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What would Ted do? - Ted Thompson
Packers GM Ted Thompson has plenty of directions he could go in the 2013 NFL draft.

The Packers lost to the 49ers in the NFL playoffs. Badly. Embarrasingly. Frustratingly. Think of some other negative adverbs and they would probably also apply.

But in the fast-paced world of the NFL, that loss is already ancient history. We’ve dissected it to death on this site and other media outlets and blogs have done the same. It’s time to move on.

In the coming weeks, the staff will have complete reviews and grades of everyone on the Packers roster for the 2012-13 season. We will also begin breaking down prospects in the the April NFL draft that may fit the Packers needs.

This post is meant to start the discussion on what the Packers needs in the draft may be.

If everything was equal, what position group should the Packers focus on when they pick 26th in the upcoming draft? If there was at least one player from each position group on the board when Ted Thompson’s turn came up, and they were all equally talented, which position group should Thompson bolster?

I realize this is a very general and broad question, but remember, we’re just starting the conversation. There will plenty of specific prospect breakdowns and more focused discussion in the coming months. For now, let’s focus on the big picture and moving on from the 49ers loss.

Here’s how I see things.

  1. Inside linebacker: Yes, Desmond Bishop and D.J. Smith should be back, but will there be lingering effects from the major injuries that ended their 2012 seasons early? The NFL seems to be cyclical. Just when we think a position group isn’t as valuable as it used to be, it makes a little bit of a comeback. With the rise of spread offenses and passing attacks, inside linebackers don’t seem as important as they once were. But then you don’t have one and you realize how valuable they can be. It’d be nice to have a linebacker on the inside that can ocassaionaly cover a tight, move well enough to deal with quarterbacks like Russell Wilson and Colin Kapernick, and be a solid tackler. Another good inside linebacker would allow Thompson to cut A.J. Hawk and use Brad Jones as a versatile backup and situational player, perhaps at all four linebacker spots.
  2. Defensive Line: The Packers starting defensive lineman are big and slow. I’d like another guy like Mike Neal. Jerel Worthy was supposed to be that guy, but who knows how his knee injury will impact him next season. B.J. Raji, Ryan Pickett and C.J. Wilson are good for plugging holes, but they seem to have problems actually making plays when the hole is plugged. More athleticism should help the defensive line put a little pressure on quarterbacks and actually make plays on running backs before they reach the second level.
  3. Safety: I miss Nick Collins. Morgan Burnett is solid, and Jerron McMillian and/or M.D. Jennings should hopefully keep developing, but if Thompson sees a stud safety on the board, I’d be fine if he took him. Safety is another one of those positions that you don’t appreciate until you don’t have one. A stud safety can improve both the pass defense and run defense.
  4. Running Back: Thompson hasn’t had much luck taking running backs in the later rounds. Should he try something different and take a running back in the first round? I want to say no, but a guy like Doug Martin (drafted 31st in 2012) sure would look nice in this offense.
  5. Offensive Line: I like the offensive line as it is. That said, it’s not elite. If there’s a tackle that appears to be an upgrade over Marshall Newhouse or Derek Sherrod, I say go for it. Ditto for a center that would be an upgrade over Evan Dietrich-Smith.




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81 thoughts on “Packers Draft Needs: Time to Start the Conversation

  1. What’s your opinion on FA splashes? There are a lot of good OTs out there, and cutting Hawk, Finley, Woodson and letting Driver/Jennings walk frees up a LOT of cap space. Jake Long would look really good in Green/Gold

    1. Sorry to say, AROD, RAJI and CM3 will take 20-30M of the cap space up if they’re all resigned/extended this season. The reality is there is very little cap space for new impact FA players. Time for TT’s draft magic and lets hope we get some good luck in the first round. The last three have been snake bit …. Oh, and for the first round, no RBs. Not that the packers don’t need one … MM simply won’t commit to the running game when the chips are down … better to get OL, DL or ML ….

