Cowboys vs. Packers 2014 Divisional Playoffs Predictions from All Green Bay Packers All the Time
Divisional Playoffs Dallas Cowboys vs. Green Bay Packers
Name Record To-Date This Week’s Pick Score Prediction
Kris Burke 11-5 Green Bay Packers 38-35
 If Rodgers’ calf is a big issue, the Packers could be staring at another one and done.  However, the Packers have a much better defense than a year ago so that could keep them in the game.Look for another shootout and Money Mason Crosby to win it as the Packers will get the ball last.
“Jersey” Al Bracco 12-4 Green Bay Packers 31-19
 If Rodgers were completely healthy, I’d have the Packers in a blowout. I lay this game at the feet of the defense. Hold the Cowboys to field goals and even a 70% Rodgers leads the offense to more than enough points.
Adam Czech 13-3 Green Bay Packers 27-24
 If Aaron Rodgers was 100 percent, I think the Packers blow the Cowboys off the field. But because these are the Packers, a team that always deals with injuries — even during mostly healthy seasons like this one — we’re in for a nail-biter.
Thomas Hobbes 12-4 Green Bay Packers  31-27
 Two teams with perhaps the most diametrically opposed offenses in the league; both have powerful running games and passing attacks except one team chooses to pound the rock while the other goes over top.  In the NFL today I’ll go with the pass any day and the Packers should win by throwing the ball
Chad Toporski 12-4 Green Bay Packers  35-34
These teams are so similar, it’s hard to pick a favorite. Both have explosive offenses with high-performing stars, and yet both defenses could be considered only average. Home field advantage will make a difference this game, with Rodgers being able to use the hard count and the fans making Romo’s job a bit more challenging.
Jason Perone 13-3 Green Bay Packers  24-20
All of the talk about undefeated marks at home and on the road go out the window now.  It’s the second season.  This game is won by the team that has more time of possession and fewer turnovers.  I like the Packers at home but by a slim margin.  Aaron Rodgers’ calf issue has me questioning if the Packers can score more than the mid 20’s.  Still, Packers advance to the NFC Championship game.
Jay Hodgson 12-4 Green Bay Packers 28-24
 This game will come down to the health of Aaron Rodgers’ calf. His mobility will be limited, so the offense will have to adjust. Expect to see him exclusively out of the gun and pistol with a heavy dose of packaged plays and shorter routes to exploit the Tampa 2 coverage. The game will be a struggle at times, but the Packers get it done.
Cory Jennerjohn 13-3 Green Bay Packers 26-21
This game is won on the legs of Eddie Lacy. By the fourth quarter, hardly any Cowboys’ defenders will want to tackle him. The Packers’ defense does well against the pass and Tony Romo will struggle vs. an improving secondary. Also look for Mike McCarthy to try a deep pass or two early to provide a cushion for his injured quarterback.
Mike Reuter 2-0 Green Bay Packers 34-17
 I’m really stuck on this one. Both teams have very talented offenses with the Packers having an above average defense vs the Cowboys fairly average defense. Aaron Rodgers’ calf is the linchpin for this. I am making the assumption that Rodgers will be playing the whole game, if he doesn’t obviously it is a different story. I think the Packers offense is wayyyyy too much for the Cowboy defense and the Packers pass rush and secondary have a big day. The Packers force multiple turnovers and get 3 sacks in the win.
Jeff Albrecht 0-0 Green Bay Packers 27-17
National scribes are finding it fashionable to hop on the Cowboys band wagon as their upset pick of the weekend.I see a Packers team as healthy and as rested as they have been at this stage of the season in many years. In addition they are a playoff seasoned bunch whereas most of the Cowboys are new to the post season. The cold may be yet another Dallas distraction, but it won’t be ‘Ice Bowl II’.The Packers offense is superior to the Cowboys and so is their Defense.  Mike McCarthy has Cowboys DC Rod Marinelli’s number.  The Packers were also the best in the league in turnover differential this past season. If Green Bay wins the turnover battle, and the special teams have fixed their issues (a potential big if),Having attended the last Packers post season  victory over the Cowboys at Lambeau Field some 48 years ago and also being present to witness this one, I like the Packers to walk away with a hard-fought but decisive victory.
Andy Burch 12-4 Green Bay Packers 38-27
 I live in Dallas so I have seen every Cowboys game this season, as well as every Packers game. Both of these teams are so similar, yet opposite. The Packers use the Pass to score quickly to take the opponent out of their game-plan to help their defense. While the Cowboys run the ball to control the clock to shorten the game to help their defense Both teams use their offense to help out their defense, but in different ways. I have been thinking long and hard about what I think the game will be like. I think that the Cowboys defense is coached extremely well, but coaching can only take a defense so far against Aaron Rodgers, The Cowboys play a lot of zone coverage and Rodgers easily picks zones apart. And when they do play man coverage the Cowboys have possibly the worst cornerback in the NFL in Brandon Carr, so it could be a long game for Carr. The Cowboys offense is very talented. I’m excited to see the battle between the Packers pass rush and the Cowboys pass protection. I think having Davon House back will do wonders for covering Dez Bryant who is an absolute monster. My worries for the Packers defense isn’t for stopping Demarco Murray, sure he’ll probably get his 100 yards rushing but that’s expected with the amount of times he carries the ball. My worries are covering Jason Witten and Cole Beasley on third and short. They are very precise route runners and continue to kill teams on third down. I think sending blitzes on third down that get home before Romo can get the ball to Witten or Beasley will be the difference in the game. The last couple of seasons the Packers have had problems with these run heavy teams that control the clock, hopefully that can change on Sunday. Go Pack Go.



