All Packers Talk Podcast: 2013 NFL Draft Needs All Green Bay Packers All the Time
Packers 2013 NFL Draft Needs
Looking towards the 2013 NFL Draft…

The latest “All Packers Talk” podcast gets the Packers’ Draft season underway with a general discussion of positional needs.

In tonight’s edition, we “start the conversation.”

We plan on doing a series of these podcasts, looking closely at this Packers team, position group by position group, and analyzing where improvements are needed. Then, of course, we’ll examine college prospects that could help the Packers.


Tune in for this expanded coverage of the original Packers Draft Needs Post  and much, much more…

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11 thoughts on “All Packers Talk Podcast: 2013 NFL Draft Needs

  1. Pass on Barrett Jones… Heard on podcast and early that Jones is gonna be such a great Center. I’ve never seen him as a great Center prospect. I don’t think he is particularly physical and is much more of a technician than anything else. I even saw one online scout, might have been CBS, say that he compared to Colledge. If we’re going to get a Center wait till 3rd round or later and get a guy like Holmes the USC kid. Jones best attribute is that he is versatile and a technician. Thats not good enough for me to draft him till top 3rd, by which time I think Jones is long gone.

      1. You mean Womack? THe Bama OG don’t you. Cuz theres a Warmack thats an OG, from Kentucky, thats like a 3rd round pick.

        If we go OL in the 1st, and I’m not really oppossed to it, Jonathan Cooper is the guy I would like. He’s a terrific prospect that can play all 3 interior positions and while most project him as a G, I’ve seen a couple scouts say his best postition might be Center. Cooper has versatility but is an incredible athlete that produced at Carolina. Getting a Center that athletic and also pretty physical would be a huge boost to the OL!

        1. I think you’re confused… The Alabama guard is Chance Warmack. the Kentucky guard is Larry Warford.

          Cooper is a beast. Consensus All-American. A knockdown block machine.

  2. I’m not sure that I have a favorite O-Lineman at this point but clearly the OL should be the priority this year. Especially, after a season where 55 sacks were allowed and the running game only had a few spurts of effectiveness. The OL needs to be improved, now! Thanks, Since ’61

  3. Versatility is the key with an early OL choice. I don’t want to rule out the possible return of Sherrod. Way too early to make predictions as we have been surprised many times in the past. Realistically, the Pack could go in any direction if the right player is available. OL, DL, MLB, WR, TE, RB. We need help everywhere.

    1. DL, OL, OLB would be my list of what would be highest priority for the first round.. But BPA rules the day, ultimately. Take what the draft gives you

      1. I disagree. Not saying the OL or DL should be ignored, but Safety, then ILB are 2 places we need improved play. I don’t see Woodson back, McMillan isn’t ready and Jennings is backup material at best. We need everydown playmakers and those are gonna come at S and ILB. I hope Manning can step up but we can’t count on it. DL we need a rugged run stuffing DE, those don’t need to come from the 1st round. OL we need interior depth and maybe an improvement at Center. If one of those is available in the 1st OK, but more than anything we need playmakers on D. We’ve use 1st on Bulaga and Sherrod, so I dont see using another 1st on OL. Can get a Center prospect a little later. Defensive playmakers are a must, but we also have to give Perry a chance, so I don’t see using a 1st on another OLB. Mid round pick sure…

        Defensive playmakers is how the Pack is gonna be a SB contender.

        1. THis team needs a young NT, Pickett isn’t going to play forever, and there’s no reason to think Raji is really a NT at this point. We’ve got guys who can play the edge well enough, but we NEED another NT.

          Rodgers got sacked a bazillion times year, and Sherrod has played only a handful more snaps in an NFL game than I have. I’m one of the few that isn’t too concerned about finding a Center; I was not sold at all on EDS for the last two years, but his play at C down the stretch was enough to make me say “Maybe I was wrong about him”, and I feel fine about going into next season with him at C. At any rate, we could stand to upgrade at T, we could use more qualtiy guard depth, and when Arod is the guy who’s taking a beating back there, it’s hard to say taking a good OL in the first would be a bad thing.

          I haven’t given up on Perry, I’m actually a big fan. You run a 3-4, you always look for another monster OLB.

          We definitely could upgrade at S and ILB, I agree. But I don’t feel like we need to burn a first rounder on either position unless there is an absolute beast ILB or S available.. Especially at ILB. The guy would have to be a once-in-a-decade guy for me to pull the trigger on an ILB in the first.

  4. I also am in the D-line camp. If we can get a more prototypical NT or D-end with pick one, I would do it. TT seems to find WR gems in the second round so if we have a good option there, I would take it. — I am not as worried with the OL. With Bulaga coming back, one of your tackle spots is covered. Between Sherrod, Newhouse, Barclay and Datko or a later draft choice, the tackle spot will sort itself out. I am ok with EDS at C. — getting more talent at ILb would be a good thing as well. — between McMillan,Jennings and Richardson, S will be covered. GoPack!

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