    2. You forget Tramon. He is not the same after we gave him the money. Will not stick his neck out to tackle and is not worth the money based on his cover skills

      1. Tramon is exactly the same player now as he was when we all got excited about him. The difference is that before, he was playing opposite CWood on lesser receivers. Now he’s being asked to cover elite receivers…and he’s never been a great run support/tackler.

    3. Would love for TT to go after Ryan Clady, Jake Long or Jermon Bushrod… Newhouse could probably be moved inside to his more natural LG position. Sure TT has his FA list, not sure he’ll use it but, it’s nice to dream! 🙂

      1. Newhouse is not an Inside player. He’s not the most physical LT by any means and on the interior OL physicality is even more important. Newhouse is an OT and only an OT, he would suck at far more at OG!

        1. You may be right Stroh… But, when he was drafted, I remember OL coach projecting him inside. I’m pretty sure that’s also what you told me when TT drafted him. If I were a computer genius, I’d pull up that comment thread! 🙂 I guess my point is, if TT were to get lucky in Free Agency and get a top tier LT, then Newhouse could be a great back-up at both OT positions. God know’s we’ve had enough injuries to last a decade! I know we are a draft and develop team, but, if Sherrod can’t go, and Bulaga’s hip isn’t 100% we are once again left with Newhouse &Barclay on the edges. (That wouldn’t be the end of the world, but, a FA LT might be the way to go.)

  2. Stay tuned for a post on FAs in the next day or two. Here’s a preview: Don’t expect the Packers to make much of a splash in free agency.

    1. I agree. Don’t expect TT to splash. It could happen. He got Woodson and traded up for CMIII (and others). But I wouldn’t expect it to happen.

      As I’ve stated before, TT has a number on every player. If he feels a player like Jake Long is worth his number to the team, and the other player is willing, it will happen.

  3. I see us in most need of a C, a quality ILB or 2 and D line help. I like what I saw in D Harris and adding a quality mauling center to the line would open it up even more for him. I like Hawk but he’s too slow. Walden and Zombo have to go.

  4. We also have a lot of money that’s going to be tied up for Rodgers, Matthews and Raji within the next year too. I have no idea how much it being used and how much will be available for these players, but I do know that they’re going to need a lot of money to lock up 2 of the 3 players that are arguably the best at their positions in the entire league.

    1. I think it is time we quit lumping Raji in with Mathews and Rodgers when talking about elite players, and how important they are to the Packers. I think an argument can be made that Pickett is the true anchor of the D-line and not Raji.

      That being said, we still need big bodies up front on the D-Line and Pick ain’t getting any younger.

  5. The thought of Graham Harrell potentially needing to step in and play 2-4 games scares the crap outta me. I can’t think of a way to torpedo a season faster for a team that relies on the passing game as much as the Packers do. Packers need to find either a veteran backup with spot-starter ability, or draft a QB with tools to develop.

    Would love to see a physical safety in the fold.

    1. Seriously?..You think QB is a must in this draft…we have B.J.Coleman on the practice squad and IMO,he won’t be there when the season starts.

      1. Agree with regards to Coleman. I think he has potential. I always feel like a running QB is a good backup to come in in the event of a 3rd quarter injury and to throw off the other team’s game plan, but over the course of a few games we need a real QB. Not that you can’t be mobile and be a real QB, just that mobile QBs will be overrated in this draft after the year’s performances by Griffin, Wilson, and Kaepernick.

      2. I wouldn’t call it a must, but Coleman has done nothing to make anyone think he could step in and play 2-4 weeks if Aaron Rodgers goes on the shelf for whatever reason.

        Just saying that I have no belief that Harrell could fill in serviceably for any period of time. I think we all thought that Matt Flynn could, if necessary.

        The backup QB position needs an upgrade. I would much rather see a veteran backup than a rookie, though.

        1. I get the veteran backup position, but the problem is they tend to cost a lot more. And with someone like Coleman we might be able to trade them down the road a la Kevin Kolb or Matt Schaub. Now of course that project could fail to pan out, or leave in free agency, but when it comes to the Packers. I am a bit of an optimist.

