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2014 NFL Draft
2014 NFL Draft


It’s time to let it rip and try to match wits with TED THOMPSON on who the PACK should be picking next week to supplement their roster. The Picks are based on my Regardless of Position prospect rankings as of May 2nd. Each Pick analysis will include where they ranked on my list, which, in theory, made them available for the PACKERS to select.
Round 1 Pick 21 CALVIN PRYOR/S/LOUISVILLE 5’11/210
He’s not an elite cover guy, but is an excellent athlete and a fearless hitter. He’s the kind of S that forces receivers to keep their head on a swivel. He could push for a starting job as a Rookie if given enough attention by the coaching staff. Same 40-time as HA HA @ 4.58. Desire to strike a blow can cause some missed tackles. Learning a bit more discipline in his play will be essential. But aggression is something the PACK S position can use more of overall. PP rank #23.
Round 2 Pick 53 JARVIS LANDRY/WR/LSU 5’114/205 4.61/40
Was felt by some to Be a better pro prospect than teammate ODELL BECKHAM, but he had a bad Combine athletically. His time above came from the LSU Pro Day. Ob the field he is big time. His 31 3⁄4” arm length, and 10 1⁄4” hand spread provide his QB with a wide catching radius target. He times his leaps well for the catch and should win most jump balls even in the NFL. Should be a solid Special Teams performer as he starts his NFL career as the packs No. 4 wideout. IMO, he compares well with RUEBEN RANDLE of the GIANTS, another ex-LSU standout. PP rank #52.
Round 3 Pick 85 C.J. FIEDOROWICZ/TE/IOWA 6’054/265 4.76/40
A solid college player who didn’t get much love at IOWA in large part due to very mediocre QB lay during his career. A throwback NFL TE in his skill set. Can play all three downs as an inline TE. His 33” arms & 10 1⁄4” hands should make him a popular target for AARON RODGERS. He reminds quite a bit of JASON WITTEN coming out of the college ranks. He fits a need in my mind, because I am skeptical of FINLEY ever playing for the PACK again. PP rank #82.
Round 3 Pick 98 SHAYNE SKOV/ILB/STNAFORD 6’022/245 4.95/40
I struggled with this Pick trying to be sure I didn’t feel compelled to draft for need. He plays hard and smart, like most Stanford guys. Has a real tough-guy attitude. He finds the ball and gets to it. He can also be effective blitzing up the middle. Has 10” hands and uses them with great strength to shed blockers. Had 109 tackles as a senior including 5.5 sacks and 13 TFL. His challenge will be to prove he can drop into pass pro and play all 3 downs instead of just 2. He does remind me of A.J. HAWK, who has been a dependable starter for the PACK for almost a decade now. The biggest difference in comparing SKOV to HAWK is that this is Pick 98 not Pick 6. PP rank # 5.
Round 4 Pick 121 RUSSELL BODINE/C/UNC 6’031/310 5.18/40
Strong, aggressive football player, with some JOSH SITTON nastiness to his game. Comes out of school early after 2 coaching changes in college. He led all OL with 42 reps in the Combine bench press. Has decent mobility in a short area. Should be able to handle most NFL NT in 3-4 schemes. Has played some OG, so he could probably help out there if not starting as a Rookie. High effort, hustling player who should become an NFL starter, and soon. I would expect him to battle TRETTER hard for the starting OC job. PP rank #113.
Round 5 Pick 161 HOWARD JONES/DE/OLB/SHEPHERD 6’024/235
This DII player absolutely blew up the combine to affirm his small school stats. Ran a 4.59/40, which would seriously upgrade the PACKERS Defensive speed. He’ll be a conversion project to OLB for the PACK 3-4 base scheme. He has a wingspan of 82” and had a 40.5” vertical jump at the COMBINE. His arms measure 34 1/8” in length. 4-year starter at Shepherd. Huge athleticism and upside potential. PP rank #157.
Another small-school standout who will give PACKERS coaches a lot of athleticism to work with. He ran a 4.41/40 at the Combine and has the long arms (32 1⁄2”) that are all the rage in today’s NFL. He needs work on his cover skills, but is a solid willing tackler already. Should help on Special Teams while he is being groomed to replace TRAMON WILLIAMS who is now on the wrong side of 30, and is likely in his final Packers contract. PP rank # 167.
Round 6 Pick 197 DAVID FALES/QB/SAN JOSE STATE 6’015/212
As this Pick came up and I looked at my prospect list I could not help but think of watching FALES lead the upset win over Fresno State last season while throwing for over 500 yards. As I watched that effort I mumbled, ‘He looks like a young AARON RODGERS’. That’s heady stuff, but since I have my doubts about TOLZIEN ever getting much better, and can’t help but remember that FLYNN is only signed for 1 year, this guy could give Coach McCarthy his 4th QB and a developmental project to mold in his image. Nothing screams out about athleticism or great arm strength, but he’s smart and has been productive. Her also impressed me in Mobile, with how serious he is about football as we talked over dinner. PP rank #202.
Round 7 Pick 236 JOHN BROWN/WR/RS/PITT STATE 5’100/180

