Who’s Next on the Packers’ Chopping Block?

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Could Tramon Williams fall victim to Ted Thompson’s axe before next season?

Packers fans have seen a lot of big names and sentimental favorites either cut or allowed to sign elsewhere in free agency over the last two seasons.

The most recent casualty was Desmond Bishop. The inside linebacker’s exit came after guys like Greg Jennings, Charles Woodson, Tom Crabtree and Scott Wells were given their walking papers or not resigned in the last two offseasons.

Of course, losing name players always gets a certain segment of Packers fans riled up. Never mind the fact that the vast majority of players cut or not resigned by Packers GM Ted Thompson have gone on to do very little once they’re picked up by another team. The initial shock of losing a player who fans have formed some type of connection with usually causes some sort of backlash.

So, who’s next? Which one of our beloved Packers will be axed by the evil Thompson or not resigned because Packers salary cap whiz Russ Ball says, “Screw the fans! This guy isn’t worthy half of what he’s asking!”

Here are some possible candidates (I tried to limit it to players that the fans generally like. Hence, Jermichael Finley was not included):

CB Tramon Williams
Throwing Williams’ name out there makes me feel like Skip Bayless, but consider: 1) Williams will be 31 next season; 2) He’s due to make $6.9 million in 2014; 3) He hasn’t been able to repeat the success he had in 2010; 4) The Packers have a lot of young talent in the secondary; 5) He’s been bothered by a bum shoulder going on two years now. Kind of sounds like a prime candidate to fall victim to Thompson’s axe, doesn’t it?

FB John Kuhn
If the Packers had any sort of confidence in the pass-blocking ability of the running backs currently on the roster, I think they would wave bye-bye to Kuhn and his $1.8 million salary today. Packers fans boo Kuhn whenever he touches the ball, anyway, so maybe they wouldn’t be too upset about this. Wait…oh, they’re saying “Kuuuuuuhn!” Never mind, fans would be pissed. But Kuhn isn’t going anywhere unless one of the young backs shows the immediate ability to read blitzes and be a shut-down pass blocker.

WR James Jones
This is a contract year for Jones, and if he has another season like he did in 2012, he’s going to want a big fat deal. Aaron Rodgers had to lobby to bring Jones back the last time he was a free agent, and even then, Thompson didn’t budge until Jones found out that nobody else besides the Packers wanted him. I wouldn’t put Jones in the fan favorite category yet, but if he’s rolling in November like he was last season, he probably will be. At least, he will be enough of a favorite to cause a little bit of an uproar when Thompson lets him sign an overpriced deal with the Vikings.

DL Ryan Pickett
Next season will be Pickett’s 14th. He’s a one-dimensional space-eater that still does what he does well, but can you see Thompson re-signing a 35-year-old fat guy? I suppose it’s possible if Pickett has another good season in 2013 — hell, anything is possible if the price is right — but I wouldn’t count on it.

Who did I miss? Remember, it has to be a player that the fans like, a guy you think has a legit shot of being cut between now and the start of next season, or not re-signed next offseason (For example, I think the Packers will re-sign B.J. Raji, so I didn’t include him on the list).

It’s time for me to stop writing about the Packers and start my work day before my boss takes out his axe and cuts me.


Adam Czech is a a freelance sports reporter living in the Twin Cities and a proud supporter of American corn farmers. When not working, Adam is usually writing about, thinking about or worrying about the Packers. Follow Adam on Twitter. Twitter .


88 thoughts on “Who’s Next on the Packers’ Chopping Block?

  1. I could definitely see Tramon Williams as being the next bigger name Packer that gets cut, but I’m not certain that the normal trend of the player leaving and not performing well would follow well. He still has the physical tools to play at a high level, but I think his shoulder has just been holding him back for awhile now. I think if he were to get cut it would be just the fire that he needs to thrive with another organization.

    I think another addition to the list would be Mason Crosby – even though he’s not a sure-fire fan favorite, most Packer fans seem to have at least embraced him and grown accustomed to his presence, but I don’t imagine TT will deal with another sub-par season at the price he is paying if he has even a remotely adequate alternative.

    1. Williams did a great job limiting some really tough receivers last year, but he also had some not so great receivers looking pretty good with him in coverage. This year will really tell. It is hard to think that he could be gone. he was so great in the 2010 play-offs, that was some of the best cornerback play I have seen. A last second Int to stop the eagles, dominating Matt Ryan with 2 great picks, and the pass he defensed in the SB to seal the win. Wow.