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  1. I would seriously start Tolzien in this game. You can always bring in Rodgers to save the day. I think we win this game with Tolzien and Rodgers gets an extra week to heal. Rodgers will have to run his azz off against the Seahawks. The defense is ready to make a statement and the time is now. Jerry and his well paid refs are going down…

  2. if Rodgers plays healthy all game this is not close…pack 37 girls 17. if Rodgers is gimpy were in for a long close game…. defense pulls it out 28-27. shut up dave,eagles are out already

  3. If Aaron Rodgers is anywhere close to 100% the Packers win going away. Having said that, the Packers defense will need to at least control Demarco Murray and make the Cowboys one dimensional. With the possibility of a limited Rodgers the Packers defense needs to come up big. I see the Packers winning the turnover battle and the Packers run game playing a big role. We’re home, we’re healthy, we have the better team! No let up, no excuses, no prisoners! Pack 34 – Boys 16. Go Pack Go! Thanks, Since ’61

  4. Which Packers team shows up Sunday? The one that made people shake their heads while devouring the Bears and Eagles at Lambeau? Or the one that acted like the football was contaminated by nuclear waste against the Bills?

    The Packers D can play Dallas O to a draw. But can the Packers O, upon which this team so heavily relies, make the plays that break this thing open and tear the heart out of the Cowboys before the end of the 1st quarter? Absent that stellar start, should the ‘Boys jump out to an early lead, will the team that takes the field Sunday have the desire and the heart to overcome that adversity and take the game back?

    1. The difference between those games you mentioned is the Packers were at home against the Bears and Eagles and on the road against Buffalo, that’s a huge difference. The Cowboys defense is nothing special, no one really to gameplan around like a Clay Matthews.

      If you recall the Packers were down big to the Jets in week 2 and came back. Obviously the Jets and Cowboys are 2 different teams but the Packers can come back. That’s also the only game they’ve trailed at Lambeau this year.

      1. The reason I ask about which team shows up is that the ONE and ONLY weakness that this team has shown under MM is being mentally ready to play up to the moment in big games in the post-season.

        I realize this is a different season, different team, but the echos of eggs laid past still reverberate for this team.

        Time to see if that changes.