I’ve been high on BROWN since the Shrine venue, but I don’t think he’s a secret anymore and may not come close to lasting this long. He’s incredibly fast and quick. He ran a 4.37/40 at the COMBINE. He may never be more than a No. 3-4 receiver on a depth chart, but he could also bring solid value as a PR/KR specialist. He might allow the PACK to keep a guy named COBB off the field for anything more than his receiving job. My gut says even I will be moving BROWN up in my final prospect rankings list early next week, but it was a nice thought while it lasted. PP rank # 243.

That’s the PACKERS Mock. Remember that some of the guys many of you will tell me should have been picked (like a ERIC EBRON) were realistically gone where the PACKERS are picking. I for one, would be thrilled if this group actually hit the PACKERS roster when training Camp opens.receiving job. My gut says even I will be moving BROWN up in my final prospect rankings list early next week, but it was a nice thought while it lasted. PP rank # 243.

Editor’s Note: Our friend Pigskin Paul, born and raised in Wisconsin, has a long history of “DraftNikism” and studying the ways of Packers’ GMs. You can read more from Paul at his website, Pigskin Paul’s Place.

64 thoughts on “Pigskin Paul – Packers Mock Draft

  1. Round 1 Pick 21 CALVIN PRYOR/S/LOUISVILLE 5’11/210
    Round 3 Pick 85 C.J. FIEDOROWICZ/TE/IOWA 6’054/265 4.76/40
    Round 3 Pick 98 SHAYNE SKOV/ILB/STNAFORD 6’022/245 4.95/40

    I agree with the three pick above the rest suck….

  2. first round…. cornerback…dennard. best player available if still on board and gives him one year on defense before packers lose williams to free agency.

  3. You did a good job – will probably look something like this if no trading down, maybe (5) defense and (4) offense instead of your (5) offense and (4) defense. Last 2 years our D has been ok, but needs improvement.

    My best guess is Thompson trades down this year and gets a total of 10 or 11 picks, but always surprises.

  4. TT trades out of 1st and 2nd rounds. Picks 12 offensive players in the late rounds.

  5. Going to match wits with Ted? Leave half of them home…..1/2 is all you need! Ted will draft CPA (cutest player available.

  6. 1-21 LB Mosley/Shazier. 2-21 trade down in 2nd round, then draft LB C.Jones/S D. Bucannon. 3-21 TE Fiedorowicz. 3-34 C Martin. Then BAP.

  7. Forgive me, but I am so sick and tired of seeing so much offensive talent being taken so early. I know that it’s possible TT will simply pick the most talented player, but fans ought to be thinking defense defense defense in these mock drafts.

    We will PRODUCE on offense with AR at quarterback regardless of who he’s throwing to! Jarret Boykin put that argument to rest. TE’s are great, but by golly they are FAR from a necessity!

    We have arguably the best run game in the NFL, an offensive line that finally has some real depth, and Rodgers throwing to some very capable receivers. We are FINE on offense.

    I don’t know what I would do if I were TT, but as a fan (and part-owner), I feel strongly that our best interest is trying to fix the front seven, and grabbing a Safety in the second or third round if there’s still one there.

  8. You’ve gotta be kidding me with Shayne Skov in the 3rd. Please do your draft homework before doing one of these next year. Our defense is already slow, adding a guy in the middle that runs a 4.95/40 is just stupid.

