Packers 2014 NFL Draft – 10 Last-Minute Predictions, Opinions and Whispers All Green Bay Packers All the Time
2014 NFL Draft
2014 NFL Draft

As the 2014 NFL Draft is about to begin, here are some things that have been whispered into my ear as well as some of my own opinions and predictions.

1) Whisper: Packers have done EXTENSIVE research on two safeties in this draft – Deone Bucannon and Kenny Ladler.
2) Prediction: The Packers will draft a WR in Round 2 or 3 and probably another in Round 6 or 7.
3) Opinion: I really think the Packers MUST do whatever it takes to pick up safety by end of Round TWO. Preferably a strong safety.
4) Whisper: Among the Day 2 DT group, Packers like Ego Ferguson, Kelsy Quarles and Caruan Reid.
5) Prediction: Packers will trade back at some point to pick up another late round pick and draft a QB. My favorites: Brett Smith and Taj Boyd.
6) Whisper: Atlanta has inquired about the availability of Morgan Burnett via trade. Don’t know if it went anywhere, but they asked.
7) Opinion: Packers would be smart to add a legitimate Red Zone threat like Austin Sefarian-Jenkins
8) Whisper: Packers have done extensive research on Scott Crichton who is not considered a good 3-4OLB convert candidate.  The whisperer thinks he can be a Jared Allen type.
9)Prediction: Based on #8, the addition of Peppers and Guyon, the subtraction of Pickett and Jolly and other indicators, we will see a decent amount of straight-up 4-3 this season. That would also make Shazier an even  better fit.
10)Whisper: Not Packers related, but I hear Falcons are ready to pick Taylor Lewan and Vikings eyeing Justin Gilbert.

Funny, last year I wrote the following, “Overall, I have much less confidence in my thoughts above than in previous years.” Well here we are again – same feeling, even stronger.  The whole QB uncertainty especially makes it pretty hard to predict.

Anyway, those are my Predictions, Opinions and Whispers – what do you think?


JUST FOR FUN: Let’s take a quick look at what we got right in previous years:


Whisper: If Derrick Sherrod were to fall into their lap.  Then he’s the guy.     DONE
Prediction: The Packers will take a wide receiver in rounds 2-4    RANDALL COBB
Opinion: This should be the year Green Bay breaks out of it’s disdain for small wide receivers. Give me Jernigan or Cobb    DONE


Whisper: The Packers also love Casey Hayward in the second, but will have competition from the 49ers.  DONE
Whisper: The Packers are seriously considering some linebackers that are thought to be more suited as 4-3 LBs, but who they consider to be  “moldable.”  TERRELL MANNING
Prediction: The Packers will not draft 12 players. Trade-ups will be made.  DONE – (WORTHY & HAYWARD)
Opinion: Ted should increase the weight he gives to need in this draft. The team is in a position to warrant it.  DONE (PERRY, WORTHY DANIELS)
Whisper: The Packers are considering Austin Davis as a late-round development quarterback pick if they don’t pull the trigger on B.J. Coleman much earlier..  COLEMAN DROPS


Whisper: If there is one player the Packers would consider trading up for, it’s Sheldon Richardson.  DIDN’T HAPPEN, BUT BOY DID THEY HAVE THE RIGHT IDEA.
Prediction: The Packers will draft a running back and/or wide receiver between Rounds two and four.  LACY AND FRANKLIN.
Opinion: If a trading partner can be found (49ers? Pats?) Packers should trade back a bit and pick up another third rounder. TWO TRADE BACKS – 2ND and 4TH ROUNDS
Whisper: Top running back on the Packers’ board is Johnathan Franklin, UCLA.  CLOSE…
Prediction: There is no way the Packers come out of this draft without taking a running back.  DONE. TWICE.
Prediction: Johnathan Franklin or Le’Veon Bell will be a Green Bay Packer.  FRANKLIN



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37 thoughts on “Packers 2014 NFL Draft – 10 Last-Minute Predictions, Opinions and Whispers

  1. It would be interesting if Atlanta really does want Burnett. Is Burnett more of a SS or FS? Why (Al) do you think we should go for a SS early in the draft?

