Packers 2011 NFL Draft – 10 Last-Minute Predictions, Opinions and Whispers All Green Bay Packers All the Time

As the 2011 NFL Draft is about to begin, here are some things that have been whispered into my ear as well as some of my own opinions and predictions.

  1. Whisper: The Packers love Mark Ingram. They wouldn’t hesitate to take him if he gets past New England. Unless…
  2. Whisper: …Derrick Sherrod were to fall into their lap.  Then he’s the guy.  BTW, this would make me VERY happy. Sherrod is my #2 LOT in the draft.
  3. Opinion: For that matter, Sherrod is one of only 2-3 players the Packers should consider a trade up into the mid-late 20s for.
  4. Whisper: The Packers like Akeem Ayers more than Brooks Reed. (Except for Kevin Greene)
  5. Prediction: The Packers will take a wide receiver in rounds 2-4.
  6. Prediction: The Packers will take a QB in rounds 5-7.
  7. Opinion: This should be the year Green Bay breaks out of it’s disdain for small wide receivers. Give me Jernigan or Cobb – the GB offense would be practically illegal with one of those guys as new weapons for Aaron Rodgers.
  8. Whisper: Cameron Heyward is a serious possibility if Sherrod and Ayers are both gone.
  9. Whisper: The Packers have their eyes on a few hard-hitting lesser-known  safeties in the later rounds.
  10. Opinion: The Packers should use one of their seventh round picks on a kicker (only Henery and Forbath would warrant it.)

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3 thoughts on “Packers 2011 NFL Draft – 10 Last-Minute Predictions, Opinions and Whispers

  1. Yea… That early run on QBs hurts my dream of them being able to trade down and get Cobb in the middle of the 2nd and still get an OT. I do hope they manage to get him either way. Wish they had opened up free agency since they are allowing players to get playbooks this weekend so we could trade Flynn before the draft for a mid 1st or early 2nd pick. Ah well.

  2. My first wish has been delivered. A highly rated OT. Now on to another higly rated Olineman in Round#2.

  3. If only you were a little more accurate. LOL. Derrick Sherrod-check. WR-Check. Randall Cobb-Check.

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