    1. LB Mosley/BPA
    2. SS Jimmie Ward/Deone Buchannon
    3. WR Paul Richardson
    3.Whichever of the top tight ends falls Amaro/Niklas etc.
    4. DT Anthony Johnson
    5. CB Antone Exum
    5. OG Brandon Thomas
    6. QB David Fales
    7. LB Andrew Jackson

    1. I’d love Mosley at #21. Getting Ward or Bucannon in the 2nd round would be incredible, but I doubt either one will be available by then since the Titans, Cowboys, Bears, Rams, Ravens and Cardinals all could take a safety before the Packers do.

    2. Just to fire things up a bit I’ll bet I have done more Draft homework than U. Mosley will get buried in the middle at his size. And projecting whatever TE falls to R3 is far from an educated Pick. To each his own & Happy Draft!

      1. 1. Oooh I just might have to take that bet Pauly! You run a a website, have a family Im sure, and perhaps even have a second job. I’m 28, work from home and am absolutely obsessed with the Packers and the draft (which I’ll be attending for he 6th year in a row) and a lovely, patient girlfriend I DONT live with. I just…have the time to do it lol Onwards…

        You cite that Mosley is too small yet, he weighs EXACTLY as much Kuechly and only 5 pounds less than Pat Willis, AT THEIR CURRENT PLAYING WEIGHT. Think he add those 5 pounds up somewhere during, you know, rigorous NFL training?? Yeah, me too.
        If theres a knock on him, its his injury history. Dislocated hip, dislocated elbow, etc. HOMEWORK. I guess you would be apart of the 3% of Packer fans who wouldnt draft Borland and wouldn’t have drafted CLAY MATTHEWS, because, you know, their “size”. SMH.

        2. Just about every analyst alive has Deone Buchannon going in rounds 2-3 because his misdiagnoses plays at time and will over pursue ball carriers, but he might have the best SS body in the draft. Please Paul, direct me to a analyst that has him projected in the first. And please, don’t be so lame as to send me some Mock Draft from Bleacher Report. That dog wont hunt.

        3. Pardon my honesty, but the tight end class is a clusterfuck of mid-range talent with modest upside. If you’ll notice, I entered Amaro and Niklas’ name because those, in order, are who I would take in round 3. If some idiot takes Amaro in the 1st and Niklas in the second (which could happen) then we’re left with the best tight end available (i.e., ‘etc.’) So pardon my integrity, I just know we need a tight end and they’re projected to go all over the place. But again, Amaro, then Niklas in the 3rd, thank you.

        BTW, I actually love your Fedorowizc pick and your Howard Jones pick, especially where you got them. I, like you, think Fedorowicz is going to be a player, I just think everyone else has figured that out as well by now. I’ll be damned if he doesn’t remind me of a young Heath Miller. What a frickin treasure that would be to have a guy like that on the Pack!

        Anyway, i’d be interested in your retort. Either way, lets revisit this come Sunday!

        1. “Pardon my honesty, but the tight end class is a clusterfuck of mid-range talent with modest upside.”

          This is my opinion–based on limited exposure–as well. The position value is inflated due to players like Gronk and Graham, and all teams looking for their version of those guys. I expect the Packers to ride Bostick and Quarless this season, look for a big developmental TE late, and maybe look for a stronger draft class next year.

      2. I’m right there with you PP, about Mosley. Looking at various YouTube videos of him, the big thing I came away with is that he clearly has difficulty shedding blocks, and his instincts don’t look like first-round material to me. I like Shazier a lot better, and I hope the Packer’s pass on Mosley if he is there at 21…

      3. Not sure if you’re replying to me or to BearDownPackUp, but I must disagree about your view on CJ Mosley. He’s 6’2″ 234 lbs. and is easily the best LB in this draft, played in an elite program, played for a great coach and against the best competition.

        “His 107 tackles in 2012 were the second-highest total by an Alabama linebacker in the past 25 years (DeMeco Ryans had 126 in 2003) and 48 more than the next Tide defender last season (fellow inside linebacker Trey DePriest). Mosley also recorded eight tackles for loss, four sacks and two interceptions.” (source: CBS sports)

  9. You’ve gotta be kidding me with Shayne Skov in the 3rd. Please do your draft homework before doing one of these next year. Our defense is already slow, adding a guy in the middle that runs a 4.95/40 is just stupid.