        2. I have no faith in the process of over paying for discarded soiled sheets.

          The Packers have done very well in the QB area whether starting or those that got trained and traded.

  6. I think when you talk about DL, you have to consider which package you’re drafting for. To me, I’d like to see someone that would fit well in our nickel package that’s strong enough to generate some interior pressure and tall to get his hands up in the QB’s face.

    I agree with your positions of need, especially ILB. I would add to that list a kicker (maybe) and a TE. Even if we keep Finley, he could use some good competition at the least. And is anyone going to tell me that having two TEs that can help out our OTs and exploit the seam and middle of the field granted by cover-2 defenses would be a bad thing?

    1. I’m not a fan of 88, never have been… The other TE’s on the roster haven’t impressed me in the least. That being said, I don’t want to draft one in the 1st round though either… 🙂 Wouldn’t mind if TT found a good one though.

  7. I keep reading about the possibility of cutting Hawk. Why?

    Capers adores AJ. TT picked him over the Vernon Davis, Donte Whitner, and Haloti Ngata (who all went right after AJ and will all be IMPACT players on Super Bowl Sunday). TT also gave him a 2nd big contract.

    Hawk’s pedestrian play has never, ever warranted the huge sums of $ GB has doled out to him ($50,000,000+), why would that possibly change now?

    1. IMHO Hawk has pretty much been exactly what he was billed as coming out of college: NFL-ready, solid player in most aspects but not a superstar in any, the kind of guy who will have a long NFL career but may never be the kind of guy who can take over a game.

      In a defense like the 3-4 which is so focused on LB play, the injuries at LB over the last 2-3 years (and there have been many) have exposed him as being exactly what he was billed to be. Like anyone else, he looks better when surrounded by better players. When it’s him, Dezmon Moses, Brad Jones, and Erik Walden…well, I think anyone would look like a lesser player.

      Not saying we couldn’t improve on him, but there are bigger holes than the one Hawk is currently sitting in.

      1. Hawk is a smart guy and he knows the reason that he still plays in GB and in a 3-4….he never suggested being better elsewhere or in a 4-3 where he came from in Ohio ST,he sells himself as a dedicated player (truth) period to the guy who pays him,and that is a hard thing to simply drop from a roster…even if TT is kicking his own ass a little more since his resigning at those $$$$’s.

      2. Sorry but the AJ project needs to go wheather trading him or out right release. Hate to haveto take a hit on the cap but he is an over priced under talented ML. shows every week

    2. Because we can’t afford to use $5.5million on an average inside linebacker. The scheme is dependent upon your linebackers being playmakers. Hawk is somewhat dependable but not a playmaker.he is an average LB. No more. GoPack!

      1. ^this..It’s not that Hawk is a real bad player, it’s just he’s not worth what he’s due to get. Perhaps he’ll take less money…?

    3. This AJ Hawk issue should not be debated. Fact, He will make near $7 million next year. He is an inside LB. For the past three years, our run defense has been one of the worst historically. Most teams run right up the middle on us. I will guarantee that TT never picks a IB if he has a top 10 pick in the draft. Hawk for the money has been a disaster. Hawk gets tackles, but it is almost always when the running has advanced 5 or more yards.

  8. Much talk has been given to extending contracts of players. Technically, we have only a few players that are FA. We don’t HAVE to extend anything with the cap this upcoming season unless we want to keep Jennings, Jones, and Where’s (the ball) Waldo-n. We have a few RFA like Shield that will change the cap a little. But we do not have to extend this offseason.

