House To Undergo Shoulder Surgery All Green Bay Packers All the Time
Packers CB Davon House
House will have surgery on his injured shoulder but is expected to be ready to push for a starting role by the time that training camp opens this summer

According to,  Green Bay Packers cornerback Davon House will undergo surgery on his injured shoulder today.  This was learned after House’s wife eluded to it via Twitter on Wednesday morning.

House injured his shoulder in the 2012 preseason opener at San Diego and did not see his first regular season action until October 21st against the St. Louis Rams.  House played the rest of the season with a harness protecting the shoulder.  

The hope was that he could avoid surgery and recover via the rehab process, but the decision to have surgery is indicative of the team’s concern over the injury possibly worsening.

This calls to mind the situation that another Packers cornerback, Tramon Williams, was in last year.  Williams suffered nerve damage to his shoulder in the 2011 opener against the New Orleans Saints.  Williams’ play seemingly dropped off after that and many suspect that the shoulder injury was a big contributor. 

Hopefully House is able to recover and return to full form by the time camp opens this summer.  Since being drafted in 2011, House has given the Packers and fans high hopes that he will play a large role in the team’s future plans at cornerback.

House played in nine games and racked up 26 tackles, a sack and a blocked punt on special teams this season.


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17 thoughts on “House To Undergo Shoulder Surgery

  1. Waiting until now to deal with the injury surgically is a puzzle to me. I’d have thought that an MRI would show the tear and they would know at that point it could not heal properly with rehab. Yet, another question I have about the Medical staff/organization GB uses.

    1. Medicine isn’t 100%

      Also, could be House was informed he SHOULD have surgery, but opted to press his luck.

      We’ll probably never know.


    2. Doctors can be hesitant to to surgery, which always has risks. Why have surgery when it might go away on its own? One of those wait-and-see deals. House should be ready to challenge Williams regardless.

      1. Definitely agree here. Doctors as a whole will always vie for self-healing over surgery if possible.

        1. Might have been that he was able to play w/ it and be fairly effective and using a harness to secure the joint from further injury. Then have the surgery right away in the offseason so he’s ready for training camp. That way he doesn’t miss any games. We didn’t need him to be a starter this year, just a role player. Next year w/ a full training camp he could compete at full health for a starting job.

  2. Really hope he comes back ready for next year. I’ve been waiting for him to make an impact. Happened to see him in person in college once and it was probably the only football game I ever saw that a corner was the best player on the field. (It was the WAC, I know)
    Really expected big things when we got him, though. He is the kind of player we don’t have enough of..big and physical, but athletic.

  3. I’m glad he’s having the surgery. I could see a situation next year where after rehabing his shoulder instead of surgery, House ends up missing half the season because the rehab wasn’t working. Just like this year. Fix it right so we don’t have to worry about it next year.

    And along that line, don’t be surprised if Jordy ends up with some type of surgery to clean up something in his knee. As I recall, he took a shot to his knee years ago after muffing a kick and I don’t think it’s been right since. He tweaked it during the SB and at other times since then. He should get it fixed now before it comes more serious. We’ll need him now that it’s apparent Jennings is leaving.

  4. Well, his wife didn’t ‘elude’ to it, she alluded, sportswriters……even spell-check can’t help!

  5. YEAH, wasn’t it agains the Jaguars–and Mike Daniels picked it up and ran it in? Hope this guy gets the operation done NOW, he’s already waited long enough–he will be needed next season–this secondary can’t count on Tramon Williams any more–he’s worse tackling than even Charlie Peprah. I expect Thompson will look at one-two secondary players in draft whether GB resigns Woodson or not-secondary help and LB can definitely use upgrades as well as D-line.

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