    1. LB Mosley/BPA
    2. SS Jimmie Ward/Deone Buchannon
    3. WR Paul Richardson
    3.Whichever of the top tight ends falls Amaro/Niklas etc.
    4. DT Anthony Johnson
    5. CB Antone Exum
    5. OG Brandon Thomas
    6. QB David Fales
    7. LB Andrew Jackson

    1. I can’t see the Packers taking Skov given his torn ACL in 2011 plus his DUI arrest.

  10. Pryor is too slow,small,poor coverage and the nfl will clamp down on his hitting. Bad pick at #1!

    1. This feels like arguing w/RUSH who makes up his own “facts” to fill in the blanks. I will repeat CLINTON-DIX & PRYOR both ran official times of 4.58 @ COMBINE! So how is PRYOR slow?!

    2. Their 40 is exactly the same. Pryor hits harder, is just as much of a playmaker, is better against the run, and truth be told, his “game speed” trumps Clinton-Dix by a little bit to me. POOR COVERAGE?!?! Watch the best sideline interception of the year against Blake Bortles. And even THAT was just a couple plays after he concussed some dude with a clean hit along the sidelines.

      I will admit he’s overly aggressive at times, especially for the Not Football League, but so is Earl Thomas and Kam Chancellor.

      Calvin Pryor is MUCH better than you’ve diagnosed him to be.

  11. Pryor is too slow,small,poor coverage and the nfl will clamp down on his hitting. Bad pick at #1!

  12. WR-Beckham LSU. That is what the card will read. Best player available. Too many question marks on the two linebackers. Two safeties will be gone. We score 40 and hold opponents to 35. Good safeties in second round.

  13. Here’s my Packers mock draft:

    1st round: Louis Nix, NT, Notre Dame, 6’2”, 331 lbs. – Packers beef up 26th ranked run defense, Raji’s future uncertain

    2nd round: Ed Reynolds, FS, Stanford, 6’2”, 215 lbs. – Packers get a big FS so Burnett can move back to SS

    3rd round: Cody Latimer, WR, Indiana, 6’3” 215 lbs. – Thompson takes a WR surprisingly early despite Boykin’s emergence

    3rd round: (comp. pick) C.J. Fiedorowicz, TE, Iowa, 6’6”, 265 lbs. – New red zone target for Aaron Rodgers

    4th round: Yawin Smallwood, ILB, UConn, 6’4” 236 lbs. – Thompson looks to bolster linebacker corps

    5th round: Deion Belue, CB, Alabama, 5’11, 182 lbs. – Tramon Williams will be a FA in 2015, Heyward’s hamstring issues may arise again

    5th round (comp. pick): Michael Sam, DE, Missouri, 6’2” 261 lbs. – Co-SEC Defensive Player of the Year could be a steal

    6th round: Charles Siddoway, OT, Mississippi State, 6’5”, 301 lbs. – Thompson adds depth behind Bakhtiari and Bulaga

    7th round Gavin Farr, C, Southern Utah State, 6’2”, 290 lbs. – JC Tretter may not pan out, Farr has drawn interest from Pats, Chiefs

    1. I’d trash me trousers if we got Reynolds in the second. Slow and not very athletic at all.

      1. I didn’t realize Reynolds is projected by some as a later round pick or that he had a torn ACL in 2011. Perhaps Terence Brooks out of FSU is a more likely pick in the 2nd rd.

      2. I didn’t realize Reynolds is projected by some as a later round pick or that he had a torn ACL in 2011. Perhaps Terence Brooks out of FSU is a more likely pick in the 2nd rd.

  14. I love this time of year. Its like being a kid before Christmas- all the bright presents under the tree and you don’t know what they are. You have some ideas though, and you sure can’t wait to open them and see. I don’t know much about who will or even should be picked, but two things I think I do know. TT will leave everyone scratching their heads a time or two with his picks, and TT will trade back once or twice for more picks just because he’s TT. Keep the banter going cause I love to hear about those new possibilities in green and gold.

