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“You can’t coach effort.”

This is the second in a series of videos being produced by the UCLA film department about Packers draft pick Johnathan Franklin. (you can find part one here) In this episode, we learn about what drives Johnathan Franklin to succeed and some struggles he’s had to overcome.

You’ll hear from UCLA coach Jim Mora, Johnathan’s mom and of course, Franklin himself.

Enlightening stuff…




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3 thoughts on “Packers Johnathan Franklin: Franklin’s Playbook Video, Part Two

  1. Thanks Al, this was awesome. You have to love this kid! He’s going to be a fun to watch on 3rd down first, then in packages that M.M. starts to make for him to get the ball in his hands. I’ve watched plenty of UCLA games living in Los Angeles, and last year Franklin was amazing. I kept thinking what a great pick he’d be for the Packers. I think he can be better than that other back that came out of UCLA, Maurice Jones-Drew. Jones-Drew is 5’7″, 210 Lbs, while Franklin is what 5’10” or 11″ and 205Lbs. I love how he kinda hides behind those mammoth O-Lineman and then makes a cut and is gone. I just read something where the Packers haven’t had a 50 yard run since 2010, and we all know we haven’t had a 100 yard rusher since Brandon Jackson in 2010. Both those stats will change this year with Lacy and Franklin.M.M. has always liked to run the ball, especially in late November and December. By mid season the Packers will be averaging 150 yards a game on the ground and actually be able to run a 4 minute offense to close out a game. Man I haven’t been this excited about the Packers to start a season since 2011 after winning the SB. It starts with a payback victory over the 49ers. GO PACK GO!

    1. I like Franklin, but he will not be nearly as good as MJD! I’m usually a pretty big homer too, but that’s not going to happen. If it does I will be the 1st to admit I was wrong.

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