      But he is highly paid, and the young guys look great.

    1. One team’s trash is another team’s… well, okay, it’s still trash. 😉

      1. In the case of the Vikings, the amorphism would have to be modified thusly…

        “One man’s trash is another man’s most loved and valued player in the history of the franchise.”

  2. I am extremely interested to see what happens with the fullback position this year. As someone else suggested, Kuhn could be a part-time resident this season if the running backs improve their pass protection to a significant level.

    In short yardage, Kuhn could easily be replaced by Lacy.

    1. I’d list Kuhn far and away at the top of this list. Especially if Amosa shows he’s a capable run blocker. Like you mentioned, Kuhn is already replaced on short yardage by Lacy and will be expendable should Amosa prove to be any much as good or – please – better run blocker than Kuhn. I’d also argue Franklin and a healthy Green will take his 3rd down responsibilities!

    2. I think the FB position, with a bigger back in Lacy on the roster, might go unfilled this year. They might use TE out of the backfield as blockers when needed with greater regularity than before.

      1. Agree – I wouldn’t be surprised if DJ gets moved full-time to an H-Back/move TE role to fill the hole at FB should TT & MM decide to go without one.

      2. I agree. Throw (TE) DJ Williams in the backfield as a halfback/tight end and see what he does. The guy can run a 4.5 40 yard dash. He’s got a 6’2″ 245 pound frame, and all of his measurables are excellent. I envision this stud doing some fantastic work for the Pack as a blocking/running halfback and as a tight end catching passes. He’s Aaron Hernandez (NE Patriots) without all the negative baggage and drama.

        1. did you just compare Williams to Hernandez? really?

          damn – i’d trade those players for each other straight up RIGHT NOW.

          hell – i’d gamble losing Williams for nothing vs the possibility of Hernandez getting off.

          that dude’s not going to jail.

          the talent isn’t even close, guys… NOT EVEN CLOSE.

          1. No its not. But with Goodell running the league, Hernandez will get a MINIMUM of 1/2 a season suspension for “Painting the ‘shield’ in a negative light.” And that’s IF Hernandez is acquitted of everything. IMO not likely.

            Plus, if I remember right, Hernandez is the lighter of the two Pats TE’s. He couldn’t be a blocking back. Gronk could though.

            And further – the Pats are screwed this year. Time for Tommy Terrific and BB to retire together. They’ve got a halfway decent RB and an injury/snakebitten slot WR on offense, and their D isn’t very good.

            1. they will win their division.
              they will at least play in their conference championship game.

              Brady doesn’t make mistakes.
              BB is a genius.

              it doesn’t make any sense… but they just always find a way. they are masters of putting the players they have into positions where they can succeed.

              1. NE has no good receivers. Lost Gronk Welkrr and. Ow Hernandez is a felon and gang member. Brady has shit now he’ll be throwing darts to the dirt. That Rodgers guy sucks compared to Brady doesnt he?!

                First a 9er fan 2nd a NE fan. Good thing your not a Packer fan!

              2. NE will have a better record than the Packers.

                and Rodgers is not as good as Brady.

                we’re taking about Tom Brady, here.


              3. Seriously? Tom Brady doesn’t make mistakes?

                I guess those 4 interceptions in one game against the Buffalo Bills were all someone else’s fault.

                And I guess that’s why he hasn’t won a Super Bowl in almost 10 years.

        2. What stud are you referring to? Williams looks great in training camp, then fumbles every opportunity he’s gotten in the regular season. He’s a tease! If he doesn’t raise his game tremendously on the playing field, he’s gone. Packers are sick of the training camp king playing like a queen in games!

        3. Thank you, I love that idea. I’d still like to see what D.J. Williams could do if ever given the chance to be in the game and get a rhythm going with the offense. He seems to be in there only on running plays as a blocker. Kuhn isn’t cutting it anymore. I love Kuhn but those days where he was 8 for 8 on 3rd and 1 seem to over. He IS Aaron Hernandez if ever given the chance. The Packers have always had so much talent at receiver, it’s hard to get D.J. in the game. I can only hope Jones isn’t gone after this year. A few of Teds 7th rounders or UDFA would have to come though and quick if Jones go’s.

          1. He can’t get on the field, cuz he’s a training camp tease. Looks great in july in the practices, but plays like a queen when the pads go on for real in sept!

