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2013 NFL Draft
2013 NFL Draft

Every draft season, I put together a last minute pre-draft post with some predictions and things I’ve heard. In both 2011 and 2012, there were a few gold nuggets in there that came to be;  Derrick Sherrod, Randall Cobb, Casey Hayward, BJ Coleman, trade predictions, etc.

Rather than make you wait until just before the draft, this year I’m going to whet your appetite with some early scuttlebutt.  I’m not going to give you any details at this moment, that will be forthcoming closer to the draft.

Here are some names you should keep in mind:

Eddie Lacy
Le’Veon Bell
Stedman Bailey
Arthur Brown
John Simon
AJ Klein
JJ Wilcox

There are still three weeks to go before the draft. Much can and will change between now and then as teams like the Packers do their final homework on guys they’ve identified as “players of interest.”  But for now, study up on the players above…


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18 thoughts on “Names to Remember When the Packers are Drafting

  1. i love that you have stedman bailey on that list, he is one of my favorite players in the draft. i hope they decide to stay away from a big back.

    1. Don’t you guys want a receiver that’s at least a bit taller than what we have now. I may be wrong but I thought Baily was like 5’9″. Granted he’s exciting as hell but I’d like to see the Packers draft a more physical receiver that’s tall and fast. Any come to mind.

  2. No insider tips from me since I live 5,000 miles from Green Bay, but I liked a guy who was another position-changer like Wilcox, but from SS to OLB.

    That guy was Zaviar Gooden (Missouri). He is 6’1.5″ and 233lb. He runs pretty much 4.40 dead and is super athletic. I’m wondering if he could be an enforcer back at his old Safety position. He has outstanding strength for his size, has fluid hips and can lay on the wood. Normally bigger guys are too stiff for Safety (see ex Packer Rouse), but Gooden is such a good athlete he should be able to play there and do it well. While he is pretty average sized for a LB, he is better built than almost all Safeties……I’m just thinking out of the box a bit here.

  3. Lacy I could see w/ a trade down 8-10 spots, same w/ Brown tho I would rather get him at end 2nd. The rest would be decent picks in the 3rd or later.

    Bailey has been compared to Jennings in route running, but the problem is he isn’t nearly as much a deep threat and he isn’t really quick getting out of his breaks, so he doesn’t get the separation that he should from what I’ve seen/read.

    I had my eye on House, Lawrence Guy and Manning in the past couple years as players I thought would be great picks for the Pack. I haven’t gotten to that point of zeroing in on mid/late round guys, except for Nick Williams as a 34 DE in the 6th or 7th.

  4. Just wondering…
    according to the trade value chart our 1st and 2nd pick would net the 15th pick and our 1st and 3rd pick would net the 20th pick. Anyone probably available at those spots worth the price to move up to get?

    1. Absolutely not IMO. If anything moving down would make far more sense. No DL is worth that kinda pick (no JJ Watts) in this draft. Any OT worth a 1st are gone in the top 10 except Fluker and he’s a poor pass blocker. Those are the only 2 positions that I think might be worth a move up for since we already have our QB and OLB’s.

      The draft is a lot of very similarly rated players from about 20-40. Unless a top 10 player overall at a position of need falls it doesn’t make sense to move up.

      1. I’m w/ you, trading down will most likely be the better option but this is the time of year to mull all options. I just want TT to draft difference makers. I don’t care what position they play.

        1. If you want a difference maker his name is Alec Ogletree, IMO. He’s the perfect blend of athleticism and playmaking for the Packer D. Just a matter if you wanna gamble w/ his off-field issues. On the DL Richardson is one guy I would like but not trading up to get, the other is Kawaan Short. If Richarson fell to #26, that’s an easy choice but I doubt he falls past 15-17. Short I would like w/ a trade down 10 spots, not sure about at 26.

          1. My on-field worry with Ogletree is if he is physical enough to play inside and not get swallowed up by blockers… Haven’t made up my mind on that yet…

            1. Per NFL… “Attacks blockers with authority.” and “Attacks the football when tackling in the hopes of creating a fumble.” Sounds pretty physical to me. He at times does try to run around a block (that’s can be corrected w/ coaching) but he also creates turnovers and not just fumbles. He is an aggressive player and sometimes overly so. At weak ILB where he won’t be asked to take on blockers as much, he would be free to do what he does best. Make plays on the football sideline to sideline and in coverage.

              1. I’m going by my own evaluation. He is definitely an aggressive player, and as you point out, overly aggressive at times, taking himself out of plays. As for the NFL eval, you can attack blockers with authority and still be unable to disengage(see AJ Hawk). If Ogletree has room, he can get away from blockers with his agility, no doubt. In tight spaces when it’s strength against strength, I’m not so sure. Anyway, it’s not a major dealbreaker for me, just a concern that makes me question if he’s a first-rounder.

              2. If its strength against strength almost every LB is gonna lose to almost every OL. He’s also got pretty long arms shich when used are great for helping disengage from the OL.

  5. When I read the following I immediately thought Bell could be a RB/FB freeing up an additional roster spot by replacing Kuhn (31 in Sept) add freeing up $2M+ to resign Raji et al.

    Le’Veon Bell – Michigan State – 6’1/230

    Finishes with the second highest overall grade at the RB position. Struggles with the lateral runs and will struggle to locate holes. Should be a better runner that what I see on tape. He has a lot of tools. Physical, quick, agile hips. Doesn’t seem to have that savvy, quick decision making ability though. As a receiver, Bell is very underrated. He catches the ball better than some tight ends and receivers. Strong, sure hands. 67 catches over final two seasons at MSU. On top of that, a top tier pass blocker. Probably the one guy in this class I would trust right away in that role. A lot of value here because of everything he can do.

  6. 1- DE Datone Jones/ NT Jon Jenkins/ RB E. Lacy; 2- S Jon Cyprien/DE Margus Hunt/ OT DJ Fluker/ OT M. Watson; 3- C B. Jones/ WR M.Wheaton; 4- RB S.Taylor/ RB C. Michael. I would not trade up but would be willing to trade down in rounds 1,2, and 3, but trade up in rounds 4 and 5.

  7. With you on Ogletree Stroh. Unfortunately, the likelihood of Ted drafting him… Or, him being available @ 26 is pretty much nil.

    GBP 4 LIFE

    1. …and that’s why I don’t like some mocks having him go to Dud Bears at 20.

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