  9. 1. Defensive line. Raji is either too tired or doesn’t try hard enough or isn’t good enough to play with the best. Inconsistent, in a word. We also need a consistent pass rusher on the line and someone who will be able to replace Pickett when the time comes. Maybe we think that will be Daniels or Worthy, but I’m not yet sold.
    2. Tie – ILB and o-line. Will Bishop ever be the same? Will Hawk ever be worth his salary? Can you ever focus too much on protecting Rodgers?
    3. Running back. I like Harris but I don’t think he is a game-changer. Kuhn is okay but overpaid for what he does. I would really like to see us get a FB who breaks jaws and spirits. Maybe then we wouldn’t feel compelled to throw deep on 3rd and 1.
    4. Wide receiver. Doubt we’ll be able to keep Jennings.
    5. Safety. I think Burnett will continue improving and I think McMillian has potential to be our enforcer but it’s a position that takes a long time to learn, so you always need young guys to develop and play in dime.
    6. Kicker. Even if he reverts to his previous self he’s still overpaid to be a mediocre kicker. Great at the onsides kick but little else.
    Side note: I think Coleman has the goods to unseat Harrell, so unless a QB really slides I don’t see the need.
    Unrelated Side note: Randall Cobb will be a valuable scout team QB to the defense as he could help us prepare for the Grffins and Kaepernicks next year.
    Reading over this, I already want to move o-line up to #1. But editing on an iPad is practically impossible, so it will remain as it is.

    1. Forgot about TE. We could use a project. We’ve got Finley now but even TT might not be sure how that will play out. Our other TEs are serviceable but none are even mediocre receiving threats.

      1. I guess Finley will be kept if just to get Quarless back in play mode.Kelce of Cinn looks right but doubt TT grabs him with other spots more pressing.I’m thinking Chris Pantale of BC will be a late rd pick-up.It is early,combine should shed more light.

    2. D line and ILB were so badly exposed. raji had one good year, the superbowl year, and since then he shows up for a game every once in a while. worthy never showed anything deserving a second round pick, yet, but i am not optimistic. neal is not even a 49er back up, nor is raji. pickett still is the most reliable guy on the D line and he cannot have more than a year left. Draft for D line and LB again.

      1. Like your thoughts…IF for some chance a good OT is available as a value pick I would hope TT takes him. I would rather shore up the middle of the D. I wouldn’t extend Raji. I’m not sold on Dietrich-Smith either.

      2. Excellent point. We can only hope raji is not extented for the big bucks. He is not in the same league as a Gilbert Brown. Packers had the best run defense in the league with the help of the gravedigger.

    3. Raji has played his part in this defense. he sucks up two and even 3 ol at a time. We need someone like the old cullen jenkins to compliment him who can create a decent pass rush up the middle. maybe a less injury prone mike neal would help

  10. RB, TE, DT, DE, S, are all positions with a lot of quality depth in the draft. I think the Packers are positioned to do pretty well, even drafting late in the first round. ILB, RB, S, all would be top priority if I was TT but he will most likely just draft the best player available.
    Go Pack

    1. We also could be in a prime spot to trade down and get some more picks. I think a lot of teams at the top of the second round will be looking for QBs.

  11. TT may need to draft someone to help him draft players…He’s getting a little long in the tooth…

  12. Lineman. Offense or defense, it doesn’t matter to me. But we need to see some more battles being won “in the trenches.”

    1. On target Chad. That and a change in attitude in the blocking scheme. Zone blocking sucks the big one. More talent like Sitton and less undersized weak sisters. The Oline needs to get mean and intimiidating, starting this year.

      1. I couldn’t agree more. This team needs two things: to get tougher and to win some battles in the trenches. The ZBS just doesn’t call for “dominate” or “intimidate” attude this team so badly needs. Time for less angle blocking and more power blocking.

      2. If zone blocking is so bad why do the Texans have such a good running game? It’s not just Arian Foster either, he constantly has huge holes to run through. Have you ever watched their o-lineman? They will take a defensive line and push it laterally down the field. You can still muscle guys around in the zbs. They just need better players. This is the same as the 3-4 vs. 4-3, who you have matters.

        1. I’m not convinced Campen is a zone blocking guy. He may be a good line coach, IDK, but the results speak for themselves.
          The Texans have two things working them that we don’t, a former Broncos coach that knows the scheme, and a stud RB.

        2. I didn’t say the zone blocking scheme is necessarily bad per se, just that I don’t think it is a scheme that will toughen this team up. And this teams needs to get meaner. I also think that our passing game and our penchant for the deep pass also goes better with the PBS.

