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Ted Thompson on the Prowl
Ted Thompson on the Prowl

Since Ted Thompson has had final say in who the Packers draft, there have been a number of, WHO?, picks. Nick Collins, Jerron McMIllian, James Jones, Josh Sitton come to mind looking back at different drafts and remembering the comments by many of the sideline GM’s. You could have got this or that player way later and TT should have taken this or that player instead. When you look at these picks and how they have turned out, I give TT the edge over the sideliners.

All of these picks were either smaller school players or players that had little or no buzz about them heading into the draft. For those that don’t know me, I have always been a big fan of these types of players. A college OT that makes the move to OG, a college DE that makes the move to OLB or even ILB like Lattimore now with the Packers. My thoughts have always been that good football players are good football players, it does not matter where they come from or who they played against. Call them reaches or for some flyer picks for this we will call them sleepers. With most of these player there is little of no Video on them, but I will get what I can for your viewing pleasure.

Here are a few that have caught my eye so far in the pre draft process. I am not putting any importance on a position, just prospects I think need a closer look.

Matthew Tucker RB TCU. 6-0 221#, 4.50 40 time, 1.54 ten yard, 35.5” vertical, 4.44 short shuttle and 7.13 3 cone drill, averaged over 5.0 a carry in his career, 3rd all time in TD’s for TCU. When you look at his stats he had his best games against the toughest teams.

Kyle Juszcyzyk Played HBack/ TE/ FB at Harvard 6-1 246# 4.71 40 time, 37” vertical, 10’1” long jump, AMAZING agility with a 4.19 short shuttle and a 6.93 3 cone drill and 24 reps at 225#
Few FB’s have that kind of athletic ability. Having been a Hback/TE he can catch the ball and has experience blocking. Watch the helmet removing block in the video, Runs good routes, Shows he is just a good hard nosed football player. With his versatility he could be a better more athletic Kuhn.

Cooper Taylor Safety Richmond 6-4 229# You would think Safety, no, got to be a linebacker, This prospect plays Safety and ran a 4.45 40 time, had a 36.5” vertical, 10’7” long jump, but what impressed me at that size is a 4.2 short shuttle and a 6.9 3 cone drill. I like this prospect a lot.

Ty Powell DE/OLB Harding 6-2 249# 4.62 40 time, 1.59 ten yard , 28 reps at 225#, 37” vertical. In the video which is of his Pro Day workout, you can see he is very fluid, quick and a good change of direction both laterally and in a back pedal.

Eric Rodgers WR Cal Lutheran 6-3 207# 4.45 40 time, 37” vertical, 10’1” long jump.

Fordham FS Brendan Melanophy aka “White Lightning” got the crowd in a frenzy at the Fordham University pro day. As the top performer at his pro day, Brendan’s outstanding measurables included a 38 inch vertical jump, a 10′ 6 broad jump, 19 reps of 225 on the bench, and a 4.44 40-yard dash. The Legend of White Lightning has begun!

Jared Smith University of New Hampshire DE/DT 6-3 302# 5.08 40 time, 1.79 ten yard, 28 reps at 225#, 32.5” vertical, 9’5” long jump.

Sorry no video.

Just a few interesting prospects that most people have never heard of, draft pick or a UDFA, some of these players have all ready met with the Packers and have a up side in the NFL.

Thanks for this post to draft-season contributor Don Christensen, known as “Yoop” on the TalkinPackers forum.

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  1. Great article. Too much of the pre-draft focus is spent on 1st and 2nd round prospects. Ron Wolf said you need to find 3-4 contributors out of each draft so what happens at the back half of the draft is as relevent as what happens after the 2nd round. Thanks for shining the light on potential hiddens gems.

    To you and other posters: sites that help you find these prospects? I read Great Blue North’s pro day summaries looking for players who weren’t at the combine who excel at their pro days. I don’t know if they’re just workout warriors but here’s some names that stood out: FS Cody Davis (6-2, 203), DT
    Glenn Foster (6-3.5, 286), TE Lucas Reed (6-6 249), Charles Johnson WR (6020, 215),
    CB Marcus Cromartie (6-0, 195), WR Marcus Davis (6-3 233), DT Aaron Davis (6-2 291), WR Jheranie Boyd.

  2. Ty Powell is an intriguing guy. He played safety in JUCO but moved to DE at harding. He has some red flags. He was a three time transfer. That is rare. But he should have great agility and ability to move in space. He is probably a mid round pick. 4th round type of guy.

  3. Like some of your guys very much. TY POWELL was late addition to Shrine Game & had a solid week and nice game. Seems a good fit 4 their LB heavy scheme. KYLE/FB/HARVARD has been rising since SR Bowl. Given KUHN’s age & contract he could be very interestng.
    Pigskin Paul

  4. An off the radar guy I like is Nick Williams. DE Samford, 6’5 310. He’s got the length and athleticism you want for a 34 DE. Small school prospects w/ excellent measurables are right up Thompson’s alley. Nick Collins is just one example. Williams has prototypical size and measurables for a 34 DE. Keep an eye out for him in the 5-7 rds. With some development, he is just what the Packers need at DE.

  5. Say what you want and dream about a game changing RB or S, this draft is ALL about the Oline. Think Center 1st.

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