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How many mock drafts have you checked out? How many positional ranking lists have you pondered? Maybe a scouting report or two? The draft is less then a week away. The NFL Draft might be one of the greatest marketing wonders of the world. Three days of TV coverage, on two Networks, with Parties at most home Stadiums and so much out there you can’t swing a dead cat and not hit something related to the NFL draft.

And I have to admit, I love it.

The amount of buzz created this time of year about everything football is quite amazing when you consider not that long ago, Well at least in my time as a Packer fan, which to some would be a long time ago, the draft was a much different affair. The year the Packers won the first Super Bowl, Vince had twenty two picks in 17 rounds. And that year of 1967 was the first year of the combined draft. The NFC and AFC had got that point to end the bidding war between the two Leagues for the Top prospects.

Today a player had better be a Super Star out of the box or that “B “ word gets tossed out there pretty quickly. We will also all hear what team had the best grade in the draft. That is the one thing out of today’s draft that makes me mumble short worded sentences that Jersey Al won’t put on his site.

Come back in a couple years and lets see who really did what. When you look at Ted Thompsons drafts over the last four years, they have been shaping up nicely.

I will not start a whole discussion on BPA and need. But I will add a link to what might be the best example of a NFL grading system you will find on the net, this is from someone that was a NFL scout. What we don’t know, is what each team puts the most emphasis on in generating those grades, but it shows the degree’s of rankings worked up on these prospects.

The Packers are in a very good position as a team with its roster. There is not one position that HAS to have a starter out of this draft class, that cannot be said for a lot of NFL teams. Other then QB and one OLB, every position can be upgraded over time and development of a 2013 draft pick or from that last 4 drafts. When you pick where the Packers do, the prospects will have warts of some sort.  The NFL draft is one thing that everyone gets wrong, from the fan that knows nothing but that the Draft is in April, to every GM in the NFL. The part that over looked by many fans is what will that player be in a few years. These prospects are still growing boys.

So what I have put together is a look at both offense and defense. This piece will look at who Ted Thompson may have his sites on for the offensive side of the ball.  I hear defense, defense, defense for draft picks, I don’t believe we will see a repeat of last year. The defense showed marked improvement in all stats over 2011, but was given a big black eye by the best teams in the NFL.  But what we also see, is the offense falling from #3 to #13 in total offense. That has to be addressed.

Lets look at a player many have the Packers taking at #26, Tyler Eifert. I question if he will still be available, but if there, he would be my highest rated player and the BPA at this point in the draft. That would be a run to the podium with the card pick.

He and Ertz are the only two TE’s I would draft and Ertz would have to be the second.

I don’t like any of the running backs at #26 but sure like them later in the draft. I am not fan of Lacy, at least not where he will be drafted. I don’t think he is a first round talent and I question what he will do in the NFL. The RB’s that I think fit the Packers and are worth a later pick are Le’Veon Bell , Joseph Randle, , and I will give you a my sleeper pick at RB, Latavius Murray UCF., check out those testing numbers of a BIG back at 6-2 + and 223#, that is speed, quickness and agility. I have brought up, Ball, Christine Michael , Lattimore and Wood from Notre Dame before. Ball is just a good all around back, that has been highly productive, but lacks top physical ability.

Le’Veon Bell:

Joseph Randle:

Latavius Murray:


Wide Receiver there really isn’t anyone that excites me at #26. But the WR class is deep in this draft. My favorite and he does come with warts is Justin Hunter, 2nd round, even a move up in the second, or TT does trade down in the first and gets a extra 2nd. He could very well go later in the first, but is that hype now? Hunter would be another run up to the podium pick for me, in the second. At his size and speed with a 39.5” vertical, the Packers don’t have a WR like him.


After Hunter there are a number of WR’s that warrant consideration.

DeAndre Hopkins:


Robert Woods


And a little later in the draft, there’s  Aaron Dobson and Chris Harper.   There are a number of very Late Round and/or  priority FA signings at WR that have been linked to the Packers, with Eric Rogers of Cal Lutheran being one.

