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2014 NFL Playoffs: Divisional Round
Name Straight Up Against the Spread
Carolina Panthers at Seattle Seahawks  (-11)
Kris Burke  Seahawks  Seahawks
“Jersey” Al Bracco Squawks Panthers
Adam Czech Seachickens Seachickens
Thomas Hobbes  Seahawks  Panthers
Chad Toporski Sea-Adderall Panthers
Jason Perone Seahawks Panthers
Jay Hodgson  Seahawks Seahawks
Mike Reuter Panthers  Panthers
Cory Jennerjohn Seahawks Seahawks
 Jeff Albrecht Seahawks  Panthers
Baltimore Ravens at New England Patriots (-7)
Kris Burke  Patriots Ravens
“Jersey” Al Bracco  Ravens Ravens
Adam Czech Patriots Ravens
Thomas Hobbes  Patriots  Patriots
Chad Toporski  Patriots Patriots
Jason Perone Patriots Ravens
Jay Hodgson Patriots  Ravens
Mike Reuter  Ravens  Ravens
Cory Jennerjohn  Ravens  Ravens
 Jeff Albrecht Patriots  Patriots
Dallas Cowboys at Green Bay Packers (-5.5)
Kris Burke  Packers  Cowboys
“Jersey” Al Bracco Packers Packers
Adam Czech Packers Cowboys
Thomas Hobbes  Packers Packers
Chad Toporski  Packers Cowboys
Jason Perone Packers Cowboys
Jay Hodgson  Packers  Cowboys
Mike Reuter  Packers  Packers
Cory Jennerjohn  Packers Cowboys
 Jeff Albrecht Packers Packers
Indianapolis Colts at Denver Broncos (-7)
Kris Burke  Colts Colts
“Jersey” Al Bracco Broncos Colts
Adam Czech Colts  Colts
Thomas Hobbes Broncos  Colts
Chad Toporski  Broncos Colts
Jason Perone Broncos Broncos
Jay Hodgson Broncos Broncos
Mike Reuter Broncos Broncos
Cory Jennerjohn  Broncos  Broncos
 Jeff Albrecht Broncos Broncos

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3 thoughts on “2014 NFL Playoffs Predictions, Divisional Round: AllGreenBayPackers.com

  1. Am I the only one who doesn’t like this match-up for the Packers? If I’m Rod Marinelli, I’m sending extra rushers up the gut on just about every play to take the inside runs to Lacy away and to force ARod to move around. Sure, he’ll likely burn Dallas for a couple big plays that way, but if they can aggravate that calf and get him out of the game, it changes everything for them. I’m going to run Murray’s legs off and force the Packer D to suck up that big OL for 4 quarters. If the Packers can’t force Dallas to throw early, the defense will be on roller skates late.

    If I’m the Packers, I play ARod almost exclusively out of the gun with a bodyguard in the backfield, I plan to play a lot of hurry-up to prevent Dallas subs and run a lot of quick-hitters and short passes to goad the safeties into cheating up. I’m trying to get Lacy to the perimeter to force Dallas to play sideline to sideline and not force the issue up the middle. Getting out to an early lead will be huge. I might use the same defensive game plan against Dallas: shoot the ends upfield and pressure up the middle to try to get to their running game in the backfield and force obvious long passing downs. Make Tony Romo play on the move.

    This one’s a toss-up for me. I think the Packers should win, but if I had to bet on them, I wouldn’t like it. Packers 27, Dallas 24.

    1. 1) Marinelli doesn’t blitz a lot.
      2) Attacking the middle simply opens up the off-tackle and outside running plays.
      3) I’m sure McCarthy will be establishing a running game early to prevent much blitzing.

    2. Dobber – take a look at Dallas’ personnel in the back 7 on D. McClain (who’s questionable) and Carr (who’s not played well this year) and a bag of balls… They seriously suck defending the pass – and that against the likes of Mark Sanchez and Kaepernick this year. They haven’t faced ONE elite signal caller! Rodgers is going to go hurry up to keep them from subbing. Then zip passes left and right. And when they adjust Eddie will hammer them. GB is going to score 30 this game. Minimum. I wouldn’t be surprised if they get to 40.

      I’m concerned about Murray and that OL against our front 7 too. But unlike Seattle, I don’t think Dallas D can keep a lid on the game. We’ll get up big and make this a laugher unless stupid turnovers, injury to ARod and kicking problems occur again.

      Coincidentally – check this out. It’s from Dallas’ own SBNation site. LOOK AT ALL THAT SPACE!! Take a look at the comments – even THEY know they’re in trouble. Look how many reads Stafford missed to WIDE OPEN WRs all game. Rodgers won’t miss those.


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