  5. I have disliked the cowpies for a long time and watching them beat the Packers 7 games in a row, 3 in the playoffs, in the 90s (all in Dallas) still haunts me. This is such a huge revenge game, and at Lambeau. It would be to painful if the Cowgirls pull this out and we have to look at J. Jones celebrating at our hallowed stadium. I agree that if Rodgers was 100% the Packers win and probably win by at least 10 points. I’m so bummed out about Rodgers calf. If Flynn has to play , we lose. Go Pack and go Arods Calf!

    1. If Flynn does play let No 12 call the plays, not MM. McCarthy said Rodgers called 100% plays against the Lions when Flynn threw for 6 touchdowns 2 years ago.

      1. It was 2 years ago. What Matt Flynn did this year. Scott Tolzien, who did not play one snap at all, has better statistic than Matt Flynn!

    2. My sentiments exactly. In so many ways this game is the one I have waited for forever it seems and it is driving me crazy. Only worry is Rodgers of course, But playing at home finally and with the team we have,the time has arrived for a game filled with great plays, all by us. We have Rodgers,Nelson,Cobb and so much more, but I am excited to see a game like we have seen flashes of this year ,now with Lacy, our type of game where we run them into the ground AND bury them with passing plays of every variety. Hmm does sound a lot like the 60’s teams. Like my chances with today’s versions of Starr and Taylor. And I think just like the O line the D is going to surprise a lot of people.

      Go Pack Go

  6. I’ve been saying this for awhile – and nothing I’ve read or seen changes my mind: GB has the advantage over Dallas passing the ball and running the ball and GBs pass D is just as good as Dallas’ pass O. Yeah, Demarco will get his yards, but Dallas will be forced to play catch up because ARod is going to tear their porous secondary (with no pass rush) apart. That plays right into GBs hands. Turnovers and sacks are a-comin!

    Assuming ARod plays the whole game (safe assumption since Dallas won’t touch him in the pocket) and there are no turnovers by ARod or Eddie (safe assumption), and no FIRE SHAWN SLOCUMB calls for a big return or block (less safe assumption), then GB wins comfortably by 10 or more. If 2 of the above happen, GB loses a close one. If only 1, GB wins, but it’s not comfortable.

    I think they put together the best game since New England and cruise. 41-24.

    1. I don’t think it will be all that close either Bearmeat. I’m so sick of hearing about the Cowboys this week. Every time I turn on the Radio I hear the same thing, How are the Packers going to stop the Cowboys? I have a better question, HOW ARE THE COWBOYS GOING TO STOP THE PACKERS!
      The Packers have the better passing game and I put together a interesting stat. The last 8 regular season games Lacy has actually been the better back all in all.

      Murray: 187 carries for 791 yards & 7 TD’s, 4.2 YPC. Murray also hasn’t had one TD reception all season.

      Lacy: 141 carries for 711 yards & 5 TD’s, 5.04 YPC. Lacy also has 4 TD’s receiving the last 8 weeks.

      The way Eddie finished the season, the way the OL is pass and run blocking, I like Green Bay big. McCarthy is also 7-1 following a Bye Week. GO PACK GO!

      1. I am not always confidant about predicting GB wins, but I think GB wins by 17 to 21, with Rodgers sitting a good chunk of the 4th quarter.

  7. I really am not that concerned about Rodgers calf. He looked pretty darn good in the second half vs the Lions (who have a far superior pass rush than Dallas) and has now had 2 weeks of rest and treatment. I think it’s hammer time with big Eddie Lacy and the Pack at home should score at will.
    My only concern is the defense. They cannot look like the second half vs Atlanta. Assuming that was an aberration, the Pack should take this comfortably. If the D is leaky, we may have to sweat it out.

  8. Everybody as of late is jumping on the Cowgirl bandwagon, even stating Tony Homo should get the mvp. After tomorrow they will be calling for Tony Homo’s head.

    1. You never have learned to keep it respectful have you “Big” T? There are Packers websites out there for those like you who like to make it personal and sling turds/call names, etc… That’s not here.

      Stop being a jackass. Seriously.

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