  3. I posed this question on another site without response, maybe someone here can answer it for me.

    In the case of all of these players that won’t work out for a team long term, and a team wants to keep them from joining a rival, why aren’t players traded for cash anymore? It would enable GM’s to stop worrying about possibly enriching another team if a released player suddenly gets healthy, finds motivation, learns how to catch or decides to actually put forth effort.

    It’s probably perceived to be hugely politically incorrect, but if a player can be traded for a form of consideration such as another player, or a draft pick, why not cash as another form of value?

    I suspect it’s blocked by the CBA but in concept it seems incongruent and semantics to not allow it.

    Might be a way to close down the exodus route to the west.

    1. If a player is traded he takes his current contract and salary portion of the cap number with him.

      If the destination team negotiates a contract after the player was cut, they get to determine what the cap impact of the signing is, and be sure that they got a ‘market value’ price for the player’s services. (Usually lower than the old contract in the case of players who were cut.)

      Why would anyone overpay?

      1. Isn’t all of that negotiable within the terms of the trade, or are the rules hard and fast?


        1. PLayer trades in the NFL are almost impossible. If you trade a player that signed a contract w/ say a 10M signing bonus on a 5 yr contract and he has 3 yrs remaining the rest of his prorated signing bonus (in this case 6M) immediately is accelerated to the current years cap. That’s a CBA rule and can’t be changed. THe team trading the player would have to negotiate a new contract w/ the player before trading him, but the player won’t re-negotiate cuz it costs him immediate dollars in his pocket and the teams find it hard to eat the accelerated cap hit.

          The trading for money thing, happens in the NBA and MLB, but its not an NFL thing that has been done for a long time. I don’t think Wolf was ever able to make a trade like that.

          Only way player for player trades happen is if the players have equal cap hits. Or if one team is desperate to unload a player and is willing to eat the cap hit.

          Hope that clears things up for you.

    2. I’d venture a guess that it’s not been allowed since Paul Tagliabue became commish due to revenue sharing and the partity issue. It’s to maintain the competitive balance of the league structure and is spelled out in the CBA.

  4. How could you miss on AJ Hawk? Can’t see him lasting much longer because his performance, already pedestrian, could become a distinct liability since he, too, is going to be 30 (Feb next year). Unless, God forbid, Thompson still keeps him around to justify his draft position.

      1. I don’t know that Tramon is a fan favorite anymore either. I agree with you, however, that he will be gone after this year. Too much young talent. Shields, even with a raise will be considerably cheaper to go along with Hayward and House. GoPack!

    1. I’m not going to justify Hawk’s salary, but I suspect he’s still around for his work ethic and leadership qualities. Nobody questions those things.

      He just doesn’t give you what you think you’re getting for the $$.

  5. Good list and I’d also add Crosby to it.

    I know it will never happen but how about Hawk? Overpaid at any price given his scant production.

    1. Hawk has made more money as a 2 down LB with the fewest turnover plays per snap than any LB in NFL history and even with a cut in pay he will be paid too much in 2013. The biggest factor lining him up is that on a defense known as “soft” he just grabs, holds on, and waits for help – that got Sam Huff to the Hall of Fame because he played in New York and had great players around him but that doesn’t cut it in Green Bay. Bishop will be sorely missed, he was their best inside blitzer and he just stopped backs in their tracks. Being available and lining up the defense even with a cut in pay does not equal the production they need to get to the next step.

      1. Can we just stop bringing up A.J. Hawk? I think we’ve beat that horse into glue by now.

        1. You are correct, and his glue sticks! right to the Packers! but it appears that chemically he can’t stick as well to his opponents . . . Just what are they seeing in AJ Hawk that we are all missing?

  6. Not so sure that size is the necessary requirement for a pass blocking back, though it certainly helps. It’s more about reading the defense and knowing the protection scheme of the O-Line. Brandon Jackson did this quite well and was not a behemoth.

    1. Clinton Portis, while not big, was an excellent pass-blocker simply because he liked to dish out the hits. It’s a combination of smarts and grit that makes the good pass-blocking back.

  7. Jennings doesn’t make it through one OTA with the Vikings with a sprained ankle. Ahmand Green takes 28 million from the Texans. I trust that TT knows what he is doing. I can’t see Finley making 8-9 million per year in the green and gold. Also, Raji will need to prove that he is worth 7-8 million or I can see him being the person that Al is refering to in this article.