    1. I luv your analogy to Christmas. Great attitude… hold it over as the Picks unfold.Kinda like waiting for that magic gift & realizing there R no more packages to unwrap after all.

    2. Haha yea, you’re so right. I’ve often thought about it in that way. And you’re also right that TT is going to quell some of my excitement with one of these when he trades back lol But it’s always for the good of the team and In TT We Trust!

  15. Here’s my hopes for the draft:

    1) Shazier. Speed, potential, versatility, coverage. It’s 4/6s of what we need (size/strength could be better). Potential to be a playmaker. I like Mosley, too, of course.
    2) Terrence Brooks, S. Compared to LeRoy Butler and Nick Collins? Be still my beating heart!
    3a) Fiedorowicz, unless Niklas or ASJ somehow fall.
    3b) if Marcus Martin, C, USC is still available I go with him. Otherwise, still going to have some good WR choices here.
    4) Daniel McCullers, NT. I’ve always wanted a sumo wrestler at NT – think of all the bad snaps that we would get whenever our 600-pound NT did that sumo foot-stomp thing. McCullers is the closest thing to a sumo wrestler in this draft.
    5a) I’d be happy with Chris Watt, interior o-line, Notre Dame or Brandon Coleman, WR, Rutgers. If we can’t get them I’d be happy with Dri Archer (just for special teams and so people don’t say we’re not fast enough), a CB project, or Christian Jones if he falls.
    5b) Brandon Coleman or Chris Watt
    6) Colt Lyerla. I think it’s pretty likely he wouldn’t make it out of camp, but on the off chance he succeeds he’d be a late-round steal. I feel the same about Ronald Powell, OLB from Florida. Otherwise, if Michael Sam falls he could be a steal. Not the best measurable a but great production and hustle, and his presence could give us an us-against-the-world kind of mentality.
    7) De’Anthony Thomas from Oregon. 40 times be damned, the kid looks fast! Otherwise, Max Bullough if he’s still around, or Aaron Lynch. Really I’d take anyone who will provide competition in camp for anyone that needs a kick in the butt. Maybe a kicker. Seemed to work last year with Crosby.

    Looking back I see that go for a lot of need and a bit of potential over safety.

  16. This might be for another post, bit I don’t know which one so I’ll just pose the question here.

    Round-by-round, who are the players that would most disappoint or excite you? Predicting a single player for each spot is all right, but what do you think about possibilities at different spots?

    Example: I would be disappointed if we took Calvin Pryor in the first. I don’t know if he can play the deep coverage we need. I would be excited if we got C.J. Mosley. Seems like the man can play.
    2nd) no Ed Reynolds in any round (don’t think he has the athleticism), no to Skov this early. Huge yes to award should he fall. Would be very happy with Matthews, WR, Vandy, even if I don’t think it’s a position of huge need (d-fense!).

    1. Round 1:
      Love: Mosley, Nix, Clinton-Dix
      Hate: Hageman, Cooks, Beckham, Jr., Ealy

      Round 2:
      Love: Ward, Hageman, Allen Robinson, Van Noy
      Hate: Kelvin Benjamin, Cody Latimer, Carl Bradford

      Round 3:
      Love: Buchannon, Landry, Scott Chrichton, Borland
      Hate: Telvin Smith, Dri Archer, Attaochu

      Round 3:
      Love: Trent Murphy, Fedorowizc, Kelvin Benjamin, Caraun Reid
      Hate: Abbrederris, Mettenberger, Cyril Richardson

      Round 4:
      Love: Troy Niklas, Pierre Desir, Martavius Bryant, Paul Richardson
      Hate: Shayne Skov, Ed Reynolds, Southward

      Round 5:
      Love: Duverney-Tardiff, Anthony Johnson, Dri Archer, Brandon Coleman
      Hate: Jordan Zumwalt, Chris Davis, TJ Jones, Michael Sam

      Round 5:
      Love: Craig Loston, Deanthony Thomas, Kenny Ladler, Adrian Hubbard, Andrew Jackson
      Hate: Kevin Pierre Louis, Yavin Smallwood, Tyler Gaffney

      Round 6:
      Love: Howard Jones, Jackson Jeffcoat, Storm Johnson, Ahmad Dixon
      Hate: Mike Davis, Chris David, Cassius Marsh

      Round 7:
      Love: Keith Wenning, James Morris, Deanthony Thomas, Beau Allen
      Hate: Tajh Boyd, Chaz Sutton, Jordan Lynch

      Pretty tough to “hate” players in the late rounds but I did my best. Let me know what you think or just post your own!

