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With this being he playoffs and the Packers having rested last week after securing a 1st round bye, this will be a condensed casualty report, which won’t be looking at the long term implications of injuries since players will try extra hard to play and teams will usually have bigger margins for recovery in order to get their best players on the field


Aaron Rodgers: The elephant in the room, perhaps nothing will change the outcome of the game more than the recovery of Rodgers calf, which he initially injured against the Buccaneers but then really made it worse in the season finale against the Lions.  Rodgers ability to throw accurately seems to depend a lot on his ability to plant and torque his lower half, which makes his legs all that more important.  Add to that the fact that Rodgers scrambling and pocket movement ability truly make him a dangerous okay and this injury is much more significant than a leg injury to say Peyton Manning. While Rodgers has not practiced (which is according to plan) in these last two weeks, head coach Mike McCarthy has vowed Rodgers will start and be effective.  I have no doubt Rodgers will start, the only question is how effective he can be.

Davon House: House has been injured with a shoulder issue over the last couple weeks and hasn’t been much of a factor, even with Sam Shields playing particularly poorly.  Perhaps the best news is that House has been practicing and looks to be active against the Cowboys. While the Cowboys aren’t a team that features multiple star wide receivers, House’s physicality might match better than the pure speed of Shields’ game against Dez Bryant, who is a prototypical receiver with both the size and speed to dominate defenses

Josh Boyd: Boyd mysteriously appeared on the injury report after missing practice on Wednesday. Boyd has been dealing with a slow recovery of a knee injury for a sizable portion of the season and it’s probable that Boyd reaggrivated his injury during practice or is on a rest day to help his knee recover. Even though Boyd has had a down year with negative grades both against the run and the past, having another big body on the line might be beneficial against the best running team in the NFL.

Brandon Bostick: What more can be said about Bostick than has already been said? Bostick again finds himself on the injury report with likely a cold. Once considered the heir apparent to Jermichael Finley, Bostick has fallen so far back due to injuries and his reported inability to learn the playbook that he’s now pretty much just dead weight on the roster. Bostick would likely have been inactive even if healthy so his injury only makes the Packers inactive list easier to pick.

Josh Sitton: Not much to report, Sitton has been dealing with a toe injury for weeks and now has settled into his scheduled routine. Fully expect Sitton to start and play as well as normal. Perhaps most interesting is fellow running mate TJ Lang is absent from the injury report, which is a positive note indeed.


Thomas Hobbes is a staff writer for Jersey Al’s


4 thoughts on “Packers casualty report: Week 19 vs. Dallas Cowboys

  1. The biggest injury to me is Josh Boyd. I said in the beginning of the season that the key to the entire season could come down to a free agent named Mike Pennel trying to replace an injured B.J. Raji. With Boyd down, they need beef on beef to deal with the Cowboys big offensive line and running game. Pennel fits the bill size wise and could be a key figure in this game if Boyd can’t play. I hope Raji is still mentoring him.

    As for Bostick, I am convinced this guy is just dumb or learning disabled. He needs a tutor after the season. I heard this guy on his radio show (yes, he has a radio show) and I couldn’t believe how clueless this guy was. It’s no surpise to me anymore why he’s not playing. A talented guy but it’s time he put his college education to use and get with the program and realize this is his job. Learn the plays Bostick or someone else will!!

    Nice to see House is possibly back. We need a more physical corner against the great Dez Bryant. One thing though about Sammy Shields. This guy for whatever reason ALWAYS shows up big time in the playoffs. Every since he was a rookie this guy has made some huge defensive plays so I wouldn’t be shocked he has another huge pick this game against Dallas.


    1. I agree with you that Boyd’s injury is worrisome. Now, mind you, I had hopes for Boyd that he did not fulfill, specifically being a run stuffing DE after I read that he bulked up to 328 pounds. Alas, he has been so-so against the run (the article states that he has a negative run grade from PFF). The only other big body is Pennel, yet he seems to have fallen from favor given his reduced snap counts lately. House being healthy might be important.

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