Packers 2014 NFL Draft – First Round Pick: Ha’Sean “Ha Ha” Clinton-Dix, FS, Alabama All Green Bay Packers All the Time
Ha Ha Clinton-Dix
Safety Ha’Sean “Ha Ha” Clinton-Dix

With their first-round pick (21st overall) in the 2014 NFL draft, the Green Bay Packers select Ha’Sean “Ha Ha” Clinton-Dix, FS, Alabama


Ha’Sean “Ha Ha” Clinton-Dix
6-0/208 lbs


Seven interceptions in 38 games with the Crimson Tide. … 100 career tackles. … First-team All-American in 2013. … Third-team All-American in 2012. … Earned playing time as a true freshman. … Tore his meniscus before playing Auburn senior season, but was back a month later for the Sugar Bowl. … Played running back in high school.


4.58 40 yard dash, 11 reps on the bench, 2.68 10yd split, 78.5-inch wing span, 33-inch vertical, 9 foot, 11-inch broad jump, 7.16 3-cone,  4.16 20yd shuttle.


A solid all-around safety, Clinton-Dix can play “center field,” cover the slot, tackle and contest jump balls with big wide receivers. He’s also tough. Following a standout sophomore season, Clinton-Dix battled a knee injury last season and still performed well. After having surgery to repair a torn meniscus on Dec. 2, he returned a month later and chased around Oklahoma Sooners in the Sugar Bowl to record six tackles, two for a loss. Clinton-Dix’s 40-yard dash time doesn’t stand out, but spend a few minutes watching him on tape and it’s obvious he plays faster than his 40-time reflects. Clinton-Dix wasn’t an intimidating hitter at Alabama, but in today’s NFL, teams want pass coverage over a guy who makes highlight-reel hits. He’s also a little small, which could cause problems against tight ends or the likes of Brandon Marshall or Calvin Johnson in the NFC North.


It’s been three years since Nick Collins’ career ended prematurely and the Packers have yet to recover at safety. With Collins gone, opposing teams have encountered little resistance throwing over the top against the Packers. Ditto for deep corner passes or seam routes to tight ends.

Oh, and Packers safeties haven’t done much to support the run defense and cover for slow-footed A.J. Hawks and not-quite-good enough Brad Jones.

Enter the guy with the funny name, Ha Ha Clinton-Dix. Safety was obviously the Packers most gaping hole and general manager Ted Thompson tried to fill it with Clinton-Dix. With Ryan Shazier, C.J. Mosley and Calvin Pryor gone, Clinton-Dix was the most obvious pick for the Packers.

I think Clinton-Dix is a good player and will help the Packers, but I didn’t have any safeties in this draft graded as a first-rounder. It wouldn’t surprise me if Thompson felt the same and tried to trade the pick.

But let’s not get into trades that may or may not have been discussed, or subjective grades that range all over the place. Clinton-Dix appears to be a good football player and the Packers desperately need good football players at safety.

Put Clinton-Dix next to Morgan Burnett and let’s see if the Packers safeties finally take a major step forward this season.



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27 thoughts on “Packers 2014 NFL Draft – First Round Pick: Ha’Sean “Ha Ha” Clinton-Dix, FS, Alabama

  1. Good move! Filled our primary defensive need. Now we go for a TE, ILB, WR, C, and another DB later on. Go Pack Go! Thanks, Since ’61

  2. Yowza!! I know we need to fix the front seven, but man, this pick feels REALLY GOOD!!! Welcome to the Pack Ha Ha!

  3. Would have preferred Shazier or Mosley but can’t complain about the best FS in the draft. Will allow Burnett to be the SS which fits. Pretty interchangeable players at Safety.

    Clinton-Dix has big shoes to fill at FS.

    GO PACK GO!!

  4. Outstanding pick! Welcome to GB Ha Ha.

    2nd round – Jordan Matthews, WR Vandy

    1. WKU – I hope you’re correct. I like that pick if Matthews is still on the board.
      Go Pack Go! Thanks, Since ’61

    2. I’ll take Donte Moncrief, Thank You!

      Hope for Carlos Fields in the 4th. After Shazier and Mosley he will be the best playmaking ILB from this draft.

  5. Fills a major need. Not to happy about his 40 time or bench press, but, he has football smarts and can play center field, which is what this D needs. I hated watching our confused back end watching the other teams receivers completing receptions.

    1. THIS

      The only question now is: what do you do with Hayward/Hyde? Only 1 of them can be on the field at the same time with Burnett and HCD at SS/FS

      1. I’m taking for granted you’re assuming that Tramon is on the field at all times across from Sam.. There’s creative ways to keep an extra CB on the field in both 3 man and 4 man fronts from Nickle without placing that guy at the S position.. You slap the more capable tackling/blitzing cb in one of the LB roles from those defensive sets (when the situation calls for that extra pass pro). With Burnett showing some ability to rush the passer and decent run support skills, and Hyde’s seeming fitness to adapt to safety, that only further helps make it a possibility to see both Hayward and Hyde on field together with Sam and Tramon in non-dime situations.

        1. Pro Football Focus actually gave that position a name — they called it “the Woodson.”

          Hayward and Hyde are both capable of playing that spot, if not as well as the actual Woodson in his prime.

      2. Despite Clinton-Dix being the best Safety pick for the Pack, my guess is that Burnett and Hyde start this year w/ Clinton-Dix coming in at Safety when Hyde moves to Dime CB. In another year, it might be between Burnett and Hyde as the other starting Safety.

        Clinton-Dix was a better fit for the Packers than Pryor, or God Forbid Bucannon!

        Clinton-Dix and Burnetts makes the Safeties interchangeable that’s for sure, and that’ll help Capers disguise coverages MUCH better.

        No matter what a rookie Safety might have to learn the D for a year.

        1. Agreed. Moving Hyde will take some ‘pressure to perform’ off Clinton-Dix early on, which is all to the good with any rookie.

          It also looks like Clinton-Dix will want to add some core body strength, like most rookies do.

          But that is what you get in the mid-1st round — guys who will be good players but may need a little time. We are lucky Jax took the QB, Dallas fell for the run on OL, and NO felt they ‘solved’ their safety issue by throwing a ton of money at Jirus Byrd.

      3. No one is guaranteed starting job among DB’s. Injuries happen and can throw a starter out of the lineup all together. Williams played hurt and poor for couple of years. Then Hayward last year with Shields out in the playoff last season. Everybody will get their share of PT. Can never have too much DB’s.

  6. good thing we didn’t try to wait for Buchanon in the second he was just taken in the 1st by AZ.

    1. I hear ya brotha. I liked him Bucannon a lot with rare size, speed and athleticism that TT is looking for but Ha Ha is safer pick. He played against most physical offenses in more prime time games. Battle tested.

    2. I hear ya brotha. I liked him Bucannon a lot with rare size, speed and athleticism that TT is looking for but Ha Ha is safer pick. He played against most physical offenses in more prime time games. Battle tested.

  7. Packers have had pretty good luck with players from Alabama going back a long time.

  8. Most accounts I read had him gone by the time the Packers picked. An area of real need, arguable the best guy available – packers are lucky he fell into their lap. I’m liking the pick.

  9. That Dix is going to to fill the box next season.

    I can’t wait for him to come.

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