      1. Just goes to show you: when it comes to drafting, it’s not necessarily the player, but rather the pick you need to invest to get him.

      2. Why the dislike of Beckham? Is it him as a player or more of an opportunity-cost thing? (i.e. We have other areas of bigger need)

        1. Definitely “oppurtunity-cost”. Heck, I even think he’s a good late 1st round- early 2nd round pick but I just could see going for another sub 6′ receiver in the first round. Unless its Sammy or Mike Evans, give me defense or give me death in the first round.

  17. Nobody giving any love to GB somehow landing WR Jordan Matthews… my miracle draft would be:
    1.Ryan Shazier LB
    2.Austin Sefarian-Jenkins TE
    3.Jordan Matthews WR
    draft a couple DB prospects for the safety spot and pencil in Hyde for next year.

  18. 21

  19. This is such an important draft, lets hope Teddy KGB brings his A game this week. What player would make you pull your hair out most if picked at 21???
    Easy for me, Rashede Hageman DL, that guy is a big turd.

    1. The beauty of it is that the Packers, either between upcoming FA/contract years and holes in the lineup, could pick just about anywhere except QB, RB, and interior OL, and most people wouldn’t bat an eye. Makes BPA truly the best philosophy. The key is not to reach…

      1. Hey Dobber just want you to know I am not ignoring your messages. It’s just I have a broken down website & am rying to finalize my Top 100 list.

  20. Round 1 reach. Pryor is 2nd round value at best.

    Then again Ted took Jones, Perry, and Sherrod so who knows I could be totally wrong.

  21. Any combination of Shazier/Mosley in the 1st and Brooks/Ward in the 2nd would make the Packers draft a success.

    We need a fast, instinctive playmaking ILB to hunt down Osama… Er, Kaeperdork. And a Centerfielder type FS that can come down and make plays near the LOS. Brooks/Ward easily project as the best Centerfielder type of FS the Packers desperately need that can also match up on a slot receiver or blitz.

    None of Bucannon, Skov or Borland PLEASE! They don’t have the versatility and skills the Packers need.

    1. I think Skov and Borland have the potential to be good pros, but it’s all a matter of where you take them. If you burned a #3 on them, no. Move down a round or so and they become good buys.

      1. In defense of the slow MLB/ILB, didn’t Vontaze Burfict run a 40 time OVER 5.0 seconds, he seems to be doing okay

  22. Heart, Talent, and speed. Inside linebacker, inside/outside linebacker, free safety, tight end, and a blocking tight end and c/g.

  23. I’ll take a shot, knowing I’ll take a beating for my lack of knowledge of college players in general. In theory, I see TT shying away from investing heavily in the OL, DL, and RB positions as those have been invested in significantly in recent years.

    Round One: Bradley Roby, CB, OSU. I see the key need players at LB/S gone. Roby allows Hyde to move to S, decreases the dependence on House, and–while under-tall–is fast and provides the heir apparent to TWill on the outside. You can never have enough cover guys.

    Round Two: Kyle van Noy, LB, BYU. Not the super-athletic guy people hope for at LB, but an instinctive field general type. Steps in for Brad Jones from day one, and can play inside or outside.

    Round Three:

    Round Three: Bruce Ellington, WR, South Carolina. Might not have all the measureables, but all he does is make plays.

    Round Four: Preston Brown, LB, Louisville. Smart, physical inside thumper, really a 2-down ILB. Field general type. AJ Hawk’s replacement.

    Round Five: Justin Britt, OT, Missouri. College LT playing against top competition. Recovering from a 2012 ACL (played in 2013) and didn’t work out at the combine that’s holding down his draft stock. Has a mean streak.

    Round Five: Kenny Ladler, S, Vandy. Smart developmental S and special teams contributor.

    Round Six: Crockett Gilmore, TE, CSU. Converted DE still learning position. Big (6’6″), physical, does the dirty work. Can play special teams.