    1. Was told that’s what they’re mainly looking for and I think they should too – need a hitter in that secondary…

  2. If the Packers don’t get a safety in the 1st couple rounds, I would love if it if they were able to get Ladler in the 4th.

    Caruan Reid reminds me of Mike Daniels. Could be a very good player, just maybe not an ideal 5 technique. But with the Packers playing a hybrid defense that probably won’t be a huge concern.

    I think it was reported that a Packers’ scout said Taj Boyd looked undraftable.

  3. If the Vikes take Gilbert, they might return every kick or punt for a TD.

    1. Didn’t Cordarrelle Patterson make the Pro Bowl last year as a return guy? Not sure why they’d want to replace him.

    2. The Browns just outsmarted the Vikes if they really were looking for Gilbert.


  4. Disagree about the SS in the 2nd. I want a safety in the 2nd or 3rd latest, but would be looking for more of a FS type w/ some ability in coverage.

    Burnett was drafted to play alongside Collins and is the SS type. Not the physical run stuffing SS but a SS nonetheless. We need a Safety that will allow Burnett to play the position he was meant for, not another SS just for the intimidation. My choices would be Brooks and Ward as guys that would play similar to Collins and also be able to come up to the LOS if needed.

    The NFL won’t allow the big physical intimidator to play that way anymore anyway. Look for coverage ability more than anything else out of a Safety for the Packers.

    1. Agree with all of this. The only area where Burnett graded out positively last year was run stops. We need a guy who can play the deep middle with range.

      1. I’m not for a second sold on Burnett as a SS. have you not seen him get embarrassed on multiple occasions with feeble tackling efforts?

    1. Taryn, this is absolutely gut-bustingly (yes, I just coined that) hilarious!

      I totally disagree, because I don’t think TT ever really stretches much, but your sense of humor is great!

    2. Taryn, this is absolutely gut-bustingly (yes, I just coined that) hilarious!

      I totally disagree, because I don’t think TT ever really stretches much, but your sense of humor is great!

  5. I like the idea of trading Burnett for Atlanta’s 2nd round pick (#37) and taking Bucannon. We then start the season with Bucannon and Hyde as our safties.

    1. If atl offered a 2 for Burnett, Ted would be driving him to the airport himself 15 minutes after he hung up the phone.

  6. Do you fellow hardcore Packer fans know of or have a live chat room anywhere during the draft, my buddies are all staying home and I’m gonna need somewhere to vent and drink beers.

  7. Not sure if Jersey Al thinks Bucannon can cover and play FS, or does he think Burnett can play FS? I agree with Al that Bucannon is significantly better than Ward. I like Shazier, Mosley, Pryor and Dix in that order. It may all be moot if someone like Barr slides, or TT trades back. Still think Shazier might be available at #26, but not sure I have the guts to take that gamble. it would depend on the number of QBs drafted before 21. I trust in TT.

  8. Al, how about gracing us with some of your biggest draft day prediction MISSES? That would be entertaining!

    I only ask because I know you’re secure enough to consider indulging the request without taking offense. 🙂

  9. This draft sucks balls 16 of my top 17 guys for GB all picked already, does PIT have to draft 3 LB’s every stinking year?

  10. SF trades picks 30 and 77 to GB to take Brandin Cooks?

    If TT stays at 21 I’d be happy w/ Dennard.

    1. yea Bubba Dennard is the only guy left on my top 18 guys for GB with MIA and AZ still to go, I’m not a Ha Ha fan, he doesn’t create any big plays ever…we don’t need more guys like that at safety at least Pryor would force fumbles

  11. The other trade possibility is Houston trades 33 and 65 to pick a QB…hey, what can I say…I’m hoping!

  12. why didn’t NO do that trade with us, not sure Ted would pick a 5’8″ WR in round 1 but what do I know

    1. Dennard should have been the pick, big slow safety guys are a dime a dozen, CB’s that can play bump and run and are actual tacklers…not easy to find You can’t tell me Ted doesn’t draft for need ever again, unless there is some serious red flag on Dennard off field or medical that I don’t know about, George Teague JR. lol

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