bring him back, however.


S Atari Bigby: UNSIGNED

The Packers have already given Bigby’s No. 20 jersey to rookie Alex Green. Even so, he was unlikely to be brought back even before this news surfaced.

LB Matt Wilhelm: UNSIGNED

Wilhem’s agent has told Kareem Copeland that the Packers will not be re-signing the 30-year-old linebacker. As a street free agent pickup last season, this isn’t a surprise.


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  1. Is there a way for this to be “sticked” in the front page and be consistantly updated, so we don’t have to look for this post, as it’ll always be in the front page? This is great.

    1. That’s a good question for Al. I’m sure he knows. I think that’s a good idea too

      1. I think I figured out how to make it “stick.” We’ll be able to tell for sure when the next story is posted.

    2. Right now, we should re-sign Barnett in the same way we did Hawk. Give him his 5 Mil. signing bonus. Hawk, Bishop, and Barnett would be a great rotation and we could fit the young guys in to get them ready.

  2. yup, i like it as well. i did not know that hall signed with someone else. i am glad he did. no more 3 FBs on the roster…yippee.

    1. Hall hasn’t been confirmed. Last I heard it was “very close”. Felt comfortable enough to put him on this list as signed

    2. Kuhn will be back. There’s still Johnson. And Taylor has been signed, he’ll probably be considere a FB.

  3. I’m getting dizzy trying to keep up with all the transactions.

    I guess its official; with most of our FA’s leaving and none coming in, Ted is now the GM of the entire NFL.

  4. So far I am very happy with how free agency is going. Good luck to BJ, Colledge, and Hall. They were meaningful parts of our team for the last few years and helped us achieve a Super Bowl. They were not the best at their positions on the Packer Roster anymore, so it’s best for them to go elsewhere and get the money they want. Packers seem to be making some cuts….almost like they are planning on SIGNING somebody. Would be sweet to get a player that could help.

  5. Now that all the chaff has blown away to the wind, it’s time to see how TT plays out with the three that matter. Kuhn, Jenkins, Jones. Realistically, I am guessing/hoping Kuhn makes it back. Wishful thinking, Jenkins stays as well. Pure fantasyland – JJ soins the three as the boys that Ted decided to keep.

  6. Looking at the numbers, I am disappointed we couldn’t retain Cullen at the same or even better numbers he got from Philly with the opt out that they supposedly have in his contract. He was a beast last year when he was on the field, and judging by what I saw on his twitter, Mike Neal enjoyed working with him and learning from him, not to mention the depth he provides in the event we suffer injuries.

  7. Just wondering how the loss of so many FA’s will affect the compensatory pick process for the 2012 Draft, if at all?

  8. Was Philly really that much below the cap? I smell something funny here. I hear their two WR’s are still unsigned.

  9. WOW!!! I was hoping we could get James Jones signed!! Kuhn is going to be a fan favorite for many years. FIVE WIDE: JENNINGS, JORDY, DRIVER, JAMES JONES, COBB……and if we want to get cute with another package….put Finley in there. I remember watching the Oilers run the Run and Shoot in the Early 90’s with all their WR’s: Givens, Duncan, Haywood Jeffries, Drew Hill….I was stuck with Perry Kemp, Sanjay Beach and Charles Wilson, and always dreamed about a WR Corp like the Oilers. This is the best group of WR’s to ever play for the Packers…as a group. So deep, talented, and explosive. Rodgers has to be just chomping at the bit to get the ball to these playmakers.

  10. Found it hilarious that Nick Barnett was already tweeting about his new team….the Bills. He went to Bills practice and watched….while wearing his Super Bowl Ring. What a queef.

  11. barnett going to the bills is fantastic. he can take his samurai routine on a tackle 5 yards down the field to the modern day siberia of the NFL. correction: barnett is a queef with fangs.

    cannot bring cullen back on a 5 year deal. unfortunate but that is what happens when you win a superbowl.

    i really hope TT takes a long look at a veteran DE. Ty Warren and Jimmy Kennedy come to mind as guys who could probably be very solid in a rotation. DE is an important position and it is in a little bit of flux at this point.

    I hate Sherrod at LG.

    1. yes, which means his status is still an unsigned free agent. Once we get official word from the Packers, we’ll update his status. Any word on Atari Bigby?

  12. Nothing…but it sounds highly doubtful he will return, just from private conversations I’ve had with various people close to the situation.

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