    Round Seven: Beau Allen, DT, Wisc. Big, try-hard, developmental nose. Always around the ball.

    1. Didn’t fill in…
      Round Three: Shaq Evans, WR, UCLA. Bigger possession receiver. Good speed, but not used vertically. Team leader, high character and work ethic.

  24. I was diggin your draft until you slotted Shaq Evans at 3. Awesome name, pedestrian game. Have you ever wtched tape on a WR named Paul Richardson? I think he’d be a fantastic pick in the third and his dad used to play for the Pack! Check him out.

    1. I haven’t seen film on him, but he has a history of knee injuries, doesn’t he? What does that mean anymore, anyway?

      The guy I really like at the position is Donte Moncrief from Ole Miss, but he’s not likely to make it to the Packers in Rd. 2, and is a reach at #21.

      1. True, but that’s why a 3-4th round pick is a great fit. The knee must not have bothered him too much, however, seeing as though he ran a 4.4/40 and leapt 38 inches at the combine. Seriously, this kid has D-Jax written all over him, minus the gang affiliation, but plus the work ethic and team mentality.

        And Moncrief comes off to me as straight-line speed guy. Not great at running routes, average at running after the catch, but boy can he fly. I’d stay away because I just couldn’t spend a 1st or second on him. Interestingly enough, he reminds me of a receiver we already have named Myles White. Maybe check out his college tape, as well. He went to LA TECH.

        I’d spend a 2nd round on Allen Robinson from Penn State though. He’s a faster, shiftier, perhaps an even more athletic Keenan Allen. I’d be surprised if he’s not a starting wideout next year

        My biggest sleeper, by far, at wideout is Robert Herron from Wyoming. Exceptional route runner, sure hands, great physicality. I’d bet he makes a team as at least a 3rd wideout next year.

    2. Now that I look at it, I really didn’t drift too far from the power conferences in these picks…and we all know that TT likes to look for small-school gems. Maybe a Jeff Janis, WR, SVSU, late?

      1. JANIS really struggled to get open in Mobile. Even when ABBREDERIS & EVANS & COLTER went down JANIS had less catches than replacement guys who came in Friday for the game. RICHARDSON goes long only and weighs 170 lbs. Add that to the knee & I’m concerned… deeply.

        1. But you gotta love the upside and the pedigree. He just reminds me so much of Desean Jackson that I would have to take a shot in the 4th or 5th if we hadn’t already addressed receiver. Speaking of D-Jax, Richardson put up 284 yards on 11 catches against his alma mater in just his sophomore season. Reported injury issues for wide receivers can be hit or miss in terms of whether or not they’ll produce. After he missed the 2012 season with that knee injury, his first game back he put up 208 yards on 10 catches and 2 td’s. I know he has a slight build, i ust think its worth the risk if you get him after round 3

  25. Jeff Janis is a poor man’s Jordy Nelson ALL DAY. Might not draft him in the 7th (I think the draft is that deep) But I’d def sign him as a free agent.

    He seems to love the physicality of the game, getting any and every tough yeard, although not elusive when running after the catch. Great ball skills when its in his zone, but allows the ball to come to him rather than aggressively going after it. That especially scares me because I dont think he’ll be able to get the necessary separation from man coverage in the NFL, unlike Jordy Nelson. He’ll destroy zone coverages though because he shows the ability to find the soft spot in that coverage and has the sure hands and toughness to complete the play.

    This is straight up FUN. I just can’t wait for this draft man!

    1. Which 3 outside linebackers do you like most after the first round. It hasn’t gotten alot of attention with the peppers signing and Neal coming back but I wouldnt mind grabbing Trent Murphy with our second pick in the 3rd. Who do you like?

      1. MURPHY is a mystery man of sorts. Too stiff for OLB and too light for DE. But he makes plays and is very smart…no not just cause he sent to Stanford.Talking w/him in Mobile I don’t think he knows what he is.

        1. I was watching some tape on that kid from Texas, OLB/DE Jackson Jeffcoat, he could be a decent score in round 3 or 4 for a developmental pass rusher, geez they ran out of LB’s last year, that should never happen in a 3-4 defense

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