Aaron Dobson:


Chris Harper:


Eric Rogers:

At OT there is talent that would be worth that #26 pick, but none that IMO could come in and start right away at LT or RT. With the majority of the NFL dressing seven offensive linemen on game day, you have to have versatile Linemen that can play multiple positions. There are a number of that type of Prospect that I really like in this draft. Prospects that can play G/OT, C/G and some that can do all three.

I also question the depth at Center and Guard. Behind Evan D Smith, Sitton and Lang there is nothing but UDFA’s, some talented linemen, but all need work. Mike McCarthy made the statement that the left side of the line needs to get better. I would like to see Barclay worked at Guard to push Lang, having been a LT in college it would be a good move for him. The question is the two OT’s from the practice squad in Datko and a return from I.R. for Sherrod.

David Quessenberry

Hugh Thornton

Brian Winters

Vinston Painter

Brian Schwenke

Reid Fragel

Emmett Cleary

And there is one Full back prospect that caught my eye. He played TE, HB, FB at Harvard, Kyle Juszczyk.   I think he can be a better Kuhn, faster, quicker, great route runner and de-cleats LB’s in the hole.


Thanks for this post to draft-season contributor Don Christensen, known as “Yoop” on the TalkinPackers forum.

22 thoughts on “Green Bay Packers Draft Targets: Offense

    1. Nice article Yoop!

      Agree on Eifert (maybe trade down with another team for good 2 and 3 round picks. Make SF or another team pay dearly for him. I don’t think Ertz is worth a 1st round.

      I like hunter as the most consistent and NFL productive WR in this draft. He can come in and get into the rotation day one. Build confidence with Rodgers and by year two will be very dominating wr.

      Didn’t hear anything about Murray UCF until your article here. I like the looks of him but caution that some teams pro teams are set up for faster times and more bench presses counted. If the scouts are giving TT good intel I’m sure he is on the radar. Half the team are UDFA’s and I’m sure there are a few other RB’s that will go undrafted that are on TT’s radar as well.
      (We need a RB who will get one yard on 3&1’s)

      Kuhn needs to have a replacement on the squad this year.

    2. I see Justin Pugh or Kyle Long at #26, if TT stays there. Both are built for OG, but can play OT in a pinch. Both are considered mean, which this team needs. Have to keep Rodgers upright.
      Would Jesse Williams NT/DE, from Alabama, still be available in 2nd round? If so, jump on it. Move up to get Bell, RB?

  1. Have really warmed up to Eifert over the last couple weeks, but am not wholly convinced he’s the best use of #26. Would like to see the Packers come out of the first two days of the draft with an extra pick or two which will allow them to take advantage of the deep talent pool.

  2. IF TT takes a TE in the first, then I trust he’s a person TT believes will help all phases of the offense. He better be able to run, catch (cough cough Finley), run block, and pass block.

    1. If TT takes a TE in round 1, the writing is on the wall for Finley. He won’t be back (unless said 1st rd TE is an utter failure). Still, hoping for a good contract year out of him.

      1. I’m gonna laugh my ass off when Thompson re-signs Finley to an extension at about 7M per year at everyone calling it Finley’s last year in GB!

        1. Hey, if Finley shows enough to merit an extension, more power to him. I’ll be surprised…and when you’re done laughing, I’ll help you find a place to put the ass you laughed off.

  3. It would seem that someone or Ted Thompson himself erased the letter (H) off the chart when he selected Nick Perry and ignored some others to take him in the 1st as an OLB.

    Everything about Perry by that grading article says and reads…DE 4-3 scheme.

    Was TT unable to find a trade down partner and he grabbed Perry because of the desperate NEED on defense which erased the BPA only path.

    Sept 8,will be a truer read on this draft pick.

    IF TT sees with clear eyes the need for DL need this season and cannot trade down if the couple that are “true” 1sts are gone…Margus Hunt comes in at pick 26.He may be a reach there,but a 5 year deal for a 1st rd pick will afford us his best years on defense with his raw ability possibly pushing all the others.

    Besides,a 6’8′ animal may be just what helps Perry on the left side.

    1. Sorry,I know this was an offense post but…I do not see TT taking any offensive player this year in the 1st rd.

      1. I agree with you. Aside from Eifert, who is a 1st round talent but a marginal need for the Packers, who else is expected to be there? Maybe a desirable WR tumbles, but you can’t project that. In terms of RB/WR depth, there’s plenty to be had on day 2. Even though I’ve not been in Leveon Bell’s corner, I’m warming up to him a little bit based on potential…but not at #26.

