All Packers Talk: An Interview With Former Packer William Henderson

William Henderson, if you didn’t know, is an all-out passionate guy. This was never more clearer than during this interview with our own Jason Perone and Marques Eversoll. Asked about a wide range of questions, Henderson attacked them like an inside linebacker he was trying to clear out of a hole. Since retiring from football, […]

All Packers Talk Returns: Post-draft Pontifications

The team is back and busy breaking down the latest Packers happenings in our ALL PAckers Talk Podcast. Your hosts review the Packers 2013 draft, including the surprising fall of  Eddie Lacy into their arms in round 2.  You’ll learn more about this year’s undrafted free agents and which ones have the best prospects of […]

Green Bay Packers Draft Targets: Defense

I hear defense, defense, defense fans for this draft. In my other piece on the offensive side of the ball, I stated the offense fell from #3 in 2011 to #13 in 2012. The defense improved across the board in 2012 over 2011, and I expect a lot more of that improvement this coming season. […]

Green Bay Packers Draft Targets: Offense

How many mock drafts have you checked out? How many positional ranking lists have you pondered? Maybe a scouting report or two? The draft is less then a week away. The NFL Draft might be one of the greatest marketing wonders of the world. Three days of TV coverage, on two Networks, with Parties at […]

All Packers Talk Podcast: 2013 NFL Draft Needs

The latest “All Packers Talk” podcast gets the Packers’ Draft season underway with a general discussion of positional needs. In tonight’s edition, we “start the conversation.” We plan on doing a series of these podcasts, looking closely at this Packers team, position group by position group, and analyzing where improvements are needed. Then, of course, […]