          1. You get tougher by running the ball a lot, not by changing schemes. The Packers have Aaron Rodgers and MM, they’re gonna throw the ball. It’s frustrating, I understand you, believe me. I have been wondering for years why TT won’t just draft a high round running back, especially considering how many times a game they touch the ball. Also, TT just doesn’t draft physical players, especially on defense. He prefers ball-hawk type guys.

    2. That’s the truth. Everything works out when you can protect the quarterback on offense and rush the quarterback on defense. Rodgers will torch you with any receiver if you give him enough time. I don’t want the Pack to turn into Marino’s Dolphins. Look great every year and lose because of a bad defense and no running game.

  13. Am I the only one that see’s that picture of TT and immediately thinks of Jersey Al’s classic caption from last year “Hhmmmm, who should I hoodwink?”. That still cracks me up. With that said, I think ILB and D-line. I disagree with the smaller-faster that Adam proposes. Give me another powerful big guy. We need bulk up front that anchors the line. We already have Daniels, Worthy and Neal. We need a tall, powerful and 315lbs. Follow it up with an ILB. Hawk will be cut and Smith is average at best. GoPack!

  14. We’re fine at QB, T, G, C, OLB, CB, P. Other spots… not so much.

    1. Another Wide Body DL in the base 3/4. Daniels and Worthy should continue to develop, as should Perry at OLB. Our pass rush should be ok for years to come. But run stopping… eesh

    2. Safety. No way Woody’s back. A Young Collins would do wonders for the secondary.

    3. A Big, Bruising FB/RB. Our inability to get the tough yard has been a hallmark of GB’s offenses since Ahman Green’s Heyday.

    4. A Big WR to complement Jordy. No one on this offense can get the jump balls other than Finley, and he drops them half the time.

    5. ILB – Hawk is gone soon. If not this year. DJ Smith is no thumper. And he’s no great shakes in coverage either.

    6. K – You’re dead to me Fredo.. I mean Mason.

    7. A bigger backup C/OG than Van Routen.

      1. Jones was awesome in the redzone this year. But he also isn’t the type that ARod can just chuck it up high and expect him to come down like it. (Megatron, White, Jones, Marshall, Fitz, etc..)

        Even if we got a guy that wasn’t terribly fast, another ‘jump ball’ threat to complement Finley would do wonders in the redzone and on 3rd down and medium to longs..

        1. I gave you the thumbs up on your Jones comment. He’s had a monster year and if he keeps it up for 2013 he will make himself good money as a 2014 free agent which TT will not match. I think TT will have a close look at a WR in the second round this year.

  15. Does it matter? As long as Capers is here, the defense will suck against good teams! Also, it doesn’t matter who TT drafts for the O-Line. As long as Campen is there, they will be terrible! He’s developed exactly one lineman, Sitton, in all the years he’s been here! I’m getting tired of bad coaching.

  16. Hello: Guys [and gals] we will be speaking this way a year from today after getting beating again, 37-20 as our defense gave up 390 yards [passing] 171 [rush]at playoff time. Defense, Defense Defense: Round 1 defensive line; nobody from inside linebacker spot will be worthy of 1st round grade; Round 2 safety; Round 3 defensive line [somebody is going to fall to us]; Round 3 [comp pick for Flynn] Outside speciality rush-hybrid DE/OLB; Round 4 Corner; [Ted is very upset with Traman Williams] Round 5 Center [Big Ten–look to Ohio State Round 6 Running Back look to Utah State Round 7 Kicker [Florida]

    If Bob McGinn is right and we are “soft’ drafing wide receivers and running backs are going to help us be toucher against playoff teams. Green Bay Martha to the world–Good night!

  17. TT, please draft 1-ILB Ogletree/Minter; 2- RB Lacy; 3- OL best player available. Offer retirement first and if they wish to keep playing, then cut Woodson and Driver. Do not bring back Benson, Grant, Zombo, Saturday. I would sign CB Shields to a long term contract. I would extend Rogers and Mathews. I would restructure Raji to a long term contract. Then draft for depth and bring in the UFA for even more depth.