        That leaves S and DL at #26. Frankly, I hope TT doesn’t have to use that pick.

  4. IT is tight between Datone Jones and Eifert for me at #26. Eifert is a safer Prospect IMO, and he does it all well. Every college TE needs to work on his blocking when they make the move to the NFL.
    Eifert has done a good job of it.
    Jones at that point in the draft is the best 3-4 DE available. 6-4 283#, strong, played both DE and DT in college and effective both places. That my friends is a 3-4 DE.

    1. Packers want to get BIGGER and tougher on the DL, not smaller which Jones would be doing to the DL. Jones will NOT be the pick at #26, I’ll almost guarantee it. Jones also has short arms (less than 33 in) and will have trouble disengaging in the NFL, something he has some problems w/ already in college. Syl Williams is bigger and better, and for that matter so would Short w/ his 35 in arms.

    2. CBS… “A classic ‘tweener who until his senior season hadn’t ever lived up to expectations. Lacks the sustained speed and flexibility to turn the corner as a traditional 4-3 defensive end. Lacks the bulk to handle full-time duties as a traditional defensive tackle.”

      We need bigger not smaller and we want guy that showed up every year, not just when his pay day was on the line. Curious he was so inconspicuous his 1st 3 years in college even tho the talent was always there.

  5. I can see four scenarios:

    Eifert and/or Ertz will be there at 26.
    The fact that TT signed Mulligan leads me to believe they may look later for a TE.

    I noticed that Jersey Al’s Draftek Site
    has ROT Fluker ranked 30. If he’s there
    do we take him and move Bulaga to the left side?

    QB’s could be the wildcard. If they move
    into the first round, we could see a D
    player fall into our spot. Maybe Reid
    at safety or a D-lineman like a Williams
    (NC or AL) or Jones (UCLA).

    We could watch the Draft all night on
    Thursday only to see TT trade down into
    Friday…gut wrenching excitement!

    Go Pack!

    1. I don’t see Mulligan as being anyone who will alter the flow of the draft for the Packers. Just saying.

      And with the let-down of waiting only to see a trade-down? AMEN!…but I think it will be the right thing.

  6. As the 2013 draft is solid in the first 3 rounds, I would like to see a trade down in round 1 (1&4 for 2&3&7)and round 2 (2&5 for 3&4&7). Draft something like: OT M.Watson, DE M.Hunt, NT J.Jenkins, OC B.Jones, and RB S.Taylor.

  7. “But what we also see, is the offense falling from #3 to #13 in total offense. That has to be addressed.”

    Completely disagree… I don’t see it being a total defensive draft like last year, but I do think the pick at #26 will definitely be a defensive player.

    On offense we were w/o 3 RB, our top 2 OT, Jennings for most of the year, Nelson for 4 or 5 games. The offense needs a RB to become dominant. The defense still needs a playmaker or 2. I would think the way the D was gashed vs Peterson and Kaepernick would make that extremely obvious.

    1. I think Kaepernick and Peterson represent different kinds of “fixes” for the D, though. Which do you fix first?

      “Completely disagree… I don’t see it being a total defensive draft like last year, but I do think the pick at #26 will definitely be a defensive player.”

      I agree: TT will want to give the investments of 2012 a chance to payoff and will look to address other pending or future holes. Where I disagree is that I suspect that the best value at #26 will be on the offensive side of the ball…which is why the Packers will try like crazy to move down.

  8. Born in Bama. 3rd generation Packer season ticket holder. I have watched Eddie Lacey run a lot. I am amazed by agility for a man his size. He is incredibly powerful, but can do the jump cut normally reserved for smaller backs. Also, excels at spin move. Would be a game changer on many levels for Offense. Can force defenses out of cover 2 and pick up 3rd&1. Sees hole and gets there quickly. Love to see him as a Packer.

  9. Choice if Pack goes defense in 1st is Margus Hunt. Imagine his core strength and ability to torque his body with power, given his background in discuss and shotput. I believe his strength will be functionally better than anything weight training could provide. Pro coaching will turn him into a monster on the field.

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