    1. after watching the film of raji handled completely by the SF center in the playoff game last year, and never matching the SB year or some of the following year, i would not be breaking the bank to keep him, though i would make him a cap friendly offer which he would probably refuse, but not more.

      1. Agree, he got manhandled vs. SF. My guess is that he will play much more inspired ball this year in effort to get a big payday.

  8. Kuhn and Pickett are gone next year.

    Tramon, Jones, Hawk and Crosby are probably gone too.

    Raji could be gone.

    That’s a lot of $$ saved under the cap for future draft picks at ILB/WR/DL

    1. I agree with all but one, I feel that J. Jones is highly underrated, in the last few years I have seen some remarkable catches from this guy! and most of them were when we REALLY needed them! With BJ Raji, I am just not seeing big things from him anymore. Without someone else in there to offset double teams he has become pedestrian at best.

  9. IMO, the only guys in danger of losing their spots this year are:
    John Kuhn. GB doesn’t need a FB on the roster and Kuhn has a $1.8 million pricetag
    Mason Crosby. He is not performing like a top flight kicker and is being paid like one. The dead money in his contract may save him
    Tramon Williams. If he isn’t the top CB in training camp, his high salary could make him expendable

    In 2014, there are a number of additional guys who could be out:
    Ryan Pickett. His contract will be up and GB should have replacements in place
    AJ Hawk. The cap hit would not be that great and GB should have replacements in place
    Jermichael Finley. I think GB would to keep him, but he may cost more than they are willing to pay
    James Jones. Same comment as Finley
    Sam Shields. Same comments as Finley

    1. Forgot about Fin head. IMO he’s gone either way.

      If he blows up huge, GB can’t pay him.
      If/when he falls flat again, GB won’t pay him.

      Sam is going to take Tramon’s spot. He’ll get paid (along with maybe Raji?) halfway through the year.

    2. Whether we like him or not, I just don’t see Tramon Williams getting cut unless he falls flat in camp. With the prevalence of nickel and dime packages, having 4 playable CB is a great asset, and he’s one of them. How much do you want to rely on Jarrett Bush or Micah Hyde in coverage on a regular basis?

  10. Depending upon how House does this year, it might surprise some but “Sam Shields” is due for a BIG Contract. It might be that GB can’t afford that. (jus saying)

  11. I see Derrick Sherrod getting the axe this season too. I know a lot of people were hoping he would emerge, not a fan favorite but a potential player. Don’t forget Jarrett Bush. He and James Jones have gone from zero to hero. Last Hawk question? What would be get on the open market? I don’t see anyone paying him more than minimum. Would there be any competition to sign him or are the Packers bidding against themselves? We could have cut him and sign him on a one year deal for the minimum rather than restructuring. Any thoughts? I haven’t seen a deal this bad since I signed Joe Johnson to a mega deal!

    1. Bush won’t be gone until he slows down on ST. He’s a Packer till then. He’ll never be overpaid. 1.5 mil isn’t too bad for a ST ace.

      1. I think Bush could lose his job this year to Micah Hyde. I don’t think Hyde is a good CB or will ever be, but I can see him possibly taking Bush’s role on ST. IMO that was the thinking behind drafting Hyde. Find a suitable ST replacement that would be cheaper and might be a slight upgrade as the #5 or 6 CB.

        1. Don’t forget Bush is cross trained as both a CB and a S in this defense.

          On that note, Capers’ 3-4 has a ton of moving parts and is very complicated, the safeties in this defense are pivotal in calling the coverages and making adjustments to the coverages on the fly.

          These things need to also be considered when placing a value on Jarret Bush’s role on this team. He’s not just a ST ace, he creates more room for other talent on the roster because he is fully immersed in the defense and knows how to play multiple positions.

          Yes, many a media report has speculated Micah Hyde’s ST acumen might bump the (somewhat) aging Bush, but I think Jarret’s true and full value is not being perceived accurately by these folks. Micah could be the future Bush (there was already talk of him being trained at S when he was drafted), but it might be some time before he could truly make Bush expendable.

          1. And Micah Hyde is viewed as a possible conversion player from CB to S. Some teams viewed him more as a safety going into the draft.

            I think that time could come this year, or maybe Hyde goes on the PS for a year and then takes over for Bush. Either way, I think that was the reason behind drafting him. To replace Bush.

            I don’t see the CB talent to stick on that alone.

            1. Thanks for confirming you didn’t read my (admittedly long) post in your first sentence.

              I stated Micah will probably be cross trained at Safety.