    1. Ogletree definitely! Minter is a 2 down ILB and would be pretty much like Hawk. He isn’t a 1st round ILB. 2nd or 3rd maybe. Definitely not 1st round. Ogletree would be a Darly Washington type ILB and would love to see him land in GB. A safety like Reid would be my other option. They’ve used a 1st Raji, 2nds on Neal and Worthy, I don’t see another DL going to be drafted that high by the Packers again. They gotta give Neal and Worthy and chance to develop. After a Ogletree and/or Reid, go to the other position in the 2nd and then go RB or Center in the 4th. That would be my plan.

      1. Tend to agree with Ogletree and his athleticism would be a great pick for the packers but I think there is a high probability TT goes DL in the first round. This draft is meant to be loaded with good DL talent, and with other teams reaching for players in other positions, a stud DLineman may drop to pick 26. Also Pickett is at an age where a replacement needs to be groomed and I’m not convinced Worthy is that guy.

        1. The replacement for Pickett will be Raji. Both are NT. Raji just happens to have the athleticism at his size to play DE also. Besides which Pickett has a year left on his contract and probably 2 or 3 left in his legs. Pat Williams in Minn played well till he was 38 or so. And Pickett is a tremendous locker room presence. I can see giving him a small 2 year contract beyond this year, maybe a 2 yr 4 or 5M deal. Raji as he gets older will play more like Pickett as he loses the ability to collapse the pocket and rush the QB.

    2. I go along with your picks.Just that Lacy will go in the first round.I would like TT to get Monte Ball in the second round.A good pass blocker strong up the middle runner with the speed to get outside not to mention his pass catching skills.

  18. Did somebody let a bears fan onto this site? Seems like somebody went through and disliked everything.
    This draft really lends itself to getting a DT/DE later. So, given that TT sticks to his board, here’s saying he falls back in the draft to get more bullets and still ends up with a DL and hopefully an OL as well.

  19. Adam, You actually like the offensive line? What are you on? They give up more sacks than anyone not named Arizona! They cannot run block, the team is always near the bottom of rushing yards. Newhouse is the worst LT in all of football! Lang is average, EDS might be OK, just hasn’t started enough to get a real gauge, Sitton, the only really good lineman on the team. Bulaga, rookied year was terrible, last year was pretty good, this year he was terrible then got hurt. Barclay might be pretty good, but gets overpowered a lot. Actaully all of them except Sitton, gets overpowered a lot. But you like them?

    1. OL isn’t great but its not nearly as bad as you make it out to be. Newhouse is decent but needs to be more physical. Hopefully Sherrod can come back and compete at LT so one of them raises the level of play. Lang was doing well early then hurt his elbow and got move around, keep him at LG and he’ll be a good physical player. EDS is like Wells early in his career. He’ll only get better and improved the run game immediately when he was inserted in the starting Center. He’s much better at Center than at OG. Sitton is a damn good RG and Bulaga should be a damn good RT. Get improved play from Newhouse/Sherrod and get some consistency and not have injuries and the OL could easily gel into a solid unit. I don’t have a problem drafting an OG/Center in the 2nd or later, but I wouldn’t even use a 1st on Barrett Jones. Drop down 6 spots to top of 2nd and I’m ok w/ Jones.

      We haven’t had good continuity on the starting OL for a few years. SF on the other hand had the same starting 5 for the entire year. NO injuries, its no wonder their OL was soo good. Well that and 2 of their OL were like top 15 picks a place we never get to draft!

  20. I don’t know how deep the draft is at each position. I do agree however that a huge need is a big, athletic presence at ILB. I loved Bishop, but as you said Adam, you don’t know what he’ll be like after injury. Even if he is 100%, getting another one wouldn’t hurt given how often they seem to get hurt.

    DL maybe as well, but it just seems like we have so many and they are all just pedestrian..I’d hate to blow another high pick and have him turn out to be like Wilson, Neal, Worthy etc..