    2. I don’t see Sherrod getting cut yet unless it is for medical reasons. he is a first-round pick still on his small rookie contract. there’s potential for a year or 2 of cheap talent at the very least. he hasn’t really had a fair shot to prove himself yet. lockout robbed him of training before his rookie season, and injury took his second.

  12. My guess would be that at the end of the season either Shields or Williams will not be resigned. Williams has a lot of respect to gain back from GB faithful after his running away from contact from AP in the last regular season game & having to listen to it on “soundbites” from the Minny players on the sideline.

    1. Williams is signed through 2014, so if he is not on the team in 2014 it will be because he is released rather not resigned. Shields would have to be extended to play in 2014

  13. Pickett

    …will all be gone either immediately before or directly after this upcoming season.

  14. Hawk, Finley, and Williams will be gone unless they agree to a decent pay cut in their new contracts. However, none of them are fan favorites anymore, so they don’t really apply to the conversation.

    If Jones has another great year, I can see his agent pricing him out of GB. Jones may want to cash in after being a bargain for a few years, and I don’t fault him for that. It will be sad to see him go.

    If Shields plays the way he did after coming back from injury, I think the Pack will give him a hefty offer with the money they save from cutting Tramon.

    Burnett and EDS are both solid players and play at positions that GB doesn’t have much depth at. they will likely receive offers, as long as they don’t ask for an arm and a leg.

    Pickett will be gone due to his age, unless he takes alot less $$

    1. People are quick to write off Pickett, but he played one of his better seasons last year and will likely come back at a reasonable price.

      He’s a good locker room guy, plays hard and effectively in his role, and is entrenched in the local community.

        1. Pickett is one of the best run stuffing NT in the NFL. The Franchise number for a DT is 8.45M, Picketts contract was for barely over 6M per. That’s hardly overpaid! He’s a relative bargain on his current contract and he’ll probably sign another contract for about 4M per to play out his career in GB. Part of the difference in his pay, will go to get Raji locked up for another 5 yrs.

  15. Though not really a favorite – Jerod Bush. Also I can see Starks and Alex Green going, Too many injuries to pay for. And lastly if he doesn’t stay healthy and some of the young receivers pan out, Jordy Nelson.

  16. After this year, Tramon will be gone and probably Hawk. The money Tramon was getting will mostly be allocated to get Shields signed. The Packers will move forward after this year w/ Shields, House and Hayward at CB.

    Pickett is playing as well as ever and get re-signed for a slight decrease in salary, probably about 4M per, with part of the difference going to Raji to get him locked up.

    Finley is already at the top of the TE scale. Even if he has a huge year, he won’t get more than he’s getting now. I think the Packers will resign Finley after this season to a slight reduction, but he’ll get the security of a long term contract.

    Kuhn will probably play this year and won’t get another contract. He might be slightly overpaid, but his versatility is something the coaches love in him. Even if he loses some the 3rd down RB role, he can still provide enough value to pay him this year.

    James Jones might get another contract, but IMO, it’ll depend on the growth of Boykin. They are virtual carbon copies of one another. If Boykin shows he has some game and progresses this year, they’ll let James go in FA and probably use a draft pick to develop for a year.

    Sherrod is still in the Packers plans. He just needs to get on the field some this year, get some experience and a full offseason next year. He will then get every opportunity to become a starting OT. The Packers won’t give up on his before they see his play on the field, which they haven’t seen any of yet. Hopefully he even gets on the field this year.

    1. If you’re going to post stupid sh*t, at least learn to spell “anonymous,” dolt.

  17. Can’t argue with your list or logic. It is the way the team and Whitey do business. KUHN might save his butt for now with a pay cut. JONES & WILLIAMS will no doubt fine greener pastures just about the time THOMPSON deems them too old and declining.
    Pigskin Paul

  18. I don’t think the question should be, “Who’s the next on the chopping block”, but rather, “When will Packers fans fully understand how this system under TT works, come to full acceptance of it, and quit lamenting football decisions that involve personnel- in essence, when will Packers fans let go of the ways of the past and evolve into the understanding this system to sustain competitiveness that Patriots fans have embraced over the last 15 years?”

    They love their players, but when a guy gets released, it’s just, “Hey, thanks for your contribution, love ya, but the gears of success keep turning and we’re looking forward to the next unheralded guy in line to step up and do his job.”