    1. Wilson was a 6th round pick and is quite good at what he’s asked to do. Be a run stuffer. Neal turned in a pretty good year as a pass rusher w/ 5 sacks in 12 games. He and Worthy both need to get better at the point of attack to play the run, but thats not really their forte. Its way to early to call Neal and Worthy a bust. Neal due to injuries and Worthy still have the ability to improve alot, so lets not call them a bust yet. That being said I thought Devon Still would have been a better pick instead of Worthy last year.

  21. To me, the O-line is an absolute must. If we could run the ball just reasonably well, let alone protect Rodgers better, that would make a huge difference. Good luck stopping us if defenses have to really respect play action, because they don’t now. Barrett Jones, please! I think there is a tendency to overreact to the niners game. The Defense just got worn out to a large extent, along with unfamiliarity with what they were seeing. MM needs to cut out the deferring on every kickoff as well, make the other defense get out there and play the whole game.

  22. I’d draft the BPA at o-line or d-line with a top pick every year. The game is won or lost in the trenches and always has been. With a crappy o-line, the best QB in the league can be minimized and nothing is worse than seeing the other team control the line of scrimmage and march down the field when you have a bad d-line. Draft the big uglies.

    1. The only problem with that is that fans are impatient and they want their team to win now. It takes time to build a team like that.

      1. I agree that “fans” are impatient. But if you read the majority of the posts here, we seem to have reached a consensus that the trenches do need to be addressed. We (the real fans?) will accept this.

  23. Adam – I think that you covered the correct needs for the Packers in the upcoming draft. However, (as I mentioned during an earlier blog)I would make OL and RB the priorities. We need some big mean nasties on the OL and RB who can help sustain drives when we have the lead and eat up the clock. If this team can get to the point where they can consistently make 3rd and 1 into first downs many of the defensive issues can be resolved. That said our next priority this year should be the DL and Safety. I think that we have enough depth at LB (if they can stay healthy)to treat ILB as a lower priority for this year. Thanks, Since ’61

  24. I really like the discussion points, good job Adam. I believe this will be a very interesting Draft for GB (TT).

    Without exception, if one of the big uglies (jenkins – G NT, Hankins OHIO NT/DE) land at our spot take them.

    If not, we need to also consider who can we hurt. Detroit, Chicago, Dallas all are eyeing Frederick at C. Take him or trade the #1 down for extra picks and take Frederick. He can back up Lang, Sitton and EDS. The only backup for EDS is Saturday and he needs to go. Frederick will help stablize the Oline.

    Trade DuJuan Harris to Miami for their 3rd round pick for Marshall (from chicago). Use that pick to select RB (Monte Ball preferred) and remind Chicago (or thank them) every game until 2020 for that pick.

    Our original 2nd RND pick for another DL to play DE.

    Our original 3rd RND pick for stedman Bailey (unless Ricky Wagner is available and have him at RT)

    Our comp 3RD for Jenkins: if we have not gotten Stedman best available (WR, LB, S, available.

    4 & 5 BPA (LB S)(don’t take lattimore but maybe there is another RB with great potential.

    6 WR from Vanderbilt
    7 Rodgers brother at QB

    Extra picks TT accumulates (BPA) or trade for next years pick when better players will be in draft

    I’m sure TT already has a plan in mind but it will depend on what is given to him.

    Just thinking out loud – what do you think?

  25. After watching what wins championships I would say we need to upgrade the running game obviously, a top grade centre would be awesome to team between Sitton and Lang cause I think the interior of the line needs a big boost. They struggle picking up 3rd and short running the ball.

    Don’t know if you reach for RB in rd 1 but they need someone, unless they patch Steven Jackson in FA if available, and use Dujan Harris, and mix in Green every now and then.

    I think though if a Barrett Jones isin’t there,a solid prototypical 3-4 DE that can anchor in front of CM3 or Nick Perry like the way Justin Smith does for SF would do wonders for this team. I know these guys aren’t exactly available every draft but I wouldn’t be opposed to TT trading up in the draft to take someone that fits that mould.

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