    Packers fans have made some progress in this regards when you look at how many reacted to the GJs situation, but then seemed to step backwards when Bishop was released.

    1. Oppy:

      Boston sports fans are nowhere near as rational as Packers fans. It’s not even close.

      And Packers fans aren’t even rational!

      1. The Pats fans I know, most of which are actually Bostonians from Southie, have always taken player cuts in stride, with a strong sense that BB and Kraft know what’s best and that no player is bigger than the team.

        I don’t know that they’ve always been this way; I’m guessing they grew into that mindset with time after seeing how it goes under BB.

        Maybe I’ve just been blessed by having rational Pats friends in my life.

        1. Oppy:

          You must know the four or five rational Boston sports fans that exist in this world. Seriously, I’m sure the ones you know are good guys/gals, but I’ve never heard anyone say that Boston sports fans take anything in stride, even player cuts.

          On an (mostly) unrelated note, Pats fans really showed how classy they were this weekend: http://www.cbssports.com/nfl/blog/eye-on-football/22512662/new-england-fans-continue-to-antagonize-torrey-smith-on-twitter

  19. Most of these guys are definite candidates, but I don’t see any reason at all to include James Jones on the list. On his current contract, he’s actually a pretty good bargain.

    I know it’s not far down the road, but there’s no way Jones is out of Green Bay before the current contract expires.

    1. His current contract expires after this year. So Jones might easily be leaving after this year.

      1. Yes, but if it’s pretty much a given that Jones will play out the next season (at least) in GB, then I would think it’s also pretty much a given that he’s not “next on the chopping block.”

        1. Jones certainly isn’t leaving GB this year. He’ll play out his contract for sure and then see whats out there or if the Packers want him back. He is a Packer in ’13, on that there is no doubt!

          1. Agreed, Stroh. In my mind the only question with Jones is whether or not Jones will get a big contract from TT after the next year. My guess is that Jones will be next year’s version of Jennings. TT will offer him something reasonable, but some other team will step in and be unreasonable.

            Having said that, I think Jones’ performance last year was really underrated. Dude led the league in TDs and almost eliminated his drops. Sure, his total yards weren’t eye-catching, but you wouldn’t expect them to be in GB’s multifaceted attack.

            People might say, “Yeah well, Aaron Rodgers can make a lot of receivers look good.” But Randall Cobb catches passes from AR too, and Jones had 6 more TDs than Cobb did.

            It will be interesting to see how this plays out.

        2. if you read the article and not just the title, you’d know the article isn’t talking about this summer. and you’d know that the author is referring both to guys that will be cut and guys that will be not be re-signed after their contract is up (like Greg Jennings). I’d be surprised if any of the 4 listed are cut this season. the article is talking about who we will lose next offseason either by cut or by free agency. ‘next’ doesnt have to mean tomorrow

          1. 1) I did read the article
            2) I know what ‘next’ means, and
            3) I hardly think it impossible that one of these guys doesn’t make it through the next training camp.

            Contrary to what you suggest, the author is clearly NOT talking only about guys whose contract won’t be renewed after the next season is over. In plain words he said that he was talking about “a guy you think has a legit shot of being cut between now and the start of next season,” as well as guys who might not be resigned after the next season. And never mind the caption to the picture which reads, “Could Tramon Williams fall victim to Ted Thompson’s axe before next season?”

            So I wonder which of us didn’t read the article carefully enough…

            1. Evidently you have as much trouble reading my comments as reading the article. Do I have to define “both” for you? never did I insinuate losses to free agency were the only losses being discussed. ‘Next year’ is basically defined as the 2014-15 year under the Pickett section (since this coming season is Pickett’s 13th season, not 14th). Most other evidence indicates that he is talking about next offseason (tramon won’t be 31 til this coming season is over and won’t have a base salary of $6.9 mil til 2014-15). I doubt any of these players be cut before This season, except maybe Kuhn.

              1. OK. So when you wrote, “The article ISN’T talking about this summer” you were saying “The article IS talking about this summer.” Thanks for clarifying that.

                And yes, I think in the future maybe you should define what you mean by “both.”

  20. I see a second year QB in Harrell being released this year. Coleman is really doing well and Brown from northern Illinois is smart, talented. And has a cannon for an arm. I know Harrell is just a second year man but he does not have the upside of Coleman. Coleman also stayed in Green Bay during the offseason worked out hard and studied too! He really looks great so far. If he stands out during the preseason, I believe Harrell is gone.

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